possible future to share

Aquarius, who was pretty much in love with the world. She never really feared or had any uncertain doubts about the future, and it was always that attitude of her getting what she wanted, or die trying type. What ever you needed, she would. No questions asked. She was there at your every call. And yet, Aquarius didn’t hesitate to push me out of her life. The constant repitition of doing the same promises and telling her that I’ll change became an old tune to her that she had nothing else to do but lose it and throw profanities and leave. She deserves more than words. She needed actions.

Aries, who looked at the world with passion. Her favorite motto was: ‘Go big or get the fuck out’ Her emotions were huge defense in terms of protecting herself from unecessary vibes. She was also a strong and passionate love, and how she would always take the lead and make sure she has her way with you. And yet Aries cried to me, grabbing me by the throat, and gritted her teeth telling me how much I was the worst, how I was a big mistake. She said it as if it were poison, and I watched as she said it with strong hate only to find her later outside, holding herself and holding back tears.

Cancer, who loved to kiss her teeth when she was feeling some type of way. What I loved her the most was when she was feeling needy and she would come up from behind, all her hair would fall on my and she would kiss me the whole time. The laugh she does would echo through the room, and her emotions would flow out of her. She was like a child, she loved the attention. She craved our passion. And yet, Cancer threw a fit. Threw things at me and yelled at me. The pain in her voice, the laughter no longer heard. She left.

Capricorn, who loved the smell of cinnamon. The moment you stepped in her house, a cinnamon scented candle would greet you. She loved nothing more than to stay home after a long day and read nothing but books, I mean any philosophical ones. She would ask for my input about an idea, or a theory she would read. She scowls when I tell her “I don’t know..” and she’d tell me to open more and dive into her world. Explore every possibility and never question the outcome. To grow was her motto. And yet, I walked into an empty room. A letter by the table and there was a letter, written: Your beauty is transcendent, yes, but painfully abstract. - Plato.

Gemini, who loved the arts. If there was a performance in town she would pull me with her, drag me out of bed and bring her to the place. She loved movies the most, and she had collections of black and white movies, movies I have never heard of. Photography was her escape. A part of her room was covered of pictures of people, scenaries and things. She was amazing, but her personality was her flaw. She loved you today, and she wants to be free the next. But she always comes back, falling more and more each day.. and yet, as she grew to love me, she too grew to be distant. The time we spent were falling and finally she looked at me and said goodbye.

Leo, who was a perfectionist. She knew what she wanted and what she craved and her pride was her favorite thing. No meant nothing to her. Everybody knew her, and she was wild. She was free. She was fiesty. She was rough. She was life. And yet, because of her pride, she would not settle. She wanted more than just as it was, and I was not able to provide.

Libra, a long distance lover. Loved to call and text every chance she can to be with me, and it went on for months as we grew and loved one another. Her smile on our first video chat, and we slept for hours and we laughed when we woke. We talked about dreams, the future and the possibility of having a family and shared deep secrets, secrets untold. And yet, she picked up a video chat one day and she was with another. She frowned and stared at me. No words needed.

Pisces, loved the idea of love. She made our lives a beginning of a world of wonder and dreams. We were both stuck in lala land, and she showered and cared for our love like no other. And yet, as she loved and loved she slowly began to see the flaws and faults. The fighting and the arguements, non-stop anxiety and jealousy feelings came and she began to wonder if our love was more than a chapter than the whole book of love itself. And for that, she left.

Sagittarius, adored me so much that everything asked was given with no hesitation. She was never to quick to think it through, and she was eager to pull a plan through. And yet, she started to realize her worth. She knew what she was capable of and who she was, and admitted that she was lost before and found herself in the process of being with me. She thanked me for my purpose and we haven’t talked since.

Scorpio, who loved to be dominant. She meant every thing she says, and she expect me to keep myself in check. She wanted nothing more than just to be real and accept our flaws. To love it, respect it. She loved the fact that she was above me, and I succumbed to her. And yet, she later on confessed her true colors and she was not prepared to open up, and she needed time to explore more of herself in order for her to settle down.

