I feel like Dark might be annoyed with Google and want to “assert his dominance” as the Baddest Bitch™ in Mark’s household, but I think they’d both kinda get along and bond over their shared Doneness with Anti.

ALSO: in the other Googleplier edit I implied that Mark was also possessed by Google, but in my theory about Google’s/Warfstache’s origins, I studied it further and decided that Google more likely exists as a virus in Mark’s computer, so I changed his character a bit to fit this more. I also made his typing style look L-I-K-E–T-H-I-S so that you could tell him apart from Dark when he’s talking.

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Draco was slouched against the back wall of the cell when he heard her.   They’d had to put him in a cell by himself because the other Death Eaters blamed his family for their loss and saw him as a convenient target.  Alone, bruised and hungrier than he could ever remember being, but no one was physically hurting him anymore so he’d settled down to wait for either a trial - unlikely - or for the victors to just shove him into Azkaban without one.

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Related to Arthur’s arm

When Shiro emerges from the ground, that is when we see Arthurs possesed arm pop up then leave, but when I started to see it repeatedly, I noticed how the arm freaked out and froze as soon as his eyes… err eye looked at Shiro, then made his escape.

Like… he doesn’t want to fuck with Shiro???  IS THERE MORE TO IT?!!


fnaf sketchdump featuring a fuckload of Balloon Boy bc i lov him shush
b4 SL came out my kid sis and I have been HC BB and Baby as siblings bc it’d be funny. that’s what the last pic is abt bc we decided that they are those kind of siblings that look nearly identical but if you suggest it to them they deny it and are absolutely disgusted by the idea.

@fuckyeahvalidation i got a tiny human foxy here for you bc ily and u love him: