positively radiant


Upright: Fun, warmth, success, positivity, vitality

Reversed: Temporary depression, lack of success

The Sun represents success, radiance and abundance. The Sun gives you strength and tells you that no matter where you go or what you do, your positive and radiant energy will follow you and will bring you happiness and joy. People are drawn to you because you can always see the bright side and you bring such warmth into other people’s lives. This beautiful, warm energy is what will get you through the tough times and will help you succeed. You are also in a position where you can share your highest qualities and achievements with others. Radiate who you are and what you stand for. Shine love on those you care about.

The Sun is a ‘yes’ to life! It brings with it luck, wellness, positive consciousness, enthusiasm, attainment and success. It is about embracing your destiny and giving it everything you have got. If you have been having a difficult time, the Sun brings you the message you have been waiting for – that things are going to get better – a lot better! You know that the rain clouds will soon give way to the rays of the sun and you will feel warmed to the soul once again.

The Sun card is the card I was most looking forward to paint, not because I’d get a chance to paint our boy Solaire, but also ‘cause of what it represents. It represents joy, happiness, and having hopes and dreams. I wanted to share the positivity of this card with everyone, and maybe bring a smile to your face, as a reminder for all of us to try and stay optimistic. Of course things won’t always go smoothly, at some point we’ll need a Solaire to carry us through dark times, or we may even be a Solaire to a friend or family member. After all, what would our journey be like without jolly cooperation?

Harry Styles Bridges Past and Present at Stirring Tour Kickoff Show

Outside San Francisco’s Masonic, a modest but modern venue nestled in the city’s upscale Nob Hill neighborhood, thousands of Harry Styles fans had spent hours – some, even days – waiting on the steep sidewalks. The mob would feel smaller inside the venue, during a show that was the most intimate many of them had ever seen the boy-band heartthrob play.

It was more than the screams that made Styles’ first official tour date as a solo artist feel like he was playing to a football stadium rather than a theater. At 23 years old and with only 10 songs to his name, Styles has the charm, presence and feistiness of a veteran rocker twice his age, strutting and strumming across the stage with a delicate power that makes him seem as accessible as he is otherworldly.

Styles and his carefully curated band took the stage Tuesday night after Muna, a California electro-pop trio that brought the house down with a one-two punch of Stevie Nicks’ “Edge of Seventeen” and their own “I Know a Place.” Lead singer Katie Gavin set the tone for the night, building upon the joyous mood of the crowd. “Harry has built his career, his essence, on kindness,” she earnestly said to deafening screams.

After a brief delay due to a fire alarm that dared to shut the whole night down, Styles finally made his grand entrance to a loop of the “Ever Since New York” harmonies, already intoxicating on his self-titled debut album but nearly hypnotic as the lights dimmed to reveal his guitar-holding silhouette on the pink and floral curtain that was hung after Muna left the stage. Here, we were introduced to Harry’s first persona of the night: folk troubadour. From “New York” on, he displayed his most tender, rootsy side, performing more album ballad cuts like “Two Ghosts” and “Sweet Creature” – the latter met with a sea of fan-made pink hearts that were held up throughout the song. Much earlier than anticipated, Styles reminded everyone exactly where he came from, offering a tender take on the anthemic One Direction fan favorite “Stockholm Syndrome.”

Following “Sweet Creature,” Styles disposed of his floral jacket – part of a matching, two-piece floral suit – and launched into Act II: raucous rocker. A Jagger-ian strut propelled his body across the stage during “Only Angel,” and he gyrated to the sexy “Woman.” During that same track, a fan threw a rainbow flag on stage, and in direct opposition to the song’s heteronormative storyline, he subversively twirled around with it before attaching it to his microphone where it remained for the rest of the main set.

By this point, Styles had completely loosened up, shedding the semi-serious (possibly even nervous) mode of his set’s first half. He began to perform a few covers, a twist that was as crowd-pleasing as it was brilliant. He first tackled “Just a Little Bit of Your Heart,” a piano ballad he co-wrote that Ariana Grande sung on her 2014 album My Everything. He turned Grande’s melodrama on its head, remaking the tearjerker as a down-and-dirty country-rock romp. He did the same with One Direction’s massive, unmistakable breakout hit “What Makes You Beautiful,” a bold choice for an artist setting out to forge his own path.

