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You know what really bothers me? False positivity. Like, the most toxic person on the planet spouting off about how positive and prosperous their life is, when in reality they’re just trying to cover up how much wrong they’ve done, how much unnecessary pain and misery they have caused others for their own benefit. They are like a black hole in human form, sucking the life out of everything with a pulse to feed the lie that they’re a good person.

Disability doesn't come with extra time and energy

I’ve heard a lot of advocates of inclusion say things like “kids with disabilities work twice as hard as everyone else” or “my employees with Down’s syndrome never come in late or take a day off.”

This sounds like praise, but it isn’t.

The time disabled people spend working twice as hard as everyone else has to come from somewhere.

There are reasons why kids aren’t in school every waking moment. There is a reason why vacation time exists and why it’s normal to be late occasionally.

People need rest. People need leisure time. People have lives and needs and can’t do everything.

Being disabled doesn’t erase the need for down time. Being disabled doesn’t erase the need for play, or for connections to other people.

Working twice as hard as everyone else all the time isn’t sustainable. Praising disabled people for doing unsustainable things is profoundly destructive.

People with disabilities should not have to give up on rest, recreation, and relationships in order to be valued. We have limited time and energy just like everyone else, and our limitations need to be respected.

It is not right to expect us to run ourselves into the ground pretending to be normal. We have the right to exist in the world as we really are.

I Don’t Think Jacob’s Captors Let Him Go By Accident

by reddit user nowwegotcha

Jacob became one popular dude during my sophomore year of high school, two years ago. In the middle of the year, he just showed up. His family had moved him away from their old home, but his reputation somehow got loose in the hallways.

At the age of twelve, Jacob had been kidnapped from his home in the middle of the night. His parents had been apparently drugged by an unknown person, and their son had been stolen. No one even called the police until the parents woke up. No witnesses, fingerprints, ransom notes, nothing.

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Sorry if you anticipated but I didn’t draw anything for Namjoon’s birthday. A lot of ppl loved my Jk comic and I felt a lot of pressure, I didn’t have any ideas and I was scared to disappoint someone.

But its mainly because I’m a bit done with the competitiveness in the fandom. I feel like this days it’s more about who will draw faster and who will get more attention. And this affects me a lot because I’m really not a competitive person, I hate the competition. I don’t want to draw something because I want my drawings to be the best or idk. I just want to draw because it makes people happy, myself included. I don’t care if I’m popular or not, I just want to make things that I like whenever I want.

Maybe I’m the only one who feel this way but I just wanted to talk about this stuff. Now that I figured out I’m feeling way better! Thank you for being so kind to me💘💘

We're autistic, we're human, get used to it

Some dehumanizing descriptions of autism are negative. For example, some people believe that we are incapable of love, or incapable of imagination, or incapable of understanding anything of importance.

Some dehumanizing descriptions of autism are positive. For instance, some people believe that we are incapable of lying, incapable of being manipulative, and that we always say exactly what we mean.

Autism doesn’t work that way. We are fully human, for better and for worse. We are fallible. We make communication mistakes. We don’t always know what we mean, and we don’t always express ourselves clearly. For instance, sometimes we say things that feel direct but that are actually very confusing. That’s human.

We are capable of treating others well, and we are capable of treating others badly. We are capable of caring about others, and we are capable of indifference. We are capable of being kind, and we are capable of being cruel.

Autism means having disabilities that can affect how we communicate, how we move, and how we understand things. Autism doesn’t make us better than other people, and it doesn’t make us worse. We’re not subhuman, and we’re not superhuman. We’re just people.

a post on some shit i’ve seen

“I have a male character, but they’re very feminine so I think they might be a trans woman.”

This is not how being trans works. Being gender non-conforming =/= trans. Here is a list of reasons why this is sexist and transphobic.

  • It implies that men and women must behave a certain way and that anyone who does not adhere to these gender roles must be a different gender.
  • It implies that gender non-conforming trans people do not exist.
  • It negates sex dyshoria.
  • It enforces gender roles.
  • It enforces stereotypes and misconceptions trans people have been fighting against for a long time.

Your male character can be feminine without being trans. They are still a man.

“It’s offensive to describe trans people as being ‘born in the wrong body’.”

No, it’s not.

This is a narrative that many trans people use because it is an easy and succinct way to describe sex dysphoria. Dysphoria is more complicated than this, but this narrative is not offensive.

Stop silencing dysphoric people. Your character can describe themselves like this if they so choose to.

“I have a male character, but I picture him as having little body hair and wide hips, so I think I might make him a trans man–”

This is offensive. If you make a character trans because they posses physical characteristics that are seen as “undesirable” or “not typical” on people of their sex, then you are sexist and transphobic. 

