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If they’re a doodler or a writer

Favourite landscapes

Favourite holiday

Favourite seasons

MC can’t sleep due to back pain

MC being extremely flexible

MC insecure about tummy/freckles

Hiking date

MC makes/wears cosplay

Reuniting at the airport

Best friends/platonic

MC has pet birds

MC as a fencer

MC really into death metal

MC as a major snuggler

MC setting up Chanukkah decor

MC and the piano

MC as childhood friend

Engagement rings

MC as a tattoo parlor regular

MC spamming everyone with the Bee movie

MC loses focus easily

Tall MC

Favourite Studio Ghibli movies

Drunk MC/Love reveal

Favourite way to spend time with MC

Positive pregnancy test as holiday gift

MC inviting Unknown to Christmas event (Christmas DLC)

Kinda gross MC

MC being hit on by another person

MC with someone else during holidays (ANGST)

Having to get undercuts

Obese MC (insecure)

Insomniac MC

Extreme sports with MC

MC/Family sass battle

MC with acne scars

MC on period/heavy cramps

Classic rock obsessed MC

MC Randomly speaking Russian

MC afraid of people

MC from a cold country

MC insecure eating in front of others

MC addicted to dabbing

MC with an emo fashion

MC obsessed with Classic Rock

MC as an MMA fighter

MC holed up in their room because of mental health issues

Bilingual MC forgets names for things

MC doesn’t like people spending money on them

MC likes to say “I love you” platonically

MC works the nightshift

Wedding dresses/suits

MC being random at the wrong time

MC asking for a piggy back ride

Mute MC

MC who likes things meticulously clean and in order

6'6 MC

Slightly Telepathic MC

MC always wears heelies

MC with anorexia

MC does martial arts

Short MC has long legs

Hopeless Romantic MC

MC Sick on Christmas

MC as a politician

Reactions to Jaehee/MC friendship

MC picks at scabs and gets scars

MC is an irl princess

Misc. V headcanons

MC as Terry Crews (I hate this so mUCH)

RFA Playing Undertale

Bald MC

MC protecting RFA from being hit on

MC Constantly in hospital/afraid of hospital

RFA at a strip club

RFA as text messages from 404

MC oblivious to flirting

MC not wanting to give birth/okay with adoption

MC in musical having to kiss another actor

Teacher MC

Witchy MC

MBTI Personality Types

404’s Face Claims

MCXDanny DeVito because y'all hate me

Telepathic MC part 2

Winter Soldier/Black Widow MC

MC afraid of needles

RFA reacts to MC who trash talks Rika

Random Korean Culture HCS

RFA: Given blank piece of paper, what would they do?

MC is a Kpop star

MC is into cars

RFA+V+SAERAN Falling hard for MC

Sharing bed for the first time

Part two: Christmas Angst (HAPPY ENDINGS)

Celebrating MC’s birthday

RFA Break ups (ANGST?)

Finding out MC Knows Korean

Reactions to Jaehee x Zen

MC messes up their hair 

Reacting to MC being gay

MC pretends to be married to friend

MC as a Victoria Secret Model

RFA opinions on pineapple on pizza + other foods

RFA as Vampires: Feeding habits

RFA Falling for Male!MC

Going to Pride with MC

MC really loves cats

MC plays instrument fluently

MC randomly wanting to slow dance

MC having younger sibling(s)

MC Loving Stars and the Ocean

MC killing someone

MC with narcolepsy

Dominant (personality) MC

Being called senpai by MC

Ripping MC’s favourite underwear (I don’t consider this NSFW but be warned)

Adopted MC Feels Replaced by Family

Shy at first but comes out of her shell MC

MC pregnant with quadruplets

MC as professional cha-cha dancer

MC with an over-protective sister

MC having panic attack in public

MC With Sensory Overload

MC Accidentally taking a drug

Smart but Silly MC

MC Late to work due to frick frack (not NSFW)

Christmas gifts for MC

MC as a seasonal worker (Saeyoung x mc)

What they smell like

Camping Trip (Yoosung x MC)

Cooking with the RFA

Their Quirks? (Small mysme x bnha crossover)

Music tastes

MC with a child

Saeyoung/Saeran x MC fluff

(Not) Too sexy for my shirt (Saeyoung x MC)

