possessive glare


Lana Parrilla realizes OUAT has treated her like shit.  Lana Parrilla does an arc on Supergirl Season 2.  She plays a gender-bent version of Lex Luthor (Alexis Luthor? We’re in beta) and kills Maxwell Lord to take over his company.  Kara should go stop her but Alex is like “idk Kara she killed Max is she really even a bad guy” and that pretty much stops her.  Alex and Lana’s character proceed to hook up.  Amazing things happen.

(Optional:  Astra notices and appears out of nowhere while they’re necking somewhere and says “I CAME BACK FROM THE DEAD BECAUSE YOU NEED TO STOP” while glaring possessively at Alex)

This is all @agent-alex-danvers ‘s fault.

my all time fave Daisy look <3 so lovely 

Okay, and while my imagination is running wild, this is Rey smiling at a cute Resistance pilot and Kylo is feeling possessive, glaring, leaning forward to block her view, but she leans back instead XD