Have some laurent x damen fluffy hcs: (kind of a compilation lmao)

  • Laurent reading on damen’s lap and damen nuzzling into his neck. 
  • Laurent slipping his hand into damen’s pocket when it’s cold.
  • Damen stroking laurent’s hair and kissing his neck softly until he relaxes and falls asleep.
  • Laurent saying “i love you” to damen very quietly in the crook of his neck, and damen pulling him slightly away with a smile and daring him to say it again (a flustered and earnest laurent obliges).
  • Damen singing off-key in just an apron while cooking laurent breakfast. 
  • Damen laying with his head on laurent’s lap and looking up to see him blushing. Laurent: you’re very attractive.
  • Laurent reaching up and kissing damen’s jaw when they’re standing next to each other.
  • Laurent laying in bed, watching over damen as he sleeps and passing his fingers over damen’s lashes very softly and giggling when he jerks his head and finally wakes up to tackle laurent.
  • Laurent putting his cold feet onto damen’s calfs at night and laughing as he groans.
  • Damen being his romantic self, whispering something cheesy to laurent and laurent actually flushed and breathless, (why are they like this)
  • Laurent reading poetry to damen at night and damen listening but more interested in trailing his fingers over laurent’s skin.
  • Damen cupping laurent’s face in his hand and kissing his forehead.
  • Laurent with his newly found passion for wrestling (thanks nikandros) trying to wrestle damen to the floor and ending up beneath him, laughing until damen kisses him.
  • Damen texting laurent the chessiest stuff and laurent rereading it over and over throughout the day with the softest smile on his face.

Admin Note: It actually does canonically! In 1x04: “Phantom Traveler,” Sam and Dean talk about how demons tend to possess people with a weakness, or as Dean put it, “a chink in the armor that a demon can worm through. Somebody with an addiction or an emotional conflict.” And as far as angels go, not every person has the right bloodline to be a vessel.

Other Oc (? I think it’s the last OC that I’m going to show here, since I have many (I like to create OC XD), although this will be the last OC that I will create, since I have many and I do not want to have more (??? ?? ?

This is the first OC of terror I do, and I say of terror because she is literally possessed

Her name is Bianca

(My other OC’s will I post them on my DA) 

•Bianca / Oc belong to: Me