But Styles has proven time and time again that to be a successful solo artist, you don’t necessarily have to let go or even erase your past. As soon as “WMYB” ended, the band launched into the gritty, glammy “Kiwi” which got an even bigger rise from the crowd than the 1D classic did.

Once the song wrapped, Styles marched off the stage with the rainbow flag as the set was re-arranged and his jacket was revived for the “encore.” It was here that he unveiled his third act and his final persona: the subtle superstar. The show’s final 15 minutes featured a tight trio of tracks, beginning with “From the Dining Table,” a gorgeous, simple guitar tune featured only Styles and primary collaborator Mitch Rowland on guitar. Next, he launched into an incredible take on Fleetwood Mac’s “The Chain” as he celebrated and highlighted the talented quartet of musicians he culled together for his touring band. He could’ve ended the show with the classic cover and it would’ve felt completely natural, charming and on-brand, but of course he had an appropriately epic goodbye up his sleeve with “Sign of the Times,” the single that officially launched his solo career. Styles’ live version of the anthemic, Queen-inspired, nearly six-minute opus was stirring and triumphant as bright lights bathed him and his fans. The singer looked positively radiant as he shared in this moment, one that rightfully belonged to him, with every person in the room, whether physically present or being FaceTimed, Periscoped or live-texted in.

“You are the best friends any person could ever ask for,” he offered sincerely, much earlier in the night. Blurring the lines of fans and friends is not typical rock star behavior, but then again, Harry Styles isn’t shaping up to be your typical rock star.

Just Friends

Summary: Bucky finds you trying on some lingerie for your upcoming blind date.

Warnings: smut

A/N: Inspired by this post but with my own take on it.

You smiled at your appearance in the mirror. You looked utterly spectacular in the lingerie you had picked out. A red bra and panty set with a matching garter belt that connected to thigh high sheer stockings. You had a black dress laid out on your bed that you planned to wear with burgundy heels. 

You twirled, admiring every angle of your body. You hoped that your blind date would enjoy the lacy undergarments, that is if they earned it. You hadn’t gotten laid in months and you craved the feeling of someone else between your legs, not just your hands or your toys. 

You sighed satisfyingly and reached around for your dress. You held it up by its hanger, questioning your choice in attire. Your attention was pulled away by a knock on your door. Thinking it was Natasha you went ahead and gave them the okay to enter.

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Holy Fuck.

This card is associated with attained knowledge. An infant rides a white horse under the anthropomorphized sun, with sunflowers in the background. The child of life holds a red flag, representing the blood of renewal while a smiling sun shines down on him, representing accomplishment. The conscious mind prevails over the fears and illusions of the unconscious. Innocence is renewed through discovery, bringing hope for the future.
  •     Optimism—Expansion—Being radiant—Positive feelings
  •     Enlightenment—Vitality—Innocence—Non-criticism
  •     Assurance—Energy—Personal power—Happiness
  •     Splendor—Brilliance—Joy —Enthusiasm

This card is generally considered positive. It is said to reflect happiness and contentment, vitality, self-confidence and success. Sometimes referred to as the best card in Tarot, it represents good things and positive outcomes to current struggles.

(font: wikipedia)

And the reversed meaning:

The Sun reversed indicates that finding the positive aspects to a particular situation may prove to be difficult. The clouds may be blocking out the warmth, and preventing you from feeling as though everything is on track. You may have experienced setbacks that have damaged your enthusiasm and optimism and have perhaps led you to question whether you can really achieve what you have set out to achieve. You may be feeling depressed, sad or left out. You may be reluctant to proceed and you are no longer enjoying what you are doing. Your direction and path ahead may have become clouded or distorted in some way. Nonetheless, the Sun is never a negative card, so this is only temporary. The obstacles you see can be easily removed if you put your mind to it. It may just take a little more effort than usual.On the other hand, you may be being too positive. That is, your perception of a particular situation is overly optimistic and unrealistic. You do not have a good sense of yourself and what you are and are not capable of. You may have become egotistical and out of touch with whom you really are. You may not be being truthful to yourself and to others, instead trying to talk yourself up when you know you cannot deliver. If this feels like you, then ask others for feedback and to give you a ‘reality check’

