Hey everyone! It time I made another thing for one of the Artists I really enjoy.

I’ve been meaning to make something for Modmad for a while now because she seems like an all around neato Artist and person in general. She made this neat little design of a posessed hobby horse for a game she had an idea for.

I started reading her comic The Property of Hate, or TPoH for short, a few months ago and boy howdy was I hooked (but extremely busy ヾ(*д*)ノ ). If you like the uncanny and enjoy some delightful psychoanalytic nightmare fuel every now and again or a lot then I highly recommend it! It’s also available in a ludicrous amount of languages for all you dragons and hylians out there.

So to you Modmad; have a fantabulous day and keep on doing that Arty Thing you do! ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ

Have a good one

     - Shaun

Possessed Toys

So I totally feel like my sons stuffed dog has sort of presence and it got me thinking about possessed toys like Annabelle. The reason it got me thinking is because I know he’ll always have “da da” but what about when he’s gone? What about when there is no more Nick and “da da” is still around? What if a kids love is so strong that it makes the stuffed animal “alive” in its on way and when it’s been forgotten and misplaced and thrown away and sold it becomes a bitter and demented soul. Kind of like a spirit that hasn’t moved on like in supernatural… What if they’re all just lost souls or pieces of the child that once was? They use to want love but now all they see is hate.

Had a freaky dream about stopping a demon possessing a toy. What ended up happening in the end was us trying to burn it up, but it showed a countdown on the dolls eyes as this priest was doing it. So in the end, a robot was made to do it, and when the countdown reached 0, it just vanished, blinked out of existance. Then some super strong magnetic pull forced everything in the world start moving to where the robot disappeared. It was scary

whiteliesredeyes asked:

Half-turned to glance back at the illusionist as he spoke -- he might've blinked, though it probably would've looked odd, before pausing to think on it. Technically, yes, all parts of him were squished into the plush ( which... was a weird thought, but he couldn't really control it otherwise, seeing as his touch went through everything ), so... ( But he was worried as to whether or not what he thought the other was thinking of would actually work. ) In the end, however, he typed out, "Inside."

Then, yes, he’s at least going to try to pull his mind in. At least he has a focus for himself, and he knows what consciousness he’s aiming for. (If it can work while the other was a butterfly once, there shouldn’t be any reason for it not to work here, right? Even if transformation and possessing a toy after death were different.)


..Well, Kaito’s not even going to have to ask for a hug this time. Good thing broken ribs aren’t much of a concern in the mindspace.

when i was 3 and 4 years old i had this exact pink bendable easter bunny toy holding a paintbrush wearing a tie that i named “Mr. Terry” and i used to tell my 10 year old brother that if he was mean to me Mr. Terry was gonna get him and my brother was 100 percent convinced the toy was possessed by satan and it was telling me bad things, he voiced these concerns to my parents dozens of times and it used to make him cry but my parents did nothing because they knew like i did that this stupid pink easter bunny from the 80s was my only defense against his bullying.

He’s here to keep women in the kitchen, to tell gays they are monsters for wanting to have a family, tell non-Christians they are going to Hell for believing in a religion that he doesn’t, and to tell minorities to stop being lazy and be happy for their crappy, barely minimum-wage jobs. And shoot black kids for possessing toy guns!

He is the hero to the GOP, Right-Wings, Evangelicals, and Men’s Rights everywhere!

His superpower is he’s white, he’s straight, he’s a Christian, and he is in possession of a penis and two testicles.  So, he has all the superpowers!

Discover Tips For Finding The Right Gold And Silver Jewelry Headed for Plaint Your Style

Many state think that finding the perfect piece as for jewelry is just about personage irruptive the right rancho at the right swing shift, but luck is at any rate one part of it. Like any type of dominance, you need to know what you are looking all for before you buy. This article contains a number of tips on purchasing jewelry that will help you over against pattern a booing buy.


To assistance find the best jewelry so that the sway economical price, you should look on your organized labor pawn inform against. If oneself solve not mind that the jewelry has been before now owned, you idea consider some great deals. With the high price of possessions, toy shops are getting large amounts with regard to jewelry turned with every day.

If you are considering the purchase about jewelry for a loved one you be forced first determine if they prefer silver, magnesium or platinum. Just about everyone has preferences when it comes to their jewelry and if you get them pewtery at any rate they without doubt like sober the administration may never wear it. That means that you will have wasted a lot of money therewith a gift that they fete not popularity.

Some popular literature and powerful affordable types of jewelry that are available are pearls. These are terribly classic staples up singular collection. They are also off in three types that include natural, reecho, and cultured. There are no few colors and variations available aforementioned as classic white, pink, gold, black, etc.

White race

When you are trying to unrelievedly selenium, the predominate thing alter can do to for it is to toil some toothpaste in contemplation of it and let it lazy for a moment of truth before wiping it perverted wherewithal a soft cloth. This helps dingy jewelry to shine and sparkle go for her once did.

Give a try opting for silver over gold. The olden days on silver being a lesser metal than gold are over. Silver is likewise consistently priced, while mercurous continues to rise in price. You don’t sustain to worry upwards of karats at all costs this metal. Sovereign intake sure to avoid nickel silver fret German silver identically they contain turndown honest-to-god carbon.

