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I just came back from my favourite crystal shop @mineralmindz 🙊 her new location is absolutely beautiful! 😍🙌🏼 it’s secluded by trees and just has the most lovely and peaceful atmosphere 🌲🌾 I never need to cleanse her crystals either ~ they always radiate with the happiest most loving energy 😌🙏🏼💎✨

Autumn 2011 to Autumn 2016

•Graduate college
•Establish comfortable career
•Obtain Registered Veterinary Technician license
•Maintain same bland, mundane relationship
•Turn 21
•Add alcohol & constant partying
•Become engaged to bland, mundane human
•Add long distance running
•Establish clean eating habits
•Subtract alcohol & partying
•Lose close to 100lbs
•End engagement
•Subtract bland, mundane human
•Find self
•Add CrossFit
•Subtract long distance running
•Add amazingly strong & perfect man human
•Surgically subtract 7.5lbs of loose skin
A beautifully positive and radiant woman happy in her own skin with those around her & the life she has made for herself.


The Trailblazer Award is for somebody who breaks the mold, they said. And that is absolutely Shailene. I honestly can say I’ve never been in a room with somebody who emits more of a radiant, positive light. Shailene is an incredible force of nature. I’m sure when she gets up here, she’d like to give you all a heart hug, which is where you hug and your hearts touch. But she can’t, so she’ll just accept the award graciously. But, Shailene, I love you. I feel like I’ve written a bunch of speeches for you at this point. I’m always happy to do it, because you’re an incredible actress. And that’s really only matched by your integrity, and who you are as a person.” - Miles Teller presenting Shailene Woodley with the Trailblazer award

I was here three years ago when Emma Stone won this award… I remember what she said because it stayed with me all of these years. She came up here and she defined what a trailblazer was, which is an innovator, someone who forges a new path. And in her speech she said… we meet thousands of people who we may be inspired by but we’ll never be anyone other than ourselves. And, in thinking about that and thinking about this whole concept of trailblazing, I realized that we can’t fully be ourselves without a community, we can’t be ourselves without people to reflect back to us who we really are. In that, I keep marveling at this idea at who we pick up on the trails along the way and who becomes our communities… What am I trying to say? I jut have no idea! Looking at all of you, I know some of you, I don’t know some of you, but for all of you who have been pillars to me, thank you, and for all of you who I have been able to be a pillar for, I will continue to be a pillar for. Whoever your community is, be pillars for these people… so let’s trailblaze on!” - Shailene Woodley’s acceptance speech

my two most precious friends @nectar-imperial and @ignite-terror got married today, and they absolutely adore roseali (as do i), so this was a perfect time to both celebrate & draw roseali for the first time ;w;

i am so happy for you both. you two are honestly the most beautiful (and i mean that both inside and out), radiant and positive people i have ever had the pleasure of meeting and befriending. and put together you are like, happiness personified LMAO. god i can’t believe you guys knew each other since you were kids and now you’re fucking married that’s like. mindblowing to me. YOUR SHOUJO-ASS ROMANCE LMAO ;~~; you two sincerely give me hope for me & shan too someday in so many ways. i hope you know that. i love you both from the bottom of my heart and i pray for your happiness from now to years to come. 

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Everytime you post a pic, all I can think is "wow". I haven't been a follower long, but I'm consistently floored by your beauty. Please keep up the amazing content, and sharing that positively radiant beauty with the world :)

Aww that’s so sweet. Thank you darling 😁


Happy Birthday Kong. 290915

I’m terribly rotten at expressing affection and such, but since his birthday is kind of important. very important. I guess I can try my best to.. LOL

So, well, all I really want to say is thank you, binnie. Despite it only being half a year, without that bright positivity, brilliant radiant smiles, and cute cringing giggles I don’t think I’d find the inspiration and motivation to move forward in a positive way. I’ve come to admire so much of your strength, perseverance, talent, hardworking nature, and the positive energy that I think truly defines you. You’re a very charming, sweet, young man and far talented than anyone, including yourself, gives you credit for.  I’m glad to be one of your fans, so stay healthy and try to never lose that bright smile of yours, you dorky bean.  -crumbles into a ball of cringes-

So yeah, have a great day, bean. Happy 22nd Birthday. 

Concept: We get on a train and leave this city. We can get a small apartment and start over together in a place where no one knows who we were or how badly we fucked up before


[…] I have never been in a room with somebody who emits more of like a radiant, positive light. Shailene is, is an incredible force of nature. I’m sure when she gets up here she would look to give you all a heart hug. Where you hug and your hearts touch. She can’t. She will just accept the award graciously. But Shailene I love you. I feel like I have written a bunch of speeches for you at this point. I am always happy to do it. You are an incredible actress, that is really only matched by your integrity and who you are as a person. […]

- Miles Teller

お誕生日おめでとう KAI!


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Thank you so much for sharing your radiant positivity and your extraordinary musical talents! I kinda feel like you are, unfairly, the underrated member of the band, when you are actually the backbone of the GazettE.

BUT DON’T LET THAT GET TO YOU because it’s your awesome leadership and support that us Sixth-Guns and the GazettE members are able to stand together and be where we are today. I hope that we can continue walking down this musical journey together, so keep on blessing us with your adorable, life-giving smiles and laughter (his dimples ugh), and keep beating those drums with all you’ve got! (I love it when you look like you’re playing in ecstasy!)

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As fans, we’ll do our best to cheer you on, and our heartbeats will passionately beat along with the sound of the GazettE and your drums :)

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