(font: biddy tarot)
I don’t even know what to think.. if anyone wants to discuss it here, please, fell free to do so
From Afar

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requestedWould you take my request into account with the reader being the blushing, stuttering mess that swoons over Peter from a distance and tries to talk to him only to chicken out.

send your requests here!

word count: 811

pairings: peter parker x reader 

warnings: just a buuuuunch of fluff

a/n: this was super cute and suuuuper fun to write, thank you for sending this one in! i hope it was what you were lookin for, enjoy!!! 

You weaved through the crowded hallways of the Midtown School of Science and Technology, dodging chatting students and teachers as you made your way to your next class of the day. The one class you were excited to go to–pushing your feet to move faster.

You entered in–one of the first few, as usual–and took your spot in the middle row. Your eyes were trained on the door, watching each student slowly filter in until….

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Honey I’m Good” by Andy Grammer somehow makes it onto the Kegster playlist (probably thanks to one Eric R. Bittle run away with his captainly power) and Dex, with maybe a little more tub juice in him than normal, starts to line dance to it.  Everyone stops to watch and clap along, and Dex’s face is positively radiant and carefree.  It is simultaneously the corniest and hottest thing Nursey has ever seen.

BONUS! completely!smitten!Nursey for y’all.

(This song came on during my workout today and this is the first thing that came into my head. I can’t even go for a run without these two assholes invading my thoughts, wtf…)


summary: when you realize you’re finally showing. 

pairing: Steve Rogers x reader

word count: 784

a/n: just some fluff i had to get out of my system!!!! please enjoy! i’m also sorry because i am absolutely awful at endings

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The blond super soldier heard your cry and immediately dropped the dishes he had been washing into the sink, rushing to your shared bedroom. The worst flooded his mind as he raced through the hall and burst through the open door.

“What?! What’s wrong?” he asked, searching the room for any threats and getting into a fighting stance. He snapped his head towards you when he heard a giggle, focusing on your form. You seemed fine he noted, with towel-dried hair and a smirk on your face.

“Well, now you’re getting soapy water all over my floors,” you taunted, hands on your hips and shaking your head at him. He relaxed slightly and looked down at his hands, which were indeed dripping onto the carpet of your bedroom. He smiled sheepishly at you, and you giggled and threw him the towel you had just used for your shower.

He shook his head and dried his hands, standing up straight and relaxing fully. “What’s wrong, doll? Why’d you scream?”

The smile adorning your face lit up the room. “Look!”

A curious look on his face, he watched as you turned to face the full-length mirror in front of you, keeping your head towards him and giving him a side view of your body. His eyes traveled down from your ecstatic face and pink cheeks, to the small baby bump cradled in your hands. This was the first time he took notice of what you were wearing–a soft, black tank dress that hung simply on your figure. The bottom usually hung a couple inches above your knees, but because of your stomach, the front was hitched at a slant ever so slightly.

You were practically bouncing on your feet as his blue eyes met your shining ones. “I’m showing!”

His heart swelled in his chest and a goofy smile cracked his lips at your childlike excitement.

You had wanted children all your life, long before knowing how or where they came from. Being a mother was something that came so naturally to you, and was something you felt you were destined for. It was one of your biggest dreams. Steve dreamed of having a family of his own one day, but never really thought that it could actually happen. You had started dating, your relationship progressing naturally, and just a year after you two had been married, you found out that you were pregnant. You’ll never forget the look on his face as he saw the little + on the test: his wide, bright smile, tears in his eyes and a hand reaching out to you.

You were still in the early stages and hadn’t been noticeably showing yet, waiting patiently as your bundle of joy was growing inside you. Your excitement at finally showing was pure and so wholesome, he wondered how he got so lucky.

He was brought out of his reverie by another one of your giggles. He gazed at you, watching as you turned side to side, admiring your changing body, your bottom lip caught between your teeth that did nothing to hide the absolute bliss that you were feeling. You were were positively radiant, and a warmth spread from his heart all the way through his body, down to the tips of his toes, the thought crossing his mind that this was all his. That his dream was coming true.

