possessed zelda

Okay but did I ever mention I’m a huge Zelda fan


This was quite possibly the strangest situation Fi had ever found herself in, and that considering how strange her life had been until now that was really saying something.  There wasn’t even a way to sum it all up in a neat sentence.  The Hero of Time had defeated Ganon and saved Hyrule nearly half a year ago, but for some reason the Master Sword hadn’t pulled her back into the unconsciousness that had become so familiar to her over the centuries.  At first nobody had really thought much about it.  Only a select few people knew about her and they had all been incredibly busy trying to undo all the damage that seven year’s rule could do to their precious kingdom.  Fi had stayed in the Temple of Time - out of sight and out of mind.  She didn’t know what had possessed Princess Zelda to come check on her.  If she’d known that this would happen Fi probably would have stayed hidden.

Instead the bearer of wisdom had deduced that she wouldn’t be sleeping any time soon and took it upon herself to find a way to let Fi have something resembling a normal life.  The Spirit hadn’t protested until it was already too late.  With everything going on Fi hadn’t expected Zelda to find a way to actually reintegrate her into society.  It wasn’t a permanent solution - not even close - but it was good enough that she couldn’t turn the Princess down.  Which was why she was waiting in a sparsely decorated guest room in Hyrule Castle to meet the man that she was about to marry.  The plan was to tell the public that she was a victim of Ganondorf’s cruelest tortures, and that her appearance had been permanently altered by the magic he’d used on her.  So long as Fi remained in her more human form the average Hylian would have no reason to question the cover story.  She could live normally so long as she had a support system to make it look like she was human.  

Marrying her off to someone who knew the truth was the simplest solution to that last little issue, and Fi couldn’t really find enough problems with it to protest.  Her head snapped up to look at the door when she heard voices in the hall.  Even though she had agreed to all this she was still nervous.  Letting someone tie themselves to her felt selfish.  It would be better for everyone if she’d just stayed in the Temple of Time… but Zelda wouldn’t let her be alone like that.  If she didn’t do this then the Princess would keep trying to find solutions instead of focusing on Hyrule.