positively polished

Some of you may be able to relate to this. I have very short nails for an adult female. I have always had very short nails and I like them this way. People have tried to shame me for my nails. 

I’ve been asked before “don’t you want long pretty nails? Girls are supposed to want pretty nails.” Yeah but consider this, not all girls do and not me. 

 I have tried out acrylic nails (high school, prom) and it felt strange to me and they didn’t last very long. I ended up taking them off.

 I think that if you want pretty long nails then go for it but don’t try to shame others who don’t agree with you. Having very short nails doesn’t make me or anyone else less female

 So how come my nails are so short? Ever since I can remember when my nails felt too long I would bite them, It was a sensory thing. These days I still bite them sometimes especially when I feel anxious but mostly I just file them down. 

 Here is some information on Onychophgia or nail biting: 

 Who bites their nails? People of all ages bite their nails. About half of all children between the ages of 10 and 18 bite their nails at one time or another. Nail-biting occurs most often during puberty. Some young adults, ages 18 to 22 years, bite their nails. Only a small number of other adults bite their nails. Most people stop biting their nails on their own by age 30. Boys bite their nails more often than girls after age 10. 

 I don’t usually paint my fingernails because that’s when they would get noticed and I would have to hear someone complain and tell me “your nails are awful!” or “I wouldn’t paint them if I were you it makes them look worse!" 

 But I don’t care anymore. I will paint them when I want to paint them regardless of other people’s opinions.

Positive Words List

absolutely adorable accepted acclaimed accomplish accomplishment achievement action active admire adventure affirmative affluent agree agreeable amazing angelic appealing approve aptitude attractive awesome beaming beautiful believe beneficial bliss bountiful bounty brave bravo brilliant bubbly calm celebrated certain champ champion charming cheery choice classic classical clean commend composed congratulation constant cool courageous creative cute dazzling delight delightful distinguished divine  earnest easy ecstatic effective effervescent efficient effortless electrifying elegant enchanting encouraging endorsed energetic energized engaging enthusiastic essential esteemed ethical excellent exciting exquisite fabulous fair familiar famous fantastic favorable fetching fine fitting flourishing fortunate free fresh friendly fun funny generous genius genuine giving glamorous glowing good gorgeous graceful great green grin growing handsome happy harmonious healing healthy hearty heavenly honest honorable honored hug  idea ideal imaginative imagine impressive independent innovate innovative instant instantaneous instinctive intuitive intellectual intelligent inventive jovial joy jubilant keen kind knowing knowledgeable laugh legendary light learned lively lovely lucid lucky luminous marvelous masterful meaningful merit meritorious miraculous motivating moving natural nice novel now nurturing nutritious okay one one-hundred percent open optimistic paradise perfect phenomenal pleasurable plentiful pleasant poised polished popular positive powerful prepared pretty principled productive progress prominent protected proud quality quick quiet ready reassuring refined refreshing rejoice reliable remarkable resounding respected restored reward rewarding right robust safe satisfactory secure seemly simple skilled skillful smile soulful sparkling special spirited spiritual stirring stupendous stunning success successful sunny super superb supporting surprising terrific thorough thrilling thriving tops tranquil transforming transformative trusting truthful unreal unwavering up upbeat upright upstanding valued vibrant victorious victory vigorous virtuous vital vivacious wealthy welcome  wellwhole wholesome willing wonderful wondrous worthy wow yes yummy zeal zealous 


September Campaign in Poland, 1939:

  1. Polish infantry in September 1939 campaign.
  2. Polish civilians fleeing the fighting in Poland in September 1939. (German photo)
  3. German soldiers breaking down the door of a Polish house in September 1939. (German photo)
  4. A refugee family from western Poland seeks shelter in beseiged Warsaw under a poster calling the Polish people to arms. September 1939. Photo from the Polish Government Information Center.
  5. Position of Polish anti-aircraft artillery unit in the September 1939 campaign. Photo from the private collection of J. Tepa and J. Walczak.

Images via E.H. Butler Library.

#POTM - Tomorrow Never Dies with Polka.com by OPI

I’ve had Tomorrow Never Dies sitting on my desk just waiting for the perfect moment to break out this gorgeous deep purply blue for awhile now.  It pairs gorgeously with Polka.com, which consists of medium round turquoise and magenta glitters with micro blue glitter suspended in a clear base.  I used this on each nail as a glitter top coat.  Talk about a party on my nails!  I’m loving this combo!