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Another Simbi possession, with J as priest-vessel. This one is interesting because Simbi comes, but it’s not the Simbi they are singing for–they are singing for Simbi Andezo, but there is a moment once Simbi is seated where he stops and starts indicating that it’s not the right song and they should stop. After a minute, when he refuses the bouji and only takes the krish, they figure out that it’s Simbi Dlo/Simbi of the Water. While Simbi Andezo occasionally wet himself, Simbi Dlo is known for soaking himself–whatever water you give him mostly ends up on him. When I saw Simbi Dlo in Haiti, he sat himself down in a basin and asked for BUCKETS of water–his horse was soaking wet when he woke up.

It’s not uncommon for a different lwa to show up when you are singing for another member of that ‘family’–all Simbis are Simbi, so it’s not weird that Simbi Dlo would show up when Simbi Andezo is sung for. It happens ALL. THE. TIME. with Ogou at the fetes at our house–we sing for one Ogou and a couple others will jump in, because why not?

I really love this video because of how happy Simbi is–he’s shy in the beginning when they are sorting out which Simbi it actually is, but he is super happy to be there, hence the dancing and the big smiles towards the end. It’s interesting that you can hear Simbi’s feet slapping the floor over the drums and singing–he is hitting the floor HARD.

Again, not my Manmi’s house or our temple, but nifty nonetheless.

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Fanfic: Possession Ch 13, Vampire Diaries | FanFiction

Ch 13 Excerpt



The house was full and Bonnie was nervous. She didn’t realize anyone of her friends were coming except she knew Caroline and Stefan bought tickets for opening night weeks back. Stefan and Caroline sent roses to her dressing room for before the show. A dozen yellow roses, and swarms of baby’s breath.

For our best friend with love,

Break a Leg

Stef and Care

Almost feeling a black swan moment, Bonnie looked into the mirror and felt something over power her. Some force of darkness. She hadn’t noticed that vein in her arm today It was probably for the best she didn’t see Damon tonight, the dances she was performing were going to be very emotionally driven, and she didn’t want him seeing her be vulnerable. Today, there were no traces of darkness in her system, and she was ready to perform. She kept her distance from Aiden except the one run through they did for their duet.

When Bonnie’s flowers were delivered to her dressing room, her face lit up. She read her card and smiled. They knew she loved yellow roses. Her and Caroline hadn’t spoken for a few days before Caroline apologized the night before, and just the thought that Caroline was there to show support meant a lot to Bonnie.

After about ten minutes Elena, Matt, Tyler, and Jeremy showed up sitting behind Caroline and Stefan. Tyler and Jeremy decided to extend their stay once Elena told them about Bonnie’s performance. Caroline and Stefan bought a ticket for Damon when they bought their own tickets. The seat next to them was reserved for him, if he ever showed up. Caroline was becoming worried he wasn’t coming. They were about three rows back and just as the lights went down to start the show, and the applause rang in, Damon trickled in through the audience and scooted his way through the crowd to get his seat next to Caroline.

“Bout Damn, time. She’s the closing of the first act. And the closing of the second act.”

“So I’m on time, right?” He said with a cynical face.

“Technically, you are here on time. But you should have been here before the lights went out.”

“Blondie, I don’t know if you realize this, but I had to actually compel my way in here, because you bought me a ticket and didn’t leave it at the house. I looked for it for about an hour.”

“Oh crap.” She looked into her purse. “Oops. It’s in my purse still, sorry.”

“Geez, you know how to pick ‘em eh Stef.”

“Oh shut, up. You’re here right?”

“No thanks to you. Now I’m late.”

“Shhhh.” All of the voices around shush them.

They look at each other like it was the others fault, and hit each other on the shoulder.

They sit through what felt like forever. The only thing that got them through were some of the numbers Bonnie’s name was announced as the choreographer. They were amazed by her deep, artistic, quality of dance.

“No wonder she spends so much time here.” He says to himself.

An announcement came on the loud speaker. “This next performer, was our guest choreographer. She has been so amazing all semester, that I asked her to perform a solo to showcase her talents. She is truly amazing, and she choreographed this number at the last minute upon my request to put into the show. I asked her, would you like me to say anything about this dance before you perform it? She said. Just that it came from core of her soul. So here she is. Bonnie Bennett, guest choreographer, and performer. The dance is titled, Take it All.”

The first number she was performing was her solo. Her solo, was very personal. She picked the song and then choreographed the entire piece the week Damon had left without a word. From the words of the song, down to the painfully artistic choreography, she was about to pour her entire soul into that dance. She had no idea Damon would be in the audience.

She never spoke to anyone about her choice of music, or purpose for the choreography, but when the darkness alluded the audience to the next number. It was Bonnie. As the one strained light forced the image of her beautiful silhouette to the crowd, all you could see was the darkness of her body performing under a blue light. Maybe indicating loneliness. He had no idea what to expect, except that it had something to do with him.