Taurus, she was the kind of person that loved to create small things into adventures. Who loved taking trips to stores and various places that made her mind wander. I watched her grow and grow each time we’re together, that slowly she’s out of my reach. She was the epitome of a person that the universe gives you at a young age, and she blossoms into something you couldn’t handle yet.

Virgo, who valued love as much as I. The opposite of, and yet the same as me. She loved nothing more than to be loved, and loved we did. Her voice, her laugh, the moments we shared were the typical romantic scenes you see in movies. She would come home and slowly make her way to me, wrapping herself to me. And complain and talked about her day. She doesn’t even need to speak to me and it was a very strong connection we had that made us in sync with another. She was simple. She was the definition of love. She was mine. And yet, we slowly faded and stopped. The red thread disappeared and our time ended. She was gone. I became lost.

—  Beginning and End

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Hi! I really love your works. I enjoy reading them during my vacant time and sometimes in the office. lol. Anyways, I do not know if you've done this before, scenario: MC and RFA + trio are high school students, and RFA + trio trying to confess to MC. **i am not sure if you got the idea, somewhat hard to put into words. lol** anyways, thank you in advance ^^

hey, hun!💛 Sorry this is so late, but I hope you like this!

it’s a really cute request ^^ It’s my pleasure to do it and I’m glad you like the others too!~

[ side note: zen’s got lowkey angsty whoops ]


  • his gang members hate that he always actually goes back to the school
  • but he can’t help himself - there was still someone there that he needed to see
  • it was his best friend, mc. whom he had been friends with since middle school
  • and he was actually pretty surprised they still wanted to see him
  • they were finishing their second year of high school, like he would be if he stayed
  • he knew it was dangerous…going back. but he couldn’t help himself
  • hyun had a huge crush on mc. and he was going to tell them. at the very least so he wouldn’t regret not telling them
  • so he texted them to meet him outside after class 
  • he was waiting in their usual meetup spot, which was by a tree near the school
  • but this time, it was for a goodbye.
  • “Hyun!” mc’s voice made him look over and smile at them
  • “Hey babe. How was school?” “Boring without you, you know that”
  • he laughed, which was his first laugh in a while
  • it was so easy to laugh with mc…he might not get this chance ever again 
  • “But anyways, what’s up? I haven’t seen you around lately.”
  • “Yeah, sorry about that…but I just needed to tell you something.”
  • “Are you going somewhere?” “Kind of?” “…What is it, Hyun?”
  • He sighed and took their hand and kissed it gently 
  • “I needed to tell you that I really like you before I left.” 
  • “what?- hyun-” they called, but he walked off


  • yoosung wasn’t supposed to fall for mc
  • he was their tutor for crying out loud
  • but…they were so cute….
  • a lil backstory: they met at a volunteer event the school ran
  • they were partnered up for a help desk, getting people where they need to go and giving out extra supplies
  • and they’d talk when they got a break
  • listen, he had no intention to actually fall for mc
  • what happened, however, was he fell for their dedication to getting through this
  • they tried to learn the subject and made efforts to just talk to him besides school work
  • the two of them shared interests, possible plans for the future - along with their insecurities of the future
  • and a friend of his told him to just ask them out
  • …what did he have to lose?
  • it was their last study session together - in the library
  • 30 minutes in and he still couldn’t gather up the courage
  • yoosung, you literally have 2 minutes left, just ASK 
  • what ended up happening was he asked while they were both packing up
  • mc was grabbing their things, but took a second to look up and smile at yoosung
  • “thank you for everything, yoosung. I promise I’ll make it up to you somehow!”
  • it literally slipped out - yoosung didn’t even think about it
  • “how about a date?” yoosung’s mind: whatdidijustdoijustdidthatohmygod
  • mc paused for a second before packing up again
  • yoosung felt embarrassed, just going to quickly pack his things 
  • but he saw mc move a hand to his bag, putting a piece of paper on the very top
  • “saturday. 8?” and then they walked off
  • it was their address. and he turned red for a second


