with school starting for lots of us, we may overwork ourselves or push ourselves too far. remember to take care of your body and mind: take breaks, step away from the assignment, go get a snack, or just take a day off if you feel like you can’t get through it. your health is what’s most important so put that before everything else, and stay safe and happy!

This idea was suggested to me by one of our followers (who I can’t recall I’m so sorry) and I fell in love.

Some of us don’t have a home, some of us don’t have family to come home to, and some of us have unkind and unloving families. We are the people who make home wherever we go, in the people we meet, in the places we visit. We get to choose our home and our family. Even if we are not related by blood, our bond is just as strong and just as important.

the original comments are made for a reason! they source to the original blog (which can only be done on mobile through this, i’m told) and often provide insight to the post and other useful info. plus, getting the comments deleted is almost like being told, “we don’t care what you have to say”

and using someone’s post to promote your blog isn’t nice either. if someone doesn’t want others self-promoting on their posts, respect their wishes and refrain from it! be kind and be aware!

cute idea submission by the lovely eikkibunnycircus, go follow them they are a super cutie and a 1000000% sweetie and they deserve all of the love and happiness in the world