Related to Arthur’s arm

When Shiro emerges from the ground, that is when we see Arthurs possesed arm pop up then leave, but when I started to see it repeatedly, I noticed how the arm freaked out and froze as soon as his eyes… err eye looked at Shiro, then made his escape.

Like… he doesn’t want to fuck with Shiro???  IS THERE MORE TO IT?!!

anonymous asked:

Tbh can i think that the amount of yoonjin we got later is because of namjoon...??? I mean after that namjin thing in the photo and the vid as well yoongi sticked to jin just like glue 😂😂😂 And i guess you can add those mmt into your possesssive yoonjin compilation

aaaaaahhhhh always had to have something to triggered possessive bf!yoongi isnt it 😂😂