  • oh there was no way jaehee could do this
  • there’s no way mc would like her
  • they barely even hung out! 
  • sure, they would text each other every now and then. they’d talk in the hallways and eat lunch
  • but…they weren’t really friends
  • yet jaehee somehow managed to get a crush on mc. great.
  • she was sure mc saw her as everyone else did - quite robotic. not any fun at all
  • and..she had to admit, she was sometimes
  • so how was jaehee going to do this again?
  • ah yes, slip a note in their locker
  • she was just gonna pass by and slip it in
  • if it went wrong, mc could just text her a no. she could live with that
  • if it didn’t then…great! 
  • that’s what she told herself as she slid the note in
  • now to wait
  • it honestly was on her mind all day and she could barely focus on school work
  • and apparently her being nervous made her more robotic because everyone around her asked her about it
  • but who cares? she was only waiting on a response from mc 
  • she’ll probably get it when she gets home
  • “jaehee!” mc called, making her turn around
  • oh no no nono  they’re going to reject me right here right now, i was specifically trying to avoid this
  • “oh, hello mc. do you need help with anything?” 
  • “yeah, actually. what time should we go? and should I meet you somewhere or at your place?”
  • “….i’m sorry?” 
  • “our date, silly”


  • usually, jumin han was a confident teenager, but now…well..
  • im cr ying i just remembered i said jumin’s emo phase was in high school rip
  • so imagine a small, emo-phase jumin han trying to ask out his crush
  • you think it would be kind of weird, especially considering his outlook on life right now
  • but it was actually pretty simple
  • I mean, of course, besides the fact that he was still surprised he had a crush on someone
  • V had to literally tell him, “it’s because you have a crush on them, jumin. that’s why you keep thinking about them”
  • please spare this child
  • he invited them over after school one day to help them with their math homework 
  • and, trust me, everything was Prepared
  • so as you can imagine, it was going very well
  • they were getting their homework done, there were snacks, and mc honestly seemed to be having a good time
  • so…he just kind of went for it
  • “mc, may I ask you something?” 
  • of course his manners are still top of the notch, even through his emo phase
  • “sure, jumin. what do you need?”
  • “would you like to get dinner sometime? we could do tonight if you’d like, and I could have anything you’d like prepared. but don’t feel pressured, of course”
  • he’s rambling, how cute
  • mc laughed a little before putting a hand on his shoulder to get him to stop
  • “are you asking me on a date? or to just stay for dinner?”
  • jumin blinked, “A date.” 
  • “then yes.”

707 / luciel / saeyoung

  • one of his friends wouldn’t shut up about it
  • “the great luciel has a crusssshhhh” [ he still goes by luciel and hides his Angst, but he’s not a hacker ok ]
  • “no I don’t.”
  • he’s not allowed to have crushes, he has too much on his plate to worry about already
  • having a crush would only hinder him
  • but….mc was really fun to be around
  • and they cared about him 
  • maybe they would…be able to see through his mask 
  • but they wouldn’t like saeyoung. saeyoung was too weak and sad
  • no, he shouldn’t waste his time thinking about this, he had work to do
  • …….15 minutes later……..
  • wait, he built a little butterfly robot
  • and now he was seriously considering writing a letter
  • maybe he will
  • he just won’t sign it so they’ll have to guess who it was from
  • you think the butterfly robot would give it away, but honestly? 
  • it still could be anyone, they shared the same classes and they were all full of people who could do that
  • so he wrote the letter and sent it off the next day
  • it reached mc just before their first class together
  • they walked in holding the butterfly
  • saeyoung did a really good job, playing around and pretending he had no idea about it 
  • however, right before class was over, there was a note on his desk
  • but..he was the last one there? 
  • he opened it to find it saying, ‘did you forget I know your handwriting? also, I like you too - mc’ 

v / jihyun

  • you think jihyun would be rather shy about it
  • however, he was so smooth
  • the whole thing was really casual
  • they were paired together for an art project and started working at mc’s house
  • and they kind of got side tracked from the project to just talking
  • honestly, they were talking for far longer than they meant to
  • the project was forgotten
  • “oh! it’s getting late and I never realized…I should get going..” V said, looking at the time
  • mc looked at the time as well and gasped, “Oh!  and we barely finished the project”
  • V just stood up and smiled, shaking his head. “It’s alright, there’s tomorrow. We can focus on that tomorrow”
  • mc nodded in agreement, standing up as well. “Sounds good. And hopefully we’ll get the chance to finish that conversation”
  • v started making his way to the door, mc following him
  • “that sounds great, but I have a better idea.”
  • “oh do you? what is your idea, then?”
  • v turned around to face them, smiling lightly.
  • “we focus on the project tomorrow and finish it. Then we can finish that conversation another time. Over dinner maybe? We could start a new one too”
  • honestly, it was pretty direct and mc was caught off guard for a second
  • but they laughed once and nodded, “that sounds great, jihyun.”
  • V smiled wider. “great. I’ll see you tomorrow, mc”


