positiveviolence replied to your posthow weird damien just messaged me and now we’re…

And who’s damien!

um it was confusing we had a thing for like 10 months where we were on and off and always confused and we ended up realizing we were just best off as best friends and he was just once someone that like was always there for me and ended up being like a big brother and always protected me and stuff but then he got this girlfriend and then he had to stop talking to me cos of her and it didnt matter cos i couldnt talk to him cos of my psycho boyfriend at the time but i always kinda missed him till like semi-recently and now he just added me again on facebook after messaging me and now we are talking about my crazy ex boyfriend and idk our whole thing was weird like we were always best friends but sometimes more and one of us always like the other but not at the same time AND YA THATS IT