Reasons you should be watching The Bold Type

The Bold Type is a new show on Freeform about three girls working at a feminist fashion magazine, just trying to live their lives. On first glance, it looks like the epitome of white feminism, but I think it will prove to be much more than that. Here’s some reasons too tune in:

1. Aisha Dee is in it. She’s amazeballs and if you haven’t seen her in Chasing Life or Sweet/Vicious, you’ve been missing out on life. She’s completely the reason I tuned in.

2. They had a Muslim woman actually explain why she wears her hijab. And why doing so makes her a feminist. When have you ever seen that before?

3. Did I mention that said hijab-rocking woman is a lesbian activist? Who it looks like is going to have a romance with Aisha Dee’s character?

4. They all work at a magazine and the boss is giving off serious Cat Grant vibes. Like badass woman with hardcore bonding heart-to-hearts with Katie Stevens’ character.

5. Oh yeah, Katie Stevens is totally in it. Faking It throwback anyone? She’s a new writer for the magazine who would rather cover serious topics than frilly ones.

6. They talk about owning your sexuality, with one of the girls standing up to her friends about it being her who gets to decide whom she sleeps with. Not to mention they talk about vaginas and vibrators. And a woman literally gets arrested for possessing sex toys.

7. THE FRIENDSHIP. The three main leads are adorably close. They bring champagne to work to celebrate a friend’s promotion, give random pep talks in the middle of the night, and help each other stalk exes, and its kinda hilarious?

8. I’m not going to deny it has some wrinkles to iron out, but if you don’t give it a chance to grow we may never see that. This is honestly the feminist show everyone is always wanting, so give it a chance before it goes the way of Sweet/Vicious, and we regret the missed opportunity.



Some strange sounds convince an older couple that their electronic skeleton toy is possessed. They put it to the test to see if it truly is. I don’t want to say anything else- I’ve said this before but WATCH THE ENTIRE 15 MINUTES ALL THE WAY THROUGH WITHOUT PAUSING OR SKIPPING AHEAD! To do anything else would be robbing you of a great experience. Gather your friends around and hit play.

My birthday is May 26th and the thing about getting older is you stop wanting pointless material possessions like “toys” and “candy” for your birthday instead you just want some of the simple things that make young adult life easier like “a consistent and fulfilling life passion” and “a plan to deal with the vague and menacing uncertainty of the future”

and “socks”

Babybones Headcanons

Motherfucking 2 am inspiration how come I can’t use you for papers or anything in my askbox


-Was actually more energetic when he was a kid. I mean he was still pretty drowsy, but less likely to fall asleep in the middle of something

-He was always right where he shouldn’t be. Gaster trying to hide presents? Sans is in that closet with a big innocent grin. “’Sup?”

-Prefers to dress himself whenever possible. Likes clothes that are three times too big. Also wearing anything of Gaster’s, especially his giant t-shirts

-He asks a lot of questions, usually about stuff that people don’t want to tell him


-Very smiley, even as a baby he had the biggest grin imaginable whenever he was in a room with someone he liked. And he liked almost everybody. One of the easiest babysitting jobs

-Very very modest, he stopped letting even his brother and dad see him without clothes on when he was five. He learned how to bathe himself pretty quickly too.

-Fussy about clothing textures, he can’t go out if his shoes are too tight or his shirt feels weird or too loose. This carried over into adulthood, which is why he tends to wear the same clothes over and over. He knows they fit right.


-He was honestly kind of a sweet kid, if a little too distrustful. It would take him a while to warm up to somebody and even longer before he would leave them alone with Papyrus. Even Gaster, shitty as he was, was subject to this protectiveness. Whenever Asgore or someone else powerful came over he would find Sans constantly peeking in doorways to see if he was still okay

-Would break shit all the time because he couldn’t sit still and was constantly fidgeting with things. That’s why Gaster started teaching him mechanics. So he could fix it on his own without bothering him

-As a kid he was constantly chewing on things, whether on purpose or on accident. Especially small scraps of metal.

-He didn’t do it often but his unguarded smile is the brightest Underground


-So so bossy. Unless a person proved they could beat his ass he would tell them what to do no matter how much bigger they were. Sans did not help at all, he usually just went along with what his brother would say (albeit complaining a lot)

-He was a master of the mega tantrum

-He made up for slights with gifts. Even as a kid he had a hard time apologizing verbally and would usually just shove a gift (or occasionally a rushed hug) at whoever he had offended. A picture he colored, a rock he thought was cool, metal scraps for Sans….all shoved at his offendee with a blush and a mutter before scampering away again

-He had a hard time expressing his emotions and hated crying in front of people. He would normally let it all out in his room alone.


-On the go. He never stopped moving from the second he mastered rolling all the way up into walking and running and beyond. 

-He got away with so much shit when he was a kid, because he could always run away from the damage before anyone found it, and was after protected by his adorable face and “who, me?” eyes.

-He HATED cutesy nicknames, and was always very insistent that he be called Sans. 


-As opposed to Tale’s modesty, the trouble was keeping this little guy’s clothes on. He was always shedding clothing left and right, his hands were constantly down his pants or up his shirt, it was embarrassing to take him out in public

-Very salty as a kid, which got him into a lot of trouble

-When he was little he actually really resented Sans for getting all the attention. He got over it pretty quick though. And having a cute little brother as the face of your operations has its perks.


-Extremely possessive, of toys, clothes, brothers, babysitters, everything. His first word was “MINE” followed shortly after by “NO”. Papyrus was the only one he might (reluctantly) share with

-He wasn’t as bossy as Edge but when you went against him something of yours was generally broken within the next few minutes.

-Absolutely fearless. Which is why Syrup spent half his life dragging him out of fights he couldn’t win


-Old soul. From as young as three you could tell this was the kid who would always take the most weight

-For the love of hell let the child cook with you. Or help you do anything really. His face lights up. He liked feeling needed.

-Hoarded stuffed toys. He still has a few.

Gesundheit 1/1

This is my very silly, probably hugely OOC and fairly NSFW response to this weeks challenge set by @txf-prompt-box

Must be included - “What are you holding behind your back?”

Bonus - It’s not Mulder or Scully saying it.

Double bonus - The thing behind the back is…trouble! Tagging @today-in-fic

Gesundheit 1/1

I have never really considered myself the kind of person who readily shows any kind of extreme emotion on my face, and just for a moment I am transported back to a distant Dallas rooftop where the sun threatened to bake us both alive and where my partner and I enjoyed a few moments of playful banter before our world imploded and everything went to hell.