The lyrics were painfully and obviously directed at him, the second the song started. It was all lyrics with a quite piano in the background.

Didn’t I give it all,

Tried my best,

Gave you everything I had,

Everything and no less?

Didn’t I do it right?

Did I let you down?

Maybe you got too used to

Well, having me around.

Still how can you walk away

From all my tears?

It’s gonna be an empty road

Without me right here.

The blue light continued to force the silhouette of what appeared to be her nude body. As the lights came up, it was shown that she was wearing a nude colored unitard and nothing else. Her body gave the illusion of being naked, to the untrained eye. But not to him. He knew very well what she looked like naked. He appreciates the raw dynamic of her dancing style, along with the depiction her baring it all. He swore he felt his heart beat get stronger.

But go on and take it,

Take it all with you.

Don’t look back

At this crumbling fool.

Just take it all

With my love,

Take it all

With my love.

When Caroline watched the way Bonnie moved to the lyrics, she had a very clear idea of what the purpose was. The painful reality of Damon and Bonnie’s relationship was coming to surface for the audience. More so, for all of their friends to see.

Maybe I should leave

To help you see

Nothing is better than this

And this is everything we need.

So is it over?

Is this really it?

You’ve given up so easily,

I thought you loved me more than this.

Stefan watched as Bonnie’s facial expressions became emotionally hard to control as she danced. Her arms opened and shut and opened and collapsed. Her movements were large and powerful, and all the while it was signifying how small she felt in the mind of Damon. How unimportant she felt, when all she did was show him how important he was. He heard sniffling from behind him, and when he turned to look Elena was crying. Matt put his arm around her and kissed her temple. Stefan noticed it.

I will change if I must.

Slow it down and bring it home, I will adjust.

Oh if only, if only you knew,

Everything I do is for you.

But go on

Go on and take it,

Take it all with you.

Don’t look back

At this crumbling fool.

Just take it,

Take it all with you.

Don’t look back

At this crumbling fool.

Just take it all

With my love,

Take it all

With my love

Take it all

With my love.

And at the very end, when Bonnie’s movements dragged her to an unchained heart ache, Caroline looked over at Damon to see him wipe tears from his eyes. She tried not to make it obvious that she noticed it. Every lyric, every movement, every single thrust of emotion was Bonnie leaving it all on the dance floor. She would bare it all and then she would end the dance as the lights went out, with heavy panting. If you really listened, you could hear quiet sobs of emotional pain escape her throat. The lights black out, and the curtains drop. The entire crowd, Damon included stood up and gave her a standing ovation. The end of the very first act was over and the crowd had a fifteen-minute intermission to sit for. Damon needed air, so he got up and excused himself before anyone saw his red eyes. (Song cred/ Adele-Take it All)

      Hayata mutlu, huzurlu, memnun olduğum, para ve refah içinde yüzdüğüm için mi sarıldığımı zannediyorsunuz yoksa? Hiç de değil! Ben dünyadaki en talihsiz ve zavallı adamım: Aşkım yok, zenginliklerim yok, dostlarım yok; ne yakışıklı ne de güçlüyüm. Hayatta çok az sevinç tattım, çok nadir zevk aldım; bol bol ağladım, neredeyse hep acı çektim. Yine de ölmek istemiyorum. Hayır, asla: Hâlâ yaşamak istiyorum; sonsuza dek yaşamak.

      Ey rahip, bana başka dünyalarda başka hayatlar; daha güzel, daha huzurlu, daha ışık dolu bir hayat vadetmen nafile. İnanmıyorum buna. Senin dünyaların hakkında hiçbir şey bilmiyorum, senin mutluluğunu tanımak istemiyorum. Ben bu dünyayı, bu yeryüzünü, bu çirkin, sıkıntılı ve karamsar hayatı tanıyorum ve sonsuza dek bunu istiyor, arzuluyor ve talep ediyorum. Ben tamı tamına kendi uğursuz, sıkıntılı, melankolik, mutsuz hayatımı bu acı dolu hayatımı istiyorum. Yeter ki pencerenin yarısından gökyüzünü göreyim, yeter ki bir bahar sabahı bir kuşun ötüşünü duyayım, yeter ki bir çocuğun ve bir kadının gülüşünü göreyim, yeter ki beni sevenlere birkaç kelime yazabileyim, yeter ki ağustos ay ışığıyla aydınlanan duvarda bir ağacın huzursuz gölgesini takip edebileyim.

Giovanni Papini, Bitik Adam s.240-241
Fotoğraf: Robert Bresson’un
1951 yapımı, “Diary of a Country Priest” (Bir Taşra Papazının Güncesi) filminden, (Claude Laydu & Nicole Ladmiral).