He had heard of pregnant woman having a certain glow, and he wondered if this was what it was like to bask in it.

“Steve, babe,” you said sweetly, smiling at catching his staring at you. He lifted his head and you reached out to him. “C’mere.”

He grabbed your hand and kissed it, letting you pull him to stand with you. He stood behind you, interlacing his fingers with yours and placing your joined hands on your stomach. He did the same with your other hands, pulling you back into him in the process. You leaned your head back on his shoulder and reveled in the feeling of his strong chest against your back, swaying gently side to side. You had stood like this thousands of times before, but this felt different. More intimate; more complete.

“I love you,” he said gently, kissing the side of your head tenderly.

“I love you,” you repeated, squeezing his hands.

You released your husband’s hand to grab your phone from the dresser, letting him interlace his own fingers over your stomach as you placed your free hand on top of his. You smiled as did Steve, and you snapped a few pictures, grinning wider when he kissed your cheek for a few and tickled your sides.

His dream was finally coming true.

Blind Devotion

Bucky x Reader

Summary: She’s afraid that Bucky’s going to leave her, but he loves her too damn much.

Word Count: 5.2k+

Warnings: a boatload of angst, a boatload of fluff, language, and some vague smut and mentions of sexy times idk just read it, it’s a lot. it’s also unedited because i’m a lazy shit

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It had been seven years since Bucky’s name had been cleared since the events in Vienna and getting pardoned by the US government. It’s been seven years that he’s been home and he’s been so incredibly happy. It’s also been four years since we’ve been married and retired from our hero days.

Four years of waking up to the sound of the love of my life’s snores. Four years of tackling him awake with kisses and affection. Four years of our forever lives together and I couldn’t be happier. We lived in a gorgeous three bedroom apartment in Brooklyn with large glass windows covering the entire foyer on the eighth floor of our complex. Now that I’m no longer an Avenger, I use my time and knowledge at the children’s hospital as a registered nurse. I’ve always wanted to be a nurse, I even went to school for it before Doctor Helen Cho recruited me onto her Avengers task force ‘clean up’ team, which roughly translates to making sure that Earth’s Mightiest Heroes were healthy and not injured. Bucky now owns a gym with Sam and Steve and he loves it. I love how he loves it because I love him.

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I just came back from my favourite crystal shop @mineralmindz 🙊 her new location is absolutely beautiful! 😍🙌🏼 it’s secluded by trees and just has the most lovely and peaceful atmosphere 🌲🌾 I never need to cleanse her crystals either ~ they always radiate with the happiest most loving energy 😌🙏🏼💎✨

Misfire [Chap. 4]- Ending.

Summary: The four times Bucky tries to ask you out and fails.

Warnings: couple of swear words, that’s all!

a/n: well this is it! the end! thank you so much for all your responses and support and ahhhhhh i love oyu guys so much!! i can’t believe i actually finished a series that i started holy shit

Chapter 3 || Series Masterlist || Masterlist

The Song

Bucky had never felt more defeated in his life as he stared at you while you laughed, tipping your head back at Tony’s final successful attempt of lighting a bonfire. 

“AHA! Fuck you, I win!” he exclaimed, pointing a finger at the fire which crackled vibrantly. “Alright; who’s ready for s’mores!”

Your face was illuminated by the orange light of the fire in front of you, a wide grin stretched over your face. You looked positively radiant and Bucky could feel himself smile the most dopiest smile ever.

His hair was still slightly damp, but he carelessly pushed it out of his face. He probably looked like the Loch Ness monster. 

By the time you both had dragged yourselves out of the lake, Sam and Wanda were waiting at the bank with towels which you gratefully accepted. Sam rolled his eyes at Bucky when you weren’t watching, wondering how on earth he could have accomplished the marvellous feat of 3 unsuccessful attempts of asking you out.

The two of you had changed into your spare change of clothes, and joined the team as they set up a campfire near the shore of the water. 

“If you’re making my s’more, I don’t want any,” Sam said quickly as Bucky reached for a cracker. Bucky rolled his eyes at him.