My panic face.

The one I told Scully didn’t exist.

The one I am pretty fucking sure I am making right now as I stand and stare at my boss who is frowning at me from his position not two feet away from where a wet spot is darkening the hue of the carpet slightly; evidence of some office-based fun that, while a nice way to break up the monotony of a boring day, could, if he notices, send Scully and I straight out the door and into a state of FBI infamy even more pronounced than where we already are.

Because fucking your partner on your office floor during the working day is frowned upon believe it or not; and why we swore we would never indulge in such a ridiculously dangerous pursuit when our relationship went from friend to lover in the blink of an eye and which has continued to gather pace like an out of control steamroller.  We agreed that lines should be drawn right from the start to retain at least some semblance of professional etiquette and for the most part we have managed to stay within those lines.  

But we are only human and while it would be easy to blame Scully for wearing one of those low-cut stretchy tops that when she bends down practically expose her nipples for the world to see or the fact that the heat of the DC summer had encouraged the wearing of those lace-topped stockings that seem to somehow hold themselves up with no apparent help or even that she whispered that she might just wear them for me later if I was a good fibbie and finished the stack of expense reports that had kept us imprisoned in the basement on this glorious day, but truthfully, we didn’t really need any other reason than we simply wanted each other; and that we couldn’t wait.

And I have to admit that the sight of Scully, head thrown back as her glorious ass sent expense reports flying in all directions when she hoisted herself onto the desk, severe pencil straight skirt rucked up to expose demure white cotton panties with just a hint of lace that were already damp with the evidence of her desire, made any semblance of rational thought just bleed right from my brain as my dick took complete control of the situation at hand.

I had dropped to my knees, hooking my arms beneath her smooth white thighs and I’m pretty sure I was growling like a dog in possession of his favourite toy as I drew her toward me and discarded her delicate undergarment with a well practised flick of my wrist before diving straight in with all the enthusiasm of a starving man suddenly plonked down in front of an ‘all you can eat’ buffet and handed a spoon.

I love eating Scully out because not only does she taste like fucking ambrosia, but also because it’s one of the only times I ever see her fully lose control of that rational, scientific mind of hers as she emits the kinds of noises from that sweet mouth that for years I fantasised about without any real hope of ever discovering firsthand how vocal she may or may not be; but be assured that the reality exceeds the fantasy in every way imaginable and slipping my fingers inside the soft, wet warmth of her while strafing her clit with my tongue is a bit like a homecoming each time and if I live to be a hundred years old I will never tire of how it makes me feel.

Now, I didn’t intend for this whole thing to be a reciprocal arrangement because frankly, when I felt her inner walls contract around my fingers as she tensed and shuddered her way through - if I do say so myself- a skillfully induced work day orgasm, I was well pleased with myself and pretty tickled that she had been the one to instigate the whole thing despite her long list of ‘do’s and don’ts in the office with your erstwhile platonic-but-not-platonic-anymore partner’  But it seemed like the post-orgasmic Scully that literally dragged me to the floor while furiously scrabbling to free my cock from the confines of the expensive dress pants that were tenting to such an extent that I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find a whole troupe of boy-scouts singing ‘ging gang goolie’ while toasting marshmallows around a campfire,  was in the grip of an endorphin rush of x-filean levels and she had no intention of taking no for an answer.

I obliged of course, I mean it would hardly be gentlemanly of me to refuse now would it?

And so I experienced, for the first time the combined agony and ecstasy as my partner grinned at me wickedly over her shoulder as she pushed that delectable little ass in the air in implicit invitation, and the feel of that cheap nylon carpet that stripped the skin off my knees with every thrust.  I wasn’t about to complain though - I mean, what’s a little pain between friends right?

I didn’t last long, certainly not my finest performance at any rate, but Scully didn’t seem to mind as she met me thrust for thrust as the sound of my balls slapping against her filled the space around us and she seemed to pull me deeper and deeper with every stroke until my mind literally went blank and white heat sent me spiralling in a vortex of pleasure that literally had me bellowing her name as I exploded into her.  

Thank fuck our office is in the basement is all I can say because I think the level of my vocal release could have roused J Edgar himself from his eternal slumbers.

And really, that should have been that.  The shit-eating grin on my face as I watched Scully rise gracefully to her feet, adjusting her skirt and running her fingers through her hair as she exited the office - I’m guessing to clean up some - should have been the only evidence of our daytime indiscretion.  

Until that is, I looked up from where I had stooped to retrieve her panties from where they still lay on the floor from earlier and, in a truly bowel-loosening moment of horrified clarity, I realised Skinner had entered the office without knocking.

My boss.

In front of me. 

While I am holding my partners dampened panties in my hand.

I mean this is my fucking boss - and he isn’t known for his sense of humour.

So I do the only thing that makes sense, I thrust my hands behind my back like a naughty kid caught next to an empty cookie jar, feeling that panic face I mentioned earlier overtake me as I force myself to keep breathing.

“What are you holding behind your back?”

Think Mulder….say something for fucksake…anything….


Skinner takes a step toward me, his shoe now covering that spot on the carpet that I probably should have blotted out straight away.


My mouth is completely dry, I mean I have faced assassins and managed to retain more saliva than I have right now and I actually feel kind of like I need to puke right there on his shiny Assistant Director shoes.

“Are you feeling alright Mulder?”

And there it is - inspiration finally fights it’s way up through the hysterical fog that has invaded my brain - as I bring the hand holding that scrap of white cotton upto my nose and with a fake sneeze that is frankly worthy of a fucking emmy award, I vigorously rub them against my nose before balling them up and shoving them in my pocket.

“Hayfever”  I supply helpfully, somewhat more in control than I was thirty seconds ago, “Pollen count is really high today.”

Skinner’s eyes drop to my pants pocket, brow furrowed as though he isn’t quite sure what he just saw.

“Lace edged Mulder?”

“It’s Scully’s she….um…she leant it to me.”

He still stands there and for the first time I notice the file he is holding in his hand.

“Did you need us for something sir?”

He inclines his head slightly and I swear to God he is sniffing the air and then he suddenly steps away from the desk, waving the file before tossing it toward me at chest level and somehow, I manage to not fumble it.

“I need you to take a look at this and let me know if it’s of interest.  I expect an answer within the hour.”

