The greatest achievement is selflessness. 
The greatest worth is self-mastery. 
The greatest quality is seeking to serve others. 
The greatest precept is continual awareness. 
The greatest medicine is the emptiness of everything. 
The greatest magic is transmuting the passions. 
The greatest generosity is non-attachment. 
The greatest goodness is a peaceful mind. 
The greatest patience is humility. 
The greatest effort is not concerned with results. 
The greatest meditation is a mind that lets go. 
The greatest wisdom is seeing through appearances.
The greatest action is not conforming with the world’s ways.

~ Atisha

Bow pose for day 16 of positive summer hosted by yogini-dreams & yogipeach


Today I didn’t want to wake up or do anything. I had a healthy breakfast snuggled watching tv, then worked out and did some yoga. Even though I saw I still had a way to go, I felt a little better.

Sometimes it’s not about the perfect moments, poses or photos. Sometimes it’s just about you, knowing you did everything you could do to take care of yourself, when your brain was screaming exactly the opposite. 

#yogislovedad Side Plank Pose
Lotus Pose 
#summerlovinyogis Plow Pose

Full padmasana is not one of my favorite poses thanks (again) to my hips. And (again) I am reminded of doing stuff I’m NOT good at and what a humbling experience it is. Thank u yogini-dreams and yogipeach for a well thought out challenge where I Can turn something I’m not good at into something positive! This really made my Day (This and icecream :)

Howdy my loves:

How are you? I hope you had a lovely weekend I haven’t been so much here sorry for that, lot of work, a wedding (not mine) and spending time with my family!

I will catch up tomorrow the yoga challenges, some games that tagged me and I will answer my inbox!

I reach 16,000! SUPER HAPPY!! Thank you so much! I will do a promo tomorrow for you my loves!

Have a great night!


Catching up the challenges:

#yogislovedad: 3 things I love about my dad: The way he smile when he will made a joke/// He knows about everything, he is like a library walk/// His voice, since I was kid and I just listen his voice far away I felt safe and I just smile! and even that I almost have 28 years old I keep feeling the same way <3.

#positivesummer: Thanks all that joined us on this challenge! If you want to join me for july I am hosting a new one #enjulyyourpractice.