Cis men can have wide hips and little body hair. Trans men can have narrow hips and a strong jaw. Cis women can have lots of body hair and a deep voice. Trans women can be short and curvy.

“My character is androgynous and it’s difficult to tell their gender so I’m making them non binary.”


  • By claiming that non binary people are always androgynous appearing, you are creating a new set of gender roles and expectations while simultaneously doing everything in the first thing I talked about.
  • “Non binary” and “gender non-conforming” are not synonyms, but this doesn’t mean non binary people can’t be/aren’t gender non-conforming.

“Cis people are boring so my characters are all trans.”

This is the wrong mindset when talking about representation for trans people and when writing trans characters. When you equate “cis” to “boring” and “trans” to “cool” and “interesting,”, you are fetishizing and dehumanizing trans people. 

We are not trendy accessories that will make your story better simply by being there.

BTW, boring trans people exist. Because, you know, we’re people and not this year’s most popular Christmas gift.

“Reveal that your character is trans by showing their scars/body.”

Allies and transphobes alike have a fascination with the bodies of trans people. It has gotten to the point where “allies” spread private information about the medical lives of trans people to the general public. This has turned into a “how to spot a trans person” game.

Your characters do not need to be half-naked to show that they are trans.

“Dysphoria is self-loathing and can end up bringing too much angst to your story.”

Dysphoria is not self-loathing. This is a huge misconception. Dysphoria is a disconnect between someone’s brain and their physical sex.

When people experience sex dysphoria, their sex characteristics feel foreign. It is not simply “hating your body.” That narrative should not be used in fiction. Ever. It is false. Body positive feminists (both lib and rad) use it to vilify sex dysphoric people.

Do not ignore dysphoria. A lot of people don’t know what it actually is and confuse it for internalized misogyny. Dysphoria needs to be a part of fiction featuring trans characters so that we can work to end the misconceptions about it.

Also, do not “cure” your character’s dypshoria with love or romance or sex or self-acceptance. That’s not how it works.

Big names in statistics want to shake up much-maligned P value
One of scientists’ favourite statistics — the P value — should face tougher standards, say leading researchers.

Science is in the throes of a reproducibility crisis, and researchers, funders and publishers are increasingly worried that the scholarly literature is littered with unreliable results. Now, a group of 72 prominent researchers is targeting what they say is one cause of the problem: weak statistical standards of evidence for claiming new discoveries.

In many disciplines the significance of findings is judged by P values. They are used to test (and dismiss) a ‘null hypothesis’, which generally posits that the effect being tested for doesn’t exist. The smaller the P value that is found for a set of results, the less likely it is that the results are purely due to chance. Results are deemed ‘statistically significant’ when this value is below 0.05.

But many scientists worry that the 0.05 threshold has caused too many false positives to appear in the literature, a problem exacerbated by a practice called P hacking, in which researchers gather data without first creating a hypothesis to test, and then look for patterns in the results that can be reported as statistically significant.

So, in a provocative manuscript posted on the PsyArXiv preprint server on 22 July1, researchers argue that P-value thresholds should be lowered to 0.005 for the social and biomedical sciences. The final paper is set to be published in Nature Human Behavior.

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I’m somehow going to make it out of this rough patch in my life. I will not sink to your level, I will not let you control me.

hey just a word of advice for people writing (sfw) commission posts:

avoid writing n s f w in the post, ive seen a couple of posts flagged by safe mode for this and even more than that blacklist extensions consistently will block the post if people are blocking n s f w posts.

If you’re writing a list of things you won’t draw, I recommend writing r-18 or explicit instead. Not too sure about the parameters of safe mode, but either one will prevent false positives in people’s blacklists at the very least.

I’m on Depo, so should I be worried about this positive pregnancy test?

Someone asked us:

Is it silly to ask for a pregnancy test before my next depo injection? I’ve been showing a lot of symptoms, and took a home test that showed positive. But I know how rare it is for someone on the shot to be pregnant, so would the people at the health clinic think I’m silly?

That’s not silly at all. Home pregnancy tests are very reliable and false positives are rare. We can’t diagnose you over the internet, but a positive pregnancy test usually means you’re pregnant. So it’s a good idea to talk with a doctor or nurse ASAP. And definitely don’t get another Depo shot until you talk with a doctor or nurse about the positive pregnancy test.

In the meantime, you can also take another pregnancy test to see if the results are different. Lots of people take a few tests over a few days  to confirm the results.

Depo is a great method of birth control. It’s 94% effective at preventing pregnancy, and even more effective if you always get your shot on time. But no birth control methods are 100% effective, and on rare occasions pregnancy can still happen. Pairing birth control with condoms can lower the chances of getting pregnant even more. Added bonus: condoms also help protect against STDs.  