He turns to go, pausing just as he reaches the open door but not looking around, his final words ringing in my ears even as he walks away.

“And Mulder? Make sure Agent Scully is once more in full possession of that handkerchief BEFORE you leave this office.  Do I make myself clear?”


ceylon-morphe286  asked:

Sfw and nsfw 2p America

(I have already done sfw, so this is only nsfw)

2p America / Allen Jones


- a Daddy dom

- he has a smirk on his lips the whole time

- loves to eat you out and he is a god at it

- you are a whimpering, crying mess just from that

- Allen will fuck you fairly often as for him it’s really hard not to touch you

- he will let you top if you really beg, but he still will be the dom though

- no threesomes

- just you and him

- he would probably end up killing that third person due the fact he is very possessive

- will use toys - will do anything just to make you see stars as you are with him

- you sure will be sore after

rollerskatinglizard  asked:

I'm so worried about Ada! She's such a cinnamon roll, and at first I was like, well, even a jerk can fall in love, but now I've seen more of Cross, I'm like... Is he in love at all? Or is she just... a possession or a toy to him? Anyway, I <3 WitS!

Their courtship and engagement were on a bit of a timetable, so they still have a lot to learn about each other.

Chapter 2 Q & A is still open!

Alpha Children Headcanons

-Alpha children are very possessive of their toys and belongings

-They are taught from a young age that Omegas are meant to be treated nicely

-If an Alpha child has a crush on an Omega they will give them little gifts (like a favorite toy or a pretty rock)

-Alpha children love to wrestle with each other and are often scratched up and bruised, but they don’t mind because they think it makes them look tough

-Alpha children tend to favor their Omega parent more than their Alpha one

-They usually eat meat with no complaint but dislike fruits and vegetables

-Alpha children are brutally competitive so kids sports teams are separated by dynamic to avoid injury to any Omegas

-If they have Omega siblings they become very protective towards them and often try to take care of them (carrying them around, pouring milk in their cereal, stuff like that)

-Alpha siblings often compete with each other for the attention of their Omega parent or occasionally even their Omega siblings

-Alpha children hearing about how important nesting is to Omegas and determinedly trying to learn how to make perfect nests to impress their future Omegas

Person A was kidnapped by Person C, who treated A like a possession or toy and tortured them in multiple ways. Person B finally rescues A after over a year, but by then A is hurt and almost a shell of their former self. Person B has to work both to regain Person A’s trust [ after a year or more of someone telling them that their lover didn’t care / didn’t want to get them, they started to believe it] and help A recover from their time in captivity. Basically, Person B has to help Person A recover from intense torture.

anonymous asked:

Would you say that Sebastian is possessive of his precious toy?

Yes, of course. I belong to him and only him. He is so possessive he had to have me in the afterlife as well. He owned my life and he owns my death. He owns me, wholly and completely. He cares for me, caters to my every want and need and keeps me by his side at all times. We shall never be separated and he will make sure of that. There are marks all over my body from him. Perhaps this is what they meant by “the mark of the beast.” To be quite honest, I think possessive is an understatement. Sebastian does not only possess me. He is the keeper of my soul and the being that allows for my existence. I exist through him.

On another note, it is quite the sight to see how he is with me when others come around. He will tuck me into his side where I have learned to settle comfortably. He even chooses to carry me at times, propped up on his shoulder or in one arm like the Devil’s personal doll that I am. During business meetings, however, he will be a bit more discreet, only placing a hand on my shoulder, my lower back, etc. However, the piercing eye contact he gives everyone in the room beforehand is a warning that they all shy away from.

He is as possessive with me in public as he is in private. Every night, he reminds me just who I belong to (and sometimes, curse his blasted existence, during work hours). I have no complaints on this matter. I am my Master’s and that is that.

I have never known pleasure until I found what it means to be possessed by the Devil.

- The Devil’s Assistant, Ciel Phantomhive


You named a stuffed animal after a loved one because it reminds you of them. After the person in question passes away, you realize their spirit has possessed the toy.

Frank’s client list study

Going along the same lines as the name analysis, I’m going to analyse the typical dog traits and what they say about the characters in the client list that Frank has. I have highlighted particularly relevant aspects.

I think that these are important because Max highlights this to the player herself when she says “I wonder what dog Frank would have given me?” which is her clearly asking what Frank thinks about her as a person. Therefore we can take these descriptions as how Frank feels towards these characters.

Nathan is a Rottweiler. Rottweilers are described as:

“Rottweilers are very loving, affectionate dogs. They prefer to be ‘where the action is’ and are only really happy when they’re a part of the family.

Your pup/dog will probably want to stay close to you whenever possible, and will bond closely with 'his/her’ humans.

No matter how big your 'baby’ gets, climbing into your lap for a cuddle will always seem perfectly reasonable to her!

One aspect of Rottweiler behavior that’s often misinterpreted as 'growling’, is their habit of 'rumbling’ down deep in their throat. Although rumbling is the best way I know to describe the sound, it’s definitely not an expression of discontent - quite the opposite!

Rotties make this noise sort of the way cats purr. They most often do it when they’re being petted, or they’re happy, or just as a way of communicating with their people. I love the sound, and it’s a rumbling, grunting sort of noise that is so endearing.

BUT people unfamiliar with the breed, and who may be nervous around them due to their 'reputation’, often think the dog is growling at them or threatening them. If your new puppy makes this sort of noise don’t worry about it, it just means that he’s happy.

Growling is quite different, and is usually accompanied by body language that shows fear or aggression such as lip curling, snarling, ears back, hackles raised and so on. You will probably recognize this quite easily!

Of course, being natural guardians, Rottweilers are a protective and territorial breed. No matter how calm and gentle your dog is with the people she knows and trusts, she will undoubtedly use her considerable strength and abilities to protect 'her’ people if she feels that they are in danger or being threatened.

This is normal Rottie behavior, but it can translate into a dog who refuses to let anyone they don’t know set foot in 'their’ yard or home, or who tries to protect family members from threats that aren’t really there.

For example, if your child is screaming and laughing because daddy is tickling her, your Rottie may think that she’s being hurt… and take measures to protect her. You can see how this could end, and it clearly demonstrates why proper socialization, training and 'ground rules’ are so important when raising a Rottweiler puppy.

Socialization and interaction with a wide variety of people, places and situations helps a Rottweiler to learn to distinguish between 'normal non-threatening’ people and behavior, and the kind that spell danger.

