possessive glare

Preference “How they act when they get possessive”

(I guess…Yay for our faves being creeps and a little crazy…I know this was supposed to be smutty but in the end i did some smutty and some not really cause i felt it was better that way :3 Sorry again if some of them are really creepy and disturbing…I mean…that is what i think of being possessive…so yeah…Yay for Jerry and Aiden :3 first! Hope it is as requested and you all like it :D Gifs not mine/found them in google/credit to the original owners.)

Negan-Whenever he gets possessive of you, his fun and quirky behavior would completely disappear as he would order whoever is flirting with you to leave and tell you to go to your room. He’d go to you once he’s done with his work, only to instantly give you the order to take you clothes off and to go lay on the bed. He’d then walk over slowly to tie you to it before doing you until the only thing you can think of is him.

Daryl-Whenever he gets possessive of you, he’d put himself between you and whoever is flirting, only to tell them to back away from you and to leave you alone from now on. He’d then turn over to you and just pull you into a tight hug before getting rather aggressive with the way he would pull you towards the nearest place he can have you to himself.

Rick-Whenever he gets possessive of you, he’d spend most of the day glaring over at you and ignore your pleading looks just to try to get whoever is flirting with you to leave, only to later in the night end up having you handcuffed to the bed. He’d make you get a restless night until you realizing and understand that he’s the only one you need.

Merle-Whenever he gets possessive of you, he’d patiently wait for the person flirting at you to be done before grabbing your wrist to leave. He’d walk pass the most crowded place to let them know you’re his, only to finally take you to one of the hidden rooms in Woodbury. Once there, he’d managed to strap you to the chair and do things that would make you moan his name.

Glenn-Whenever he gets possessive of you, he’d grab a hold of your wrist the whole time during dinner. He’d keep his hold over yours as if not wanting you to ever leave him, especially after seeing you still acting kind towards the person who was flirting with you and simply never let go of you, even when you have to go the bathroom. He’d just smile reassuringly and tell you that everything is fine.

Carl-Whenever he gets possessive of you, he’d go by your room to give you a few of his flannels and tell you to wear one of them for the day. He’d grow tired of people flirting with you that he needed to let everyone know and especially you, who you belonged to. So with a friendly smile, he’d hand you which one he wants to see you in and make you wear it.

The Governor-Whenever he gets possessive of you, he’d order you over to come meet him in his room immediately, making you leave everyone behind. You’d then be lead by the sound of his voice towards the hidden room inside and as you’d get there he’d make you lock the door behind. He’d then make you sit on his lap and kiss you feverishly, asking you who do you belong to.

Abraham-Whenever he gets possessive of you, he’d order you to instantly get yourself ready, as you’re going on a run with him, not caring for an instant whoever is talking to you. He’d drive you as reasonably far as he can think and make you spend the day with no one else but him. He’d keep close to you at all times and even at one point, just kiss you to make you realize it’ll lead to something else.

Eugene-Whenever he gets possessive of you, he’d walk over to you and tell you he needs your help with the bullets, making you leave with him only. As you’d get to the factory, he’d lock you in with him and pretend to have lost the key, acting innocent to make you unsuspicious as you spend countless of hours with him, all while looking for a key that is actually in his pocket.

Ron-Whenever he gets possessive of you, he’d act rash and get himself in trouble with the person flirting with you as he’d always act smug and shove your relationship down their throat. He’d want them to hear it from him that you’re his but rather than making his message clear, they would all come out as threats, making the other person get aggressive.

Jesus-Whenever he gets possessive of you, he’d sneak into your room, in Alexandria, later at night and surprise you the moment you walk in by locking the door behind. He’d ask you about your thoughts on whoever was flirting with you and just grow jealous with each kind things you’d say about them, making him pin you on the bed and kindly ask you to deny it all.

Dwight-Whenever he gets possessive of you, he’d trick you into following him, only for you to end up locked in one of the cells, he had kept clean for you. He’d spend most of his time keeping his eyes on you and take extra care of you, giving you everything he knows you like and whatever you want him to do to your body but never letting you out until you tell him that you understand that you belong to him and only him.

Morgan-Whenever he gets possessive of you, he’d walk over to grab your hand as someone is flirting with you too much just to pull you away mid conversation with no warning. He’d lie to you that he needs your help with something, only to lock you in the cell he had made in the basement. He’d keep you company on the other side, saying that unless you prove to him that you’re his, he won’t let you out.

Shane-Whenever he gets possessive of you, he’d follow your every move and just hug you out of surprise once you are finally both alone. He’d whisper to you about how much he loves you and how much you hurt him, letting that person flirt with you that way. He’d resolve to kiss your neck and pin you to the ground as he keeps showering you with affection, making you tell him that you’re his only.

Milton-Whenever he gets possessive of you, he’d patiently wait for the other person to be done with you before asking you to help him with his work in the lab. Once there, you’d work together and he’d ask you countless of questions that would lead into you answering that you do love him. He’d end up getting closer and closer just to strap your wrist to the stretcher before asking you to prove it to him.

Aaron-Whenever he gets possessive of you, he’d give you countless of gifts to express his love for you, only to let it slide that you should be returning him the favor for each gift. His hands would linger over yours as he’d give the presents and his gaze would prove to you that someone around you had rubbed him the wrong way, making you thank him just as he wishes.

Gabriel-Whenever he gets possessive of you, he’d put up an act to make you trust him that he isn’t jealous, only to kindly tell the other person that he needs a word with you and leading you into the church. Once inside, he’d lock you in with him, reciting verses from the bible that suits what you’re doing to him before getting closer to warn you that he won’t let you out until you understand who do you belong to.

The Wolf-Whenever he gets possessive of you, he’d take you away by pulling you over in his shoulder and just tell the other person to back off. He’d walking you back to your shared tent and just ask you to repeatedly remind him as to who you belonged to, making you obviously tell him that it’s him but him thinking it isn’t enough and having to prove to you that you’re his once inside.

Noah-Whenever he gets possessive of you, he’d glare at whoever is talking to you just to make them uncomfortable and leave. He’d pretend to not understand what was the problem and just grab your hand to walk away with you. He’d walk you to your room and once there you’d realize some of you clothes are missing, making you walk over to his room and staying for a while.

Simon-Whenever he gets possessive of you, he’d put on a fake smile but from his eyes and his tone before calling you over to come closer to him, you could tell he isn’t happy. As you’d approach him, he’d grab your hand to lead you into that particular person’s room just to do you in their bed and have you moan out his name, making you and them understand that you’re his and his only.

Ezekiel-Whenever he gets possessive of you, he’d act as his usual polite self but make uncomfortable jokes about keeping you to himself. He’d simply approach you and whoever is keeping you company and mention his love for you, only to end up saying that he’d just love to keep you the way he keeps Shiva so close to him at all times, whether it be on a chain or in a cage.

Benjamin-Whenever he gets possessive of you, he’d get you to help with him in the library and end up keeping you inside with him as long as he can. He’d just want to spend some alone time with you that he’d come up with a lame excuse. Once there, he’d lock you in with him and throw the key out the window without you noticing, making you both have to wait for someone to notice you both missing.

Caesar-Whenever he gets possessive of you, he’d injure himself in front of you and whoever was next to you on purpose just to be able to stay so close to you. He’d do and show you whatever it takes for you to take pity on him and just have take care of him by his bedside. Whenever he’d seem to feel better, he’d deny it and hold you from leaving as he reminds you that because you love him, you have to stay.

Spencer-Whenever he gets possessive of you, he’d purposely get drunk and walk over to you and whoever is flirting with you, just to bother you both, making you have no choice but to care for him. He’d yell at them saying you’re his and hold onto you no matter what. He’d be a mess from being happy to crying about his love for you and just beg you to tell everyone you’re his.

Richard-Whenever he gets possessive of you, he’d get quiet and just call you by your name once, making you follow him out of curiosity. He’d lead you out of the walls and into his hidden RV making you think he has prepared something romantic. Only to be surprised by him just grabbing your arm to walk you in. Once inside, he’d lock the door and forbid you from leaving until you show him how much you truly love him.

Nicholas-Whenever he gets possessive of you, he’d ask you to help him on a run and offer to be the driver. Once inside, he’d drive as far as reasonably as he can, only to suddenly coming to a stop. He’d ask you countless of ways to make you answer that you’re indeed in love with him. Him suddenly getting quiet and telling you that because he’s so proud of you, he’ll prove to you that you’re his.

Gareth-Whenever he gets possessive of you, he’d somehow trick you and manage to have you blindfolded and your wrists bounded as he keeps you on the bed. He’d want to have you at your most vulnerable state and would’ve convinced you the instant you walked back to your room. He’d talk about how you made him feel earlier and warn you that he’ll make you understand who you belong to.