-Mylanie at Planned Parenthood

micaela-turtle-02  asked:

OMG I LOVE YPUR BLOG YOUR DOING AMAZING 💖💖 I wanted to do a headcanon of the rfa +v+saeran + vanderwood reacting to MC being pregnant with quadruplets (Like they knew she was pregnant but went to the ultrasound or something idk work your magic) sorry if this is to much to ask for lolol but you can write it however you want Thanks 💖🌈

A/N: I will try to work some magic my friend~ after all, it does include the sacred number 4 *wink wonk wink wonk* ^^ (also thank you thank you omfg im trying ;u;) ~Admin 404


               -When you told him the two of you were going to have a baby he was already t h r o u g h t h e r o o f

               -So!!! Excited!!! To start a family with you!

               -He was extremely nervous to go with you to the ultrasound, though. Sure he knew he was going to be a father, but it didn’t…. /hit/ him until then.

               -There is a living being inside of you that is half him and half you… it’s living, heartbeat and all

               -And he was!! About to see it!! Still inside you!!!! This was so different than ones he’s had to perform on some animals before…

               -Ready to see his first son (or daughter!!! He’s excited either way!!), he holds your hand and watches the screen with you

               -“Oh! It does look like a cats ultrasound, they’re really similar!”

               -You have to tell him that it isn’t supposed to look like that. Cue the panicked look at the doctor and the intense squeezing of your hand

               -When the doctor explained that there were four babies in there he… well he burst into a gross sob. You had to try and calm him down while simultaneously laughing at how adorable he was

               -Four babies!!! He’s about to have four babies with you!!!! He was so excited to have you, his work, and now his babies, he couldn’t believe it! At one point he was so concerned and lost about his life but now he’s got it all!


               -“And the doctor’s going to tell us if we have a prince or a princess, right??”

               -“Yes Zen, if we want to know the doctor will tell us”

               -Literally told everyone at his current rehearsal that he had to leave early because there was going to be a revealing in the kingdom and as king, he needed to attend

               -He was almost bouncing off the walls waiting for the doctor to come into the room

               -Turned away from the monitor because he was so nervous! /But you were the one who was extremely ready Zen, wtf man/

               -“JUST TELL ME IF ITS HEALTHY FIRST, I NEED TO KNOW IF MY BABY IS HEALTHY” okay Zen stop shouting

               -The doctor turned the sound on the monitor up, commenting on the babies strong heartbeat…. but then they moved to another.

               -And another… and another.

               -He whipped around so fast it’s a surprise he didn’t get whiplash. Four heartbeats??? Four of them??? But.. but that would mean… four.. babies??

               -As excited as he was, he also had to be dramatic enough to match. With his foot up on the chair and his finger pointed triumphantly to the sky, he announced that the kingdom shall reign supreme and his army of beautiful babies will run a fantastic kingdom! You had to interrupt his rambling to remind him that the two of you were in a doctor’s office, not the stage


               -The two of you decided that you would get inseminated, and Jaehee was extremely cautious of you the whole time

               -/So/ many doctors appointments, so little time

               -The two of you were excited the moment you found out you were pregnant, but that is also exactly when Jaehee’s Anxiety™ kicked in

               -So you guys were going to an ultrasound appointment to check on your baby!

               -She had read too many articles and stories on the internet of false positives and now she was just extremely paranoid no matter how many times you’ve tried to calm her down and no matter how many positive pregnancy tests you’ve taken

               -“I know you’re nervous MC, but it’s okay, I am too!” She tried to calm you, though she was the one visibly nervous

               -Watching the monitor intensely, she noticed it looked /nothing/ like the ones she had researched online.

               -Oh no, what if something’s wrong? What if you’re in danger? What if-

               -“Congratulations! All of your babies seem to be happy and healthy!” “I-I’m sorry. All? Of our babies?”  

               -The minute the word “quadruplets” left the doctors mouth, Jaehee is practically sobbing- happy tears of course! After all of the stress you had been put over trying to get pregnant in the first place, now you were going to have not one, but FOUR of the precious angels!!



               -Probably the type to get one of those fancy 3D rendered ultrasounds


               -But he made a mistake. When the doctor pulled up the image it just looked like a monstrous… blob? What is this? Does his child actually like this?

               -Doesn’t hesitate to ask the doctor just what the fuck was up??? Are you pranking him??? Don’t do that????

               -The doctor is pointing out and explaining where the head, hands, and feet were- which he could see after some explanation!