“Nonsense. Bucky makes the best s’mores. Why don’t you make one for Y/N?” Tony prompted him. Bucky’s eye twitched as he wondered what the fuck was wrong with him.

“I’d love one,” you said, smiling at Bucky who almost dropped the marshmallow in his hand at your gaze. 

“What if a bear appears?” Wanda mused.

“We’ll sacrifice Bucky to him.” Sam earned a whack on his head from Bucky at that.

“Bucky would probably fight the bear.” Tony shrugged, earning a snort from Sam.

“Oh no. This mother fucker won’t just fight him. He’s going to be dramatic as fuck as always. He’d be shirtless and he’d probably be wrestling the damn thing,” Sam chided, which soon turned into a groan as Bucky hit him harder this time, blushing profusely as you giggled.

“Are any of you going to sing campfire songs? Sam brought his guitar.” Wanda asked, a smile playing at her lips.

“As a matter of fact, you know what? Bucky does know how to play and sing!” Sam clapped his back, making him choke on piece of chocolate.

“You know how to play?” you asked in surprise, missing the pleading look he gave you.

“He knows all the classics! Elvis, Queen, Phoebe Buffay!” Sam winked at him, pulling up his guitar and placing it into Bucky’s lap.

“Hey Wanda. Can you come with me to get some firewood?” Tony asked, quickly glancing at Bucky who smiled meekly at him. 

“Don’t we have enough?” She gestured to the lardge unused pile next to them.

“Oh little one, how inexperienced you are.” He forced a laugh, throwing an arm around her shoulder and tugging her away gently.

“Well, when nature calls, you gotta go to nature. I’ll be back,” Sam declared, standing up and striding away, ignoring the shouts of “Too much information!”.

Bucky awkwardly strummed the guitar on his lap, saying a silent prayer that his voice didn’t crack or his grip on the instrument didn’t actually break it.

“You don’t have to play if you don’t want to. You don’t have to do anything that makes you uncomfortable,” you said gently. Damn it, you were making it harder and harder for him to not fall in love with you.

He just smiled softly, letting his fingers sit on the chords Sam had taught him earlier in these two weeks. 

A drop in the ocean, a change in the weather.” He couldn’t help but feel the heat crawl up his neck. Okay, you didn’t looked repulsed so far. He was doing fine.

I was praying that you and me might end up together.”

From a distance, Tony and Wanda looked on, an excited grin on Wanda’s face while Tony furrowed his eyebrows.

“Barnes is on fire right now.” Tony stared blankly.

“I know right!” Wanda said with a smile.

“No, no. You don’t understand. He literally is on fire right now.” Tony pointed at his Bucky’s leg. Flames had travelled up to nearly his shin, and the dork didn’t even realise as he forced himself to go on with the song.

“Tony, what the hell! You couldn’t have told me earlier?!” Wanda jumped up from where she was sitting and ran forward. “BUCKY! YOU’RE ON FIRE!”

“I said the same fucking thing and you didn’t believe me,” Tony grumbled, jumping up as well.

Bucky’s attention suddenly moved to Wanda running towards him, screaming something wildly. He furrowed his eyebrows but his fingers kept strumming the guitar.

“YOU’RE ON FIRE RIGHT NOW!” she yelled, gathering even your attention.

“I KNOW, HE SOUNDS AMAZING!” you yelled back, trying to stop him from discontinuing the song. Bucky hoped you wouldn’t see the blush on his face. 

Suddenly you heard wild laughter from behind you, as Tony doubled over, unable to compose himself.

“NO, LOOK AT HIS LEG!” She was about 50 metres away. Bucky stopped singing finally (to your disappointment), both of you turning to look at what she was gesturing to. 

“Oh,” Bucky said, finally seeing the cause of the heat on his legs. His eyes widened. “Oh. OH. OH SHIT. OH SHIT.

“Oh fuck!” You leapt to your feet, pulling the guitar away and almost throwing it away. 

“SHIT, SHIT, SHIT, SHIT,” Bucky cursed as he blew on it, his mind not exactly working at the moment.

“YOU DON’T BLOW ON FIRE, YOU IDIOT! THAT INCREASES THE FLAME!” Tony’s voice was distant but clear.

