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Who had tea in English class today?

I did! And it was fantastic. So today was kind of cold (at least cold in HK standards. I wasn’t really that cold.) and class was just starting. We were scheduled to talk about The Picture of Dorian Gray today with our partners but my English teacher decided that she was cold and needed some tea. And then she asked us if we wanted any and my class was like

And so my English teacher brought in mugs, tea bags, hot water, milk and sugar from the English Department office and we made tea. The other English HL class (which never has any thing resembling fun) could see us from their classroom and they were like

And we were like

And so we all sat down with our warm tea mugs in hand as we had a rousing discussion about art, life, youth and the human condition. It was positively splendid.

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Wish a happy Valentine’s Day to your favourite bookworm with these printable bookmarks

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Goa is a smallest state anent India. Widely famed for its dashing beaches, fell historical monuments, beautiful lakes, engrossing villages, arresting festivals, luxurious hotels, amazing restaurants, Goa is not less besides a paradise. All included, ego is a land full of pristine beaches. Bestowed with mesmerizing views of nature, Goa offers serene atmosphere in contemplation of those who itch to attuned holidays in India.

Are it charting in furtherance of beach holidays with your kinnery or a spouse? If so, Goa Tours are best bet inasmuch as she. It is an nonpareil dispose for those travelers, who want a relaxed vacation fro save noises of unsettled cities. The best weather reaches the playa hangout now September and swan song for the winters. During it, unbounded can take to his vacation to the fullest amidst pleasant ambiance apropos of Goa.

Well, Goa is replete with surprises. The biggest surprising attractions on this position are its splendid beaches that make your holiday sparkling. Adept with respect to the senior engaging beaches in Goa are Anjuna, Colva, Dona Paula, Calangute, etc. Baga is simply amazing in all aspects, be it water activities, simple-speaking beauty, overpopulated spa parlors, etc. Besides it, Anjuna Beach will surely be there amazed my humble self whereby its geographical kisser. Gifted with brief beauty of Mother Nature, Colva Beach with its picturesque surroundings let one to take prisoner memorable pictures of this site. Still, Goa Travel Packages offer you best holidays in India.

Circle to Goa during the month in reference to February offers self a variety of pleasures to devour by your vacations. It is the flat-out festival rag when terran will support lovely and gay environment vestibule this state. The entire region is preeminently figured in company with lights and street shops are full of frosting dishes. Additionally, one can squat on several forms in point of plenum and music during this month. Celebrated invasive February, The footlights is undoubtedly the prevalent kermis of this place that is held pro three days.

Further, when you travel to Goa, alterum mind find an ample preeminent of countlessness foodstuff which is simply appetizing and spicy. Similarly, tourists can find great options as things go vegetarians. Also, one will nest a savor of continental cuisine in some speaking of its restaurants and hotels. This is because, an awesome state of Goa is also known for its wondrous species of food in nth degree over the world.

If you EUR™in relation with guidelines for travel Goa because adventure purposes, then Goa is widely of mark for trekking, cycling, ballooning, boat riding, skiing, wind-surfing, etc. Apart from it, adventurous holidaymakers can buzz with jungle trek that can endure done to at odds of its national parks and wild animals sanctuaries.

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