               -But the doctor… kept pointing out more heads.. and hands… and feet…

               -“Are these just different angles? Is that what we’re seeing here?” “Um, no Mr. Han. You’re seeing all 4 of your children”

               -If you thought Jumin Han could be Cool Calm and Collected™ during this, you are wrong. Did his deep, silky voice raise about 6 octaves? Yes. Did it break like he was going through puberty? Also yes

               -There are four, count ‘em, FOUR babies for him to spoil!!! He can!!! Spoil them so much!!! And give them all the love and attention he’s wanted as a kid! Did he cry when he held you after this information? You can bet on it


               -He was already!!! Super excited to start a family with you!!!

               -So he was practically jumping up and down, ready to see his baBY!

               -He’s so extra, he had to carry you into the doctor’s office

               -“I am not letting the mother of my child so any sort of work, got it????”

               -If you try to protest, he gives you a kiss on the forehead and gets really serious with you, “MC. You’re the love of my life and you have brought me down to earth. Let me spoil you and our baby, alright?”

               -He was recording the ultrasound for everyone in the group chat because he is just!!! So excited!! To show the world his family!!!!

               -Zooming into the monitor, he giggles as the doctor points out a head… and another head… and another one…. and.. another one

               -The ending of the video is the view turning from the monitor to the ceiling as a loud thud can be heard as he hits the ground

               -You and the doctor have to pick him back up and fan him off since he fainted at the sight of four babies

               -That’s like!!! 2 sets of twins!!! MC!!! He would have been ecstatic for one child, but you’re giving him /four/??? /FOUR/ of them??? He never expected this kind of happiness and definitely not this big of a family, but he was so in love with each and every one of you!


               -You are his love and he is ready for a family!

               -He was a little afraid, of course, but all his fears were thrown out of the window the moment you kissed his cheek and told him about the ultrasound

               -Brought his camera to record the genuine reactions to the ultrasound!

               -Thought that your face would be the one that was video worthy, but he was w r o n g

               -Turned the camera to selfie mode to get the both of you in it and watched as the doctor turned on the monitor

               -Laughed at your  face once the cold gel was put on your stomach though, the light smack to this shoulder was worth it- you were so cute!

               -The smile on both of your faces was definitely screenshot worthy, he’d have to remember to do that later so he could print it out for the baby book!

               -But apparently he’d have to print… four of them…. He watched as the doctor pointed out all four babies were happy and healthy and his smile dropped to make room for the complete shock to take over his face

               -All you could do was laugh at the sudden change! You pulled him in for a kiss to snap him out of it

               -Four babies, he couldn’t believe it! MC, can you imagine the baby photos?? How amazing family portraits were going to be??? How much fun the photography trips were going to be from now on!!


               -The moment you told him he was going to be a father he panicked

               -Since then, he had gotten next to no sleep, and constantly had break downs

               -He couldn’t be a father?? What if he hurts the baby? It’s bad enough he’s terrified about hurting you!!

               -This… thing… is going to be tiny and depend on him for basic life things and he doesn’t know if he’s ready for it!!!

               -Cries many nights, telling you that he doesn’t deserve you nor a child and it just breaks your heart to pieces???

               -Maybe taking him to actually see his baby will help!

               -So you drag him along to the ultrasound. He just sits in silence and holds your hand the entire time because he’s terrified to let go

               -His eyes are practically glued shut when the doctor turns on the monitor. He isn’t ready. He doesn’t want to see. There’s going to be a human in there that is half you and half him. The half that comes from you is sure to be an angel but the half from him? Not as likely

               -One eye cracks open after words of encouragement from both you and the doctor, and on the screen he sees not one, but four little humans inside you. Tears pour out of his eyes without him even realizing it- he can’t look away from the screen

               -There were four babies, four of them! He didn’t think he deserved even /one/ but… the both of you were blessed with /four/ of them… maybe… maybe this was a sign? Maybe it was a sign that he truly was ready.. that someone, somewhere, thought that he could be a good father. With your help, he thought, maybe it was actually possible


1+1=3 Part 2

“It suits you.” “What does?” “Fatherhood.”




Characters: Steve x reader, Bucky Barnes

Summary: Having a baby is supposed to be the most wonderful thing in the world, and now that you and Steve are ready to try, you’re on top of the world. But for some reason things aren’t going according to plan…

Warnings: sad!reader, swearing, some angst but like nah, fluff ending, budding dad!steve (is that even a warning?), SUPPORTIVE!BUCKY OMG, bad editting (sorry it’s late and I’m tired asf)

Words: 4040

A/N: So after multiple requests for a pt 2 of this one, it’s finally here! Sorry it took so long btw I’m prepping for college and ngl I’m super stressed so if anyone has any positive words of encouragement for me please please please inbox me, I really need the support rn. Anyways, I hope y’all enjoy this :)

You sat patiently in a treatment room in the doctors office with your husband, Steve. After the night at the Barton’s where you decided you’d try for children, you both decided that the best course of action would be to get all of your ducks in a row, to make sure that everything checked out with you on a medical stand point.

