posse out


“They’re off to do some mischief.”

The Neighborhood Posse returns and Agent Casper’s on the case.

What were they doing? Baking illegal birthday cakes. When it’s none of their birthdays.

Should this be a series?

@anon - sick stories

Anonymous said: what’s the sickest you’ve ever been?

Now I want to start this by saying, this is only one of the times I’ve been really sick, and I’m gonna post the other stories in separate parts. The next one is probably the sickest I have EVER been - But this time, I was pretty sick, too.

So keep an eye out for poss with the title “@anon - sick stories”

tw; for hospitals, vomit, etc.

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Haha- you think Davesprite is irrelevant??? Remember the monstrosity he had to deal with as a guide and THINK AGAIN

Fan girls in magnolia

Imagine if the shippers of the main 4 couples of FT were in Magnolia.( NaLu, GaLe, Gruvia,Jerza) let’s include Miraxus in the list as well! This is probably what they’d do

NaLu fans: come together make some elaborate plan, of getting Natsu n Lucy on a date, and station themselves all over town to make sure everything goes perfect.
Gruvia fans: They’ll probably get Juvia into some sort of trouble and make sure Gray finds out so that he’ll come saving her like he has before, and they’ll cry and faint as the two of them fight together in the most lovey dovey posses to get out of the mess the fans created.

GaLe fans: honestly, is there anything left to do with this couple? They’ll probably just tie up Jet and Droy, dump them in some pit and enjoy watching the cute GaLe moments.

Miraxus fans: get the two of them locked in a closet, and make sure Laxus is a little tipsy. And make sure that closet is really really strong.

Jerza fans : Catch Jellal, knock him out, gag him, strip him, and leave him in front of Erza’s door covered in gift wrapping paper and a ribbon.

I want to know more about Laura.

I want to know why she’s like this.

I want to know why her dad is such a paranoid guy.

I also want to know why there’s been no mention of him since the first episodes of the season.

If he IS such a paranoid guy, how is Laura still at Silas? Wouldn’t he have swooped in to take her home? Or at the very least, come to check on her?

Is she ever going to see herself as the hero? She led the charge to find the missing girls, she wrangled a posse to figure out that mystery, she kept going to the library for information, she tried to kill the Dean. And now that it’s all worse? She’s owning up to it and trying to fix things.

Carmilla isn’t the hero, man. You are.