“THEN WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO?!” He usually would have known what to do but the panic in the moment got to him, and all he could do was flail around like a chicken.

“STOP, DROP AND ROLL!” Wanda chanted, making him look at her with his eyes wide open in fear.

“IF I ROLL ANYWHERE, I’M ROLLING INTO THE DAMN FIRE.” He hopped around on one leg, metal arm furiously patting at the fire which had not yeat burnt him due to the thick material of his pants.

“Okay, movie away, rookies.” Sam pushed through you and Wanda, moving towards Bucky who didn’t even notice him coming as he jumped dangerously on the edge of the water. 

“Bucky,” Sam said, making him look up just for a second before Sam’s hands pushed at his chest, making him shriek slightly as he lost his balance, falling straight into the lake for the second time that day.

At least the fire was out, right?

He pushed himself deeper into his sleeping bag, hoping it would warm him up a little more, but to no avail.

He stared at the top of his tent in silence. All of you had retreated to your respective tents after his incident. 

His hair was clinging to his forehead and there was a fly in his space which he wanted shoo away but was unable to do because he couldn’t move because he was so damn cold and-

His head shot up as someone rapped on the front of his tent.

“If you’re a bear, then just come in and kill me. I won’t fight you,” he groaned, pushing his head under his sleeping bag. 

If it was a bear, Sam would be right about one thing. Bucky would be fighting him shirtless since he had used his spare change of clothes today and had nothing left to wear. He couldn’t borrow Tony’s, or Sam’s because their clothes would be too small for him.

When he heard nothing until a second rap at his ‘door’, he curiously peeked out of his mini bed, sliding out and crawling to the front and unzipping the opening.

“Y/N?” he asked, confused as you stood there impatiently, arms crossed over your chest. 

“Move over,” you commanded, trying to maintain your composure. 

Bucky was suddenly very aware of his nearly naked form but complied anyway, unzipping the rest of it and pushing it, allowing you to come in. 

You bit your lip, finally noticing his attire- or rather, lack of attire-, his back muscles clenching gloriously as he twisted to close his door again. 

He was only in his boxers, and was probably dying of the cold.

His eyebrows were furrowed slightly as he turned to look at you. “What are you doing here- mmpf!”

You cut him him off silently, pushing your lips against his, hands cupping his jaw. He froze momentarily, eyes blown open wide as his mind raced to register what was happening. 

Just before he was about to do anything, you pulled away, leaving a sting of sudden loneliness as you looked straight into his eyes with a smile. His jaw was slightly open and his heart felt like it was going to beat out of his chest, and holy shit he had never felt more alive.

“Wanda told me.” You breathed out.

Whaa..?” His mind had sirens going off, butterflies were attacking his stomach and he just couldn’t understand what was going on because it was too much for his poor mind.

“How have you not given up yet?” You couldn’t help but laugh, eyes crinkling.

Uhh- I- uhh- I’m never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down?” He mentally smacked himself three hundred times once he realised what was the first thing he said coherently.

“You are unbelievable. I can’t believe you just Rickrolled me in the middle of a conversation.” You only laughed harder, bringing a stupid fluttering to Bucky’s heart. 

With a damn burst of courage he didn’t know he possessed, he leant forward to kiss you softly, effectively stopping your laughter.

A blush overtook his face as he felt you move your lips with his gently, making him weak in the knees. 

His hand reached behind your neck and within a second you flipped both of you over so that you were straddling his hips, hands caressing his face while his ran fervently up and down your sides, lips never once leaving yours. 

And Lord, Bucky swore he felt like he could fly with how much happiness and adrenaline and testosterone was coursing through his veins, until-

“Ow, ow, ow, ow,” he muttered suddenly, making you break away from the best feeling you had experienced in a long time to look at him in alarm.

“I think there’s a rock under me.” He looked at you sheepishly as you gave a sigh, can’t help the smile that grew at the dork in front of you. “I’m sorry.”

“How do I put up with you?” you asked him playfully, poking at his chest.

“And yet you’re here, in my tent, on me-” you couldn’t help but giggle as he turned the both of you around so that he was hovering over you now, a breathtaking grin on his face.