They’re a surprisingly sensitive breed, and although they can be inclined to be dominant, Rotties readily recognize and respect authority when it is presented in a confident, fair and calm way.

Chloe (Bulldog). Bulldogs are described as:

Nothing much bothers the typical English bulldog. He’s as laid-back as a canine comes. A good-natured dog who adores his people, he’s content to hang out, to live and let live. That includes strangers – don’t depend on him as a guardian or watchdog. Although his centuries-ago ancestors were bred for bull-baiting, fanciers since the mid-19th century have deliberately bred aggression out of the English bulldog. If you’re looking for a calm, affectionate house dog, the bulldog can fill the bill. However, this dog needs much care and thrives on attention. He’s not a good choice if you will leave him alone a lot. Lonely bulldogs can become destructive.

A bit on the stubborn side, your bulldog isn’t the easiest dog to train. A bulldog is like Peter Pan – he won’t grow up. He’s also possessive – you are his person, not the other way around. While anything’s possible, English bulldogs generally do not shine in obedience class. Basic obedience training nonetheless is a good idea. It may take a little longer for training to sink in with a bulldog than with other breeds, but he eventually will catch on. Just be patient, and give him the attention and affection he craves when he does the right thing – right after the delicious food treat, of course.

Justin (Beagle). The Beagle is described as:

This breed is gentle, sweet, outgoing and curious. The Beagle usually gets along very well with everyone and are wonderful canine family members.  The Beagle has adapted very well on his journey from scent hound to the amazing family dog that he is today.

Stella (Daschund). Daschunds are described as:

Curious, lively, charming, and brave, the Dachshund is similar to a terrier in his demands to be in on everything.

This comical clown loves to play games and has a great sense of humor. He is a loyal little dog, very attached to his family, and he firmly believes that sleeping under the bedcovers is in the Dachshund Bill of Rights.

Dachshunds attract devoted followers who would never consider having any other breed. Indeed, Dachshunds are often kept in pairs, which is A-OK with them, since they seem to recognize and prefer being with other “wiener dogs”.

They’re usually good with other family pets, too, though they can be jealous when they want attention and they can be possessive of their toys. You need to put a firm stop to the first signs of jealousy or possessiveness so that these don’t become bad habits.

Though the Dachshund makes a great house dog, he does need his daily walks (on-leash! Dachshunds are chasers who will take off! – and plenty of companionship. Loneliness will lead to excessive barking.

You’ll also hear his sharp, persistent bark when people approach, for most Dachshunds are alert watchdogs who do not take kindly to strangers intruding on their domain. Again, you need to put a stop to overt signs of suspiciousness, lest this progress to nastiness.

Though bright and clever, Dachshunds like to do things their own way. In other words, they’re stubborn. Cheerful praise and treats should be offered freely, as Dachsies are proud little dogs who resist force. They become irritable when pushed too far, and they may respond defensively (growling or snapping) if jerked around, handled harshly, or teased.

Logan (Labrador) Labradors are described as:

Loyal, loveable, happy and friendly to all he meets, the Labrador Retriever is the number one registered dog in the AKC. Labs are full of energy and will run to the door to greet you (or anyone, for that matter) as if you’d just returned from a year-long trip. They are truly “man’s best friend,” and are at their happiest when engaged in family activities. They love running, hiking, swimming and playing fetch for hours on end and are extremely patient with children of all ages. Labs are a breeze to train, and as long as you are prepared to live with puppy-like behavior well into adulthood, they make an excellent choice for first time dog owners.


Chloe often displays Bulldog traits through her sometimes stubborn behaviour. Also, the possessiveness of the breed. Rachel is ‘hers’ and she doesn’t like Frank having her. Similarly, Max is hers and she doesn’t want her to answer Kate’s call or for Warren to help them. However, she is laidback and loyal to Max, who shes considers ‘hers’. Chloe is constantly craving affection, often feeling lonely and abandoned by those around her. (Rachel, Max, William) yet she is loving and caring. 

Nathan, like the Rottweiler, has a terrible reputation. His breed can flip either way depending on how they are handled. This would fit with Nathan having a completely different personality in an alternate timeline and the idea that his behaviour has been affected by his ‘role models’. The rage and lashing out also only occurs when he is covering something. “Leave my family out of this bitch” springs to mind as a time where he may be protecting his family. Also, this notion that rottweilers growl even when they are being friendly, suggesting they are a very misunderstood breed for those who do not know them well enough. 

As for Stella, Justin and Logan, all this really seems to tell me is that none of them are really linked to the plot that much. Stella’s dog choice is interesting, and its possible that her possessive nature may be linked to the plot loosely, but I’m not convinced she will be a major player in episode 5 (Famous last words!)

Any thoughts of your own, please let me know.

anonymous asked:

BTS, MTL kinky and what you think their kinks are? <3

{Trigger warning!}



Rap Mon - Anal sex, Dom, spanking, choking, role playing (I feel like he’d be into roleplaying like a rape scene and/or pretending he’s not your boyfriend and he’s the other man knowing you’re cheating), POSSESSIVE, sex toys (anal toys included), ass play, DADDY DOM, deep throating, delayed gratification, squirting.

Suga - Slut shaming, dom, spanking, choking, SEX WITHOUT A CONDOM, wanting his sub to beg, bath sex, role playing, collars, kitten play, cock worship, loves his cock and balls nuzzled, cum marking, deep throating, POSSESSIVE, fucking his s/o around someone without that person knowing, SQUIRTING, make-up sex.

Tae - biting, nipple teasing, clit teasing, receiving oral, giving oral, cock rings, sex without a condom, low key into drinking breast milk if his s/o was pregnant or had a baby, possessive, loves hearing his s/o gasp and moan, MARKING, eating food off his s/o, SQUIRTING.

J-Hope - thigh riding, shower sex, lowkey into sex being interrupted, sex with clothes on or partly, sex against a wall, sex on a couch, sex in a vehicle, sensory overload, chastity devices, orgasm denial, possessive, would totally see how long his s/o can last without him pleasuring them (also against the rules to pleasure yourself), public sex, make-up sex.

Kookie - SPANKING, low key likes his S/O to grab his ass while he fucks them, switch (slightly more dom). begging for release (receiving and giving), shower sex, orgasm denial, when his s/o cums he would want them to stare into his eyes, possessive, face fucking (but only for a bit because I feel like he’s more into kissing while fucking), squirting, watching his s/o strip, would be into his s/o having an urgency for sex.