Arms (Lyric drabble [Saeyoung x MC])

Nightmares (Jumin x MC)

Unrequited Love (Saeyoung [Saeran x MC])

First words to Deaf!MC

Gimme a Kiss (NSFW-ISH?) (Jihyun x MC)

MC afraid of flying (Zen x MC) (Jihyun x MC)

MC with winter blues (Jihyun x MC) (Zen x MC)

MC in a coma

Saeran/Yoosung with MC’s puppy

The stage that couldn’t love (Zen x MC) (TW)

MC with an identical twin

Saeran’s Corner:

Annoying Unknown

Annoying Unknown Part 2

Annoying Unknown Part 3

Partners in Crime

Ice Skating

Playground Fun?

Biting Kink (SFW)

Tsundere Saeran

MC picking their lip

Stupid thought of Four’s

Morning kisses

Thirsty MC with good ending Saeran (NSFW-ISH?)

Virgin MC (NSFW)


Saeran being called Edgelord

Saeran singing “When Christmas Comes to Town”

Saeran/MC being intimate when Saeyoung walks in

RFA+V+SAERAN Reacting to seeing Saeyoung on mission/date

Saeyoung cutting off Zen’s ponytail

HIDDEN TREASURES {Treasure Hunter!AU}:

Chapter 1


In the Right Direction {VxMC}

Not Afraid of the Night {JuminxMC}

Leopard-print Bandaids {VanderwoodxMC}


Jaehee as Wonder Woman (Art)

Yoosung as Peter Pan (Art)

Treat or treating habits/favourite candy

Family Themes Costumes

MC Never celebrating Halloween

Couples Costumes


Haunted House- Jumin

Ghost?- Saeran

Haunting Pranks

MC Exploring an abandoned house

MC and Halloween Rituals

Ouija Board Mystake- Saeyoung

Reactions to Haunted House

404′s Ridiculous AU’s:

Duck AU

Sock AU

Stock Image AU

Car AU

Meme AU

Lamp AU

Coat AU

Restaurant/Fast food AU

Fruit AU

Homestuck AU

Dog AU

Shrek AU









Valentines (2018)




Jealousy (NSFW)

Pegging (NSFW)

Massages (NSFW)

MC making breakfast with nothing but a t-shirt on (NSFW)

7 mins in heaven/Spin the bottle (Possible NSFW?)

MC walks in on them masturbating (NSFW)

Masochist MC (NSFW)

Getting Caught Being Intimate by Child (NSFW?)

MC calling penises by weird names (NSFW-ISH?)

Saeran smut (NSFW)

MC loves keyhole sweaters (Light NSFW?)

Nymphomaniac MC

First Time Having Sex

What kind of porn they’d watch

Jumin smut (NSFW)

404 Dumb Videos:

(Characters: Cheritz Vines: Respectful owners, link always provided)

Square Balloons

“I’m sad”

404 Cosplay:

404 Saeran Cosplay part 1

404 Saeran Cosplay part 2

404 Saeran Cosplay part 3

404 Saeran Cosplay part 4

Let me take you to Paradise~

404 Saeran Cosplay Gifs


Literally a completely self-indulgent Fouran fic

404 Personal Emojis

404: Fouran+Saeyoung

404: Fouran (Profile Pic)

404: Yoomaid Drawing

Beautiful-mystic-mess/404: Fidget Spinner AU?

404: Saeran sketch

404: Saeran the Jolly Green Giant

Nglitisjay Yoosung undercut

Imtryingtodoartstuff Saeyoung undercut

Imtryingtodoartstuff Admins

Coziershelf Admins

Kiirdonel Saeran/Saeyoung/Yoosung undercut

Kiirdonel RFA undercuts

Rosiek5art Admin 404

Rosiek5art Admin 626

Haku-and-luna Saeran

Lord-of-the-firemelons Ice cream shop Saeran

BTS / Mafia AU – They find out their S/O is pregnant

Request: can I request a bts mafia reaction where they find out their wife is pregnant?? (fluff pls)

WARNING: mentions of violence & strong language



Originally posted by jjilljj

It was a busy week for Jin, so you barely saw him. He left soft kisses on your cheek when he ran into you in the house, but after that, he was running out of the door again. So, obviously, he wasn’t there when you woke up in the morning, hyperventilating because the notification from your period tracking app read, 28 days since last period.