“I had to save you from yourself. Next time you tried to ask me out, you’d have probably died. I’m currently saving your life.” You smirked at him, watching him groan. “I mean, how many times did you try? One time with the flowers-”

He pressed his lips to yours, unable to muffle out the laughter that erupted from you. 

“One time with the letter-” you continued as he tried to shut you up by kissing you slowly, languidly again, but you weren’t going to let this go so easily.

“One time with the boat-” He groaned, burying his face in the crook of your neck.

“And the one with the song. You wanna know what my personal favourite was?” you gave a faltering breath when he planted a kiss on the base of your neck. You could almost feel the smirk on his lips.

“I do not want to know that.” His lips travelled downwards, making it increasingly hard to pay attention.

“Well, my favourite was-”


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anonymous asked:

Imagine the team leaving for a mission. Allura and Lance are alone. It's awkward. Then, Lance, the love child of the beauty, asks Allura if he can try one of her dresses on. Allura wanted to try wearing Lance's outfit since day zero. They include make-up and karaoke battle.

*soft gasp* Anon, I do believe you’ve earned yourself a small fic :3
“We’ll be back soon. Try not to blow up the Castle while we’re gone.” Shiro chuckled as he clapped Lance on the shoulder, the other Paladins already heading for their ziplines. Lance rolled his eyes. “Blowing stuff up is Keith’s thing.” He blatantly ignored the Red Paladin’s indignant “No it isn’t!” and Pidge’s snickering in favor of grinning at his team leader. “I’ll be fine, besides, I’ve got Allura with me. I’m pretty sure that between us, the Castle will be just fine.”

Shiro nodded and headed off for his own zipline. Lance heard Blue’s pouty rumble in his mind as her sisters left without her. “I know, Beautiful. But that last battle damaged you pretty badly, so you need to stay in the Hangars to heal up.” He soothed his Lion mentally.

The mission was a supply run anyways, not a lot of action, and Coran was going with them in order to identify any possible poisons to avoid. So Lance offered to stay behind in favor of Shiro getting to go, as it was another space mall moon and he hadn’t been able to go last time.

Lance thought staying behind was worth it anyways, as he’d seen the excited sparkle in the Black Paladin’s eyes at the thought of exploring a swap moon. But now it was quiet, almost too quiet, and boredom filtered in quickly.

Allura cleared her throat awkwardly, and Lance turned to face her. “So, Lance… what shall we do while we wait for the others to return? The mice can show you some tricks if you’d like…” she trailed off a little, attempting to clear away the awkward silence left in the wake of the other Paladins departure.

Lance thought for a moment, before eyeing Allura’s dress thoughtfully, contemplating. “Lance?” Allura raised an eyebrow. Lance decided to hell with it and blurted out his current thought. “Could I try on one of your dresses?!?” Allura blinked, surprised. That was certainly not what she expected, but she rolled with it anyways. “Only if I may try on your Earth clothing. It looks like a very different fabric than any Altean clothing has. I’ve always wondered what it felt like!”

Lance grinned. “Deal.” A bright smile spread across Allura’s face. “To my wardrobe!” She declared, marching over to Lance and dragging him through the hallways to her separate closet room where all her outfits were stored. Lance laughed as he stumbled into the huge room full of cute dresses and long, flowing skirts.

He gasped in awe at all the pretty designs and patterns, trailing his fingers over the silky fabric of one gorgeous blue dress. Allura seemed to bounce on her heels almost excitedly as she rummaged around in a certain cabinet built at chest height in the wall, pulling out what looked like makeup containers. “If you are to dress like me, you should at least enhance your features as well, though I doubt I can fix your ears.” She stated, Lance merely smirking in return.

“I’ll be right back, I’ll just go grab my clothes from my room real quick!” He chirped as he bolted out of the closet and ran for his room.

Soon enough, within the hour Lance was sporting fake blue Altean markings and wearing a floor length silver, blue and white dress, a slit up the left side to display some leg and the sleeves barely attached and flowy, shoulders bared and with a plunging backline. A pretty dark silver sash tied it together at the waist, wrapping up in an “X” across this chest and along the backline cut. Allura had even accented his cheekbones and eyes with some dark blue eyeshadow and pale rose gold blush and highlights.

