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Remember the Exorcist version I did for Velvet? To match with her, I made a version of Oscar as a Pirate instead xD!!!

And yes I made DLC costumes of him, cause I can >3!! Cause who says he is not with the MAIN party members??? he is forever a main character to me QvQ!!!!

anyways enjoy xDDD

If there really is going to be a DLC where Hawkes love interest comes to Skyhold and the two are reunited than all I really want from the Sebastian romance are 3 thing.

1. Sebastian in a kilt because of reasons.
2. A kiss between them. It doesn’t have to be long or passionate, their in a chaste marriage after all, hell give me a kiss on the check and I’ll be satisfied.
3. Sebastian calling Hawke lass, because it would sound so sexy in his accent and it is definitely something that he would call her as a pet name.

Please Bioware, Sebastian does not get enough love like all the other romance options, just give me this.


erememe, pocket sized. pocket meme. brings you snacks and eats your snacks and keeps your hands warm in the winter

It is still a serious gut-punch for me to listen to Wheatley’s boss battle rant–how as he gets closer to being defeated his confidence melts away to reveal the ugly mess of emotions he’s been experiencing the whole time: intense paranoia, fear, anger, betrayal, and even sadness, all magnified by the chassis. I’m on mobile so I can’t link directly to the lines, but during parts of his rant, particularly when he talks about Chell’s not caring about him and not catching him, he sounds like he’s on the verge of tears, if he’s not outright crying. (Hard to tell when he can’t produce actual tears.)

What makes it worse is that he’s not entirely wrong.

Before I go any further with this (and you should already know this if you’ve been following me for long enough), let me clarify that I am NOT saying Wheatley’s actions were justified, nor am I claiming that he is in any way innocent. Wheatley betrayed Chell and tried to murder her of his own free will, and the chassis’s influence (which did nothing more than magnify his qualities (which were ALREADY THERE) and introduce him to an addiction that is capable of being resisted) does not excuse that. Wheatley was wrong.

And so was Chell.

Chell was abused by GLaDOS and attacked by turrets. She has her reasons for not liking robots too much. This is entirely understandable, and it’s why she refused to speak to Wheatley, and probably why she refused to catch him.

But just like Wheatley was not justified in trying to kill Chell, Chell was not justified in letting Wheatley crash to the floor–an action, he told her, that could KILL him.

Wheatley’s reasons for trying to help Chell may have been selfish at that point (he woke her out of cryosleep so she could help him escape the decaying facility before it exploded), but the fact remains that he WAS still trying to help her. He brought her to the appropriate testing track and led her to the portal gun, and he was trying to lead her to the central chamber so he could call the escape lift, the (supposedly) only working exit. Granted he was fairly clumsy about everything (smashing a relaxation chamber through a cement wall is not the safest procedure), but if it weren’t for him, Chell would have died in cryosleep. He helped her, and that’s more than any of Aperture’s other constructs could say, at least at that point.

But he’s still a robot, so Chell not only refuses to talk to him, but she also lets him crash to the floor, an action that could, for all either of them knew, kill him.

What the heck, Chell?

Gosh I didn’t mean for this post to get so long, but my point is, both Wheatley and Chell were pretty terrible to each other for understandable reasons, but not justified ones. Chell may be the protagonist, but she’s not without her flaws.

tl;dr I feel bad about the relationships between fictional characters and wish they would get things straightened out in a possible future game or DLC or something idk

Guys, I just thought of a possible Ignis DLC ending. And I’m crying. THIS WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK.

So far we’ve seen Episode Gladiolus, which takes place when Gladio leaves the party and also when he and Ignis are separated from Noctis in chapter 13. The DLC wasn’t that long, but there’s rumors around (Idk if they were confirmed or not, if you know please do tell!) about Episode Prompto being a little longer than Gladio’s (around 5 hours gameplay).

So, Episode Prompto will most likely take place right after Noctis pushes him off the train and (I assume) when Ardyn tries to turn him into a MT. This is gonna be so painful to watch HE DIDN’T DESERVE ANY OF THIS. But the worst is yet to come.

Now, we don’t know anything about what Episode Ignis will be, except high chances of it taking place when he loses his ability to see. But since Episode Gladio and Episode Prompto both have 2 stories (Gladio: Gilgamesh/Chapter 13 // Prompto: Train/MT) we can assume Episode Ignis will have 2 stories as well.

This is when shit gets lit alright. Because if the theory of Episode Prompto being longer than Gladio’s is true, Episode Ignis will be the longest and the one with the most impact on the entire story. So, story number one: how he lost his sight. But what about number two? Well, remember when Noctis and the chocobros were making their way to beat the shit out of Ardyn at the end of the game? Noctis asks Ignis if he’ll be able to tell when the sun rises, and Ignis tells him at a certain degree, he will.

I believe the second story will take place there. At the very end, after Noctis dies. When the King falls, the ability to summon weapons no longer work, and here comes my theory of why I think the chocobros died, and how Episode Ignis will be the most emotional DLC out of all of them.

Noctis dies, the bros can no longer summon their weapons and things are looking pretty bad. They take a good beating and, knowing they can no longer fight, crawl to the throne, where Noctis is already dead. They all collapse to their King’s feet when the sun finally rises. That’s when we’re all gonna cry like babies: The bros will slowly drift to their eternal slumbers as they see the sun for the last time. But although Ignis can’t see it, he feels it. He dies with the soothing thought of being able to end his journey with his friends, his family, and the feeling of the sun he hasn’t felt in 10 years until his very last breath.

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lol btw…. did i tell u that even if u expose me i’ll just say that its not their work anymore cuz its edited LOLLOOLOLOLOLOLOL !!!!!1


omg you heard it here first folks!!!!!!!


ARMS DLC predictions

Landline phone-cord arms, possibly ending in a phone

Squid/octopus tentacle arms, possibly ending in the cephalopod itself

Vine arms, possibly ending in a watermelon or a flower

Curly fry arms, possibly ending in a burger

Rope arms, possibly ending in a sailor’s knot or a lasso

Spider web arms, possibly ending in a spider

Fishing line arms, possibly ending in a hook

Bungee cord arms, also possibly ending in a hook

Plastic wrap arms, possibly ending in the box it came from

Accordion arms, possibly ending in the accordion body

Slinky arms, possibly ending in a toy dog head like Barq

Giraffe neck arms, possibly ending in a giraffe head

Chinese finger trap arms, possibly ending in a puzzle box

Silly string arms, possibly ending in the aerosol can

String cheese arms, possibly ending in a cheese wheel

String arms, possibly ending in a spool or a yo-yo

Whip arms, possibly ending in bullhorns

Sausage link arms, possibly ending in a bun

Feather boa arms, possibly ending in a designer purse

90′s coiled shoelace arms, possibly the first character who uses their legs instead of their arms, unlike Min Min who uses both

Mass Effect Andromeda: Prediction and Speculation

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so im gonna put this bad boy under a cut because its long. really long. i haven’t noticed much on tungle about the future of the franchise and possible DLC to come, and id love to hear any opinions that you all have! my ask box is always open and ofc you can DM me too

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I caved and bought the Descent DLC. To be honest, I enjoyed learning more about dwarven lore and Valta is the most adorable little dwarf ever. Also, I fell more in love with Scout Harding (if that’s even possible). All in all, I liked the DLC despite how tedious it got to be at times. Plus, Elissa looks damn cute.