I literally can’t even right now!!!! 😖😖 

Like Ezra vs Possesed!Kanan fight is going to be so hard for me to watch! (Space Dad and Blueberry fighting is going to hurt!) 

MAUL GET OUT OF EZZY’S HEAD, YOU COCKROACH! He’s NOT your Apprentice, he’s KANAN’S! Ezra is Kanan’s kid, so gtfo

(Urgh, I’m not ready for this episode. Because I know that this is where shit is going to hit the fan, this is where the metaphorical axe is going to drop and by the looks of it, it looks like it will end on a cliffhanger of bad proportions.)

 @meldy-arts I’m scared. I’m not readyyyyy 😫I thought I was but I’m not

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local probably hates willow because even though he doesn't want lane he probably doesn't want anyone else to want him. because in an abusive relationship he's very possesive and he wants that control over him even though he doesnt want to date him. hes probably like "he dates me or he dates no one at all!"

he’d probably try to ruin his relationship with willow

Dean Winchester Advent Calendar 3/12

Imagine: going undercover for a case.

As soon as you walked into the room Dean’s eyes were glued on you. You nervously shuffled closer to the Winchester brothers and made a slow turn when you were right in front of them. “What do you think? Will this work?” You were still a bit unsure, you weren’t used to tight fitting clothes like these. The case you were working on requiered you to go undercover as a secretary and you just went shopping to dress for the occasian. “(y/n), you look stunning.” Sam gave you a friendly smile as he looked you over again. Dean on the other hand had this possesive look in his eyes, like you were his and he didn’t want other guys to see you like this. His eyes roamed from your black classic high heels, to your pencil skirt over your white blouse, straight up to catch your eyes Litte shivers ran over your spine by the intesity of it. He then sighed, stood up and walked over to you. “Honey, you almost look to beautiful to be true.” A small smile spread across your lips as he moved to stand behind you. You heard him open the zipper from his black leather jacket and he took something out of it. Before you knew it he was closing a little necklace around your neck that had his name written in elegant gold letters on it. His nose brushed you ear. “At least this way the bastard you’ll be working for will know not to lay a hand on you. He’ll know that you’re mine.” You turned around and kissed him passionatly. “Don’t worry baby. I’m yours and yours only.”

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The Exorsism of Anneliese Michel

In 1968, at the age of 16, Anneliese Michel began suffering from convulsions. By 1973, Anneliese had developed such a strong psychosis that she would hallucinate while praying and see demon faces throughout the day. She would also rip her clothes off, eat coal, and lick up her own urine. In addition, she became completely intolerant of religious symbols and could not partake of holy water. 

Anneliese was admitted to a psychiatric ward to deal with her mental state, however no medicine seemed to work. Anneliese went under 76 exorcisms before dying of starvation upon refusal to eat.

Video and audio during one of the exorsisms: X