btw, you might feel really small and sort of silly drawing in front of your computer at 2 am, or at school during lunch/between classes, at home on your desk, at your favorite cafe, because you think no one cares but that’s not true. I appreciate every single person that tries their best to draw anything and have the courage to look forwards to their next doodle, sketch, finished piece, whatever you’re planning

and the art you’re working on right now. I think its amazing and im sooooo so so proud of what you’ve managed to create! You’re not alone, and you aren’t wasting your time. Right now you’re being part of a community that needs you, needs your art, and wouldn’t be here without everyone participating, getting inspired, and supporting each other. You’re not invisible!!! And while I can’t be there in person i’m there in spirit to keep supporting you. Make that art! keep doodling! use that pen you’ve been saving, that colored pencil you just bought, that marker you found.

please dont feel alone, i know its hard, but im thinking of every one of you, every soul thats out there, and i want you to know its okay to be proud and excited for yourself. I know i am!! and even if you dont draw every day or even every month whatever you make is making a difference.

For those who need it

Just a reminder: Having a kind heart in a tough, cruel world is a strength and NOT a weakness. It took me a long time to really understand this. Even now I still struggle with it. Please be careful what you say to people. You really never know what’s happening behind the scenes. Recently this has hit pretty close to home for me and I just needed to get this off my chest.

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Spring brings a new light, a new hope and a new me.

Spring brings me the motivation to leave excuses in the past, to leave fear with the wind and self doubt in the clouds.

Spring brings growth. 

Growth in my mind, body and spirit.

Spring is my time. The time I make a real change, not a change simply written on a piece of paper, a slight chance of being made a reality.  

The present is a gift, and no longer will my gift remained wrapped under layers of hatred, depression and procrastination of glory.

I can’t wait to meet you spring. I can’t wait to meet myself.