attention ladies of southeastern michigan tumblr

How amazing would it be to just do life together? Like how about we meet up on a regular basis and be real life friends and drink coffee and tea and sit and talk about Jesus and be real and know what’s going on with each other beyond what’s posted on tumblr and encourage each other. I mean, wouldn’t that just be the best? The lovely Shelby and I are going to make this a thing. And this is your official invitation. We’re going to be at the Bean & Leaf in downtown Rochester Tuesday night at 7pm and we would love to see you there. This is open to absolutely anyone and everyone who sees this and can come (I just tagged people who I know live in the area). 

Love you girls. This community is so precious already. 

Victory by Chance Monnette

I really really enjoyed shooting my good friend Sam’s wedding this weekend.

I’ve only known him for a few months but I’ve shared a lot with him and he has become a very close friend of mine.

I’m so proud of this guy and in all honestly it was really hard for me to keep it together while shooting his wedding. Lol.

It was also awesome to be shooting it under my best friend Shelby

Thank you Sam for allowing me the honor of shooting this huge day in your life.