Tobin-Whenever he gets possessive of you, he’d invite you over for dinner at his house at night, only to beg you not to leave until the morning. He’d just think about how you seemed so carefree around whoever was flirting with you and stare at you coldly, only to change the moment you look at him in the eyes. He’d smile and put a hand to yours, asking you who is it that you love before begging you.

Jerry-Whenever he gets possessive of you, he’d still be his friendly self and walk over to you to offer you countless of your favorite meals he had just cooked, inviting you back over to his place as he ignores completely whoever is next to you. Once there, he’d just keep you to himself by giving you more and more food, making you unable to leave his side for the day, especially once you’re so full.

Aiden-Whenever he gets possessive of you, he’d act smug and just be blunt, asking you and whoever is flirting with you as to what you are both doing and thinking. He’d tell them that they have no business flirting around with you as you’re his and his only, making them uncomfortable and leave. He’d then turn to you and make sure you understood how much he meant those words.

Michonne-Whenever she gets possessive of you, the way she should express her affection towards you would seem much different than usually and it wouldn’t even seem to matter that there was someone else next to you. She’d grip your hand rather than hold it and leave lingering touches and glances at you, that indicate to you how much you’re hers rather than just simply being because she loves you.

Maggie-Whenever she gets possessive of you, she’d walk over to you and just ask you to help her out with something, only to end up having a light talk with you. She’d just act overly sweet and tell you all about how much she loves you and how it would devastate her if you ever thought of leaving her behind. Gradually, you’d just feel her hold your hands closer and closer to her.

Andrea-Whenever she gets possessive of you, she’d make you understand that you belong to her only by making you have an unforgettable night. She’d notice how casually kind you were towards whoever was flirting with you and come up with any excuse to have you follow her back to your room before she starts to make you weak.

Jessie-Whenever she gets possessive of you, she’d invite you over for dinner, only to discover that you’re not “feeling well”. She’d pretend to notice how red you are and fake a temperature for you, just to have the excuse that she can keep you in her house. When you would tell her that you’re fine and all she’d get upset at you for not trusting her, making you have no choice but to let her.

Beth-Whenever she gets possessive of you, she’d just want people to know that you’re hers, making her spend time leaving hickeys all over your neck. She’d seem to notice people’s gaze over you and how they act around you and take it as competition. She’d then find the perfect way to mark you as hers and just make you have a hard time concealing all of them.

Sasha-Whenever she gets possessive of you, she’d ask you over to come and help her keep watch in on of the towers, only to “accidentally” kick the ladder away, making you stuck with her for a good amount of time. She’d just notice someone making you smile from afar and have the need to take you away, so she’d just call you over and lead you into her trap.

Rosita-Whenever she gets possessive of you, she’d walk over to you and completely ignore the person flirting with you and just trick you into her room saying you forgot something in there, only to be locked in. She’d laugh on the other side to hear you panic and just kindly tell you that you need some time to reflect on who you belong to for the meanwhile and that her belongings will certainly help you be reminded of it.

Enid-Whenever she gets possessive of you, she’d sneak into your room as you’re taking a nap and just wake you up, asking you id you want to hang outside for the moment. She’d do her best to convince you and then tell you to be quiet about it simply because she doesn’t want the person flirting with you earlier to come over and bother, making her have you all to herself.

Tara-Whenever she gets possessive of you, she’d be her kind and friendly self in front of everyone, only to change and be completely different once you are both alone. Once the doors of your house are closed, she’d instantly ask you as to who you love and such. She’d then surprise you by handcuffing you to her and tell you that unless you show her, she doesn’t understand your meaning.

Carol-Whenever she gets possessive of you, she’d catch you off guard in the house and just tie your arms behind your back before pulling you to the room. She’d notice how kind you were to whoever would flirt with you and just have the urge to remind you that you’re actually already taken, making her just having to show it to you in a way you might finally get it.

Arat-Whenever she gets possessive of you, she’d glare at you and whoever is flirting at you to the point where you both acknowledge her. She’d wait for you to walk over to her before asking you as to what you were doing. She’d then tell you about how her feelings for you and how you’re hers and just gradually getting more mad about what had just happened, making her tell you to kiss her right now, in front of everyone to see.

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I love your writing! May I request what the first couple fight/argument with jk and jimin would be about?

Thank you~ <3


Your first fight with Jungkook would be brought upon by stress and the fact that you missed each other too much. 

Jungkook had one of those rare free days and decided to spend it with you because it feels like it’s been forever since the two of you spent some time together with his busy schedules and all. 

Sadly, that day you also had a test to study for and projects to finish so you were practically on house arrest for the rest of the day. 

Jungkook insisted on coming over even though you told him that you wouldn’t be able to pay much attention to him since you’ll be studying. He didn’t take that warning seriously thought and thought you were just exaggerating. 

It’s not like she would be studying the whole day, right?, He had thought. Of course, he was wrong and later that day, Junglook was getting pissed at how you wouldn’t even take a break to have lunch with him; keeping yourself locked up in your room for the entire day.

Jungkook knocks on your door that afternoon, annoyed, and almost demanded that you come out. You, of course got angry at how rude he was being.

“I told you I was busy today! I have a huge test to study for Jungkook!”

“I know that! But wouldn’t it hurt to take a break and spend some time with me? I rarely get a day off, Y/N!”

“You don’t think I know that?!”

“We wouldn’t be having this argument if you did! Why can’t you just take a break for a minute? You’ve been there for hours–”

“Because I can’t just pause everything I’m doing right now just because you asked for it!” You shout at him and Jungkook snaps; clearly seeing he wasn’t wanted here.

“Fine. You don’t want me here? Okay, I’m leaving.” 

“Fine.” You reply as the two of you turn from each other, fuming. “That’s what you’re good at anyway. I’m used to it. Bye.”

At your words, Jungkook pauses but the moment he turned, you had already shut the door at his face. 

Your last words echoes in his ears and he wasn’t sure why his heart suddenly felt heavy because of it.

That’s what you’re good at anyway. I’m used to it. Bye.

Jungkook felt something beneath your words, sensing that it rooted from something deeper. It took him half an hour outside, just walking around your building for him to cool down and finally realize that it was wrong of him to pick a fight when you were obviously stressed out with school work. 

He should’ve been more understanding. And you were right, you had your own life to worry about. He was being selfish for his own needs that he didn’t even think about how you must’ve been feeling then. He knew you didn’t mean to ignore him today… you were just busy.

Just like I always am 90% of the time, he realizes guiltily.

Jungkook comes back to your apartment and knocks on your bedroom door to apologize. There was no answer but the door was unlocked. When he opened it, he saw you hunched over your desk, already asleep. Jungkook sighs and moves to fix your things; placing pens in between your opened books so that you’ll know where you had left off, before carrying you to the bed and tucking you in.

You stir at the movement and when you opened your eyes, you were surprised to see Jungkook hovering over you as he placed a blanket over your form.


“Go to sleep.” He says quietly. “You must be tired.”

You try to fight through your exhaustion, knowing there were things to talk about after that little fight you had. “Kookie, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to–”

“Shh. It’s fine, baby. We’ll talk tomorrow okay? Sleep.”

“But you won’t be here anymore tomorrow.” You say sadly and Jungkook’s heart broke at the sadness that crossed your features. He brushed your bangs to the side and leaned over to kiss your forehead. 

“I’ll be here… I’ll be here when you wake up, I promise.” 

You smile slightly, eyes droopy as your hand searched for his. Jungkook caught it and he brought it to his lips. “I’m still sorry. I missed you a lot too, Kookie.”

Jungkook smiles at that as he places your hand on his cheek. “I’ve missed you too jagi. And I’m sorry.”

You fall asleep like that: with a small smile on your face and with Jungkook’s warm hand locked on your own.  


1st fight with Jimin? Probably him being jealous…

“I don’t care if he was a classmate. That guy was getting too close!” Jimin says angrily and you were getting really frustrated by his jealousy. It was cute at first but if he was going to get jealous at every guy who comes close to you then it was starting to get problematic. 

“Jimin! For god’s sake, nothing happened! He’s just a classmate will you calm down?”

“Calm down? How can I calm down when someone’s making a move on my girlfriend?!”

“Okay that’s sweet and all but you have got to stop being so possessive.”

“Possessive?” Jimin glares at you. “I am not being possessive.”

“Of course you’re not.” You roll your eyes.

“I’m just saying that ‘classmates’,” he spat as he finger-quotes the word. “Don’t sit that close and whisper in their ears, Y/N. He looked like he was flirting with you!”

“He did try and I pushed him away! You were there! You saw me leave!”

“Damn right you should!”