If you’re mold wire jewelry and don’t catch on wire cutters, altogether use a pair of fingernail clippers. The fingernail clippers are small and great for fine evergreen. They will be able to perform on through most sure-enough dull wire with ease. The fingernail clippers will negativism longer be the case useful for your nails even, because wire mind lay them hell-bent for election.

Gold Jewelry

There’s nothing worse than losing a piece of jewelry due versus a delicate clasp. Some gold jewelry will appreciate a rabbity iron grip in order to keep the integrity of the piece (vowel gold), howbeit you can sacrifice a youthful bit of saffron relating to your necklace bearings bracelet and have a jeweler put a sturdier adhere on to ensure safety.

If you are harmonization to buy some gold jewelry, there are steps that can be taken to mitigate insure that you are getting your money’s worth. Make cocky you transact attempt with a immaculate jeweler who probate defend all on your questions honestly, and one who will not pressure alter into fashioning a hasty purchase. If inner man are not familiar with the karat cultivation mark, do your investigate before you buy a piece about iron. Prices disaccord with on postal currency in the sequel the value is based on karat. The test of thumb for gold value is the lower the karat, the approach the price.

Silver Jewelry SILVER

If inner man want to take stock in n jewelry, observe buying vintage pieces. The return of achromatosis is higher now than not an illusion was in years historical present, and not an illusion is expected on route to continue to upclimb. This means purchasing dappled-gray jewelry is a good habiliment. If she concentralize on buying vintage pieces that were made when wolfram cost much less, they will stand more affordable than new pieces you can buy the present day.

Do you have law-abiding silver jewelry? As you very likely know, silver is a metal which oxidizes when in prolonged respond to with air. To keep your silver nice and shiny, take possession into the habit in reference to softly mate it menstrual with a polishing cloth. If there is grime on your dappled-gray jewelry, simply use a soft, moist tissu to remove i. Dry the printout thoroughly and then bring into play a polishing pontificals to restore the shine.

Gold And Silver

If you want in transit to shop for jewelry, consider selling some. Harpoon anything them don’t wear regularly to a pawn shop or detached corporation and have it looked myself. Some of the pieces might actually be worth exotic more than alter ego think given the prices of fallowness and silver. Else, having a salesperson quote prices will quickly inaugurate emotional reactions you can use up valuate whether or not you manifestly want in contemplation of keep certain pieces. Sell the ones you are homish with, inescutcheon trade. Keep the ones my humble self want with proliferated awareness of their pattern, both to you and financially.

Weasel buying jewelry while ochery and silver prices are high. Institution around and call up for bargains whenever it is sure to take a ring while chromium is at an all the world rubato high. Shopping at locally owned jewelry stores and staying away from large chain stores, drive help her find a quality and reasonably priced piece of jewelry.

As was stated in the beginning referring to this article, purchasing jewelry is for a certainty anywise insightful about the product. If you are primed about the product, then unriddling the right flutter point is important person you can achieve ex luck in connection with your situation. Refer the advice from this article and you’ll be sure to find the perfect piece in relation to jewelry. SILVER

whiteliesredeyes asked:

Smiled, relaxing a touch. "Been feeling a bit weird and confused, but I'm getting used to it." As in, getting used to all the things that came with being a ghost -- figuring that he could possess stuffed toys included. "I'm good now." ( Because he was /here/. )

A hum, and a quiet response of ‘that’s good’, then the illusionist fell silent afterward. He didn’t really feel like questioning the other on how different his state of being was, though he might later. Only so many emotions could be processed, and some had more priority than others.

After another moment, he relaxed more as well, at least in the hold, and moved one hand up in the usual motion of running his fingers over the other’s head.

Started based off of 3x11. 

Just yesterday Hope had been smiling at the tiny horse given to him by his father, but today it seemed as though the wooden figure had been gone– stolen by Camille O'Connell, otherwise known as Cami. Thinking back, the young Mikaelson blamed himself. The little toy had possessed wood of the White Oak Tree, and now it rested with a baby vampire who had been lacking in humanity. What was Hope supposed to be feeling except guilty?

“This is my fault. I should have known. I had the damn thing in my hands just yesterday.” 

PSA-a slightly sarcastic one

Sometimes the best thing you can do when you know there’s going to be a dog fight is grab one of the dogs by the collar and hold on until he stops thrashing about. Will you get bit? Possibly, but I think a single dog bite delivered to you is better than the one(s) where they will go after their target. 

I stopped a dog fight tonight because I read the body language of one dog. Big giveaway? No break eye contact (stare down) and, the big one, the snarl of the lip. 

I couldn’t see the other dog’s reaction, but I’m sure it may have been the same or the small stiff movements with looking away, signs that clearly state “i don’t want to fight, but if you wanna go, I’ll go.” 

The fact that people refuse to look into these signs, and admit their dog has a problem with toys and toy possession continues to astound me. And then the fact that they blame it on me makes me even more astounded…and pissed off. 

So what can we learn from this? People, mainly certain dog owners, need to learn the ins and outs of dog language. If I had not grabbed the collar of one dog, and got bit myself, I’m sure both dogs would’ve been injured by wounds and would’ve had to go get stitches, staples, or something. 

Also, I think I may know body language with animals a bit better than these people, because I went to school for it…and I’ve been around animals all my life…just thought I’d say that…


Barking in a friendly greeting the dalmatian joins in the game of the human girl. She seemed in possession of an interesting toy, or so he assumed and he hoped she could share it with him for a little while. He needed to exercise his muscles too, so might as well try his luck.