Now that you’re gone everything is hitting me in such a surreal way. I can’t believe the things I turned into for you. The things I became that I promised I never would. All because I was under the false perception that we were in love, and that was how love was supposed to be. Boy, was I wrong. Never again will I change for someone just because they utter the words: I love you. Why, you ask. Why? Because now, I love myself. I know I’m worth more than your lies, deceit and manipulation. I love myself more than the pain you put me through. I love myself enough to know if someone truly loves you they will never ask you to change. And ever since I started truly loving myself again, realizing you never actually loved me has gotten easier to handle.
—  m.r.s// I love myself now and I’ve never been more proud of myself 12:22am
Please Read

I am always seeing someone telling someone else to “just love themselves” but little do they know it’s easier said than done. I even see people getting annoyed with someone because they have low self esteem and therefore has a hard time loving themselves. To me that is just wrong. People have no idea that loving yourself takes a lot of time and patience and therefore will not happen overnight just like most things in this world. I do find however that it can be a little easier to love yourself and build up your self esteem if you are surrounded by the right people. Being around people that make you feel good inside can definitely help the process. If you know someone that has a hard time loving themselves or is dealing with low self esteem or just anyone that is struggling physically or mentally please be patient with them. Make that person feel good by complimenting them,telling them how great they are, and just giving them positive vibes everyday can definitely help that person. Please don’t rush anyone that is dealing with self esteem issues because everyone is different and for some it may take years for them to get to that point.

So all i ask to each and every one of you is to just be patient and understanding and help that person that is dealing with these issues the best you can. And remember no matter what, you are all amazing and i’m here for every one of you. 💓