Jimin - blindfolds, tying up with silk or handcuffs, switch (more sub), cumming without being touched, marking, I feel like he would love to become a whimpering mess and beg to cum if his s/o is denying him, hand jobs, slight imprisonment, prostate pleasure, POST CLIMAX TORTURE (receiving).

Jin - dom, light spanking, light biting, nipple sucking, sex in bed mostly, would have shower sex, counter sex, eating food off his s/o, s/o eating food off him, nipple play, pampering, massaging.

Least Kinky

originfire  asked:

Weird Headcanon: The Nogitsune actually enjoys cuddling a lot. They used to possess plush toys a lot to get all off the cuddles. The thing that turned them evil was when the toy they were in was ripped apart by an angry parent in font of their child. They used their power for evil and once they expierienced the rush couldn't get enough. It wasn't as lasting as the warmth of a good cuddle session tho, so they did it more and more - searching for that fleeting satisfaction. They became insatiable.

Oooh. The idea of possessed toys is so creepy to begin with. I like that maybe it was still vil, drawing on the energy of the little kids who loved it, but in a symbiotic sort of way? 

But inside a toy it couldn’t protect itself, so it made sure to choose a person as it’s next host. It’s a little more work, but at least a person can has muscles and ligaments that can be manipulated. The nogitsune learned how to be active instead of passive. With a human’s eyes and hands, it learned it could very easily kill anyone who threatened it. 

Originally posted by alizaxsx

Hey! Follow up post about literally not commenting rude comments on people’s furby photo sets. I don’t care if you think they’re cursed or not, there’s literally no reason for you to go out of your way to comment something rude like that on someone’s photo set and be rude. You’re literally being mean. That’s like me going out of my way to say your favorite doll or toy is possessed and should burn. It’s not funny, you’re not being funny. You’re legitimately upsetting people who enjoy furbys, we’re not trying to tell you to like furbys but we are saying stop being fucking mean, a lot of the people posting furbys are fucking kids. You are literally bullying children. Fucking cut that shit out and let people enjoy playing with toys

ML Sleeping Beauty AU

Ok so I’m thinking of a Sleeping Beauty AU because @piku-chan has done an excellent job on her Cinderella AU (and its giving me ideas for a Cinderella III AU which I will write and post soon). (Shameless self plug : I am writing a fic for said AU called Lights of Home on Ao3 as well as tumblr. Do check it out.)

Anywho on to the headcanons :