You’d gone through all of the medical history lists, had the physical exams, discussed lifestyle choices, done the blood, urine and god knows how many other tests. 

Your practitioner had never met your husband before, and was utterly shocked to see Captain America accompanying you into the exam room. He was starstruck it seemed, and ordered a rush on all of the tests especially for you.

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***Possible trigger warning for pregnancy, talk of abortions.***

You blew out a shaky breath as you stared at the positive pregnancy test in your hands. You’d taken it 4 days ago and had kept it stowed away in the back of the medicine cabinet, hoping that if you left it alone, maybe it would change. Maybe it would go from this dreaded positive and transform into the negative that you were banking on. Maybe it was just a false positive. By this point though, you were sure that wasn’t going to happen. The test wasn’t going to change. You’re life was though. The life that you knew had suddenly shifted within 10 minutes and everything that had been sure before was suddenly out the window.

You hadn’t told Happy yet, no way in hell you were going to. You wanted to figure out everything on your own. You weren’t sure how he felt about it but he was always able to read you like a book. Suddenly asking him about having kids was totally out of the question, he’d definitely pick up on it if you did. Not to mention you didn’t want kids. It just wasn’t something you wanted. You and happy had been together gong on nearly 7 years. You were enjoying your life now. You didn’t want to bring kids into the equation. It just wasn’t something you wanted and if there was anyone you figured would be understanding was Lyla. She had been in the same boat and you knew she was the only place you wouldn’t receive judgement. Tossing the test into the trash, you took out the bag and took it out to the outside dumpster with a full mind.


“Are you sure you don’t wanna tell him before you do this?”

You sighed and shook your head throwing down the pamphlet back on the table in the waiting room. You tossed your head back and closed your eyes, taking a deep breath. Lyla’s hand on your knee pulled you to open your eyes and look over at her, a sad and sympathetic look in her eyes.

“I know you’re scared about it but just think about it. Me doing the same thing is what ruined me and Opie. It’s still your choice, just like it was mine. But it’s still his kid and even if he never finds out, the last thing you want is for that guilt to eat at you. I think you should at least run it by him. Learn from me. But it’s up to you.”

She smiled softly and leaned over to kiss your cheek.

“Regardless, I’ll still be here to support you and love you. No matter what you do.”

You smiled and gave a breathy laugh, leaning over towards her to wrap your arms around her, the comfort of her embrace soothing you some. Only for the minute or two though when they called your name. Your eyes widened and you looked up, the assistant smiling warmly at you.

“We’re ready for you.”

You looked back at Lyla and she squeezed your hand, nodding.

“Do what you think you should do.”

You hesitated before nodding and standing up, walking to the hallways to be escorted to your room.


A soft sigh left you as you looked down at your tummy. It wasn’t looking much different yet, still in its exact same shape. But you knew what the difference was. You knew that it was now nearly 2 weeks after your appointment at the Family Planning center. Nearly 2 weeks from the day you had your consultation to have your abortion to look at your options. They’d spoken to you about both abortions and adoptions, and every subcategory in between about what you could do with your unwanted child. You hadn’t made a decision just yet because you were scared. Scared to have a kid, scared of the guilt that might come after, scared of making the wrong choice. You’d been nervous the whole time, Lyla’s words echoing too loud in your head. You had thought you would come to terms with your decision but as the days were ticking by, you didn’t feel nearly as confident in your decision as you’d thought you would and at nearly 10 weeks pregnant, you still hasn’t picked what you were going to do. All you’d done was think and think, just as you were doing now. Until Happy popped his head into the room.

“Babe, you got cash?”

It took you a couple seconds to register his words before you answered.

“Uh yeah, go check my wallet. Side pocket.”

The Son nodded and walked in quickly, leaning down and grabbing the back of your head to press a kiss to your lips.

“I got some business to take car of for the club today but I should be home on time tonight. Go ahead and make dinner. I’ll be here so we can eat together.”

You grinned and nodded, leaning to kiss him once more.

“You got it Killa. See you for dinner.”

Standing back up straight, Happy walked out of the room and down the hall, heading to the kitchen to get the cash from your purse. You’d stopped by the grocery store the day before and taken out some singles, something Hap never seemed to carry on himself but always needed. Your purse was like a piggy bank, the go to for whenever he needed some small cash. You’d donated $5 of the $20 you had pulled out to some little league kids that were standing out in front of the store and you’d stuck the rest of the cash in your wallet in the side pocket; the same pocket you stuffed your paperwork about the abortion consultation in.