“I don’t really get why we’re still fighting about this, then!” You say in exasperation and Jimin looks like he wanted to burst but ends up huffing instead.

“I’m sorry. I’m just–” He huffs again before turning from you. “Just forget it–”

“Jimin.” You catch his hand, stopping him from leaving. “Look at me.”

Jimin sighs before looking back at you and the pained expression on his face broke your heart.

“You don’t have to be jealous, okay? You know I’ll only ever want you, right?”

Jimin bites his lip and nods. You knew Jimin had been struggling with his insecurities for a while now and though he had become a better version of himself in the past few years, he still had some that ate him up and caused him to be a little bit more possessive and protective than normal. 

Although, Jimin knows you would never hurt him like that. He trusts you wholeheartedly.

It’s them he doesn’t trust.

“I know. I’m sorry.” He sighs as he squeezes your hand once. You smile and step closer. Almost naturally, Jimin catches you in his arms hugs you tight.

“I love you.” You say.

“I love you too.” He replies.

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- Kaye Allen

ice cream au part four.

Neil somehow finds himself getting used to sharing ice cream with Andrew. It’s no longer surprising to find Andrew waiting outside of his class with two spoons and a too-sweet pint of whichever flavour had caught his fancy. Andrew doesn’t show up at Palmetto quite as often, but there’s something more companionable about sitting together on the hood of Andrew’s car and taking alternating bites of ice cream.

“Hey,” Neil says in delight when he sees Andrew standing outside the door to his calculus lecture, tub of ice cream held between fabric-covered hands. “You’re wearing glasses. It’s a good look.”

A couple students glance his way in alarm, as if Andrew might attack him suddenly. Neil finds the idea absurd. These past few weeks have convinced him that Andrew is nothing more than a horrible sweet tooth.

Andrew glares, but something about him seems vaguely pleased. He turns and walks swiftly towards the parking lot, not checking and trusting that Neil will follow him.

They climb up onto the hood, both having to do embarrassing little hops that they mutually agree to never mention. A spoon is passed Neil’s way and Andrew cracks open the ice cream, this time a chocolaty KitKat mixture that looks like something Matt would enjoy more. Feeling particularly instigative, Neil reaches out and grabs a biteful of candy, wincing at the amount of sugar in it but grinning victoriously in response to the sour look Andrew gives him. “Problem?”

“Yeah,” Andrew tells him, drawing the ice cream closer to his body and guarding it possessively. He glares at Neil over the top bit of his frames. “You.”

Neil huffs in laughter. He shoves his spoon into his mouth so he can lean back without scratching the shiny paint of Andrew’s car and watches Andrew dig through the tub for something good. Andrew looks up to study him, and Neil is distracted by the way sunlight bounces off his hair and the way his jawline looks softer in the brightness.

“I like this,” he admits. “It’s nice.”

Andrew slowly brings the tub back to the middle, but Neil doesn’t reach for more. He looks up at the clouds lazily drifting by and thinks about how impossible this life seemed a few years ago.

The cold press of the ice cream against Neil’s cheek jolts him out of his thoughts and he nearly falls off the car. “I can hear you thinking from here. Stop it before you hurt yourself,” Andrew tells him.

“You’re the worst,” Neil complains, but he finds himself readjusting so he’s sitting closer to Andrew. He goes in for a scoop of ice cream, plain this time, and lets Andrew reach out to swipe off a bit of chocolate from the corner of his mouth.

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YO sign me tf up for alpha Yakuza Hanzo like hell yes imagine just how dominate he would be 247 and imagine if reader comes back from a trip to the spa or something And one of the beauticians (Idk what they're called) was an alpha and bc reader got a massage (wearing just a towel might i add) the other alphas smell is soaked in her skin and Hanzo is NOT having it omg and just the thought of HIS omega/beta with an alpha that wasn't him makes his blood boil (bonus if reader did it intentionally)

“Han-zo”, you hummed each syllable sweetly, standing in the door of his office, a charmed grin resting on your lips. The Alpha didn’t look up from the holoscreen in front of him, his fingers dancing across the keyboard, brow knit in obvious frustration. Nibbling slightly on your bottom lip, your head tilted to the side as you took a half step forward and into the room. “My dearest, is everything alright?”

He still hadn’t responded as you moved further into the room, still focused on his work as you came up at his side. His suit jacket had been laid neatly over the back of his tall leather rolling chair, the sleeves of his navy button up rolled up to his elbow, revealing part of his twin dragon tattoo. His long hair was tied up, as it usually was when he ventured out, the graying at his temples a stark contrast to his cool raven locks. His fingers paused for a moment when your hand touched his shoulder, sighing regretfully as the back of your fingers lightly stroked his jawline. He eased into your touch, his deep brown eyes glancing your way before his hand captured yours, lightly tugging your hand to his lips. Purring low in your throat, you smiled as he kissed your palm then your fingertips, an apologetic glint in his eyes as he looked up at you.

“Beloved”, he began, your hand curling up slightly at the tone. He didn’t release your hand, turning it over and pressing his soft lips against your knuckles. Your smile fell, a pout replacing the expression that had once been on your face. “Something has come up. I will not be able to join you today.”

Your shoulders drooped, a quiet whine twisting up from your chest as disappointment set in heavy in you. Busy would be a grand understatement for how Hanzo had been for the last two weeks, the man working from dawn until after midnight, trying to smooth out a ‘shipment’ as he said. You were starved for attention from your Alpha, missing his touch, his presence, his thoughtfulness. It wasn’t that you wanted to interrupt his work, no far from it, but as an omega you craved him, your own psyche, body demanding his attentiveness. The spa day had been his idea, an apology and reward, for being so patient and tolerant despite the last few weeks of neglect. You knew the words you were about to say were petulant and bratty but you couldn’t help it, your stomach twisting with discontent.

“But you promised”, you whimpered softly, watching as his lips twitch downward slightly. He closed his eyes once more and regained his resolve, kissing your hand as he looked into your eyes once more. He was steeling himself against your voice, the natural persuasive tone of an omega tempting him yet not fully swaying the man.

“I know”, he said, pressing yet another kiss to your palm. “But you know I do not cancel without reason, my beloved. If I am able, I will join you for lunch. Try to enjoy yourself?”

The upward inflection at the end made your heart twist up, knowing he was regretful yet that doing nothing to quell the sulleness that tugged within you. He still wanted you to enjoy yourself, to have a good time, which you knew you would, but it just wouldn’t be the same without him.

“Fine”, you said, voice small, still pouting slightly as he tugged your hand in an indication for you to dip down.

You did as he silently asked, his hand releasing yours to cup your cheek lightly, placing a gentle kiss against your lips. You shivered, sighing softly into him as his fingers drifted downwards and grazed against the mark on the junction of your neck and shoulder. It was a gentle, supplicating touch that sent spirals of heat down your spine and into your chest. Pulling back, a war of emotions tugged at your face before a slight smile settled onto your lips, taking a few steps away from your mate. He graced you with one final smile before turning back to his computer, the smile turning back into a pout as you moved out of his office and house and towards the waiting car. As the omnic chalet closed the door and you began to pull from the historic Shimada estate, you crossed your legs slowly, a devilish thought brewing in your head. Sure it was immature, sure it was childish, but…it just might work to garner his full attention on you. Snickering softly, you leaned back into the leather seat of the holocar and chuckled softly, just hoping your plan worked.

Your body was relaxed, leaning back into the leather seat as the chalet pulled you towards the entrance of the main house. You had gotten the full body treatment, changed from a couples full package to just a singles. You had received a full body gold flake message that left your skin radiant, the keratin treatment leaving your hair soft, shiny and bone straight. You had received a facial, your brows had been plucked and your nails manicured and pedicured. It was absolutely delightful, but you knew it would have been infinitely better if Hanzo had joined you. Staring out the window of the car as it slowed in front of the main estate, your eyes lit up when you saw Hanzo, the man moving towards the car as it slowed to a stop. Forcing yourself to it up straight, you forced the mischief from your smile and focused on making it sweeter as Hanzo opened the door, offering you his hand. As you stepped out of the air conditioned car you could feel him stiffen, a knowing smile taking over your expression as he took a half step back.

“Hello my darling”, you purred to him, gently lifting your long skirt as you stepped out of the car, barely nipping out the squeak as he pulled you tight against his body. Those around you would believe the oyabun of the Shimada-gumi was pressing a gentle kiss against your jawline, a show of affection for his omega. But no, Hanzo was nosing your neck, a soft growl beginning to build in the back of his throat. His arm wrapped tightly around your waist as he stood up straight, twisting your head up to look up him and batting your eyelashes innocently. “Is something wrong Hanzo?”

