“I’m Lapis Lazuli.”


LAPIS LAZULI IS MY FAVORITE FUCKING ROCK IN EXISTENCE. I actually have two rings with that particular stone and they’re some of my favorite possesions.

However, her gem doesn’t really look like the Lapis Lazuli stone, the real one is more of a dark blue and usually has yellow spots on it. But that’s just nitpicking.

“But… you set me free.”

Oh boy. And she said “Crystal gems” like it was a differentiation from normal gems. 

She doesn’t trust our gems, and something tells me she might be justified somewhat.

And Steven doesn’t understand because to him, the gems are good. Why would someone think otherwise is strange to him.

Day 4: Favorite Character

My goodness, do I have to choose only one? Because I literally love everybody, Let’s say I’ll do a Top 5 :)

5. Ryuu

4. Arima

3. Akoya

2. En

1. Haru/Aki Beppu

If you ever looked through my dash, #1 should be obvious. I love those dorky twins ever since they appeared! Though about giving Dadacha #1 place along with them but I’m totally creeped out by the hints he was forcing Haru/Aki to “please” the higher ups. Who were aliens. The worst thing is that would actually explain why Haru/Aki are so possesive of the other one and why they keep on hugging, holding hands and such.


The Exorsism of Anneliese Michel

In 1968, at the age of 16, Anneliese Michel began suffering from convulsions. By 1973, Anneliese had developed such a strong psychosis that she would hallucinate while praying and see demon faces throughout the day. She would also rip her clothes off, eat coal, and lick up her own urine. In addition, she became completely intolerant of religious symbols and could not partake of holy water. 

Anneliese was admitted to a psychiatric ward to deal with her mental state, however no medicine seemed to work. Anneliese went under 76 exorcisms before dying of starvation upon refusal to eat.

Video and audio during one of the exorsisms: X