Texting your best friend, you told her to bring a pregnancy test and her support over to your house. She did that in record speed and within five minutes, you were both already having a minute of silence in your bathroom, a very positive pregnancy test in front of you.

“What are you going to do?” your friend asked, finally.

“About Jin?” you asked, sighing immediately after. “I have no idea.”

“Listen… I called him on my way here.”

Your eyes shot open. “You called Jin?!”

“Yeah, well, your voice sounded really panicked when you called me. I was afraid that something happened, so I—”

“Of course, something happened! I’m pregnant!” you shouted, standing up from the couch.

“You’re—what?” a different voice asked, causing both you and your friend to turn around to see Jin standing in the doorway, after having just gotten home to check up on you.

This was not how you wanted to find out and, clearly, not what your best friend had in mind when she called him, either.

“Y/n,” Jin said strictly, once he saw your shocked, non-responsive features. “Is that true?”

Unsure whether you should confirm or deny it, even though he did just hear you say you were pregnant, you slowly nodded, waiting for his reaction. You didn’t know what to expect because you and Jin haven’t talked about having children yet, but – much to your surprise – the next thing Jin did was cross the room in few quick strides and throw his arms around you.

He didn’t say anything but his tight embrace told you that he wasn’t too upset about hearing this news.

At the sight of you and Jin hugging, your best friend gave you a small smile – and earned a glare from you in return – and quietly left the room.

“You’re not mad?” you whispered, making Jin pull away from you.

“Mad? Why would I be mad? You didn’t kill anyone. Not that I’d be mad about that, either,” Jin said, “But this is great. This is fantastic. We’re going to have a child. A little person. Our little person. The person to inherit all of this,” he waved his hands around the house, indicating not just the building, but the business Jin was currently the head of. “This is the best thing you could have ever told me, Y/n.”


Originally posted by softjeon

Yoongi blamed himself for all of the times you’ve gotten hurt. If someone threatened to shoot you, he blamed himself for not shooting them first. Even if you slipped on ice, he blamed himself for not being there to hold your hand and help you keep your balance.

So, needless to say, as he watched you throw up over the toilet in your shared bathroom, he blamed himself for not double-checking the food you’ve been eating.

“I’m going to get everyone who sold us rotten food fired,” Yoongi promised as he held your hair back. “And in case your sickness was our microwave’s fault, I’ll get rid of that piece of—”

“Yoongi, no,” you said in a weak voice. “I don’t think this is it.”

“No? Why do you think you’re sick, then?” he asked, thoughtfully brushing a hand through your hair. “Is it because of a virus?”

“No. I think I might be pregnant.”

Yoongi’s hand stopped moving, freezing while still on your head. He waited a few more seconds before speaking.

“Are you sure?” he asked, his voice no longer as confident as it had been just a few moments ago.

“I’m not,” you said, turning away from the toilet to look up at him.

Yoongi just nodded, not saying anything else about that topic. “Do you want me to carry you back to bed?”

“No, I can walk,” you replied, slowly standing up from the floor while Yoongi held you up, making sure you weren’t going to lose your balance. “Should I call my, uh, doctor?”

“I’ll call the doctor,” Yoongi said. “You go to bed. Rest for now.”

“What will you do?”

“Hide all of my guns.”

You frowned. “What?”

“Well, if we’re having a child, I can’t have my guns just lying around everywhere, can I? I mean, I don’t know much about kids, but I do know they’re not supposed to have guns,” Yoongi said, talking about this as if this was the easiest thing ever and not as if both of you had quick breakdowns once you’ve announced your suspected pregnancy.

“So… you’re okay with this?” you asked slowly.

“I mean, I probably don’t have a choice,” Yoongi said, giving you a playful smile to hopefully ease your worries. It didn’t really help. “I love you, Y/n. And I’d love anything that’s related to you. Or, in this case, to us. Hopefully that child won’t be anything like me, though. I kind of suck, don’t I?”