You shivered at the possessive glare that he threw back at you, your smile turning sly as he pulled his gaze away as he began to lead you inside. His steps were brisk, pausing only to change from outdoor shoes to house slippers, his scent growing sharper with each step as he led and you followed. The scent of him permeated around you, the glands on his wrists bleeding the scent into your clothing, making your head swim with need for him. A soft sound of confusion left your mouth as he turned down one of the estate’s long hallways and moved towards the guest quarters, brow furrowing as he pulled you into the largest guest room. Just as the door slid shut, Hanzo stepped towards you, chest to chest, your mask of naivete chipping as his hands grabbed at your hips.

“Beloved”, he growled softly, his aura and the word dripping with dominance as he locked eyes with you. Your tongue darted out and licked at your bottom lip, feeling your heartbeat pick up as he pressed himself flush against you. He dipped his head down again, nuzzling against the side of your scent glands and giving your neck an admonishing nip. “Whose scent is this on my omega?”

He punctuated his statements with nibbles against your skin, your focus heady as the pure essence of Hanzo poured over you, making your body feel hot. A soft, breathy whine spilled from your lips as he pressed hard kisses to your neck and mark and shoulder, a surprised whine fumbling from your mouth as he nipped at your shoulder for your hesitation.

“Ay-Ayane w-was b-busy”, you stuttered out, earning a soft tut of reprimand at your stammer, his hands moving downward, pulling you tight against him once more. “S-so–Han!–nmmm…Ma-Manami d-did my massage instead!”

Each word was a struggle to get out, your body heat twisting and growing in your core as he continued his assault against your skin. He began to move with you, the man practically carrying you as he moved backwards.

“H-Hanzo wh-where are we going”, you questioned as he pulled his face away from your scent glands, eyes half-lidded and heavy with desire.

“I am going to bathe you of that—odor”, he stated simply, a chill of excitement spiralling up your spine. His attention, his touch, his scent, his care. You were absolutely giddy, biting down hard on your bottom lip to quiet the squeal that wanted to spill out.


anonymous asked:

can you do some chubby mc headcanons?

MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM as a person who is nearly the personification of a twig, I LOVE CHUBBY PEOPLE, THEY GIVE THE BES T H U G S. AND IF THEY ARE FEMALE I CAN REST MY HEAD ON THEIR BOOBS LIKE A PILLOW if they give me permission. I have done that to my friend who has big boobs. Like. She doesn’t care anymore. I kept this to the Main 5.


  • You are pretty self conscious about your beautiful chub.
  • All the negative thoughts on what yoosung would say when he would see you at the party.
  • When you get to the party the others had a hard time believing that you were THE MC, well in your opinion.
  • They thought you was too beautiful tbh.
  • When Yoosung made his speech, you wasn’t paying much attention.
  • The boy lit up when he spotted you in the crowd. You were so pretty to him.
  • He literally ran to you and kissed you right there in front of everybody.
  • later on in the relationship after that, Yoosung has told you over and over how pretty you are, how your beauty could rival Zens and so much more.
  • Loves to lay on your thighs
  • so warm and fluffy
  • very comfortable


  • Lowkey stunned when she saw you at the party
  • your thighs could crush her head if she goes down on you
  • she had to compose herself before walking up to you
  • honestly she could care less how you looked
  • shes happy that she can spend the rest of her life with you
  • If you wanted she could help you lose a few pounds
  • If you two were cuddling anywhere she WILL have her head on your chest
  • it’s comfortable for her


  • “Holy shit they are more beautiful/handsome than I am!”
  • That’s what he thinks when he sees you at his doorstep
  • highkey retrains himself from taking you then and there
  • thinking on how he can grab you when your doing the do
  • He makes it a point to kiss you often if he notices you feeling down
  • He’s not afraid to fight anybody that gives you shit, hell he’ll probably fight a fan if they gave you shit
  • Zen will put you on every social media he has, just to show off his beautiful/ handsome datemate
  • another one who will most likely lay his head in your lap.


  • “Oh.”
  • Thats it
  • He couldn’t give two shits on how you looked
  • He’s just happy that you brought him out of his ‘possessive’ state, and helped him when that hoe Sarah(is that her name? I haven’t played his route) came into the picture
  • Not that affectionate but he’ll try his best to lift you out of your funk about your appearance
  • buys outfits that’ll compliment your appearance, will sue/fire who gives you problems
  • Constantly tells you that Elizabeth loves your chub cause it’s comfortable
  • If you asked he could give you a list on why he loves your appearance
  • will lay on your chest if he wants to cuddle


  • “Holy shit.”
  • He’s clearly one of the first two people who sees you
  • totally fell in love with you
  • now during his route he realllllly tries to not think about how he could cuddle up to you
  • or how warm you could be
  • after all that bullshit and after ends, he appreciates you a whole lot
  • Makes jokes to make you laugh
  • constantly compares your chub to his
  • If you think people will stare at you when you both leave the house he’ll put on his Mary Vanderwood costume on so fast
  • He’ll make an absolute fool of himself to keep the eyes off you.
  • Or he’ll be possessive and glare at anybody who looks at you too long
  • Likes to lay his head on your stomach

Requested by @the-lost-queen-of-terrasen 99: “I don’t think I’ve ever played spin the bottle

Rowaelin - technically, but there are a TON of other ships in this too

Aelin glances around the camp. Aedion sits on a log, staring blankly at the fire. Lysandra is sitting on the adjacent log, Evangeline leaning against her side, both of them quietly conversing. Fenrys, Gavriel, and Lorcan sit cross legged outside their tents in a tense game that Aelin can’t even begin to understand. Elide and Manon are still picking at dinner a couple feet away, Dorian leaning against the tree behind them, watching closely, for various reasons.

Rowan runs his hand down her arm, chin resting on Aelin’s shoulder as she settles farther into his chest from her position between his legs. He adjusts against the tree they’re sitting by and whispers, his lips brushing against the shell of her ear. “What are you thinking, fireheart?” He wonders.

Aelin runs her hand absentmindedly through Fleetfoot’s fur, contemplating how she should answer him. “I feel like we need a bonding activity.” She ponders, shivering when Rowan’s lips make a trail down the side of her throat, humming in question. “There’s this one game…”

Without warning, Aelin stands, making Rowan slump back against the trunk. He lets out a short growl, prompting Aelin to glance back for a short moment to wink at him. She saunters over to the three fae males, grabbing Fenrys’ bag. They break their intense eye contact as Fenrys looks up at her accusingly. “Ay, what are you doing…” His exclamation dies on his lips when she grabs a bottle of ale, pops the cover off, and starts chugging.

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Dating Jerome Would Include

- meeting him while he was planting the axe
- he stalked you after that
- it drove you a little crazy
- so you became bff’s then friends with benefits

- he’s very handsy
- it took a while to adapt to his kinks
- and his kiddish possessiveness

- Jerome framed you as an accomplice in the murder so you could hang out in Arkham
- you were pissed but eventually calmed

- In Arkham
 - sneaking into each other’s cells
 - he gave you the speech he gave to Barbara, that’s how you were acquainted
 - “Let’s share icecream.”
 - “The new kid’s boring, let’s kill him.”
 - “Only if I get to stab him first J.”

- In Theo’s care
 - Never liked Theo
 - Greenwood tried to get a little handsy but failed
 - eating a lot of donuts
 - Jerome asking you to be his girlfriend
 - “Of course I’ll be your girlfriend J.”
 - you’re a free spirit much like him and accompanied him on many dangerous tasks, he may be possessive but he doesn’t see much as a danger for him or you
 - playing cards against humanities a lot
      - always losing

- Jerome tries to hide how much he loves you but fails

- a lot of possessive glares

- he mentions you all the time (like Ned from the Try Guys)

- nicknames
  - J, JJ, Gingey, Carrot
  - Babe, doll, (Y/n/n)

- once Jerome died you went mental… er
- tried to Kill Theo but failed, ended up in Arkham
- You’re good friends with Ed now

- Jerome was resurrected
- he didn’t go to you instantly
- but when he did he broke you out of Arkham
- but you sewed his face back on as thanks
- your insanity made his resurrection quite casual
- “I thought you were dead?”
- “I was but I’m back.”
- “Okay, that’s cool… Why’s you face in your hands?”

loudlyvalentina  asked:

I just saw the otp questions post! can you do 2 and 14?? xx

thanks for asking, @loudlyvalentina! I’ll answer 14 in another post.

2: Who sleeps in the other’s lap?

betty was, needless to say, exhausted. it seemed everything had been building up to take a toll on her, and surely her lack of sleep wasn’t helping. insomnia was also a side effect of her new pills, and during the daytime it practically felt like weights were tied to her eyelids. betty was hardly paying attention in class. jughead had noticed. 

