Gain more knowledge. Grow your mental ability. Read, read, read. Don’t just watch TV and movies. Virtually all highly successful people do some form of daily educational reading. Regardless of what they read, they make sure it contains useful and meaningful information from which they can benefit from in the long run. Statistics show that the average person reads less than 1 book per year. If you could read 1 book per week, that would mean about 52 books per year. Now imagine what an advantage that will give you over everyone else. 

to recover and become a better YOU, you need to surround yourself with positivity


When you love to eat! 


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8 Ways To Make Today Great

1. Gratitude - what are you thankful for? As soon as you open your eyes recall 5 things you’re grateful for today - this will attract more things to be thankful for. This also primes the mind to seek out more things to be grateful for which helps when you encounter challenges throughout the day.

2. Positive energy - spread the vibes! Send someone a positive message, smile at a stranger in the street or tell someone you’re thankful for having them in your life. This will attract others of a similar vibration who do the same for you. Pro tip - search the tag #positivevibes on socials for some inspiration.

3. Generosity - you get what you give. Give someone shelter under your umbrella, give a homeless person a sandwich or be there for your friend when they need someone to talk to. Serving others without expecting anything in return is nourishment for the soul.

4. Music - headphones on, world off. Listen to a song that makes you happy and walk through the world with a smile on your face - this is one way to enter the love vibration instantly. Music elevates our mood & allows us to tune into the now - which is where we find the most joy.

5. Exercise - the natural high. When you exercise endorphins are released from the brain - these are “feel good” chemicals that will wash away much of the stress you’ve accumulated throughout the day and leave you feeling fresh & rejuvenated.

6. Laughter - the best medicine. Speak with that friend that makes you laugh or watch the movie or video that brings a tear to your eye no matter how many times you watch it. Laughter is the quickest route into the love vibration & it’s free!

7. Meditate - get perspective. Take a few minutes out of the day to observe yourself from the 3d person perspective and understand that your “problems” are not as bad as they could be. Close your eyes, clear your mind & receive your downloads from upstairs.

8. Loved ones - surround yourself with positive energy. Grab your parents, spouse, children & friends and tell them how much they mean to you. Acknowledge them for being in your life & give them the most expensive gift - your time. Appreciate every minute you spend with them - it could be your last.

Every day may not be good, but there will be some good in every day.

Peace & positive vibes.