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I like this official translation SO MUCH BETTER! This is exactly why I wanted to wait for Crunchyroll’s. Gray does not specifically speak possessive of her body. He says he cares about her body. He wants her to take care of herself. Because she’s his. She’s his woman. He’s still speaking possesively here, but about all of her, body and soul and love. Not just her physical body.
This is so much better I am so much happier I’m gonna draw some Gruvia now

  • <p> <b>Victor:</b> things can get a little intense sometimes with Yuuri. He even says random things in his native tongue when hes upset.<p/><b></b> ...<p/><b>Yuuri [possesed] [speaking in tongues] [levitating] [black aura]:</b> <p/><b>Yurio [throws bible at him]:</b> this shit ain't japanese.<p/></p>

by Moit and Arver7 (AO3)

Pairing: Derek Hale x Stiles Stilinski


Word count: 280k

Rating: Explicit

Summary: Derek and Stiles are heat partners, but neither realises how invested the other one is. When Stiles winds up pregnant, their relationship gets more serious, even if neither of them knows how to handle it.

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Have some laurent x damen fluffy hcs: (kind of a compilation lmao)

  • Laurent reading on damen’s lap and damen nuzzling into his neck. 
  • Laurent slipping his hand into damen’s pocket when it’s cold.
  • Damen stroking laurent’s hair and kissing his neck softly until he relaxes and falls asleep.
  • Laurent saying “i love you” to damen very quietly in the crook of his neck, and damen pulling him slightly away with a smile and daring him to say it again (a flustered and earnest laurent obliges).
  • Damen singing off-key in just an apron while cooking laurent breakfast. 
  • Damen laying with his head on laurent’s lap and looking up to see him blushing. Laurent: you’re very attractive.
  • Laurent reaching up and kissing damen’s jaw when they’re standing next to each other.
  • Laurent laying in bed, watching over damen as he sleeps and passing his fingers over damen’s lashes very softly and giggling when he jerks his head and finally wakes up to tackle laurent.
  • Laurent putting his cold feet onto damen’s calfs at night and laughing as he groans.
  • Damen being his romantic self, whispering something cheesy to laurent and laurent actually flushed and breathless, (why are they like this)
  • Laurent reading poetry to damen at night and damen listening but more interested in trailing his fingers over laurent’s skin.
  • Damen cupping laurent’s face in his hand and kissing his forehead.
  • Laurent with his newly found passion for wrestling (thanks nikandros) trying to wrestle damen to the floor and ending up beneath him, laughing until damen kisses him.
  • Damen texting laurent the chessiest stuff and laurent rereading it over and over throughout the day with the softest smile on his face.
When They Get Jealous; part 2


Masky will most likely give you the longest silent treatment in all of humanity. He’ll act hostile and vent to Tim if he needed to. You will pick up on this really quickly and try to ask him what’s wrong. He would tell you it’s nothing and continue on with his day work unless he’s really angry about the situation it would go like this:

“Tim, what’s wrong? You haven’t been talking to me” You stood in front of your masked boyfriend.

He didn’t give you an answer only to see Brian facepalm.

“Tim! Come on please! Just tell me” You somewhat yelled. You didn’t even know what you did, he just started acting hostile ever since you were given that science project with that guy in your class.

Masky let out a deep sigh and got up from his sitting position on his chair to speed walk towards you. You’d be lying if you said you weren’t intimidated. But you only felt a pair of soft lips on your own.

“He was jealous!!” Masky yelled and ran out of the room. 


Hoodie may seem shy but when he is jealous he will use the second half of his personality; the aggressive side. He will either beat the guy to death if the situation is the worst or simply give him a death threat so the guy and “Back. The. Fuck. Off!”

“Brian! What the hell?!” You yelled at your boyfriend as he pulled out of the bakery. 

“He’s was gonna kiss you! Don’t ‘what the hell’ me!” He continued to pull you by the wrist towards the woods. “That motherfucker should learn not to touch what’s mine!” 

“I understand, but you didn’t have to create a pool of blood around him at the entrance of the bakery” 

The minute you both made it to Slender mansion Hoodie grabbed the sides of your face and crashed his lips onto yours. 

“You’re mine. Got that? I can’t stand the thought of you with anyone else” 

Jane The Killer:

She will be so jealous steam will be coming out from her nose and ears. Somebody touches you? They die. Somebody checks you out? They die. Kiss you? Dead. Flirt with you? Dead. Someone other than her makes you blush? DEADDDDDD!

“Jane! The fuck?! Addison was just complimenting my hair! You literally killed–“ 

“I don’t give a fuck. It’s my job to compliment you! Not their’s!” 

“They did nothing wrong Jane!”

No matter how much you protest, Jane didn’t give a shit. She dragged you all the way back to Slender Mansion to plan Addison’s death, planning it to be slow and painful.

The Puppeteer:

Jonathan Blake. Although quite an affectionate boyfriend; jealousy is his middle name. His former relationship went down the drain and he refuses to let the same thing happen between the both of you. He’d simply be very upfront about it, telling the victim to fuck off, he’d flash his yellow eyes and they’d just run off. However, he might regret it, thinking he was ‘too jealous’.