  • no no no no absolutely not
  • there was no way saeran had a crush on someone
  • absolutely not 
  • he refused it
  • but then he saw mc again the next day
  • damnit
  • well…maybe it’ll go away if he doesn’t tell them
  • so that’s the plan
  • until saeyoung stares him down
  • and he knows he’s in trouble because saeyoung knows him too well
  • so they had a conversation at home about it
  • “why do you think it isn’t good to have a crush on someone?” saeyoung asked
  • “because there’s no way they’ll like me back? especially mc.”
  • and this pretty much continued all night because saeyoung wouldn’t let it go
  • but they eventually reached a compromise 
  • saeyoung would pretend to be saeran and ask for him
  • horrible idea, i know
  • so….let’s go! 
  • “hey, mc. may I ask you something?” saeyoung asked, trying his best to act like saeran 
  • “sure, saeran, what is it?” “would you…like to go out sometime? we could…check out that new place that opened up and get some ice cream after?”
  • saeyoung could literally feel saeran’s death glare from nearby
  • mc just laughed and nodded. “that sounds great. tell saeran I’ll meet him there at around 1, okay saeyoung?”
  • “sure thing, mc!” saeyoung said, “wait.” 
  • now saeran was really glaring at him
  • but mc just walked away smiling
  • …at least it worked


  • i feel like it was easy for vanderwood
  • the only problem was that they were friends and he didn’t want to make it weird
  • but honestly? they were planning to ask each other at the same time
  • so yeah, it was actually kind of awkward
  • and neither one of them really thought it through, it literally just showed up in a normal conversation
  • the two of them even asked at the same time
  • spare these awkward children
  • like, okay…listen..
  • their current conversation had nothing to do with it, either
  • “hey, vandy. do you want to go out for lunch or cook something?”
  • “how about we get something delivered? I don’t feel like doing much of anything, really.” 
  • “alright, i’ll order something in a second.” 
  • “by the way, mc?”
  • “yeah? i need to ask you something too.” 
  • and…you know? they actually spoke at the same time 
  • “for dinner, you wanna go on a date?” 
  • they both just..decided to Go For It, huh? 
  • the two of them stopped everything they were doing and looked at each other for a second 
  • and then they just laughed with each other
  • “I guess we know each other’s answers then.” Vanderwood said
  • mc nodded with a smile
  • “still, lunch first.” 

African masks have traditionally been shaped in highly abstract form, because they clearly distinguish the essence of a specific type of spirit from its looks. Free and careless of the worldly critics, focused on performing it’s task.

Here in it’s expanding form, is an energetic essence of the Damascus spirit. The black and white sides represent the interaction of opposites: male/female, future/past, digital/analog and the constant transitionary phase of our lives. The square, open eyes represent self-awareness and strength. A pure consciousness that searches for the truth.  The bold white lines represent the distinct paths of our past, while the mirrored thin black lines represent the multi-dimensional possibilities of our future.

We are happy to share this original piece with the world. Say hello to M4SK.

How Ne Acts in all 4 Positions

Dominant Ne (ENXP): So, what you are REALLY saying, even though you’re disguising it behind bullshit, is this. Do you want to know what writing desks and ravens have in common? Are you sure that this is the right decision? Because I have five other possible interpretations, and it would be a shame not to consider them all. I simply know how this works, and what you are really up to. Let’s talk about ideas! I want to tell you mine and hear yours! I know this idea doesn’t seem related to our discussion, but I think it ties in. I can sum up our concept in a metaphor. I can think of five different things at once! I can pick up your facial expressions and accent without even thinking about it. Let me tell you a story…