  • Imagine the King and Queen of a faraway land with no child. They hope and they pray and finally they get a little Princess who they name Marinette. Throughout the land she is known as the Kingdom’s lucky charm and everyone is so happy.
  • A grand celebration is announced and the King and Queen from a neighboring country visit as well. They are very familiar with King Tom and Queen Sabine.
  • They have a two year old son who they decide will be the perfect match for the new princess and the parents of said princess agree immediately because if their long held friendship.
  • Little Prince Adrien is curious but couldn’t care less if the Princess is his future wife. He’s just curious at why she doesn’t move a lot and just wants to grab his hair every time he leans over to look at her. (He really likes her blue eyes).
  • Three good fairies named Alya, Rose and Juleka appear to gift the princess as well.
  • Rose gifts her with love and kindness. She will be loved by all who meet her.
  • Juleka gifts her with resourcefulness and song. She will always find a way to do things, never shy from work and will have a beautiful voice.
  • Alya never gets to give her gift.
  • The Party is interrupted by Papillion who is an evil fairy. Seeing the Kingdom happy makes him upset and in a fit of rage he curses the Princess. A black butterfly flutters over to her and the curious baby grabs it. It disappears. He curses that she’ll prick her finger on her spindle on her sixteenth birthday and die.
  • The King and Queen are devastated and they beg the good fairies for help.
  • Alya finally enchants a small toy sitting in the cradle that the Queen made. It is a stuffed toy resembling a ladybug named Tikki. Alya says she can’t do much but as long as Marinette has Tikki, she’ll be safe.
  • Alya also manages to lessen the intensity of the spell by telling her parents true love’s kiss will wake her should she fall into the cursed sleep.
  • The royals are still worried and after some discussion with King Gabriel and his wife, the Queen they decide the three fairies should take her and hide her away till she’s sixteen.
  • It nearly breaks their hearts but they need to ensure their daughter’s safety more than anything else.
  • The three fairies agree and raise the Princess deep in the woods as a peasant girl. They give her a fake name, Ladybug, because of what she means to her Kingdom and because name’s have power (and she needs luck to break her curse).
  • The princess blossoms into a lovely young lady and the fairies manage to keep her safe. They have to live without magic and manage to pass Tikki off as a woodland sprite rather than an enchanted toy to her.
  • On her sixteenth birthday they send her out into the forest while they make preparations to take her home.
  • Meanwhile, Prince Adrien grows up miserable and dejected. His mother died and his father is too absorbed in his work. His Aunt and Uncle, the King and Queen from the neighboring Kingdom, are the only ones who seem to care about him despite having lost their own daughter when she was a baby.
  • So Adrien is left with a caretaker named Nathalie and a full schedule. His only friend is a boy named Nino (who is learning to become a wizard) and even then his father disapproves of him.
  • Adriens most prized possession is toy named Plagg from his mother which Nino accidentally enchanted while practicing a few spells.
  • The cat like creature is annoying and likes too much cheese for Adrien’s liking but he gets used to it and enjoy’s Plagg’s company.
  • A few days before Marinette’s birthday, Adrien is making his way through the woods. He knows he’s betrothed to the Princess but never having met her aside from one encounter he does not remember he is unsure of what to think. 
  • He is just glad his parent’s didn’t betroth him to Princess Chloe or Princess Lila. Chloe is rude and takes every chance she has to remind him that Princess Marinette is cursed and probably will never come back from wherever she is so waiting for her is useless. Lila says the same but without as much fanfare as Chloe. Her words are no better though. Adrien withholds judgement until he gets to meet with her.
  • On the way he hear’s a melodious voice singing and laughing and intrigued he takes a detour to find the maiden.
  • It takes some coaxing because his horse (named Gorilla ironically) is stubborn and even then he gets thrown into a pond much to his chagrin (and Plagg’s amusement). 
  • Adrien sets his cape and boots out to dry while he goes to look for the girl. He is instantly entranced by the beautiful girl with strangely familiar bluebell eyes and a lovely voice. She’s kindly talking to birds while occasionally picking berries.
  • Her song is about meeting someone in a dream and Adrien decides for once in his life to take a chance and do something for himself. Stealthily he slips up behind her as she is dancing and joins in on her singing while twirling her. 
  • Now, Marinette has never known anyone but her ‘Aunts’ the fairies. She has however had dreams of meeting people and someone with a black and green tunic, and blonde hair frequented these dreams. The images were blurred and she didn’t recall much but she halfway recognizes this gentleman.
  • However that does not excuse the fact that he startles her and makes her drop her hard picked berries so she is very obviously pissed off. Adrien becomes distressed and begs for forgiveness and apologizes again and again. He only stops when Ladybug lightly giggles, finding his desperation amusing. 
  • She forgives him and they spend a lovely afternoon together. Adrien instantly falls in love with Ladybug (who is extremely clumsy and awkward) and Ladybug is sort of hesitant at first but after he displays his kindness she starts falling for Adrien as well.
  • He never tells his name either. He’s not allowed to tell his name randomly to strangers and he’d rather not be Prince for a while. The girl doesn’t recognize him either so he’s pleased.
  • So they decide to meet up again the next day and Adrien rushes off to the Palace where he is expected. The next morning as soon as he is able, he slips away using the excuse of enjoying the woods and the atmosphere. He feels slightly guilty but reminds himself he doesn’t know his betrothed Princess yet, and one more day wouldn’t hurt.
  • On the day of the coronation Adrien knows he can’t marry Marinette. It wouldn’t be fair to her and he loves Ladybug. So he runs back to tell his father (who he knows will be angry) but he can’t bring himself to care. Him and Ladybug plan to meet up again that evening.
  • Meanwhile, Ladybug is excited about her date that evening for she has fallen in love with the mysterious man who comes to the woods every day for her. Her hopes are dashed when she finds out she’s a Princess and she’ll never meet that boy again. She is already betrothed to another. There’s nothing to do however as she is expected at the Palace and she has to go back home. 
  • Heartbroken and dejected she barely keeps her tears in check as she makes her way to her room. The three fairies conjure a golden crown set with rubies and onyx stones. Along with it they give her a set of earrings with a simple Ladybug pattern made of the same onyx and ruby stones with a powerful magic spell cast over them.
  • Alya, Juleka and Rose give her a few minutes to collect herself knowing she got her whole life turned upside down and the new friend she made was taken from her. Tikki tries to comfort her but Marinette is too distressed.
  • A purple orb lights up the hearth as the fire goes out and two grey eyes stare maliciously at the broken girl.
  • She turns around and the light immediately catches her attention. It turns into a black streaked purple butterfly. She feels an urge to follow it and so she does ignoring terrified Tikki’s shriek’s to stop.
  • Alya, Rose and Juleka want to stop the arranged marriage because they know Marinette and know she has taken a liking to the gentleman she found in the woods. Its not fair to expect her to fit into royal life after living free all those years. A sound from behind the door startles them and they run into the room to find the hearth is now a staircase.
  • They follow her up but its too late. The butterfly had flown into the spindle and Marinette had already touched it, intrigued by the needle. She had always loved to sew her own clothes and the magic only enhanced her curiosity.
  • Tikki is left to watch over her as the fairies put the kingdom to sleep. She will be sucked into her charge’s earrings if anything is to happen and she needs protection.
  • Meanwhile, Adrien has told his father and rushed off again to meet Ladybug in the woods. King Gabriel is trying to find a way to tell King Tom which isn’t easy. Alya overhears him while he falls asleep and puts two and two together.
  • She along with Juleka and Rose rush to the cottage to find him and break Marinette’s curse. They run into a boy clad in green as he makes his way to the Kingdom.
  • It’s Nino. 
  • He was held back but he promised Adrien to make it to the Princess’ reveal and so even if he’s late he tries to make it. (He’s clad in green because Jade Turtle).
  • So the fairies question him and Nino figures out Adrien ran off and Alya sees this as a useful asset because he knows Prince Adrien better than anyone.
  • Prince Adrien is captured by Papillion who wants to ensure that the Princess never wakes, hellbent on having revenge. He takes Adrien to his lair and locks him up. 
  • Once the faes and Nino figure out what is happening they realize they have to go to the Butterfly Mountains to rescue the kidnapped Prince (not spooky right ? Think again).
  • The Mountain’s are inhabited by dark indigo, almost black butterflies and right in the middle is Papillion’s lair. Due to this it is also known as Akuma Mountains.
  • A few well timed distractions from Nino let the three faes get to Adrien’s cell where Papillion is taunting and tormenting Adrien about his precious Ladybug being the very Princess he was supposed to marry.
  • Adrien is furious but his heart is heavy because Papillion won’t let him out and he has no escape. Plagg is bound to him so he can’t go very far for help.
  • The fairies give him a super awesome transformation and he’s now Chat Noir. Black cape, leather boots and a glowing green paw print on his tunic. Plagg has been sucked into a silver ring on his finger.
  • Adrien has no idea what happened except that some ancient magic was used and now him and Plagg were one while transformed.
  • I’m feeling lazy so cue epic boss battle where Nino helps the fairies and Adrien escape. Gorilla is with Nino and they manage to fly away from the evil butterfly man.
  • Papillion conjures a forest of thorns and after more magic and sword slashing they make it to the castle. A giant butterfly dragon attacks and a lot of destruction happens. Just when it feels like everything is gonna go wrong a voice speaks in Adrien’s mind.
  • Adrien trusts the voice and with a deep breath and a roar of ‘Cataclysm’ he throws his onyx and emerald studded sword into the Butterfly Dragon’s chest.
  • A swarm of red appears from the topmost tower of the castle. It’s a bunch of Ladybug’s. The fix the destruction and Adrien has his sword and shield back. The thorns disappear, the castle is fixed and everyone is still asleep.
  • So Adrien makes his way up the tower and his breath is taken away (because he climbed up a bunch of stairs. It’s hard climbing to the top of a tower. Elevators didn’t exist in the seventeenth century).
  • And he sees his Princess, sleeping peacefully, a blood red rose right above her heart, a smile on her lips. A glint in her earrings and Tikki comes out of them. She was the reason the Ladybug’s appeared to fix everything. Sensing the danger around them she had been sucked in and when required had fixed the damage.
  • Adrien lightly pecks Marinette on the lips and she wakes up. Her eyes shine as she sees the boy from her dreams.
  • The Kingdom wakes up with barely a clue to what just occurred and Gabriel barely gets out “My son is in love with…Marinette ?” as the Princess comes down the stairs escorted by her Prince who gazes at her lovingly as she gives an excited shriek and runs to hug her parents.
  • He winces and chuckles as she trips on her dress and almost falls but is so happy to see her embrace her parents.
  • Later that night when Adrien asks his Princess for a dance (who shyly agrees), Rose bursts into happy tears. Juleka smiles. Alya and Nino fistbump while the two Kings and Queen look proudly on. 