You finally laughed and watched Yoongi exhale in relief to have finally managed to make you lose the stressed expression that has been on your face ever since the first wave of nausea hit you.

“No, you’re great,” you disagreed with him, reaching out to touch his cheek and feeling him lean into your embrace.

“I’ll remember you said this next time you tell me what a dick I am,” Yoongi teased. “Now, go on. Get to bed. I’ll find your doctor’s phone number.”


Originally posted by parkjiminer

He knew it before you did. He noticed the changes in your sleeping pattern. He noticed the way you were suddenly interested in unusual combinations of food – even though you insisted everyone ate pasta with mustard – and he noticed the way you were constantly exhausted.

So, one day, Hoseok burst into your bedroom with no warning whatsoever, making you jump up from your bed in fear and announced, “Get dressed. We’re going to the hospital.”

“What?” you asked, hand still clutching your chest from the way he just burst into your room. “Why? Are you sick?”

“No. But you might be.”

What?” you asked again. “I’m not sick.”

“I heard you throwing up last night,” Hoseok said. “I just want a doctor to check up on you.”

You really didn’t think that seeing a doctor was necessary. So you’ve thrown up. It must have been because of something you’ve eaten. You felt much better today, although you were still tired.

And yet, despite all of that, you knew better than to defy Hoseok. Fighting him was a lost cause. Not only was he stubborn but he also had no patience when it came to you and your health. One time he took you to a dentist after you told him the ice cream stung your teeth a little.

So, naturally, you just sighed, grabbed your coat and followed Hoseok out of the house.

And maybe it’s a good thing that you did because the doctor, along with his congratulations, gave you news that changed your life forever.

“I knew it!” Hoseok jumped up from his chair in the doctor’s office as soon as he announced that you were pregnant.

Still shocked, you turned your head to look at the excited man next to you. “Y-you did?”

“Of course,” Hoseok said, pulling you up from your chair and out of the doctor’s office without bothering to say thank you or goodbye.

“But how did you—” you tried to ask as Hoseok basically sprinted down the hallway of the hospital, dragging you along with him.

“Y/n, I know you,” Hoseok replied. “Of course, I’d notice the changes in your body.”

He was still running towards the exit of the hospital and by now you were already struggling to breathe. “Okay. I get that. Why are we running, though?”

“I have to tell everyone in our house to stop behaving like they’re in the Mafia or I’ll kick them out,” Hoseok said, still not stopping.

“But they are…”

“Yeah. But our child doesn’t need to see that kind of violence,” he said, finally stopping and giving you a moment to catch your breath as he continued. “My father gave me my first gun when I was three years old. I nearly shot myself. I won’t let that happen to my child. He or she will learn about the family business when the time is right.”


Originally posted by rapnamu

You were trying to find a way to tell Namjoon that you two were going to be parents when you found out that he was shot and that he was in critical condition. Obviously, your entire world collapsed. But there was just no way Namjoon was going to leave this world without knowing that he was going to be a father. You wouldn’t let that happened.

So, as you sat next to Namjoon’s bed while he was in a coma due to suffering from nearly fatal gunshot wounds to vital parts of his body, you held his hand and tried to stop the tears from coming.

“Joonie,” you whispered, as you stroked his face with one of your hands. “You can’t leave us. You can’t leave your family. W-we’re going to have a child. There’s so much I won’t be able to teach him or her if you won’t be here.”

You weren’t sure if he even heard you. He didn’t show any signs of that, so you chose not to keep going. Talking was already hard and if he didn’t hear you anyway, then what was the point?

But almost miraculously – according to the doctors anyway – Namjoon’s health took a turn for the better. He woke up a few days later and was able to talk properly after another few days. It seemed as though the injuries he’d suffered left virtually no damage, other than the physical pain that restricted his movement.

“Y/n,” he said, a wide smile on his face, when you came to visit him on the first morning when he started to talk again.

You nearly burst into tears right then and there but chose to hold yourself together, at least, while you were with him.

Taking his hand in yours, you sat down next to his bed. “How are you?”

“I’m good,” he said. “Glad I don’t have my Glock with me or I would have shot that beeping machine hours ago. It’s been driving me crazy.”

You laughed at this. “I’m glad to see you’re all better.”