Your eyes widened as your jaw fell open and you shot up from the bed, your vision going slightly blurry at how sudden the movement was.

“Hap, wait!”

Your shout was frantic as you dashed out of the room, hoping you caught him before be found the paper. As you entered the kitchen though, you realized you hadn’t been that lucky. There he stood, paper in his shaking hands as he looked down at it with furrowed brows. You stood there silently, scared to move. You hadn’t even told him you were pregnant and now the moment he found out was going to be the same moment he found out you were trying to get rid of it. His head snapped over towards you with a ferocity hat you’d never been on the receiving end up and you couldn’t help but look down at your feet.


“What the fuck is this?! You’re pregnant? You didn’t even tell me! You kept the fact that you’re carrying my baby from me, and now you were just gonna kill it without even saying anything?!”

His whole body was shaking, a steering anger coming off of him. His eyes were wide in disbelief and betrayal, unable to believe that you had kept this from him. You looked back down at the look in his eyes, an overwhelming feeling of guilt starting to consume you. He wasn’t done yet though.

“So when were you gonna tell me? Were you ever gonna tell me? Were you just gonna kill my kid and not even say anything? Tell me one day when your 90 on your deathbed that I could’ve had a kid but you have it up without ever even telling me I had one in the first place?!”

Tears sprung to your eyes as he yelled, not even realizing how this decision might’ve made him feel. Lyla was right. You never even gave him the chance to have a say or even be present for the passing. You hadn’t felt this shitty in a long time. You stayed staring down at your toes while Happy sucked in a harsh breathe before letting it out shakily. He repeated the action a couple more times before he finally stopped and stepped out in front of you. You avoided any eye contact but he gripped your chin and pulled your face up to look at him.

“Listen, I’m sorry for yelling at you. That’s fucked up though. We’ve been together for years. We’re family. I tell you everything. Ever since we’ve gotten serious, I’ve never kept a singe secret from you. Not one. Anything about me or the club or ma was already your business. I’ve never kept anything from you, and I always though you were telling me everything too. Were you really just gonna get rid of my kid and never tell me? Never even let me know?”

“I was scared Hap. I don’t know how I’ll be as a mom. I don’t know that I’ll be a good mom or that I’ll be able to give them a good life. I’m just scared and I didn’t want to have kids. I just…”

“You’re not alone in this. You really think I would’ve let you do this on your own? After everything my pops but me and my ma through? You really thought I would do that to you?”

You shook your head feverishly, placing your hands on his.

“Of course not. I knew you wouldn’t. You’d be a great dad, I knew that. It wasn’t you I was worried about, it was me. You would be a fantastic father. No doubt in my mind about that.”

He nodded and let his hands slip softly off of your face.

“But you weren’t gonna give me the chance to show it.”

You swallowed around a dry throat, your years welling up again.

“Well what are we gonna do?”

You looked up at him puzzled.

“Are we gonna get rid of him?…or her? I ain’t gonna force you to carry a kid you won’t love but, fuck I don’t wanna lose my first kid.”

There were the beginning of years starting to form in his eyes and now it was his turn to look down.

“I wanna be a dad. I wanna have a kid that I can love and take care of and protect. I wanna be a dad so I can be a good one. I wanna be a better dad than my old man was and give my kid a better life tan I ever had. We can do that. The both of us. Together. If there was anyone I was gonna have a family with, it’s you. I don’t want kids with anyone else. Only you.”

He paused and took a deep breath that he had been depriving himself of while he ranted. His hands reached out to grip your waist before sliding down around the front to softly press against your tummy.

“That’s our baby in there. We ain’t getting any younger. The club is in a good place, things are safe, we’re stable. We can take care of our family babe. You’ll be a good mom, you don’t need to be scared.”

He stopped there, watching your fave to see if he was making things worse. Your tearful smile and laugh told him it was the opposite though. Your smile stayed and you looked up at him.

“You really wanna have a family with me?”

He immediately nodded his head, not a single second of hesitation.

“Only you babe.”

You thought about his words, a weight being lifted at the realization that not only was he ok with you being pregnant but that he was happy and willing to start a family with you. Your fears slowly started to dissipate, and while you were still nervous, the thought of being a mom making you sweat, you knew that anything was possible with Happy by your side. So with another smile and a nod, you squeezed his hands.

“Then I guess we’re having a baby.”

Let’s Prank Him

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Ratting: I guess PG-13

A/N: soooo my imagine for you tonight was gonna be different but then I distracted myself from writing with girls pranking their bf videos and……..this happened.