  • When the Princess Marinette is born a good fairy named Tikki is invited to her party. She wants to gift the Princess but before she can an angry Nooroo appears. He is pissed off because he wasn’t invited to the party when Tikki and Plagg and the other Miraculous Seven were.
  • They had once been done a great favor by King Tom and Queen Sabine and were overjoyed to attend her party.
  • The Miraculous Seven were a group of powerful good fairies with the power to enchant jewels and choose charges to protect and care for if they deem worthy. Often it was to protect their joint causes. They were legendary and well known and respected through all the lands.
  • Nooroo was corrupted somehow and hasn’t been the same ever since. He goes by Hawkmoth or Papillion now.
  • Sending a corrupted butterfly towards the curious Princess, he cackles evilly as she catches it. It turns into purple dust and the blue eyed baby sneezes softly as it falls over her. 
  • Sabine rushes over to her and cradles her close. Little Adrien, who had been playing with the Princess before hand, had taken to hiding behind his mother’s gown. 
  • Nooroo just laughs and curses her with a spell that will cause her to fall into endless sleep on her sixteenth birthday. She’ll never wake up again.
  • As soon as he leaves Sabine begs Tikki to do something. So the good fairy gives her gift to the Princess. Tikki has already taken a liking to the little princess and does all she can to help. 
  • What looks like Ruby and Onyx studs are actually Miraculous stones. She says that those will give her the luck to reduce the curse over time. She’ll be able to wake up with true love’s kiss.
  • The King and Queen are still terrified so after discussing things with King and Queen Agreste and a few advisers they ask Tikki to take care of her until after her sixteenth birthday to keep her safe. She is her charge now because she has gifted her with the studs.
  • Tikki agrees and Plagg decides to pretend to be a cat and be a companion of sorts to Adrien. He is reluctant but finally gives in and gives the little Prince a tiny ring to protect him (which much to his chagrin, the little boy likes putting in his mouth a lot and covering with drool). It grows with his finger so he can always keep it with him.
  • Sixteen years go by and Queen Estelle (I like this name so I’m borrowing it from piku-chan’s headcanon), dies and now Adrien is left with an overprotective father, a too empty home and full schedule. Not to mention a cat that likes cheese instead of milk.
  • He know’s he’s betrothed to Princess Marinette and he knows she’s cursed and will be back by her sixteenth birthday. They’re barely a year apart. Adrien is apprehensive though because he has never met her.
  • This is a fact that some foreign Princesses, Princess Lila and Princess Chloe never hesitate to mention to him, much to his annoyance. He knows it wasn’t her fault she got cursed and is certain she is a great person despite having never met her.
  • He is willing to give her a chance because he loves his Aunt and Uncle and his mother wanted this for him too. It takes a lot of convincing but Adrien is finally given permission by his father to travel to the neighboring kingdom himself. He’s done it before but with the curse’s time so close King Gabriel is extra protective.
  • The KIng leaves earlier and makes Adrien promise not to come through the forest but Adrien runs late for some reason or the other and the shortcut through the forest is the only way he’ll make it in time on the day he is expected. Not wanting too much fuss upon his arrival he disregards his father’s concerns, dons a black cape and mask to make him less inconspicuous and ventures for the Kingdom.
  • On the the way he hears a beautiful voice singing a song of hope and love and dreams. He has to stop and check what it is. 
  • He ends up meeting a wandering Marinette who he scares and pisses off. She promptly ignores his frantic apologies. Finally seeing his sincerity and distress she forgives him and tells him her name is Ladybug (because that was the name she’d grown up being called to keep her cover). He introduces himself as Chat Noir.
  • They spend a lovely afternoon together with a stranger they feel so comfortable with. And slowly fall for each other. Agreeing to meet up later the next day they part ways.
  • Adrien has a few days before Marinette comes back home and so he pushes down his guilt and goes to meet Ladybug in the forest everyday. For once he wants to be selfish and happy.
  • On the day of the coronation Chat and Ladybug confess they’re feelings for each other and Adrien silently decides to ask his father to cut off his betrothal. He doesn’t feel it fair for Marinette and himself and he loves Ladybug now. A completely unintentional, but not entirely unwelcome decision on his part.
  • Adrien leaves to tell his father about the recent development, fully prepared for the disappointment and anger but willing to deal with it. He doesn’t care at this point. He promises to come back and meet Ladybug at her cottage that evening. She wants him to meet Tikki.
  • Unfortunately that evening Tikki reveals to Ladybug who she is and despite feeling sorry for her charge, the good fairy brings her home to the Palace. Ladybug is devastated because Chat was the first person she met aside from Tikki and trusted. He was her first real friend and love. Now she finds out she is betrothed to some Prince and may never see Chat again.
  • Tikki leaves her alone in her room for a little bit before Princess Marinette has to make her appearance in the ballroom to meet her parents and betrothed. She sobs to herself before the room grows colder.
  • Looking up and in a trance she follows a dark butterfly that flits around her head before leading her through the hearth and up the stairs who she never realizes weren’t there before.
  • Tikki comes in to see her and is horrified at the aura of the room and the staircase which disappears after her. She tries to run after Marinette but is ultimately too late.
  • Marinette touched the glowing spindle and by the time Tikki reached her Nooroo was smirking cruelly as he disappeared, leaving a sleeping dark haired Princess, baby pink gown splaying around her.
  • Tikki brings her back to her room and leaves her there. She cries and decides to try and fix it by putting everyone asleep and searching for the gentleman in the forest. She is hoping that he is Marinette’s true love.
  • Meanwhile King Gabriel is extremely angry and confused because Adrien just ran up to him, told him he was meeting up with a maiden in the forest while coming over, and left two seconds later after explaining he couldn’t marry Marinette.
  • With a heavy heart he goes to tell King Tom who is waiting impatiently for sundown so he can see his daughter. As Tikki puts them to sleep she overhears Gabriel’s words and is shocked.
  • Quickly hurrying she goes to find Plagg. She needs his help.
  • Meanwhile Nooroo or Hawkmoth is waiting for Adrien at the cottage having finally found where Marinette was hiding after years and years of searching. He captures the oblivious prince and takes him away to his hidden castle in the Akuma Mountains.
  • Plagg barely escapes without Nooroo noticing. If the evil fairy had recognized him he would have been captured too. Plagg flies back to the Kingdom in search of help or to gather the other Kwami faes.
  • He runs into Tikki on he way and both know it’ll take too long to go find Wayzz and the others. They are terrified but being the most powerful of their group (literally yin and yang) they muster their courage to rescue Adrien.
  • Hawkmoth taunts the poor Prince with images of Ladybug and Marinette and Adrien finally realizes they are the same person. Nooroo promises not to let him leave until he is old and gray and Marinette is still as young as ever, trapped in her sleep.
  • When Nooroo leaves, Tikki and Plagg sneak in and give him a magical transformation. They don’t have much time but manage to free him, and give him leather armor with a bright green paw print on the tunic and a sword and shield.
  • The escape is difficult and Nooroo almost kills them many times. He sends plenty of enemies their way, which are the butterflies with enhanced strength and power.
  • Adrien ploughs through. His hand steady and sword sharp. When they reach near the palace a thick wall of thorns and rose brambles grows. One of the Akuma have the power to manipulate plant growth and on Nooroo’s command block his path.
  • Adrien hacks way at the prickling plants but somehow ends up on the other side of the brambles. He comes face to face with Nooroo who ingests a dark butterfly which is practically glowing with dark energy.
  • He grows a great deal and Adrien is face to face with a dragon butterfly hybrid creature which is terrifying and vicious. He loses his shield when Nooroo attacks and is left with just his sword.
  • Somehow knowing the right thing to do he roars “Cataclysm !” and throws the sword deep into the dragon’s chest where a purple brooch was resting. 
  • A dark flash of light and the dragon disappears leaving behind a young man with bent wings. A swarm of Ladybug’s clears all the damage away, leaving a clear path for Adrien who takes it and races up the Castle steps to his awaiting Princess. He leaves Tikki and Plagg to take care of their disoriented companion.
  • His breath hitches and heart hurts as he reaches the top of the stairs (because climbing a bunch of stairs is hard) and he walks over to Marinette who is still peacefully sleeping. Unaware of anything that happened.
  • Adrien looks at her softly, realizing how silly they had been and gives her a light kiss. He is rewarded by bright blue eyes opening and a smile gracing her lovely features.
  • Adrien brings her down to meet her parents and her Kingdom as well as a flabbergasted Gabriel who decides to take it as it is for once, too tired to figure out what just happened. He’s just happy everything worked out.
  • The Kingdom rejoices and the Prince and Princess dance. Tikki and Plagg watch from above, happy for their charges as the other Kwami faes join them. They all decide the Prince and Princess deserve it.