Auxiliary Ne (INXP): Your life has so much potential! I can see many different possibilities for your future! Let me share them with you! There is more than one way to look at this situation. It would be a shame not to talk about them all. That’s a great idea, but what about this? Or this? Or that? Let’s discuss and consider them all. I have an analogy that fits this situation, but you’ll have to hang in there to the end, because at first it will sound random. I promise, it isn’t! Let me paint the big picture for you! Let’s try this, it’s new and it’s crazy but it might work! Yes, I thought you might make that decision / that this would happen. Excuse me, I need to write a story…

Tertiary Ne (ESXJ): Oh, that new idea is interesting! I’d like to talk about it with you! But I need to be somewhere in twenty minutes, so let’s keep it on track as much as we can. It feels like you are not tied to reality with this idea; can we pull it back to something tangible? I think I have several ideas as to what really happened back there. This discovery may help me discover my greater purpose in life. I suspected this was going to happen…

Inferior Ne (ISXJ): I know that these two things are connected, but I’m not sure how. I’m sorry, but that idea is completely unrealistic. Can we stick to one idea, please? Hmm, the last time I thought something might happen, it happened; so maybe I can trust my intuition this time, too.

The Next Animal Crossing? My predictions

[English version]

The exploration of a new World…

There are many ideas about the new Animal Crossing game that will definitely be realised on the new Nintendo Switch or on a new Nintendo DS. I asked myself a lot of questions and imagined many possibilities in relation to this future opus… Today, I decided to share one that I would dream to see realized.

To start, I would see a game similar to New Leaf regarding the city and inhabitants but different about the game mode and its environment.

What I would like, it would be an extremely large world that could have it explore as we advanced in the game. A world similar to ours, or have it could travel and discover other landscapes, other cities and inhabitants for example.

We would have a starting city but also new buildings like an airport. An airport to go to ther other side of the world. Discover beaches, mountains, deserts… and even to be able to move in or buy a “house of vacancy”. Permorf activities such as surfing or hiking.

All this remains fictitious and unfounded, but it would be fo me the new ideal Animal Crossing game. Of course, everyone is free to make his own opinion and own idea.

- Cameron

SPN 5x04 - have we noticed yet...

It’s probably been noticed already, but I wouldn’t mind talking about it still…

So there’s that theory going around that Dean and Castiel are (at the least) sharing a cabin together in the 2014-Endverse-5x04-future-place. There’s a lot of reading to do for that theory so I won’t get into it here. But what I DID notice is that— Now, to begin with Castiel in that future is wearing a weird ‘hippy’ shirt, that’s pale blue. It’s a distinctive design. It’s got buttons that don’t go down all the way, it doesn’t have a fold down collar, it’s rather distinctive the more the look at it. Definitely looks like a ‘hippy’ shirt. Definitely not the kind of thing Dean would wear, for example.

…or is it.

Because I just noticed (and I guess I’m slow) that Future!Dean is wearing the exact same style of shirt under his army jacket. Exactly the same. A lot dirtier, but the same style shirt. Why, for the life of it, would the Dean Winchester we know EVER wear a ‘hippy’ shirt like that. And he never has. Just look at the shirt Cas is wearing and picture it on Dean– He wouldn’t! Unless…maybe…they’re sharing clothes, or possibly sharing the cabin together. (And also if Future!Dean has indeed “gotten over trying to label” Cas.)

Point is - Dean’s wearing one of Cas’s shirts. Probably had it for a while, too. Enough said.

I never get tired of discussing The End! I have seen the sharing of clothes between them come up before, but in connection to the jackets. We see a jacket in Castiel’s cabin that was one of the details used to construct the theory that the cabin had been shared by them before the disagreement that had left Dean to seek other accommodation before the beginning of the episode. But their shirts are very similar, too. To illustrate the point:

The colors don’t match exactly, but they are the same style. And it is a style that we would not have expected to see Dean Winchester wear at this point in the show. He sported t-shirts, plaid shirts, and the occasional henley. Now, they are a paramilitary operation and the clothes may well be a kind ‘General Issue’ type.

But the thing is, friends. The thing is. We don’t see anyone else wear this model of shirt.

