positively in love

love ur body:

look at ur hands: they have pet so many cute animals and dried so many of ur tears

look at ur feet: they have walked you to some of ur favorite places and walked you away from the bad ones

look at ur belly: think of the days when its been full and warm with your favorite foods

look at ur legs: they have held you up when you thought you weren’t strong enough to stand

look at ur eyes: they have seen so many beautiful people

look at ur mouth: it has told so many people that u love them

ur body has been there for you since day 1; love it, it loves u.

Not to be too cheesy but I just love the idea of trans/nb people choosing their own names. Its like thats your main identifier, even when you aren’t around, and the idea that you get to pick it yourself, whether its a 2 second process or a 10 year process, is just so amazing to me. You no longer carry a name that just holds meaning to someone else, you get to carry a name that means something to you in particular, even if the meaning is just “I feel like this fits me”

(YES, This applies no matter how you chose it !!) 

The wind had picked up again, though she barely noticed. She was caught up in her own thoughts, in conversations that had long passed, hanging on to the strong words she wished she had said instead of keeping quiet. Instead of letting other people talk and walk all over her. But it was who she was. The quiet one. The girl who never spoke up, busy fading into the shadows when lately she’d been finding herself wanting to stand in the light. Just once. Just for a little while. As long as it would take to be noticed. As long it would take to matter. People walked past her with their hands shoved into their pockets and their collars turned up against the cold, easy laughters in their eyes and unspoken stories on their lips. With a deep sigh, she watched the grey clouds roll in. Upcoming storms always excited her. For some reason, she always hoped autumn would bring her new energy. More courage to shake off her bad habits that clung to her like dried leaves. A change of season always brought along a chance to be someone else, if only for a day or two, until everyone remembered who she was. The quiet one. The girl who had the rain at her back, not the sun. But as the first bolt of lightning struck the sky, she thought that maybe this time things could be different. When the first drop of rain hit her chin, she thought that this time maybe she didn’t have to wait for spring to bloom. That maybe this time she could stand in the eye of the storm instead of watching it from afar. That maybe, with a little luck, she would find the light within herself instead of chasing it. Autumn didn’t bring her new energy this year, it brought her something more worthwhile. It brought her realisation: no matter what kind of person you were - quiet or loud, closed off or outgoing, shy or confident - there was a whole universe hidden inside of you. There were people who did not care for concealed secrets, and that was okay. Because there were also people who searched the world to meet someone like you. And then there was you. You, who had not even discovered an inch of yourself. She smiled as the wind picked up and the rain began to fall, because there were so many words stored inside her mind. And when the storm hit, she released the scream that had been building up inside her throat. This time she would not be quiet.
—  the quiet one / n.j.
an excerpt

a little reminder that my blog is a safe place for shippers/ships of all kinds!

you ship rucest?

beautiful ship! personal favorite! their love knows no boundaries!

you ship maxvid?

gorgeous! simply gorgeous! keep sailing on!

you ship elsanna?

strong ship! in fact, they´re a yacht! not even the biggest storm can break them apart!

you ship incest?/age gap ships?/literally anything that´s being hated for stupid reasons?

don´t stop shipping them! be strong!

if two characters have a great chemistry and they make you feel happy, you shouldn´t be judged for shipping it!

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it’s the 15 year anniversary of this movie (Real Women Have Curves) starring 17-year-old America Ferrera and i just want to remind everyone that this (i think… if i remember right) is a really good bopo movie if you haven’t seen it yet!

lol and for anyone who’s gonna say “all women are real women” yes i agree with u but still watch this movie 

My favorite character from the series used to be Oliver, but then I realized (more clearly) how amazing Cedric, Harry, Luna, Ginny, Hermione, Ron, Cho, McGonagall, Dumbledore, Tonks, Remus, Molly, Charlie, Bill, Arthur, Lily, Fleur, Neville, Colin, Parvati, Hannah, Padma etc. are, and while I still love him, and his enthusiasm about Quidditch, he is no longer my fave. And now I really don’t have a clue who my favorite character from the books is, because I love 90% of the characters JK Rowling created.