In the alternate HC where Wayzz, Plagg and Tikki are Marinette’s guardians in the forest instead of just Tikki. 

Tikki wants to make the cake because she loves sweets and feels she can easily replicate one of the delicious cakes she buys from the nearest town. This leaves Plagg and Wayzz to make the dress. They shrug. How hard can it be ? It’s just cutting cloth and sewing.

Very very hard, it seems, to the inexperienced faes. It’s no wonder when disaster soon strikes. After careful consideration they decide to use their Kwami magic to make their Ladybug the best Birthday surprise ever. It is bittersweet. They have grown fond of her and now she’s going to be living at the Palace again. Taking on her rightful title after sixteen years of hiding. Not that she knows that. 

While Tikki bewitches the different cutlery to help her figure out how to make the treats, Plagg and Wayzz start on the dress again. It takes a lot of snarky remarks but finally they settle on a design and fashion it out of the fabric they have. The dress looks much better than the one they had tried to hand make.

It seems to be turning out wonderfully at first, before Plagg decides the light pink of the fabric isn’t really what he wants to work with. A mischievous smirk and a hushed whisper later, Wayzz is sewing midnight lace to a pitch black dress. He scowls. This color would never suit Marinette. When the bad luck fae’s back is turned he casts his own spell.

“Make it Green.” Bright forest hues replace the dark ones and Wayzz grins and moves along, merrily whistling as the peridot lace lines the neck of the emerald green ballgown. 

Plagg isn’t happy.

“Make it Black.” he snaps back. Once again the poor dress turns black, the sequins glittering like stars in the rooms light.

Make it Green !”

“Make it Black !”

“Green !”

“Black !”

“Green !”

“Black !”

“BOYS !” Tikki has her hand on her hips, flour in her hair and blue eyes piercing. The two on the receiving end flinch slightly at her tone of voice. “What is the meaning of this ?”

“Tikki !” Plagg moans, his eyes like a small kitten’s. “Pink was such a hard color to work with. Black is so much better !”

Wayzz snorts. “Hardly. It doesn’t match her at all. We’re bringing a Princess home. Not a shadow. Green is a much better contrast with her hair and eyes.”

That does it. The two male faeries start to bicker again before Tikki clears her throat sharply.

“Both of you are ridiculous. I will choose the dress’ color because none of you have any good fashion sense and can’t seem to come to an agreement.” With a haughty sniff she waves her hand and the half green, half black dress changes to vibrant reds and pinks.

With a satisfied smile she turns heel and walks back to wear she left the cookie dough on the counter. Wayzz and Plagg just mutter half-hearted apologies to each other before completing the now red dress. Both calling a temporary truce on the matter.

So it is to Wayzz’s deepest displeasure, when he goes to hide right before Ladybug comes home, that he turns to see that the once red dress now also has accents of black. Namely the lace and the sparsely scattered sequins. Plagg grins at his glare.

“What ? A Ladybug needs some black.”

Ta Da ! 

So how was it ? Tbh this has been in my drafts for months. I wrote the first part in march and didn’t like it to much but then after discussing the AU with Piku-chan I sent it to her after adding the bonus scene and the second list of headcanons. (I couldn’t decide which was better).

I am also working on a very cutesy fic regarding this AU because I could not help it ad piku encouraged me and now I am weak. Should be up by Friday…hopefully.