It’s totally fine and good to have secret, private spaces in our lives — it’s really good, actually — but I’m at a stage in my life where I still want to keep those routines private and me-centered… but not by hiding their existence like a state secret. And part of how I think I’ll do that in some vague possible future where I share my house with a human again is this: I’ll say to my partner, “showers are a good me-time for me, and we can share them sometimes, but a lot of the time I’ll just want to do that myself” — instead of saying to myself, “awesome, he’s busy, I have five minutes to hop in the shower.”

I’ll say to my partner, “I have a pretty essential shutdown procedure at the end of the night, and most nights I’ll join you in bed later” — instead of “you go ahead, I’m still working” and keeping one ear out to make sure the house is quiet while I dance, secretly, in the dark.

Because I’d like to allow myself to have private, vulnerable moments — not by hiding them, but just by openly saying “these moments are mine, okay? I’ll share other vulnerable moments with you, but these work best alone.”

OC October Day 14

Anthony | 46 | m | crime boss

Tammie’s father started his work young, took over the business young, had a kid at 20…and lost his wife six years later.  He’s spent the following nineteen years ruthlessly hunting for the killer, but after hundreds of false leads he’s starting to consider more extreme methods.  And then an idle interest in rumors of a psychic who will tell the truth for other people actually pans out, bringing with it a fresh controversy with his daughter.

Anthony is as driven and stubborn as Tammie, and equally good at fucking people’s shit up–if not better.  He sees what he does as a job and nothing else, and probably still holds some vestige of hope that his daughter will one day take over for him.  

Once Umber has done his “job”–as well as going through the unenviable experience of being inside the mind of a guy who got shot in the head–Anthony starts to consider the possible future uses of his ability.  But as it turns out, Tammie can share her ass-kicking skills with Umber via psychic connection and Umber in turn can force all the negative emotions Tammie has felt because of Anthony’s crappy parenting into her father’s head.  Perhaps a bit cliche, but that’s how it goes!

Lyrabot: Yes…and she will not leave me alone..I don’t know how but she keeps calling up my hideouts and attempting to convince me to come “home”……..like I would ever go back to her and the creator anyways.

Mod: Whats this? did I just reveal a possible future character :P fun fact, lyrabot, bonbot and a few others share the same body type, hence the identical lights and eye lines.

It's drabble time!

Premise of the drabble: Caroline and Enzo take a trip to NOLA to retrieve Stefan’s nameless doppelganger and things don’t go exactly the way Caroline thought they would.

“Of all the places for this doppelganger to live, I cannot believe it’s here.” Caroline gritted out in disbelief out of all the places in the world.

“What’s the matter Goldilocks, not a fan of the French Quarter?” Enzo retorted back in confusion at why she was so adamant about coming to New Orleans. Caroline grumbled and started at her feet as they strolled through the city.

“It’s not so much the city I’m not a fan of but rather a certain person who lives here.” She answered back quickly as she glanced around in the hopes that they’d finish soon and she could go home.

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Gaga for Porter magazine:

Gaga’s personal life, at least, seems very much on track. She’s been in a relationship with Taylor Kinney, an American television actor who stars in the NBC drama Chicago Fire, for over two years. She hints at their future, the possibility of children, at sharing as much love with the people in her life as she can, and fulfilling their dreams for a family life. 

Closed Starter - I can't see you...

Eyes closed as she leaned against the side of  her counter, seeing as it was near closing time for her bakery, Honey had lit a cigarette mere seconds ago. She knew it wasn’t good for her, and she rarely smoked, but… it was a great stress reliever. She’d seen another one of her possible futures with a guy today, and she’d seen more than her fair share of deaths.

The bell above the door rang. She opened her eyes, soft brown and gentle with a certain tinge of stress. She stopped in her tracks, her mouth open in an ‘O’. He was attractive and looked to be just her type. 

“Hello. Welcome to Honeycomb’s. How may I help you today, sir?” Was what she said. What she wanted to say?

Why can’t I see the path we would take?

Okay, I THINK I have managed to reconstruct the fic I just wrote for yensasha that got fucked up by tumblr’s broken ‘keep reading’ cut, whatever the hell’s going on there. Of course the original version was better, but I hadn’t copied it (I even thought of it, and then went, nah, it’s fine, it’s just a couple paragraphs, and what’re the odds…HA) so I have tried to reconstruct.

