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Is it true that aquarius can be very possesive and jealous?

ugh dude heck yes. It can be quite annoying (well to me) they can be super psychotic and possessive over you if they really love you

Our love,holy
(aka I shouldnt be allowed to read good poems because things like this happen)

Hello,my dear! You might ask why am I summoning you on this piece of paper during geography class,making you exist in this poem without giving you any time to tell the sky it will see two of the very same you today. The thing is: I am in love with you.

I am in love with you like I’m in love with art,you both make me realize in how many colors we can feel in,if you would be gone from my life there will only remain everything else and that’s nothing at all.

If you decided your heart no longer felt warm next to mine,I wouldn’t be mad. I’d smile at you and tell you “may the stars bless you,go and keep loving” because my love for you isn’t possesive,it isn’t selfish,it makes plans for the future but doesn’t lock the door.

Your existence is holy. The first “I love you” you said to me,first cheesy pun,first dream I had about you,first time I felt proud,loving,protectful of you-holy. Your smile-holy. Your good morning messages-holy. Your silly doodles-holy. What we had,have and will have in any given universe-holy.

I’m keeping a place for you in my heart and among the stars,I’m making you a bed inside my cupped hands right between a blackhole and a young star,I’m writing poems about you because you are too much art and love not to.

—  inspired by ‘a finger,two dots then me’ by Derrick Brown

I finished up my “Sweet Tooth” piece AND have decided to put it up for sale as prints along with the rest of my prints for the next while until I leave the province since plans have changed a bit. 

Here’s the link to the shop if you want one of these in your possesion:

Tom didn’t know why he always woke up on the middle of the night with a cold sweat running down his body. A now familiar face swimming through his mind.

He did not know what made her so alluring. Was it her deep brown eyes that told him that she knew so much. Was it her curly hair, always up in an up do, her mischievous tendrils managing to escape the restrictions.

Last night, he had seen her again.

In his dreams, she had been smiling, her smile made the darkness in his chest lighter.

And for the first time in years, even if it had been in his dream, Tom had smiled. He had smiled because she had.

But then he had woke up.

Only this time, when he looked at the portrait of that hung on the wall just beyond his bed, his eyes wide. He managed to rasp out the one thing but he had been dying to know since he had painted her on that one September night…


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Sorry to add to your prompts, but i just realized you take them into consideration. So, my prompt is Possesive!Eggsy, gets mad when some hot lady hits on Harry while they are out relaxing somewhere, and since Harry doesn't realize Eggsy likes him, flirts back because he is sad that he thinks Eggsy doesn't like me.

Eggsy clenched his hand around his scotch glass, half expecting the glass to break from the pressure as he watched Harry chat with a rather good looking prick who had approached Harry not two minutes after Eggsy had left the table.

Harry sat on a chair about ten feet away, drinking a martini as the tall, thin bloke talked to him, clearly enchanted by Harry’s sensual lips.

Harry rested the martini glass on the table, leaning back on his chair as he rested his elbow against the top edge of the chair and interlaced his fingers together, opening himself up for conversation.

He assessed the man; he seemed to be in his mid thirties, was good looking, and obviously wanted to get in his pants, but he was no Eggsy.

Not that that mattered, the boy was his protégé and nothing more. He needed to get over his infatuation - he didn’t dare call it something else - for the boy. Eggsy would never be his, no matter how much he wanted to pin him against his bed, have his way with him, and then keep him there until their bodies fused together and they became one.

God, he needed to think about something - anything - else, or his body was going to react in a less than ideal way, especially considering that he had company.

Perhaps a good fuck would help him get his mind off things. He gave the man a dazzling smile as he tilted his head to the side, knowing exactly how effective that could be.

Eggsy walked to the table just as the man leaned in closer, his face far too close to Harry’s for comfort. Eggsy had no idea what had come over him, but whatever it was, there was no stopping it now.

He reached the table in record time, draping his arm around Harry’s shoulder possessively. The man immediately moved away, flinching as he saw Eggsy’s feral expression.

“Sorry I took so long babe, I needed to go to the loo.” Eggsy gave Harry his best disarming smile as he leaned in to capture the edge of Harry’s bottom lip to satiate the intense need he felt to show this man that Harry was not up for grabs.

Harry was unable to hide his surprise as he felt Eggsy’s lip faintly touch his own. What was the boy doing? He had never seen him this angry at a stranger, and he had never seen him this possessive either.

Was he… Jealous? Could it really be? Did Eggsy really feel the same way?

Harry’s heart rate skyrocketed as he clamped down on the hope that threatened to overwhelm him, not ready to face the impending reality that would crush said hope.

Eggsy remained glued to Harry’s side until the man moved away, clearly uncomfortable. Eggsy didn’t move away immediately, only then realizing what he had done.

Harry cleared his throat. “Care to share what happened to you just now?”

“I’m sorry,” Eggsy said without really meaning it. “I just-"He scratched the back of his head. "I couldn’t- He was hittin’ on yeh.”

“Yes, I realized,” Harry said, a small smile playing on his lips.

Eggsy flushed scarlet, looking away from those beautiful brown eyes. “Well, he shouldn’t have.”

“And why not?” Harry asked, placing his hand on the nape of Eggsy’s neck as he forced the young man to look at him.

Eggsy swallowed hard as he felt Harry’s breath against his face. He smelled like scotch and honey - it was intoxicating. “Don’t yeh know?”

Harry licked his lips, his eyes dilating as he brought Eggsy even closer. “Tell me now if I’m reading this the wrong way.”

Eggsy didn’t answer, he simply closed the distance between their lips, unable to hold back a groan as Harry’s tongue began exploring his mouth. He ran his hands down Harry’s back, aware of the awkwardness of their position and the fact that they were doing this in public.

He pulled away reluctantly as he gave the couple sitting close to them a sheepish look.

Harry chuckled, caressing Eggsy’s face softly. “We should take this somewhere more private.”