Klaine one-shot - “Between a Rock and a Hard Place” (Rated PG13)

Relentlessly bullied by Karofsky, Azimio, and Puck, Blaine is given the option of either taking a beating, or kissing Kurt Hummel, the infamous leader of McKinley’s Skanks. Blaine can’t deny that he’s always fantasized about kissing Kurt, but whereas messing with the jocks will get his face flattened, crossing paths with Kurt may just get him killed. 

But what a way to go ;) (3597 words)

This doesn’t really have a time period, but I wrote it as if it were set in the 80s. It’s not obvious. It’s kind of in the details. Dedicated to @hkvoyage who has always been so supportive of me trying to cram as many Klaine Advent Drabbles as possible into my December fics. I think I got up to “part” with this one xD Also, I don’t really name The Skanks aside from Lauren, but my thinking is Santana, Brittany, Quinn, Lauren, Tina, and some other sixth person. Maybe Mercedes? I don’t know. Warning for angst, bullying, mention of bullying related violence. Skank Kurt Hummel. Nerd Blaine Anderson.

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“Well, well, well, what have we here?” Karofsky chuckles as he throws Blaine through the bathroom door. Blaine flies across the tile floor like a rag doll, passed off from jock to jock until he reaches his final destination – the single foot of space between the last sink and the bathroom wall. After months of being tossed around like a sack of potatoes, he’s learned that bracing for the fall hurts worse than just letting it happen. If he’s limp, he runs less of a chance of breaking an ankle, or a wrist, which would devastate him considering the fact that he’s a musician. Any damage to his hands would wreck his life far longer than the lunch hour these guys plan on torturing him.

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Glee Klaine AU___  Prince & Prejudice  

Prince Blaine Anderson lives in a world where Kingdom expansion is a priority. He’s about to turn 18 and has to get married to someone from royalty in order to add new land to his reign.

June, Blaine’s Evil Stepmother, wants him to marry Princess Rachel Berry because her family has a lot of possessions. But Blaine is already in a relationship with Kurt Hummel, and June doesn’t allow this nonsense since Kurt doesn’t own anything.

June has always been used to have her ways, so when the Prince is stubborn about his love life, she decides to send someone after Kurt.

(Other AUs here)

The Dizziness of Freedom

For @teilo, as part @todaydreambelieversfic 2016 Gift Exchange. With deep and abiding (and endless, seriously) thanks to @boroniaserrulata for all of her help tidying up all of my grammatical oversights and for highlighting the parts that didn’t make logical narrative sense, and to @quirkyquantumqueen, also for her help narrative clarity. They’ve made this story better, and I hope I’ve done their work justice here.
Prompt: Badboy and jealous/possessive: either Kurt or Blaine can be the badboy, jealous/possessive one. Would like to see this set when they are out of college.
Featuring Kurt with some type of attitude, the armour of a badboy, and a streak of not being remotely embarrassed to pursue what he wants. And man, he wants Blaine…
The usual warnings for my shit apply - there are themes of depression, anxiety, and recovery. Finn’s passing has a half a sentence mention, as does Burt’s health scare. There’s a passing reference to Blaine’s first Sadie Hawkins dance and the events thereof. There’s also reference to the events of the 601 flashback, re. Blaine’s initial break up. The boy who breaks his heart isn’t Kurt though. Also, medication and therapy, but in passing and not in focus. I have crammed a lot into my words!
To some extent, this is a meet-cute, and, what’s more, it’s on the AO3 here! (There’s also 7.1k of it, so buckle in.)

Blaine Anderson doesn’t quite know how he would define celebrity if he were asked (and he’s been asked). He does know that he doesn’t like to think of himself as whatever that is. However, due to a windfall television role when he left college, he does have a small level of fame, a loyal following on Twitter, and his own tag on TMZ, the last of which he would delete if he could. Blaine is 27 years old, almost twelve months out of the relationship documented by the TMZ tag, and one thing is absolutely positive: he really isn’t looking for anything the night he meets Kurt Hummel.

