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rant about thai k-idols

okay so,,, i’ve seen A LOT of ppl using a thai idol’s real name as if it’s normal (esp in fanfics) and as a person who grew up in thailand and is thai,,, that is actually very awkward. a thai person is born w a first name, last name, and nick name. the nick name is the name you will be called by throughout your whole life and many of your friends would prob never know your full name tbh. your full name is only used in official papers and business type situations. for example, in school, the teacher would call you by your first name and your nickname (it depends what they’re saying,, if it’s roll call or smth like that it’s your first name!!) i’m going to use ten as an example, so bare with me. if you’re friends w ten, you would never call him ‘chittaphon’. not even his family would call him ‘chittaphon’. it’s really just used for MAINLY official papers. please just call your thai idol by their nickname (which is most likely their stage name). i’m sure this is hard to understand bc different culture,, but i’m honestly rly uncomfortable w it??? it’s okay that you’ve been ignorant to this, but i hope you guys learned something new!! feel free to msg me for any questions!

Things I Wish I Could Tell People:

1.) Lindsay and Michael Jones: You make me so happy. I believe there is someone suited for everyone, and it’s because of you.

2.) Jon Risinger: You look amazing. You’ve worked so hard, and it’s paid off in spades. You’re super hot; never doubt that.

3.) Ryan Haywood: You inspire me. You’ve come out of your shell over the past few years, so maybe I can, too.

4.) Jeremy Dooley: I’m so proud of you! You were a member of our community, and look at you now! You’re a fan favorite, and you make me laugh so much.

5.) Barbara Dunkleman: You are so lovely, inside and out! I wish we were friends.

6.) Burnie Burns and Ashley Jenkins: You guys look like you give good hugs. Can I have a hug?

Time of The Month

Unable to get comfortable: 

Random Cravings:

Sudden Cramps: 

Mood Swings:

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goodbye glee meme [4/7 ships]: Sam Evans & Mercedes Jones
“Just know that whoever I’m with or whatever I’m doing, I’d rather be doing it with you.”

this last fanfic reading touched my biggest weakness

katie in skirts/dresses

No, he’s not wearing anything beneath that coat. I’m not sure if that means we’re blinded or blessed. Maybe both?

ewuta  asked:

wooo, for the drabble thingy: yuta + 71, please!

Prompt: “You don’t get to pick and choose. You’re stuck with me.”

yuta & reader insert; royalty!AU; 1.4k words
drabble game

i hope this is okay ;; i just woke up and was torn on what au to write so i chose one randomly and i hope it went well ;;;;

During spring days the blossom of a plethora of flowers would typically be at their peak. It was the only reason why the fresh season was an easy favorite: the new sights, excursions of nature commenced. It was also the time of year where the kingdom’s Spring festival would occur, and its purpose was to celebrate the welcome of new beginnings and upbringings. Every year you looked forward to the festival, for it was one of your favorite events held within your kingdom, and this upcoming year was to be no different.

Well, you planned for it to not be divergent than the rest. Your family had other plans they never informed you about until then.

It was a given that you were the heir to the family kingdom; you qualified to take the throne; you were of maturity. Right, during the Spring festival kingdoms would announce who the princess has chosen to marry and hold upon the weight of the kingdom with. The thought of that future requirement never rang in your mind, almost as if the day would never come—like it was nonexistent to you. But, standing amidst the thick air within the grand ballroom of your castle, you heard the words you thought you would never hear.

With an semi-familiar face standing before you, your face contorted in disgust and annoyance. It was the prince from the eastern kingdom—the section of the continent that your own kingdom had a horrible impression of. What was him and his family doing in your own sector, of all places? Then, it dawned upon you.

Word went around that prince like a wildfire, and they typically was not pretty. War stories and parades of this success would be the talk of each village—oh, and his disastrously handsome face.

Your father snapped you back to reality as you were too busy welling in your revulsion towards the prevailing prince; he called your name in a manner that made it seem like he was attempting to get your attention for aeons. With the obnoxious prince right in front of you, he probably was.

“(y/n),” your father called once more. “It is mid-summer and the springtime festival will occur the following year.”

“Oh gods…” you trailed off. Your eyes roamed the gargantuan ballroom; you searched for a distraction away from the living news before you.

“It is about time we discussed your marriage,” your father said with a breath. He puffed his chest out, high and mighty to make his authority prominent. You bit onto your tongue to hold a sour comment away, its bitterness dissipating into nothingness. You narrowed your gaze onto the looming crystal chandelier that hanged from the center, anticipating the announcement you were not able to fight back.

“This”—he held out an arm, guiding you to the noxious prince—“is Nakamoto Yuta. He will be your suitor, unannounced to the public until the spring festival.”

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