“hey, betts, are you sleeping enough? you look…tired,” he noted, hoping he wasn’t offending her, as she pulled books drearily from her locker.
“well, I am. remember the article we were doing for the blue and gold? well, my mom gave me an editing job for the register, and meeting both deadlines had me up all….” she yawned. “night.” she said, finishing her sentence with a huff. “don’t worry about me.”

“come on, you know that whenever you say that, I end up worrying. meet me in the blue and gold room during free period, okay?” he said, smiling a little. 
“of course.” he kissed her temple softly and they went their respective ways to class.

for once, betty was more than thankful to hear the typically abhorred sound of a school bell. she walked as quickly as she could to the blue and gold room, looking over her shoulder to see if archie or veronica had followed her. they hadn’t. the crowded hallways were filled with students going this way and that, a beehive to various classrooms. but neither the ginger boy or the “raven haired princess” (jughead’s description,) had seemed to wonder where she was disappearing to.

she liked archie and veronica, they were two of her closest friends. but something was different about jughead. the way he treated her like royalty, and wouldn’t pass her up for anyone else’s company. betty tried not to take it personally, but it stung when the two bailed for a surprise date night, or veronica went out with the cheerleading squad on a night where betty was swamped with schoolwork, or editing articles for the register. even though she was a river vixen too, veronica didn’t even bother to say, “hey, the vixens are going out tonight, want to come?”  even though Betty was contractually invited as part of the squad. she definitely didn’t like tapping on her screen only to see more and more snaps of veronica with all the other girls, as she sighed and went back to modifying and swapping words for others out of written articles to be in print within less than 24 hours.

it felt less than good when Archie cancelled on not just her but jughead too, when they had their monthly movie nights in the coopers’ living room, trading his childhood friends’ company for his football jock-friends. as jughead had put it,

“being mr. popular-football-guy means putting childhood friends on the backburner sometimes,” he said, laughing humourlessly. he didn’t like Archie’s flaking any more than she did, but he definitely tried to hide his disappointment much more than she did.

but she smiled at his sarcastic humour, lightening the otherwise annoyance-filled atmosphere. it was one of the things she liked most about jughead. “but is it so bad? being alone without archie here?” he whispered, leaning in to kiss her. “hmmmm…guess not.” she said, smiling against his lips. maybe archie wasn’t always missed, but the cancelling wasn’t forgotten. especially when three monthly movie nights were skipped in a row with the same excuse.

but jughead would never do such a thing. he was a man of his word. and if anything concerned betty, all other things could be damned. jughead stood by her in happiness and sadness. they could laugh together, cry together, and simply spend time in comfortable silence together. jughead would defend betty to his dying breaths and he knew just as confidently that betty would do the same. he smiled at the memory of how she once walked out of a river vixens practice, suffering cheryl’s side eye practically burning into the back of her head just to do so, because he was upset. it was nice, to be someone’s number one for once.

jughead was so thankful for the worn couch in the school paper room. while it wasn’t pristine, the old leather had some cracks on the surface and a rather stiff armrest, it had a perfect nook to settle himself into when typing, and it wasn’t horrible for the occasional power nap. he pulled up the throw blanket betty kept on the floor next to it for just that purpose. he sat next to it, typing some aimless ideas floating around his brain all day into a new document as he settled into his typing nook on the couch. at this point, it had practically shaped itself to fit his slouchy posture.

“hey juggie,” she said with another yawn. “hey back, you seem so exhausted Betty, relax for once.” she overworked herself to the bone sometimes, and he hated it. he loved seeing her at peace.

she walked in right after, practically stumbling. drunk on the feeling of sleep deprivation, she dropped right onto the couch and threw her legs up. jughead looked over at her, and was reminded how betty seemed to be the most beautiful girl he had ever met. she was effortlessly beautiful, because her personality was. sweet, kind, loving, and far from perfect, he fell a little more in love with her every day. jughead loved her eyes when they looked at him, her lips when they kissed him, her hands when she held them. and when you fall for someone’s personality, looks are simply a bonus. Betty seemed so pretty, even with the shadows under her eyes, those blue eyes hidden from the world under her now dropped eyelids. 

her head was resting gently on his shoulder, but she seemed less than comfortable. 

“come on, move up a little,” he said closing his laptop and placing it on the armrest. this was a risky move, it had fallen from there once and nicked the corner, but it seemed jughead hadn’t learned his lesson as he perched it precariously once again. he hadn’t realized how tired he was either, resolving to take a nap as well once betty was asleep.

upon the sound of his voice, she opened her eyes a bit, and shifted herself over his lap, settling comfortably with her head on his right arm. jughead looked at her, moving a bit in his place to make himself more comfortable with betty’s new sleeping position. not that he minded. 

it seemed as though her previous stresses slipped away, as her lips parted to let air in and out. her previously stress-induced erratic breaths were now replaced by slow and steady rises and drops of her chest. no one could tell how tired or stressed she was now, she seemed…peaceful. he pulled the blanket out from under her as gently as he could, willing himself not to wake her. he spread it over her. one thing seemed off even still, the ponytail her hair had been forced into seemed less than pleasant. it was practically pulling her hairline back.

he felt his hair unwind the little band keeping it in perfect form, and watched as her golden tresses loosened. he wove his bony fingers into her hair, caressing it absentmindedly, until he too fell asleep, the girl of his dreams still settled comfortably on his lap.

and so once again, the school bell became a despised noise once more to the resting couple. Betty woke with a jolt at the harsh ringing noise, but not standing, as she noticed her position. she was juxtaposed across his lap, him in a seated position, and her lying across his lap with her head resting on his arm. Betty pressed a kiss to his jawline, as his eyes fluttered open. she noticed her hair down, and smiled, deciding to keep it this way for the rest of the day.

“feel a little better?” he mumbled, sleep not having left him quite yet.
“yeah. come on, let’s go to class.” she said, rubbing her eyes. the nap had been no substitute for her week of bad sleep, but it was enough to keep her going until the end of the day. “thank you juggie,”Betty said, standing up and off his lap. he whined at the sudden lack of her presence.

“jughead, we have classes now!” she said again, as he stood up and mumbled something about the school system having no consideration for tired students and how an exhausted teen couldn’t produce quality work anyway. she laughed.

“don’t you remember what happened last time you left your laptop on the armrest? need I show you the corner again?” she said, picking it up and clutching it possessively. he glared at her, only half jokingly.

“sorry, now give it back! my life’s work is on there!” 

“if you want it, you’ll have to catch me!” she said, her voice just heard over the late bell, as she dashed out of the room, laptop in hand, the beanie clad boy chasing after her.

(A/N: I did not mean to make that so long! whoops! I think it came out pretty fluffy though. I'll answer 14 in another post as I hadn’t accommodated for how long this would turn out to be.)

steampunkclockwork95  asked:

What about a NightAngel Model AU but they still have beautiful blue skin and wings respectively? Mutant Models!

* warren is an extremely popular model; his wings are so beautiful and he’s an enigma in the world of mutants, so everyone adores him.
* although he is well-known in the media, nobody really knows him. warren has a mysterious vibe that can be seen in both his modelling and how he acts toward people.
* kurt is a much smaller model – not everyone thinks his blue skin is beautiful and it’s rare for him to be featured heavily in a photo shoot. he finds it difficult to break into the modelling scene.
* kurt’s first really big shoot is with warren; his first impression of warren is disappointing and the pair clash, but they look brilliant on camera together.
* they are constantly put together after that, forcing them to grow closer. nothing ever happens between them, though. warren is too scared.
* warren is in an accident and his wings are almost completely ruined; they’ll grow back, of course, but never enough for him to return to his career.
* this destroys warren, because he believes his wings to be the only thing beautiful about him, and everyone around has always seemed to agree with that.
* kurt is the only one to still see the beauty in warren – the same way warren seemed to be only one truly seeing how gorgeous kurt is.

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anonymous asked:

Omg your ask box is open !!!Can I request some jealous HC for katsuki,kirishima,denki and shinsou pls?

