Free at Last

In her tantrum, she could barely think straight; her mind was hazy, racing at a million miles an hour. She needed out of this life. She needed to get away from her mom, and she needed to be free. Free of this prison… And why shouldn’t she leave? Sure, it’d be hard, but… she was smart! She could find food and shelter for herself, it couldn’t be that hard… Was she seriously considering this? …This was insane… But was there any reason she should stay? No.

So it was set, then. She calmed herself, steeled her nerves. Without a sound, she began to pack a bag. A nice dress and her training outfit, of course, her water bottle that she always kept with her, and some Protes and juice boxes she’d hidden in her room a month ago. A toothbrush (dental hygiene was important, after all!), and her prized possesssion, a can of Guacola she’d kept from a few weeks ago. After finishing packing, she waited silently, laying on top of her sheets.

Once she was certain that Priyanka had fallen asleep, she cracked open her door, peeking her head out and glancing down the hallway both ways. All clear. Making sure to be extra quiet this time, she started out the doorway - wait, what was she doing? She had a much better idea! Closing the door quietly and locking it behind her, she started towards her window. She pushed the frame up, opening it. Connie threw her bag out first, then proceeded to climb out, ever-careful. Once she landed on the wet grass, she was free at last.

Finally. She could feel the cool air on her skin, the utter silence of the nighttime. This was freedom. She took a quick look at her surroundings. She could do anything, with anyone, whatever she wanted… but what? Not a single person was stirring, except for maybe that group of teenagers that she’d raved with as Stevonnie that one time… Oh! Steven! Of course! He’d come along with her… right? 

Or the Gems… except they’d probably turn her in to her mom if she talked to them… maybe those two Gems at Greg’s Barn? They struck her as the type of person to be more relaxed about things like that. So many possibilities!

Only one way to find out.