positve message

(Pic of Em Ford, beauty blogger)

Telling a fat person with medical problems to just eat less is like telling a person with a bad acne problem to just wash their face more often.

Firstly, it ignores the fact that it’s different for different people and it’s insensitive to the problem.

The person might be doing the best that they can, and the body positive messages are created to help them love themselves and not give up.

Trust me when I say that giving up hope is the biggest struggle of all when facing something that seems insurmountable.


This is a brand new blog, by and for gay men. It’s been very disheartening seeing how we don’t really have a place on this website that hasn’t been overrun by people who aren’t gay men, and I wanted to fill that gap. 

My current idea for this blog is to post general messages of positvity and affirmation, as well as some history, regarding famous gay men, because in my opinion it should be much more common knowledge.

So, feel free to follow, and hopefully it’ll turn out great :D


I can’t wait to go check out this years new romantic comedy celebrating black love. “Black Coffee” starring Darrin Henson and Gabrielle Dennis will be in theaters nation wide January 10th. Ladies make it a girls night, grab your friends and go see this movie, people are already calling it a refreshing film with a positive message!

i havent share this (well bc i dont share much about me lol) but my constitucional law (the subject im gonna have a test on sunday - the second phase of my bar exam) professors (they are 2) they always end their classes with some positve message… and it’s always a star wars quote… everyday their last words are “may the force be with you” … sometimes i cant believe they are using star wars to keep us positive make us feel stronger and confident (bc this test can f* up our lives) that we on sunday we can pass! it’s amazing … is just … so nice!