It’s been a long, exhausting year for Blaine. The previous May, he’d been happily in love with the man he was sure he was going to spend his forever with. He’d been planning a wedding, choosing flowers and cakes, arranging the seating and colour schemes, and although he’d been quietly aware that his fiancé hadn’t been quite as invested, he’d put it down to the pressure of long work days and too little free time. Weddings are stressful. It made sense that he had let Blaine shoulder the planning. It had been fun, Blaine had found, being able to share small details with his fans on Twitter and Instagram, their excitement the mirror for his own that he’d been lacking a little.

Through June and into July came the persistent rumours about his fiancé that he had ignored and refused to Google, and which became harder to gloss over when his mentions blew up with photographic evidence, and by August he’d moved back to his childhood home, where there was less attention and less pressure to keep smiling when his heart was breaking.

He spent most of August ghosting through his own life. He’d been spending whole days asleep, too tired and emotionally destroyed to even think about waking up for longer than it took to pee, and that went on until Labor Day, when his mom took it upon herself to contact everyone in his phone book who could possibly help. Between them, they’d agreed that perhaps a therapist may be able to help, certainly a doctor, and – when the tears abated and he realised that his tightest jeans were almost a size too big – had agreed that none of those things could hurt him more than he already hurt.

It’s been a long, painful road to recovery. He’s had to adapt to being not in the place he thought he would be. Instead of the husband and the stage career, he’s living in his brother’s apartment in Los Angeles and he’s piecing back together the scattered fragments of his heart whilst he works on a second degree part time, this time in music therapy, all the while maintaining his profile with small screen roles when he can get them. In his spare time, he runs a blog that’s gained a lot of traction, where he talks about his experiences with co-dependency, falling in love with the wrong people, and how he’s learned to live with anxiety and depression.

It’s the blog, not his acting, that has him on the path that will bring him to Kurt.

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Kurt is a genie; Blaine struggles with his third and last wish.

Written for @klaineadvent (day 23, prompt word “wish”).

I don’t even know if this makes sense but just look for yourself. :P

now on AO3 as well!

Kurt feels the same nervous, bubbly sensation that always overcomes him when Blaine rubs the magic lantern.

It’s pleasant because it’s Blaine who’s calling him but it’s also very nerve-wrecking because Kurt’s sure that one of these days he’s going to run out of luck, that one of these days Blaine is going to use up his third and last wish and then Kurt will be utterly useless to him.

Kurt hates being useless. As a genie, it’s his job to grant people wishes and to help them achieve what they want. But in Blaine’s case, the feeling is not only born out of his passion for helping, it’s also because he’s very inconveniently fallen in love with his client.

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A long overdue Grasping!verse fic (although it can easily stand alone) in response to these prompts from osarieme and my dear friend Klaineunite:

So, you know how I love possessive Kurt or Blaine, and I also love some jealousy (as long as there isn’t a real profound reason like cheating or something OF COURSE ;p). So I would love it if you were able to write something that has that. I don’t really care if you make it a part of a verse or if you write a one shot :p

Someone’s hitting on Kurt and Blaine becoming really possessive in his own way

*NC-17*  Includes jealousy, possession, casual spanking, marking, discussion of punishment, other sexual things if that bothers you…

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Blaine was already feeling more than a little grumpy today, as was to be expected when he was mid-punishment.  Truth be told, he’d thought this punishment would be enjoyable when he’d received it.  Being with Kurt twenty-four seven?  Following Him to work?  That had sounded pretty damn awesome.

But now, six work days (nine total days) into his two-week sentence, Blaine was more than sick of it.  He missed having time alone.  He missed having free time that wasn’t dictated by Kurt.  He missed having free time period, because as it turned out, waiting on Kurt hand-and-foot was not nearly as appealing as he had once imagined.  For one thing, Kurt was very good at resisting Blaine’s attempts to charm Him into sex.  He was very good at ignoring Blaine completely, actually, particularly at work.

