how to learn more about a person:
  • read the things they write
  • ask their go-to movies
  • observe the way they treat their pets
  • check out the songs they listen to
  • ask them if they prefer tea or coffee
  • converse with them under the stars
  • do they like summer over winter?
  • observe how they act when they’re mad
  • do they sleep with lights off or on?
  • when they watch the skies, do they observe the moon or the stars first?
  • would they rather eat alone?
  • how do they treat those who are ‘inferior’ to them?
  • the way they approach strangers when they’re lost
  • if they like texting better than calling
  • how they act when they’re scared
  • if they like rewriting their notes for an exam
  • during what situation do their eyes shine the brightest?
  • the things they say when they’re partly intoxicated
  • how they act when they’re alone and with their friends
  • how they look at the people they love
  • what is their most favorite thing about themselves?

Shout out to people who never knew their dads

Shout out to people who have abusive dads

Shout out to people who haven’t seen their dads in a long time

Shout out to people who choose to cut their dads out of their lives

Shout out to anyone who had to take the place of their own father figure

You don’t have to celebrate fathers day if you don’t want to. And if you do, there are people who love you. You are all so strong and deserve a wonderful live. You aren’t a bad person for not celebrating fathers day. 

concept: me travelling the world alone, figuring myself out, taking tons of cute aesthetic pictures, befriending kind strangers, drinking a cup of tea on a cute cafeteria, and trying out things for the first time.

6 Reminders For Bad Times
  1. You are allowed to take up space, you’re human.
  2. You are allowed to have a voice.
  3. You are allowed to leave whenever you feel unsafe or uncomfortable.
  4. You deserve more than someone who doesn’t know how to respect you.
  5. You are allowed to put your own needs first.
  6. You are allowed to love yourself.

concept: my heart is filled with so much love and sunshine, i am content with myself and body, genuinely happy while drinking a warm cup of tea on a monday morning

i dont get why sending random cute anonymous messages is not the thing™?? like literally it’s easy peazy to drop compliments!! and you will never know… perhaps they need a little cheering up… also bonus: u can make their days a little brighter! just do it!