the signs as once upon a time characters
  • Aries:Henry Mills
  • Taurus:Regina Mills
  • Gemini:Ruby Lucas
  • Cancer:Victor Whale
  • Leo:Killian Jones
  • Virgo:Will Scarlet
  • Libra:David Nolan
  • Scorpio:Emma Swan
  • Sagittarius:Robin Hood
  • Capricorn:Snow White
  • Aquarius:Graham Humbert
  • Pisces:Belle French
We Should Be Woo'd

6x09 reaction fic
Klaine; 3600 words, A03.

Sam turns to Blaine for advice on how to help Spencer woo Alistair, but Blaine and Kurt are a little busy…

For the first two days of their honeymoon, they don’t even check their email. Their phones are turned off, tucked away in Blaine’s messenger bag. They left the landline number of the cottage with their parents for emergencies, and they spend their time blessedly wrapped up in each other, fulfilling Burt Hummel’s prediction that married life involves lots of sex.

On the third day Blaine turns on his phone to field a call from the music teacher at Dalton that is covering for him with the Warblers. Dalton was good enough to give him a week off without notice, so he doesn’t mind spending an hour talking his replacement through the boys’ practice needs and brainstorming ways to accommodate the fact that their best gymnast sprained his ankle jumping off an end table.

And if he takes the call dressed in only his boxers, the phone on speaker while he gets a fire going in the cozy sitting room of their beachside cottage, no one has to know.

Just as he finishes the call, he gets a text.

From Sam:
I need some flirting tips.

Kurt is still in the shower, so Blaine figures he has a few minutes to catch up with Sam. With all the wedding craziness and the aftermath, it’s been a while since they’ve talked.

From Blaine:

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And Then He Ran Into My Knife

Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,800
Warnings: Myron being a brat in general?

Summary: “Kurt decides then and there that he will be going to court for murder in a week’s time. He’ll plead insanity. And win.”
6x09 reaction. In which Kurt thinks ‘it could be worse’ and then he and Blaine promptly meet Myron, newest member of the New Directions. Next time don’t tempt fate, Kurt. Canon compliant; Klaine.


Being back in Lima after their honeymoon in Provincetown is… nice.

At least, that’s what Kurt is telling himself.

Sure, Andrew Sullivan’s cabana house had been gorgeous and equipped with its own team of help staff, and he’s pretty sure Blaine didn’t stop smiling once, and his new constellations of freckles from the beach have already started to fade, but really. Grey, dreary Lima is practically a comfort after spending two weeks surrounded by a turquoise ocean sparking pieces of sun off its surface like a fisherman’s net of diamonds, and clean Egyptian cotton sheets every night to sleep in, and so so much Blaine, around him and on top of him and in him…

But Lima is nice.

Maybe if he grits his teeth long enough, he’ll start to believe it.

On other hand, Blaine is standing right beside him, hand in his own, the metal of his wedding band pressing against Kurt’s fingers, so really, it could be worse.

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