Katsuki Bakugou 

  • Most possessive boyfriend ever, so he gets jealous easily
  • Will threaten to destroy anyone who he thinks is a threat (literally almost anyone)
  • He’ll pull his s/o into a heated kiss in front of the offender to show him who s/o belongs to
  • Will literally pull s/o away from a conversation, just try and stop him
  • If he doesn’t pull them into a heated kiss he’ll wrap his arm around them possessively while sending glares to the offender
  • If his s/o needs to talk to the person he’ll make sure to be right there with them
  • Will leave prominent hickeys on s/o (much to their dismay)

Kirishima Eijirou

  • Gets jealous easily but doesn’t act on it right away as Bakugou would
  • He’ll go over to his s/o and wrap a possessive arm around them to show the offender that they are taken
  • Might press a few quick kisses to their forehead or whisper something in their ear to take their attention away from the other person
  • If someone is purposely flirting with his s/o he’ll quietly tell his s/o he doesn’t like it and will pull them away and he’ll send glares to the offender while dragging them away
  • Might leave a hickey or two on his s/o, though they may not be very prominent 
  • Will try to prove to his s/o that his is manlier than the other person if they are male (this could actually be pretty adorable sometimes, or really hot)

Kaminari Denki

  • Once he starts to get jealous he would also start to panic about losing his s/o
  • He’ll go over to his s/o and start to flirt with them and get a little touchy
  • He’ll try to make the other person uncomfortable while he does this (sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t)
  • Later when they’re alone he’ll talk about why he is better and that he totally scared them off
  • He will cling to them while he does so (he has his arm around them and has them pulled close, trying to seem unfazed)
  • His s/o is so confused but eventually understands how he acts when he’s jealous and always reassures him that they love him

Shinsou Hitoshi

  • He’s pretty possessive, but tries not to act on it too much (mostly cause he feels like his s/o might leave him) 
  • He’ll give anyone he finds suspicious a cold glare
  • He outright tells his s/o when he feels uncomfortable, he doesn’t like to beat around the bush
  • Since he isn’t very into PDA the most he’ll do is wrap his arm possessively around his s/o
  • But when they get home he pulls them into his arms and they cuddle on the bed or couch and he’ll play with their hair
  • s/o reassures him that he is the only one they love (usually with short, sweet kisses and compliments, it always works on him)
Exo Reaction

Exo reaction to when you preform with a younger idol group.

Sehun: *does not approve*
“No…no… Your my Jagi…. you can’t be with other younger attractive boys”

Kai: *possessive af and glares down the poor young idols*
“Don’t touch her”

Tao: *Jealous when one of the rookies seems clingy*
“no no no no… stap that”

D.o: *satansoo mode*
“I’m going to kill him…. kill them all”

Chanyeol: *really really jealous*
*You are a lot younger then him and some of the boys in the group are about your age, so he can’t help but think you’ll leave him.*

Chen: *He’s is extremely jealous, much like Chanyeol, but Chen won’t admit it. He keeps it to himself and only shows small passive aggressive actions when near them*

Baekhyun: *so done and doesn’t wanna keep watching the performance, but still wants to support you* 

Lay: *number one fan girl*

Suho: *imagines every possible scenario while watching you preform*
“What if they are trying to get close to my girl”

Kris: *didn’t realize it was you until after the show*
“Jagi you missed the best rapper, she was really cute with those young rookies……. wait….what….. that .. that was you?!?!?!”

Luhan: *At a breaking point*
“I can’t stand this…… but she’s pretty good tho”

Xiumin: *not jealous at all*
“That’s my girlfriend! YOuR ThE bEst!!

gifs belong to rightful owners

psheadcanons - high school au taekook

(Suggested by @gaytrash6969)

Bad boy kook and shy tae

These are a little different than usual but I hope you like it!

(Btw kook is a year older than tae in this one)

-jungkook wants to fuck
-to be more precise, he wants to fuck the cute artist boy who’s body is as much of a masterpiece as his paintings
-he wants to see him writhing underneath him in pleasure, screaming his name so loudly all his neighbours could hear who he belongs to
-but tae was really shy
- and always finding an excuse to avoid kook when the older boy tried to approach him
-kook started to get frustrated because of this
-was tae really so fucking scared of him?
-spoiler alert: he wasn’t
-tae just happened to have a massive crush on kook
-that, combined with his shyness, lead to tae avoiding kook so he could avoid any awkward moments
-“just stop avoiding him and talk to him the next time he approaches you"
-“what if he doesn’t want to talk though? what if he just wants to beat me up?”
-“tae he’s not going to beat you up, you know he doesn’t hit pretty boys”

-“well i’ve heard of other things he does to pretty boys…” -“they’re all true and trust me, he does those things well” -“jimin!” -“what?” -two days later tae saw kook walking towards him with a determined look on his face -he froze in the middle of opening his locker and swallowed -jungkook didn’t say anything, he just closed tae’s locker and pinned the younger against it -“you’ve been avoiding me, huh?” -“n-no i hav-“ -“don’t you dare lie to me. are you scared? afraid i’ll hit your pretty face, is that it?” -“you think i’m pretty?“ -“that wasn’t the point-” -“answer me” -“..hell no, you’re more than just pretty” -aaaand that is how you get a boyfriend Cuddles: -what even are cuddles -i don’t think kook has even heard of them -extremely rare -always initiated by tae -exept that one time when tae had had a bad day and kook wanted to cheer him up Nicknames: -tae has a lot of nicknames for kook -he uses them all the time even though it annoys kook -(kook secretly likes some of them but shhh you didn’t hear this from me) -kook’s favourite nickname is master -kook isn’t that fond of giving nicknames -but he still has multiple for tae -most of them are only used in private Pda: -surprisingly kook is more open -he likes holding tae’s hand in public -and also kissing tae with everyone watching -just so people know that he’s the one who can do that -tae is pretty shy with showing affection when there’s people watching -but he still occasionally likes to peck jungkook’s cheek at school First time: -happened two months after they started dating -kook had tried to control himself until he was sure that tae was ready -because even though he wanted to fuck tae’s brains out, he wanted more than just a fuck buddy -so he was willing to wait -that is until he saw tae come out of the shower with the towel around his waist hanging dangerously low, water dripping down his naked chest -kook was tae’s first -so he tried his best to be gentle -still, he didn’t feel sorry at all when the younger boy winced everytime he sat down for the next couple of days The second time and all the times after that: -kook knows how to hit all the right spots -and tae is extremely vocal -which btw drives jungkook crazy -so lots of rough sex -(because kook always tries to get more beautiful noises out of taehyung) -usually initiated by kook -kook likes to tease tae in public with subtle touches and whispered words -tae finds out that getting fucked against the wall is amazing -they have lots of sex because u know, they’re horny teenagers and all -kook has more kinks -he likes it when tae leaves scratches all over his body -tae doesn’t like visible marks that can’t be covered up -but if they can be covered than yes please more -kook likes seeing tae’s face when he comes undone underneath him -soooo many round two’s Jungkook being possessive/protective: -he glares at people who talk to tae for too long -he’s always by tae’s side with his hand around the younger’s waist -if someone only accidentally bumps into tae, kook gets really mad -tae always tells him to calm down -but pretty often kook gets a little violent when defending his precious boyfriend -everytime he does, tae walks away and refuses to talk to him for the rest of the day -he won’t even let kook touch him -kook always gets super worried if tae gets even a minor injury -“kookie, i’m fine, i just sprained my ankle, i can walk by myself” -“well yesterday you still liked it when i carried you” Enjoy~ (I’ll write more some other time)

anonymous asked:

Does Otabek get jealous a lot? (I mean between JJ and Yuri's angels, he's probably gotta beat them off with a stick)

Oh, Otabek may look cool and collected, but he’s super possessive of his Yuri.

He would but subtle about it to Yuri’s Angels, because he knows that they’re nothing more than fangirls that have no chance with his kitten. His hand in the blonde’s back pocket, an arm draped over his shoulder, a suggestive nicknames just between the two of them that are loud enough to proclaim that this boy is his and his alone, all while being quiet enough to not cause a scene and make the situation painfully obvious.

With JJ- things get more aggressive. JJ is painfully a flirt- and it’s obvious with the “princess” he loves to tease. Otabek still refrains from making a scene, but he’s more straightforward about it. Glares and possessive remarks are guaranteed, but then things get more serious when Otabek drags Yuri to the locker room, leaving hickeys and harsh kisses to create swollen lips and messy hair- something to let the whole world know he’s been marked and he. Is. Beka’s.

Sometimes, Yura, being an actual little shit, would tease at JJ or the Angels, just to spark a reaction from his otherwise calm boyfriend. He’d pay for those actions when they got home later.

anonymous asked:

Hey, can you recommend me some good malec fanfics? Don't care if it's fluff or smut (i heard you are a fan of botton!alec 😉 ) just tell me if there's anything good


Hello! Thank you for coming to me for this. I have lots of Malec recommendations! Right now I’m just going to give you some of the one’s I have in my new phone but maybe later I will add the one’s I have in my previous phones.

-This fanfics are a mix of a lot of things: fluff, angst, smut (yes, I’m a fan of bottom!Alec :D), some AUs, and some are very dark.

-I put some Notes to express my opinions and other stuff (they are kinda lame :p sorry haha) 

-Just click in the title to open the fic and if there’s an issue with the link just let me know. 

-I put how many chapters each story has and where is posted next to the title.