Lance twirled around in the mirror, awed at how pretty he looked, extending his left leg and smiling. The light colors really made his darker skin pop. Allura clapped her hands excitedly. “You look stunning, Lance!” He turned and shot her a pair of finger guns. “I’m always stunning, but in this outfit I’m positively radiant.” He said confidently, preening. Allura rolled her eyes playfully. After an entire year in space, the flirty nature of the Blue Paladin was now recognized as nothing but pure fun, a game to relieve tensions during the war.

“Your turn, Princess!” Lance said happily, handing her his casual clothes. “Don’t worry, I won’t look. Trust me, in my family, looking at a dressing girl is punished by La Chancla.” He seemed to shudder at the memory, causing Allura to giggle in amusement. Lance turned instead to go through the jewelry box, careful not to disturb the mice, looking for something to accent his neck and collarbone a little more while Allura dressed behind him.

“Alright! I believe I have it on correctly! Though this other shirt is confusing.” He turned and yep, she was holding up his jacket and eyeing it warily. Everything else was on correctly though. Laughing, Lance took his jacket from the bewildered Altean and motioned for her to turn around. He then proceeded to pull her arms through the sleeves, adjusting the jacket properly. “There! You look almost human! Except for the markings and ears…” he explained, gesturing Allura to look at the mirror.

Allura turned this way and that, smirking at her appearance. “The human part I can fix!” She declared, before concentrating and shifting her features into a plainer, Earthen face. She blinked open normal, blue gray eyes and stared at her reflection, Lance gaping in shock. “Oh my. That is… quite a difference… my ears are quite ugly, and I feel a tad bit strange without my markings. And are all human eyes this dull?” She muttered, poking at the smooth, tan skin where her markings used to be.

The mice squeaked in shock from their spot napping in the jewelry box, snapping Lance out of his stupor. “Oh my gosh you look like my older sister…” he whispered, pressing a palm to his mouth. Allura turned to face him. “Your older sister?” Lance nodded. “Yeah. Maria. She’s a flight attendant back on Earth. Though she seems kinda stern all the time, whenever she was home with the family, she always used to instigate karaoke competitions with the rest of us.” He said wistfully, eyes almost distant at the memory.

Allura hummed thoughtfully. “Ka-ree-oh-kee? What is that?” She asked, confused. Lance brightened almost instantaneously. “Oh! Karaoke is basically a game where you sing along to a song and try to hit all the right notes. It’s mostly done for fun, but in a competition the person who sings the best wins. We usually had a panel of judges made up out of the rest of the family who weren’t participating, it was a whole lot of fun. Hunk used to come over to my place and join in all the time, dude has the singing voice of an angel!” He explained excitedly, hands waving about as he talked to make his point.

Allura smiled at his enthusiasm. “I think we had a game like that on Altea. We called it Utakita, and it was the same concept as your karaohkay although you had to make up the song yourself instead of singing along to something already made. Whoever made the best music with what they had available was the winner. I do miss playing that game, my mother was quite exceptional at it.” She informed him, reaching over to gather the mice up in her hands.

Lance pondered for a moment, thinking. “What if we can still play? I brought my phone with me from Earth, it has all my music on it. We could have a sing off and the mice can be the judges!” He exclaimed, Allura gasping and clapping her hands together in jubilation. “Lance, that’s a brilliant idea! We can hold it in the main common room!” She trilled, face alight in excitement.

Both immediately dashed off to set up the game, Lance grabbing his phone and Allura finding a music enhancer to increase the volume of Lance’s music player. It took some trial and error, but eventually it was set to an acceptable volume to sing along too.

So imagine the team’s surprise (and amusement) when they walked in after the mission to the source of the loud music to find a dolled up Lance in a dress and a human Allura wearing the Blue Paladin’s clothes singing loudly into hairbrushes along to She Wolf by Shakira.
//this….. got wayyyyy too long…. hope you enjoyed this Lance and Allura bonding time! :3
(Lance won btw. Have you even heard that boy’s singing voice? Jeremy Shada is an angel I swear👌🏻)