The first version felt better, but anyway, here, have some Evanstan hurt/comfort fluff.

I am refusing to use the ‘keep reading’ cut in case it eats my post again, so I apologize for the long post.


After a while, after the emotions hit and ebb, after Steve first sees Bucky and Bucky knows him and Chris can’t stop shaking with the impact, after all that–

Chris comes back to himself and wakes up a little and realizes that he’s huddled into Sebastian’s chest, Sebastian’s arm around him, Sebastian’s hand rubbing his back; he realizes that Sebastian’s telling him it’s okay, he’s here; he realizes that, hey, he’s Chris Evans, not Steve Rogers, and the film-set floor’s hard under his ass and he’s kind of sweaty and his back’s clammy under his Steve Rogers shirt, and he’s got one hand wound into Sebastian’s shirt and crumpling fabric…

He feels cold and sweat-sticky and horrified—so unprofessional, God, Chris, and all over Sebastian, poor Sebastian, Seb who’s the sweetest person ever and has kept holding him for fuck knows how long—

And he tries to pull away and sit up—

And he realizes Sebastian’s crying too, not dramatically, just tell-tale dampness at the corners of his eyes, dampness he can’t wipe away because one arm’s holding Chris and the other arm’s still caught in the ridiculous fake vise thing.

“So I’d hug you more,” Sebastian says, “but I’m stuck.”


Sebastian wiggles fingers. The prop vise creaks. Foam and plastic inside, but metal outside: designed for weight and heft and realism. “Very stuck. Please help.”

“Oh…um, okay…” And he is, he realizes abruptly. Mostly okay.

Sebastian’s crying along with him and unashamed. Sebastian doesn’t think Chris is being unprofessional or overly emotional. Sebastian’s still got a hand on his shoulder, touching him, eyes blue and sincere as a wide-open sky. Sebastian’s only gazing at him with complete understanding, eyelashes wet, and offering a hug.

A hug once freed, that is. Chris scrubs a hand over drying tear-tracks. Sebastian flexes his shoulder. Muscles roll, testing, giving up. “Bucky Barnes would rip his own arm off if Steve needed him, probably.”

“Well, don’t do that…” He pokes dubiously at the hulking prop. Nobody’s come over to check on them. The crew’s being considerate. Leaving space for emotional catharsis to spill free. “Steve wouldn’t let him anyway.” Steve wouldn’t. Bucky might argue, but then they deserve each other, Steve and Bucky: protecting each other, finding each other all over again, finding happiness in each other’s existence, after so much. After everything.

The worry’s the same. Bucky and Steve; Sebastian’s concerned gaze and kindness.

But the request is grounding: Sebastian’s asked him for help, asked him for something concrete, related to filming, external to the story, an anchor.
Sebastian’s here for him. Sebastian’s not Bucky; that’s Sebastian’s voice, not the Winter Soldier’s, asking. And Chris isn’t Captain America, but that doesn’t mean he’s not damn well going to be here too in his turn.

He gulps down the last stray scratches of sea-salt. Squares shoulders. He’s going to Do Heroic Deeds and Come To The Rescue. For Sebastian. Yes. “What if I lift that bit?”

That bit proves to be surprisingly heavy. He tries not to grunt.

“Still stuck.”

“How about this? Can you move—oh, wait, hang on, I think your…glove…sleeve…thing…is caught on the— Better?”


“What if I push this this way—“

Sebastian doesn’t make a sound. His face goes white. In pain.

“Oh God—” Chris shoves a frantic hand into the depths of fake machinery. Finds glove and bent metal plates; they yield under horrified pressure. “Can you pull? On three—one, two—”

They end up sprawled across the ground through sheer momentum. Chris grabs him. Desperate. “Sebastian—”

Sebastian’s not bleeding but once they peel the arm-sleeve off the bruise is already coming up, bone-deep and storm-angry and ugly. Purple and black spread ominously over Sebastian’s forearm. Sebastian looks up from contemplation of it to search out Chris’s face.

