Teen Wolf/Practical Magic AU - Lydia and Stiles are siblings who lose their parents at a young age and move in with Dr. Deaton and Mrs. Morrell. Both possess magic abilities, and their new guardians teach them how to use these powers. Stiles grows up swearing that he’ll never fall in love, while Lydia can’t wait to find someone. She runs off and travels the country, moving from man to man, while Stiles stays in their hometown. After getting involved with Peter, who is abusive and controlling, Lydia calls Stiles for help and the two of them accidentally kill Peter by putting too much belladonna in his drink. They try to bring him back using a spell from Dr. Deaton and Mrs. Morrell’s spellbook, but he comes back as something even more terrible than he was before. Stiles and Lydia are forced to clean up the mess they’ve made, but an investigator named Derek shows up and complicates the situation even further.

My bathroom is possesssed brb bye

I keep hearing dripping noises but when i go to check, its all “fine”. Aaaanddn i just heard a big pile of shit crash..like as if my makeup bag fell down, but i went to check and… nothing on the floor.

Yo but like all those blood drip stories from my childhood :9393