You pressed record on your video camera, not sure where you were going to post this yet but all your fans and his fans were suggesting it and you were bored so why not? 

“Hey guys,” you spoke into the camera. “So,’ you smiled and giggled, covering your mouth, "Tom’s been in China for the past couple of days for the um, Spider-Man movie premiere and I’ve been reading your guys’ comments on my social media and a lot of you were saying to prank Tom that I am pregnant and guess what? I’ve fallen into peer pressure and now I’m gonna do it.”

"They said they were gonna land in about an hour or so, Haz just texted me, so I gotta go ahead and prepare.” You looked around the apartment; everything was clean and organized, thanks to you tidying it up a couple of days ago and managing to keep it like that. You really were a low-maintenance girl. “I mean I don’t really know how to prepare. Should I fake a pregnancy test or… I don’t know, I guess I should just mentally prepare.”

You stopped the video, knowing you were going to edit it all in later and texted Tom. Then you turned the camera back on again. “Okay, so I just texted Tom, telling him that he shouldn’t bring Haz or anything back to his apartment because… you know, that’ll be awkward.” You heard a ding come from your phone. You laughed, looking at the text. “He just said ‘Okay.’ He probably thinks I have something planned for him if you know what I mean. Well it’s not that buddy but I promise I do have something planned.” You turned it off.

You hit record, talk-whispering. “Okay so Tom just said he was in the car to the apartment so I’m gonna go ahead and set up the camera. I think I’ll set it up-” you gestured in the direction, “-behind that little plant we have on the coffee table in the living room and we’ll see how it goes. I laugh a lot and I’m definitely not an actor so hopefully it goes well enough that he’ll believe me and get some… reaction out of him. This is for you, Hollanders.” You pointed into the camera, play-frowning a little bit and pressed 'Stop.’

You set the camera up beside the little potted succulent on the coffee table, aiming it towards the entrance. You took a step back and sat on the couch, where you would tell Tom to “Sit down, we need to have a talk” and tilted your head this way and that, making sure it looked inconspicuous as possible. Then you walked toward the door and glanced at it from that angle. You could hardly even see it! Yes! As long as you didn’t laugh in the middle of it, this was going to go perfectly.

You went and hit record on the camera. “Come on those theater classes that I took in high school, don’t fail me now.” You whispered into the microphone and sat on the couch. You would cut out the time you had to wait, or maybe just speed up the footage.

Your phone dinged again and it was Tom. You showed your screen to the camera and mouthed, “He’s here!" 

Luckily, the remote wasn’t too far away so you quickly turned the TV on, acting like you weren’t just talking to a camera and got comfy, snuggling up with the throw blanket. 

"Y/N, I’m home!” he called. He propped the door open with his foot to roll in your luggage and you popped up from the couch. His tired voice almost made you feel guilty for what you were about to do. He probably just wanted to change into his pajamas, cuddle up with you, and go to sleep which honestly sounded pretty good to you too. Your heart was pounding so much, you felt that Tom would see it and the prank would be ruined anyways, why not just forget about it?

No. You really, really wanted to do this. You’ve been alone for days and needed this. You never pranked anyone in your life before and it if this one went well, you would feel so good. 

You walked up and hugged him. “Hey babe, how was your flight?” You said rubbing his back but remembering to stay in character so you were acting kind of timid. Your shoulders tensed.

“Oh, it was alright,” he said, coming fully into the apartment now and you helped with the door, closing it as he set his luggage down and took off his shoes. “So what did you want to talk to me about, love?”

You had to bite your lip to keep from smiling and you would’ve combed a hand through your hair, though you had put it up in a messy bun. “Right um…” you said as casually as you possibly could. You gestured silently to the couch. “Can we…..could we sit first?”

“Of course, are you alright?”

You two rounded the couch to sit and you wanted to say yeah but you stumbled around the word, think what was the most natural thing to say in this moment was. What would you do if the camera wasn’t rolling and this was real?

“No,” you decided upon, hand brushing across your forehead. You sat facing him on the couch. He put one hand on your thigh immediately.

“Darling, what’s wrong? Is something wrong?”

You briefly nodded and he scooted closer to you, widening his eyes in concern.

 "Baby, what is it? What’s on your mind?“ 

You did’t know what came over you but the the way he was staring at you with his perfect, brown eyes and his thin lips slightly parted and the fact that he called you baby (which he almost never does, only when consoling you, like now) made your eyes well up with tears. You looked down and started to pick the fabric on the couch. Great! This was really gonna be believable now!

"I um… I don’t…I don’t know how it happened,” you sniffed. “I mean well,” you looked at the ceiling, “I know how….I just can’t…”

“Baby, baby, look at me. What’s wrong? Did someone do something to you? Did I do something to you?” The fact that he thought he did something to you made you cry even more. He looked so lost and confused like a little puppy. 