“I’m so sorry,” Chris whispers. Too clumsy, too ungainly, too much hurt. “Fuck—”

“Hey,” Sebastian says, “so I’ve got an arm, how about that,” and puts both arms around him, heedless of pain.

“Sebastian,” Chris says, muffled. Sebastian strokes a hand through his hair; touches his cheek, gets Chris’ tears on newly freed fingertips.

“I’m here,” Sebastian says. “We’re here. Safe. Together.”


“You and me.”

Chris, stumbling over immensity, holding and being held, warmed inside and out by that unshakeable together, manages, “Yeah.”

Their eyes meet, and stay: equally shaken, equally present. A shooting-star sensation leaps inside Chris’  chest: possibilities, shared emotion, dimly-glimpsed futures built of sunny mornings and hands caressing bare skin.

“Yeah,” Sebastian says right back, and tips his head to lean against Chris’ as they cling to each other on the film-set floor.

The Matrimony: Is Forever Real?

It’s been a minute. Let’s dive right in.

As I listened to Wale’s song “The Matrimony” on repeat a couple of times, it really sparked my pen. Wale discusses his struggles with commitment and his mindset of what love is and what being in love is for the long term. This is something that we all can relate to, but to a certain point, because it depends on who you speak to. Some things that are pointed out in the song, is that Wale says he can “promise” her “forever”, meaning that although right now they aren’t together (because of whatever), once he gets his mind right and is ready to settle down, he can give her all of his love.

But is promising your significant other “forever” even possible? Things change, people change, feelings change way too often to even think this is close to true, right? How can you be “making plans” and you haven’t even graduated college? How can you ensure another individual that you’re always going to be their partner and you’re in your early 20s, still figuring out what you want to do with your own life?

Truth is, you can’t promise anyone forever and broken promises cause too much pain. There are many reasons as to why a promise like this can never be one taken too seriously. TOMORROW IS NOT EVEN PROMISED.

Ok, but honestly, I’d like to pinpoint something that really plays a part in why forever may or may not be real. That reason is that too many people have temporary mind sets. To many people treat others, regardless of what role they play in their life, as disposables. It is a burden that many people have been cursed with. This generation in particular definitely has it bad. Like Wale says: “Nothing is sacred no more…”. I recall sitting with my cousins and just discussing that we haven’t been to a wedding in so long and how it seems that no one is getting married anymore. The idea of marriage is one that doesn’t intrigue the products of our generation, because the “what’s next” is always better. They’d rather be committed to turning up in the summer, than building stability for their future. Sadly, we are becoming a temporary society. Always on to the next, rather than sticking to what you have. You need stability in life, inconsistency doesn’t lead to happiness, but follow me…

During conversations like that you start to ponder why things like this are continuously occurring and is it now the new norm. It’s like we live in a world where people would rather commit to having a child with an individual than to commit to remaining faithful to that same individual. I do believe that the way you’ve been raised does play a part in it, but it shouldn’t truly dictate your decisions.

By the grace of God, my parents have proudly been married for 25 years. Although their relationship is not a perfect one, their vow to love each other through thick and thin is what kept their boat moving. Their love for each other trickled down throughout my family. The pressure of being a great man to your woman and to your family is something that I’ve seen my dad handle so well. Visions of that created my passion to want to be a great husband and father to my future children and wife.

Am I wrong for believing that this is the “right way” to live? You’re born, you grow up, you go to school, you get a job, you fall in love, you get married, you have kids, you raise a family and you pass down all the morals and values you were taught to your kids and pray the cycle continues, right?

There’s still a lot of unanswered questions when it comes to love, commitment and faithfulness. Two individuals must withstand a lot to truly figure out a lot these answers, but that all starts through actual conversation and open-mindness.

I say all of that to say this: Forever is real, in my opinion. My father always taught me to “do things with a purpose”. Those words are something that I apply to my life with everything I do. Whether it’s this blog that people love to read, or whether it’s the way I clean my room. In terms of love and relationships, getting into one should be done with a purpose and rightfully, that purpose should be the possibility of building a future with your significant other. Sharing memories and special moments with a person should never be a temporary thing. Nothing special should be disposable, because if you dispose of it, it probably was never that special to you.

— The Multi-Talented Gentleman