“Hey. I’d bloody accept it if you’d fuck off. Don’t touch my girl/guy”

Jonathan’s victim ran off the minute they saw the glint in Jonathan’s eye. 

“Darls, you didn’t really have to do that” You turned to you boyfriend. 

Jonathan just shrugged, intertwining his fingers with yours. Silently hoping the guy wouldn’t cross paths with you again. 

Homicidal Liu

We all know Liu has bipolar disorder and that Sully isn’t the best person to take over his thought, the only time Liu would willingly want Sully to come to play is when he would see someone else flirt with you. Rude, Mean, Selfish you name it, Liu would normally watch from a distance for a bit until Sully took control. 

Lui mumbled taking a sip of his drink. He watched some guy with you from a distance. He debated with himself whether to interfere or just let it be. Sully kept pressuring him to show that he was yours and only yours. 

‘Welp, you’re just gonna stand there like a lemon while some dude gets your guy/girl?’ Sully mentally yelled. 

Lui rapidly got up from his seated position and walked up next to you; kissing your cheek pretending not to acknowledge the male in front of you. 

“Hey babe,” You giggled. 

“Hi, who’s this?” Lui referred to the male in front of you and scoffed “This isn’t 1997 no one wears a cap backwards asshole” Sully stepped in. 

You gave a warning look to your boyfriend “Excuse me for a minute,” you faked a smile before pulling Lui away. Once you were both out of earshot you raised a confused eyebrow at your boyfriend. 

“Um, what was that?” 

“I didn’t want some jerk to hit on my girl/guy!” 

“We were just talking!” 

“Alright, alright, I’m sorry can we just go back to Slender Mansion?” Lui pouted ‘Yeah we’re not sorry’ Sully added

You laughed and nodded your head. “But don’t get jealous next time” You stated and kissed his nose. 

(Left is Liu and Right is Sully/ and yes Christan DelGrosso is damn amazing)

Jason The Toy Maker

Jason is possessive af. He may be your best friend and boyfriend but secretly he wouldn’t be afraid to kill anyone who stole his girl/boyfriend. May the lord help whoever is in the right mind to hit on Jason’s lover, my prayers are with you. 

“Jason, calm down” you held your hand in front of your boyfriend in hopes to calm him down. 

“Fine, I’m calm but who the fuck is he?!” 

You took a deep annoyed sigh. “He’s just a friend” You put so much emphisis on the word ‘just’

“Well he sure didn’t understand you were taken and that he was being friendzoned! He looked like he wanted to get into your pants!”

“That’s not going to happen. He’s not as great as you” You held Jason’s hands creasing it slightly. 

“Damn Straight! You’re mine and mine alone”

Like a Baby Duck

by ALoza (AO3)

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Pairing: Derek Hale x Stiles Stilinski


Word count: 1.3k

Rating: Not Rated

Summary: Derek hoists Stiles to his feet, and the six-year-old topples forward into the ten-year-old’s chest. He grunts and wipes at his cheek.

“Sorry,” Derek blurts, eyes wide with worry, as he steadies him.

Stiles smiles and shrugs, “‘s okay.”

Derek smiles back and crosses his arms, “Okay, you have to be the prince and I’ll be the knight that has to rescue you, okay?”

Stiles nods, “Okay.”

“Go to sleep in the treehouse and when I kiss you, you have to wake up,” Derek instructs.

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Obi wan as sith

I had a question: What would happen if obi wan was turned sith during the clone wars? As in, Ventress or someone has a ‘magic force’ thing that forcibly changes a jedi to sith. This is also done live to drop morality on the Republic. 

When it happens, it takes a while because this is Obi wan, he doesn’t want to. When it does happen, those connected to the force get dizzy because of the wrongness that occured : aka obi wan being a sith. 

When he lifts his head it is gold (taking this from @deadcatwithaflamethrower‘s character Venge) and Ventress decides that she needs to put it to the test because sith!obi is just silent watching her. She brings in a clone and goes to kill it when it revels that obi wan escaped his capture and attacks her for almost hurting HIS. 

What happened was that instead of being ‘evil’, it loosened his inhibitions and increased his possessiveness, which he had but suppressed. The clones are his, because he was the one that found them. He just gives them to keep his jedi company, because as a councilor the jedi are his. His company and his lineage are just for him. He is not sharing those, but he shares others and knows that Plo Koon along with Aayla appreciate them. 

As he destroys Ventress he checks the clone (whoever, maybe oc) to make sure he is alright, he decides to destroy the camera and mic because this is intimate with his. 

He decides to stay or leave the jedi helping where he can, but mostly because while he listens to the jedi, he decides to kill those that have or can hurt his. 

On the mission to Umbara, he remembers Krell and decides to spread the word of how to defeat him along with references if he hasn’t changed his ways. Finding that Krell was deliberately killing his along with not letting them grow, he duels then kills Krell. He lets the 501st, 212th and Wolfpack have them so they can learn to heal and grow, as they are his.

When Order 66 comes in, it doesn’t work because Fives’s death was faked to get him out and they took out the chips. Also, obi wan is a sith so hah. 

 No one dies! Domino Squad still lives, Waxer, Fives, Echo, Hardcase, they and other clones did not die! (99 is still alive, got it?)