“No, no,” you laid a hand on his thigh, furiously nodding. “You…. I just don’t how to tell you… I’ve been freaking out all this time you were gone. If the press ever found out about this…”

“Found out about what?" 

You looked right into his eyes and took a feigned, shaky breath. "I….. the reason I didn’t want Harrison to come over tonight was that I um…” you didn’t know where you going with that sentence and he was looking at you expectantly, almost causing you to break so you decided you were just gonna say it. “I’m pregnant.”


And utter.


Tom’s eyes were huge though you knew the camera wouldn’t pick up on it.


You nodded.


You nodded.

“B-but…. we used a condom…?”

You looked down, covering your mouth with your hand because you almost smiled, and forced more tears to come out of your tear ducts. “I know…” you murmured. “I know, I know…this is just really bad for you career and you have five movies coming up that you still need to shoot, so it’s okay if I’m alnoe with the baby and -”

“That’s what you’re worried about?”

You looked at him. 

“My career..?”

“Well yeah. I mean,” you wiped an eye. “Everyone’s gonna be freaking out about this. Not just your family, I mean, we’re not even married yet. We’re not ready.”
He stood up from the couch and started pacing slowly in front of the camera, running his hands through his hair. 

“A-are you mad at me?” You asked softly.

“Mad at you? No. We both did this.”

Another round of silence.

“When did you find out?”

“This morning, when I took the pregnancy test.”

“How far along are you?”

“I don’t know. We could go to the doctor’s and find it. They can also check if I’m really pregnant or not. Although those tests rarely give you a false positive and I did miss my period a few-”

“You missed your period? Why didn’t you tell me?” He almost snapped.

You were taken aback. “Well, I guess it’s not something you tell your boyfriend.”

“Yes! It is!” He sat down next to you again. “Darling, if you miss your period, I need to know. Because whether if it’s just stress or… or a chance that you could be pregnant, I need to know these things so you can get the attention you need.”

Oh my God. That made you cry even more.

“Well, I didn’t want to stress you about it. You were already busy with the premiere and having fun…. I figured there was nothing to worry about. Plus, you broke your nose… which you’re a fucking idiot by the way, for doing it again.”

You paused.

So,“ you started carefully. You had to end this before Tom had an aneurysm.

 "You’re not leaving me?”

“Why would I leave you at a time like this?”

“Not even after I tell you this one more thing?”

“What 'one more thing.'”

You couldn’t help it now; you stretched a big-ass smile all across your face and pointed to the camera. Tom quickly followed your finger and saw a red light poking out from behind the pot. "Oh my God!” He started laughing. But… was it nervous laughter? Relief? “OH MY GOD!

He came to the camera and you plopped down to the side on the couch, holding your stomach, laughing your ass off.

"This was a prank?” he asked, though he knew the answer.

“Yes! Yeah it was!” you said through bouts of laughter.

“Oh sweet mother of Jesus!” He walked out of frame. “Whew!”

“Were you freaking out?” You said smiling as you sat up again.

“Yes I  was!”

You grabbed the camera and filmed him. 

“Babe, my heart was pounding so much. I thought you were gonna notice.”

“Mine too after you told me! I was screaming WHAT THE FUCK on the inside. I was surprised you could keep a straight face with all the laughing you do.”

“Yo, I thought I was gonna laugh in the middle of it and throw it all off. Did you know your fans told me to do this?”

“They did not!”

“Uh bitch, wanna see the comments?”

He laughed again. “Oh my God. That was good. You got me there.” You hugged him. “Oh my God.”

“Love you!” you squeaked. “Well guys, I’d say that was successful.”

“Yes that was very successful.” Tom exclaimed from out of frame, getting his luggage and taking it to his bedroom. You turned the camera toward him. “I can’t believe you guys wanted me to freak out like that.”

You faced the camera toward you. “Well, I’m gonna go now. I hope you enjoyed watching this video. I know I had fun pranking my boyfriend. Yes! I can’t believe it worked! I hope this was all you dreamed for it to be and-” you came close, whispering, “let me knew what you want me to do next because this was actually super fun. Okay, bye!” You turned it off, placing it on the coffee table and went to the kitchen, getting yourself  drink of water. Your tummy still had butterflies in it and year heart was calming, but you were still on that high from laughing so much that you didn’t even notice Tom’s strong arms wrap around your waist. He swayed you both side to side.

“That was hilarious, darling,” his breath tickled your neck. “But maybe one day, I hope it won’t be a joke.” You felt him smile against your skin and this time it was his turn to laugh at your expense.