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Your existence--no your beauty, is needed in this world. No one else walks like you, talks like you, loves like you, cries like you, hugs like you, laughs like you, sleeps like you, thinks like you, dresses like you, breathes like you. You are a part of this universe and without you a valuable part would be missing. You're like a vital organ in a human, without you we all wouldn't function properly. You're beautiful, love. Keep your head up. <3

This is so beautiful !! <3 Thank you so much you’re beautiful too ily <3

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Pink Floyd, Mumford and Sons, and Florence + The Machine. :)


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I really like your url, does it have anything to do with any psychedelic related subjects? If so I love you and we’re friends now. Pink Floyd oh my God.

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That picture of you and your cat is too adorable! The both of you are stunning! :) but some random questions: How long have you been making your jewelry? and where do you get your supplies to make all of them? They are beautiful. :)

hahahah thank you!! and ive only been making it for a month really, i get most of the stuff from  new york or online :) and thanks xx