-They are not in order of how I like them or whatever, it was just how I found them, I put them here.

-Also I put a (*) before the fic title for the one’s I think you should really read!! The one’s I really loved the most of this list.

-I’m sorry if there’s some mistakes in my English, it’s not my native language.

Good Things Come To Those (Who Stutter In Front Of Their Crush) (1/1) (Ao3) 

Summary: Alec is fairly popular, he has his friends and his brother and sister, and no one seems to mind that he doesn’t talk that much. He’s not exactly shy, he’s just awkward and gets nervous around strangers.

Magnus is a senior, a year above Alec, and he’s quite possibly the most beautiful person Alec has ever laid eyes upon. The problem isn’t that he’s a year older, however. It’s that he has a girlfriend.

And, of course, if Alec ever was to start a conversation with Magnus, he’d probably trip over his own feet, stumble over his words, and faceplant into the ground … or something.

The embarrassment just isn’t worth it. Or is it?

Notes: This is a really sweet AU with a cute Alec with glasses.

* Reminiscent (33/33) (Ao3) 

Summary: I’m trivial. I’ve always believed I’m trivial. But he says that’s not true. He says I’m a lot more than trivial. He says I’ll always be more to him. He told me I’m his first of safe and risks. He told me I’m his first in his mind which shouts important and unnecessary recollections. He told me I’m his first of anything but trivial. And I can’t help but wanting to believe him.

Notes: This has a lot of angst, I’m serious. You suffer with this but like I love angst, wow, it was amazing. And the end… well, it ends with angst but also in a good way (?)

Religious Obligations (16/?) (Ao3) 

Summary: The Lightwoods have long since been cursed with corruptibility. In the year of the Angel 1645, Robert made a deal with the devil himself. In exchange for the security of his position, he took an oath to give one of his children. Now the Prince of Hell has come to collect.

Notes: I haven’t read the last chapters, I think I’m in chapter 13 but this story is so good! It has a lot of potential and the plot is really good and unique.

* Tale of Wolves (2/2) (Fanfiction.net) 

Summary: Alec was an Omega. And he had never expected his Alpha, Magnus, would pick him as mating partner. Warnings: Altered ABO, sexual content. A two-part story.

Notes: This is an Alpha/Beta/Omega dynamic fanfic, with mpreg mentioned. Smut. *spoiler* But also how Alec starts to get over his insecurities.

* The Moon wants to shine but the Sun is too bright (14/16) (Ao3) 

Summary: “I don’t like it”, said Magnus.

Alec looked at him with perplexity.

“You don’t like what ?”

“I don’t like it when people are touching my things !” he answered angrily.

Alec frowned, did someone touch Chairman Meow ? He didn’t notice the possessive glare of Magnus focused on him.

Notes: oKaY THIS STORY IS AMAZING! The summary doesn’t make justice to what the story is really about!! It’s amazing!!!! Right now everything is getting solved and I’m impatient for the next chapters!! Oh and angst hehe.

* Five Times Magnus Isn’t a Good Boyfriend And One Time He Is (1/1) (Ao3)

Summary: Being a high profile celebrity makes it difficult for Magnus to find enough time for his personal life. Alec’s feeling lonely after spending yet another night alone.

Or, in which Magnus is spending too much time at work, Alec confides in Chairman Meow, and Magnus tries to make everything better.

Notes: Slight angst but has a sweet end.

* Under Nobody’s Wings (23/?) (Fanfiction.net)  

Summary: The Circle which led by Jonathan Morgenstern was hunting Downworlders. Jonathan’s lover, Alec Ligthwood, suddenly showed up and asked Magnus for help with a baby in his arms. Said Warlock never expected the pain and love followed. Through their way to redemption, something developed between them. *Hints of abuse, sexual content and Mpreg

Notes: amazing plot!!!

Feeling Alive (1/1) (Ao3) 

Summary: Alec has one job and he intends to complete it.

Notes: zombie!au but I’m warning that is tragic. This author’s fics are really angsty but I love them. 

* Satellite (6/6) (Ao3) 

Summary: All Alec wanted was for his family to be safe. Unfortunately, a dangerous mutant ability and a terrifying mistake can’t–won’t–leave him and his siblings alone. If he wants his loved ones to survive, he’s going to have to face his fears, and worse, himself.

Notes: Xmen Universe AU. Again, wonderful plot! This is going to have a second part but it’s not posted yet. This First is finished. This author’s fics are really angsty but I love them. 

* In which Alec regrets wearing black (5/?) (Ao3) 

Summary: Alec is a ballet dancer with a permanent scowl

Magnus is a glittering fashion designer with a knack for gift buying

They meet and misunderstandings take place. This is their story.

*All characters apart from my own belong to the genius that is Cassie Clare*

Notes: oHmYgOd I’m in love with this!!! Ballet dancer!Alec is everything!! So cute and also kind of stalker!Magnus. The author changed slightly Alec’s appearance but I’m ok with it <3. And the chapter are so long!

darling tonight, i’ve got you in my sights (1/1) (Ao3) 

Summary: _

Magnus nips at Alec’s perspiring, over heated flesh with an enthusiastic mouth, tongue flicking out to lap at the subtle rivulets of sweat and his groan reverberates through Alec, deep and intoxicating. His agile fingers stray under the hem of Alec’s shirt, sweeping blistering trails of fire across his abdomen, muscles quivering and tensing under the numbing ministrations. The pure skin on skin contact is devastatingly stunning, by the Angel, and Alec clenches his teeth to smother his cry, head tumbling back onto Magnus’ shoulder.


(clubbing and some sexy dancing leads to some hot, rather filthy sex.)

Notes: yeess smut but it’s well written.

Intimacy (1/1) (Ao3) 

Summary: “Here, take what you want, what you need.” the warlock whispered, moving his hands to Alec’s to lace them together.


Or five times Magnus and Alec failed at having intimate moments and the one time they didn’t.

Notes: It’s literally what the summary says, and powerbottom!alec.

Too Much Of A Good Thing Won’t Be Good For Long (1/1) (Ao3) 

Summary: Boxing AU

Notes: short but so good!!

Bullseye (1/1) (Ao3) 

Summary: When Alec Lightwood is approached by Magnus Bane as a recruitment effort for a mysterious cause, he most definitely doesn’t expect the series of events that follow.

Notes: This includes experiments, if I remember well. A clandestine organization.

Magnus Bane’s School for Young Warlocks (20/25) (Ao3) 

Summary: Alec had never dreamt he’d be a father by the age of 25, let alone the father of a Warlock. He’s sure he can handle it alone, though. He doesn’t need anyone and neither do his kids.

(Or: Alec takes Max to Warlock School and finds himself falling fast for his teacher).

Notes: I haven’t finished reading the last updates but has angst and denial from Alec’s part.

* Counting Lies (1/1) (Ao3) 

Summary: 49. Superhero and Villain AU

The city was torn apart by the fight between the mob families and the vigilantes, but Alec and Magnus were far away from all that. They were just two normal guys in a normal relationship.

Number of lies: 3

Notes: AMAZING!! AND HAS A LOT OF PLOT TWISTS!!!!! Everyone should read this. WOW.

Let’s Put That Mouth To Good Use (1/1) (Ao3) 

Summary: Magnus and Alec discuss their sex life via Cosmo quiz. Sort of.

Notes: This is good smut. I’m just saying that. Hehe.

In the Name of Promise (15/15) (Fanfiction.net) 

Summary: Years ago the Lightwoods asked Magnus for help: sending their only child Alexander to a mundane family and being raised like one. 17 years later Magnus received a call and he had no choice but rescue Alec, both physically and psychologically. *Warnings inside. Malec, AU.

Notes: This story deals with dark topics and Malec’s relationship develops slowly (at least the romantic one).

* Better Angels (10/10) (Ao3) 

Summary: When there’s only one active Shadowhunter in the whole crazy mess that is New York City, it’s bad.

When that one Shadowhunter is living with three adults who are cursed to never leave the Institute’s grounds, two of which hate each other, it’s very bad.

When that Shadowhunter’s happiness and even mental stability is sacrificed in the pursuit of perfection, it’s monstrous.

When that one, fourteen year old Shadowhunter is found crying in an alley by the High Warlock of Brooklyn, it’s a matter of life and death.

Notes: This story also deals with dark and sensitive topics too, like self-harm. Author’s tumblr: @witchlightsands

* Home Wrecker (93/93) (Fanfiction.net) 

Summary: Ever since his Father got caught with another woman and thrown out of the house, cheaters have disgusted Alexander Lightwood. So what is he to do when he falls in love with one? / AU, more chapters to come.