And Kurt’s work was incredibly boring.  Especially since Blaine was ordered not to speak unless someone directly addressed him or Kurt gave him permission.  Basically he just sat at Kurt’s feet all day.  He was allowed to read, thankfully, but he was the kind of person who needed frequent breaks from doing the same thing, so that had long ago lost its luster.

Then something happened that Blaine immediately recognized as entirely novel around this place.  Someone walked into the building who was loud, and cheerful.  “The fuuuun has arrrrrived!” Blaine heard a voice echo, even through Kurt’s private office with the door shut. 

Kurt groaned and massaged his temples.  “Oh fuck, him again,” He complained.  “I forgot it was the third Monday, but it’s the third Monday, isn’t it?”

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anonymous prompted: Can I prompt Klaine joining the mile high club? uwu I absolutely LOVE how you write them and I just got off a plane! <3

They’re somewhere over the North Atlantic when Blaine starts to get fidgety, shifting in his seat every few seconds and drumming his fingers on the shared console between him and Kurt.

Kurt looks up from his iPad, an eyebrow raised. “You okay?”

Blaine nods, drags his lower lip into his mouth. Kurt isn’t sold: Blaine has never been a nervous flyer before, so his inability to sit still and the stiffness of his body doesn’t make sense. He also keeps glancing down the aisle of the plane, like he’s looking or waiting for something.

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Crimson Part 5/5 ~ COMPLETE! ~ a vampire story

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NC-17 Blaine has spent decades watching over the Hummel women at the command of his sire, but when for the very first time a boy is born to the line - a boy whom Blaine immediately recognizes as his mate - his life becomes a struggle between law and desire.

WARNINGS for dubcon, underage sex, innoncence!kink, bloodplay (only what you’d expect from a vampire story), character death (but not really - someone gets turned), excessive amounts of smut.

Part One on tumblr

Part Two on tumblr

Part Three on tumblr

Part Four on tumblr

Part Five

“Come on Blaine… please,” a voice pleaded.  It sounded distant but familiar, almost like it belonged to Blaine himself, was a part of him.  But that didn’t make sense.

He fought to open his eyes, and after what seemed like forever he managed it.  There was darkness surrounding him but for one blurry image.  Blaine tried to focus.  It was a boy—no, a young man.  It took only seconds for Blaine’s heart to recognize him.  “Kurt,” he ground out.  “Are you dead?”

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just a silly little fic of Kurt and Blaine kissing goodnight and Blaine doing the little foot-popping thing (^▽^)

Kurt stares up at Blaine’s house, his thumbs drumming on the steering wheel. The clock on his radio says 11:45, so they still have a few minutes before curfew, but Kurt doesn’t know what to do.

They’ve only been dating for a month or so (not like Kurt’s keeping track dutifully or anything), but Kurt is surprised at how unchanged their dynamic has been in that time. There are a few added bonuses—kissing and cuddling being one of them—but for the most part they’re still the close friends that they’ve been since that staircase.

Kurt looks over at Blaine sitting in the passenger seat, bites his lip and fidgets like he’s trying to fix his plum-colored button-up. He resolutely doesn’t say anything about how gorgeous Blaine’s profile looks in the moonlight, or how Kurt can still taste the sharp mint from Blaine’s ice cream if he licks his lips just right.

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PG-13, 350 words, during 4x14

The phone is ringing obnoxiously loud. Trying very hard to ignore it, Blaine continues kissing down the column of Kurt’s neck, covering the pale skin with little kitten-licks and soft bites.

“Blaine,” huffs Kurt with a hidden smile, and reaches for the phone on the nightstand.

Blaine pointedly ignores Kurt’s secret signal to stop, and starts sucking Kurt’s collarbone.

“Uh, hi, Tina,” Kurt manages to say in a steady voice.

Oh, it’s on. Blaine’s hands grab at the naked skin of Kurt’s sides, kneading them just how he knows makes Kurt crazy.