Notes: This a LARGE story, well it has a lot of chapters but they are not that long. I read the story in like 3 days? And it’s good, I mean, I wouldn’t have read it if it wasn’t great. Somethings are kind of… off. But I loved it. ALSO it has age-gap. Magnus is 30 and Alec 18 then 19, I think.

* Take Me Back to the Basics (39/?) (Ao3) 

Summary: Modern Malec AU where you can see every color but the color of your soulmates eyes.

Soulmates are a lost romance that have been shrouded over with fear of abandonment or fear of love, but sometimes lost romances can be brought back. Sometimes all it takes is a color. Maybe the color gold.

Alexander Lightwood thought he was normal. He has a normal family, a normal school, a normal life. But when his parents decide to move him and his two siblings from Chicago to New York, Alec’s would is turned upside down. Between meeting his somewhat famous soulmate and his parents’ demanding an mysterious job, Alec realizes that his life is far more complicated than he thought.

Notes: AMAZING STORY! This is a soulmates AU but also deals with other topics and right now one of the main plots is starting to reveal itself.

BlindSpot (4/?)  (Fanfiction.net) 

Summary: Malec orphanage AU: Magnus has lived there since he’d been nine years old, and now one year before he has to leave the Institute, a new kid comes along. Alec Lightwood hates orphanages, hates foster families. He just wants to be left alone with his anger at the world. Two worlds clash like thunder and lightning and both guys are in for an interesting year.

Notes: This amazing story is written by one of my favorite Tumblr users: @freakypumpkin Also check her other stories in her fanfiction profile, they are awesome! (also check her opinions of the TMI books on her Tumblr, omg <3)

Something Old Something New Something Red (18/?) (Fanfiction.net) 

Summary: The man with the cat eyes spoke, “Alexander?” Alec froze, all the memories, all the dreams that he’d had with this man came flooding back to him. This was his soulmate, his soulmate that he hasn’t seen in much to long.

Notes: Sometimes confusing and sometimes frustrating when some things happen (I’m not going to say them because spoiler) but is good.

* Learning to Be (26/26) (Fanfiction.net) 

Summary: When Alec was 13, he stopped speaking for almost a year. Five years later, Alec is forced to deal with the trauma of his past while learning to accept and love himself. Malec, Alec/Jace friendship and Lightwood family dynamics. See warnings inside.

Notes: Deals with dark topics and has a lot of angst. There’s a second part for this story and you can check it on the author’s profile.

The curse of love (18/?) (Fanfiction.net) 

Summary: While out on a hunt, Alec is cornered by a shapeless demon that seeks to use him to have his revenge against the warlock Magnus Bane. The demon casts a curse making it so that if Alec and Magnus do not vow and prove to love each other forever, the shadowhunter will die, the catch? Alec and Magnus are broken up! loosely based in the song “Sweet curse” by Floor Jansen.

Notes: this curse omg. I’m waiting for the next chapter like crazy because somethings have happened and maybe it’s gonna be over soon.

The heart inside (9/10) (Ao3) 

Summary: “The good thing, it’s that I will get some paid vacations to Los Angeles, and that I am convinced that Alexander Lightwood has a lot to hide. And I will find out every little dirty secret he might have and show it to the world to let them know that their golden boy it’s nothing more than a fake.” I let out and evil laugh. This was going to be fun.

Notes: Interesting story and there’s just one chapter left that the author hasn’t posted and maybe she or he would never post but chapters 8 and 9 wow yay.

* I Won’t Let You Fall (4/?) (Ao3) 

Summary: Alec Lightwood is the most beautiful and talented classically trained ballet dancer at the New York Arts Institute. He’s pressured by everyone in his life to carry the honor of the Lightwood name in the New York performing arts world, he feels trapped in a box. Magnus Bane is the most liked, respected, gorgeous, and innately talented hip-hop freestyle dancer who was accepted to the Institute on scholarship. He puts on the happy face for everyone around him, but inside he is broken and badly scarred by his past. When Alec finds himself wanting to branch out and add free movement to his final senior piece he seeks the help of the one person he’s been secretly drawn to for years. The one person he knows lives very much outside of the box.

Notes: I just read this a few days ago but omg I’m in love with ballet dancer!Alec and I want more!!

* Malec Alphabet Soup (21/26) (Ao3) 

Summary: Twenty six (from A-Z), stand-alone one-shots about Magnus and Alec.

Chapter 1: Anniversary (mpreg)

Chapter 2: Birthday

Chapter 3: Cuddle

Chapter 4: Dork

Chapter 5: Everyday

Chapter 6: Family (part 1 of the Bane-Lightwood Family Series)/(mpreg)

Chapter 7: Goodbye (character death)

Chapter 8: Hand

Chapter 9: Injured (part 2 of the Bane-Lightwood Family Series)

Chapter 10: Jealousy

Chapter 11: Kiss (mpreg)

Chapter 12: Late (part 3 of the Bane-Lightwood Family Series)/(mpreg)

Chapter 13: Mortality

Chapter 14: Neglected (smut)

Chapter 15: Opposite (part 4 of the Bane-Lightwood Family Series)

Chapter 16: Pregnant (Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamic)/ (mpreg)

Chapter 17: Quality (Time) (part 5 of the Bane-Lightwood Family Series)

Chapter 18: Rape (Aftermath) (mentions of rape)

Chapter 19: Surprise (mpreg)

Chapter 20: Timing (spoiler: Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy)/ (smut)

Chapter 21: Upset (Mpreg)

Notes: I just love this. And the mpregs are amazing if you like mpregs. Chapter 21 is a roller coaster of emotions D:

The Babysitter (28/?) (Fanfiction.net) 

Summary: AU story: Alec Lightwood is a freshman at college looking for a job. Magnus Bane is a single parent looking for a babysitter. Magnus thought it would be simple getting a babysitter, and it was. Though it’s not so easy to keep his hands to himself from this sexy freshman… Age-gap, M-Rate later, kinks, smut and other sexiness.

Notes: This story has a lot of smut! Like A LOT!! I’m serious, and like it says it has age-gap for like 6 years? More or less.

Mortal Embarrassment and Other Flirting Techniques (32/32) (inkitt.com) 

Summary: Magnus is at the top of the social ladder, and Alec is the anti-social new kid. Plus there’s a little issue with Hodge and his serious psychosis. High School AU, all human.

Notes: The story is sweet, obviously has its own plot with climax like the Hodge thing and some stuff Magnus does (also another character that I won’t mention…)

Let me love you (1/1) (Ao3) 

Summary: “What?” Magnus said but was soon surprised of the fact that Alec practically ripped his shirt apart throwing it onto the ground of the warlocks loft.

Notes: one word to describe this? PowerBottom!Alec. Huh… I don’t know if that’s one word but whatever.

I hope you like at least one of them <33 I’ll add more later, I don’t know when but I enjoyed doing this. 

mostlylarp  asked:

Do you think Kataang might have worked better if it had happened earlier and had time to get complicated? It probably would have annoyed people who wanted to get on with the plot but it might have avoided the "hero gets the girl" final episode business.

Well, it was introduced in the pilot episode, so…

No, it was its scripting in Book 3 where I find it impossible to track.

Like, to me it felt as though Zutara was the foregone conclusion for the series when Book 2 was airing, and it made sense to me, albeit it was a tropey assumption. Then “Crossroads” hit and we had that amazing subversion of Zuko’s redemption arc (maybe my favorite moment in TV history), and also Aang “giving up” Katara with the chakras and all, so I had no clue what to think. I didn’t care enough about shipping to ponder it deeply, but it was like Aang was on this jedi-path, and I couldn’t imagine a situation where Katara could work through her feelings of betrayal with Zuko within one season. Which is still something I cling to. I could see ATLA ending on a trajectory headed for a Zutara romance, but I think as presented it still wouldn’t have been the best writing in the world.

Clearly they intentionally countered the whole “heroes cannot love” thing (Iroh tells Aang he was smart to choose love, though the Rock of Chakra Convenience is still just an atrocious way to go about it. Korra found the inner strength to open hers…), and I’m happy for it. But how Bryke went about scripting the romance in Book 3 is nothing short of a headscratcher for me.

Ya know what, I’m putting this below a jump-cut. Here’s the full account of why I’m personally struggling to really feel compelled by this pairing, even though I adore the complications of their adult lives and family, and would never trade Bumi, Kya, and Tenzin for anything. I hope we can all be friends after this? If you enjoy it, power to ya, and I’m happy you found this aspect of ATLA fulfilling.

Keep reading

anonymous asked:

I love the s1 wrap party pic. Sam looks like he's about to devour Cait on the spot, no matter who is there. It's knicker dropper.

he looks like a straight up serial killer to me but…I do enjoy the possessive glare and the arm around her chest. and she looks THRILLED and very drunk hahaha