“No, no. I was just catching up, with B-Blaine,” Kurt stammers, when Blaine licks over his sensitive nipple. Then Blaine lets out a warm puff of breath over it, and feels Kurt shiver in his arms. He knows that if Kurt was speaking in this moment he wouldn’t be able to hold back a moan.

“What? Oh, tomorrow? Tomorrow’s fine,” Kurt’s blushing such a pretty color, Blaine can’t help but stop his teasing for a moment to just look at his ex-boyfriend’s face. Soon-to-be-boyfriend? Best friend? In this moment it doesn’t matter, because Kurt’s so beautiful and he’s lying in Blaine’s bed, and he lets himself be held and kissed.

Blaine doesn’t know how long he’s been starting, but soon Kurt finishes talking and carelessly throws the phone over to the nightstand.

“Tina wants to hang out with us tomorrow,” through his eyelashes, Kurt looks up at Blaine’s face.

“If you wanna go,” Blaine’s voice is so unconvinced, and he bites his lip, looking away.

“Hey”, Kurt’s hand comes to cup Blaine’s face, and he confesses with a smile, “You know I don’t.”

“Good,” Blaine feels the rush of adrenaline through his veins, and he doesn’t know what possesses him to say it, but the words tumble from his mouth anyway “Cause I don’t want to share you. I’m selfish like that.”

He isn’t sure where they stand, what they are, what they will be. But he knows Kurt’s parted lips and black pupils are the sexiest thing in the world, and the deep dirty kiss he gets immediately afterwards is worth it.

So as well as amazingly awesome Klaine moments...

I also want a new guy to cause some jealousy teeheehee

not because I want them to break up (I mean come on, Klaine is my OTP)

but just enough to reveal Possessive!Blaine hominahominahomina

Oh and a Blaine+Rachel friendship because honestly, I love Rachel.


Crimson Part 3/5 - a vampire story

Read on AO3

NC-17 Blaine has spent decades watching over the Hummel women at the command of his sire, but when for the very first time a boy is born to the line - a boy whom Blaine immediately recognizes as his mate - his life becomes a struggle between law and desire.

WARNINGS for dubcon, underage sex, innoncence!kink, bloodplay (only what you’d expect from a vampire story), character death (but not really - someone gets turned), excessive amounts of smut.

Part One on tumblr

Part Two on tumblr

Part Three

It was harder to sneak around now with Burt often on the lookout, but surprisingly enough it was Katie who helped them on the nights they managed it, covering for Kurt so he could slip off to Blaine’s room.

“You told her??” Blaine hissed.

“Not everything,” Kurt replied.  “Just about us, and she’s on our side.”

“I find that hard to believe,” Blaine said.  He was fond of Katie, more so than he’d been of the rest.  She was headstrong and whip-smart and shared a strong likeness of her mother with Kurt.  They were qualities he admired, but they also made her somewhat of a wildcard.

“Katie is loyal to me,” Kurt said defensively.  “You don’t need to worry about her.”

“If you say so, dear.”

Kurt stuck his tongue out mockingly.  “Come kiss me,” he ordered.

“Bossy tonight,” Blaine noted, pulling him close.

“I’m always bossy; it’s just that usually you refuse to listen.”

Blaine raised an eyebrow.  “And what is it, exactly, that you’d like me to listen to?”

Kurt gripped Blaine’s waist, one hand sliding innocently across his stomach, then daringly down, darting under his briefs to stroke his cock.  Blaine growled against his lips before taking them forcefully, rutting up into the touch.

“Make love to me?” Kurt breathed into Blaine’s mouth.

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Hearing!Verse: Interpreting Pt. 2/2

All Hearing!Verse can be found in order here

This is a continuation of this piece right here: Interpreting Pt. 1


When the doctor lets them into Blaine’s room, he warns them that he might be out of it. Sebastian thinks that “out of it” is an understatement because Blaine is high as a kite. He’s never seen anybody as doped up as Blaine is and that’s saying something, because he used to smoke pot with Jeff back in high school.

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