“It’s because of you,” Namjoon said, using both of his hands to hold one of yours. “I heard you, you know. When you were talking to me. When you told me we were going to be parents. I… I heard all of that. And I knew right away that there was no way I was going to leave you and our child.”

Tears welled up in your eyes again. “We need you with us, Namjoon.”

He squeezed your hand, giving you a reassuring smile. “I’m never leaving you.”


Originally posted by mauloveskpop

It was during your routine medical check-up that you found out something you weren’t expecting to find out. Not only were you absolutely healthy (which never happened before. Doctors kept telling you to eat more protein-filled foods or giving you similar advice that you never followed) but you were also pregnant.

And when you returned home – all nervous but still kind of excited – and prepared yourself to tell this news to Jimin, you found him in his car, breathing heavily, yelling something into the phone and polishing his favorite pistol.

“Jimin?” you called out softly and watched him frantically hang the phone up.

“Yeah?” he got out of the vehicle. “How was your check-up?”

“Good. Uh, there’s something I need to talk to you. Can we go inside?” you asked and watched Jimin glance nervously at the car.

“I have some business I need to take care of,” he said. “It’s sort of urgent. Will this take long?”

His clear lack of interest in your news dimmed your excitement but you couldn’t have waited any longer to tell him. You were too nervous and way too passive aggressive to postpone this any further.

“No, it’s quick,” you said. “I’m pregnant. Good luck with your business.”

You were already walking around him to enter the house, when Jimin grabbed your hand, stopping you before you could walk away. “You’re what?”

You turned around to face him, noticing his wide eyes and parted lips. “I thought you had urgent business.”

“Well, I didn’t expect you to tell me you were pregnant!” he replied, releasing his grip on you to throw his hands in the air in frustration. “When did you find out?”

“Just now,” you said, still feeling annoyed at his initial lack of interest in you.

Jimin ran his hand through his hair, still not losing the shocked expression. “Okay, shit. Here’s what we’ll do. Go inside, I’ll have someone look after you, and I—”

“I don’t need anyone to look after me. I’m not sick.”

“Yeah, but you’re pregnant,” Jimin insisted. “I’m not leaving you without supervision, I don’t care what you say. But I do need to take care of this thing. Now, especially. If I don’t do this, I’ll never be sure that our family is truly safe.”

He said family with such sincerity that you couldn’t help but lose at least some of the frustration you felt after he told you he didn’t have time to talk to you.

“Okay,” you said finally, already knowing better than to get between him and his work. “Look after yourself, okay?”

“Always,” Jimin nodded, a smile spreading across his face. “It’s not just you I have to come home to. It’s our family. I’d never allow anyone to separate me from it.”


Originally posted by ttaegiis

Taehyung found out from your doctor when you left your phone on your bed before heading to take a shower. He didn’t plan to pick the call up when your phone started to ring but then he saw your doctor’s name as the caller’s ID and his anxiety forced him to take the call. He hadn’t even known you weren’t feeling well, so even though the doctor’s news that you were pregnant excited him, he also blamed himself for not noticing any of the symptoms in you.

As you walked out of the shower with your robe on and your hair twirled inside of the towel on top of your head, you saw Taehyung sitting on the bed, his face in his hands.

“You alright?” you asked worriedly.

At the sound of your voice, he jumped up from the bed immediately. “Why didn’t you tell me you weren’t feeling well?”

“Uh…” you looked away from him, clearly caught off-guard by this question. “Because I wanted to know what was wrong before worrying you. I’m hoping it’s nothing, but the doctor still hasn’t—”

You stopped mid-sentence because your eyes had been scanning the bed for your estranged phone and located it in Taehyung’s hands. Your phone and his distressed face were more than enough for you to understand that the doctor had already called you.

“Oh God,” you immediately started to panic. “What did the doctor say? Is it bad? Am I really sick?”

“No. Quite the opposite, actually,” Taehyung said, swallowing deeply before standing up from the bed. “The doctor said you’re pregnant.”

You could feel the color drain from your face as everything fell into its rightful place inside of your mind. The exhaustion. The general soreness of your body. The nausea.

Instead of feeling relieved that you weren’t sick, however, you continued to panic because Taehyung still looked distressed.

“W-why do you look like that?” you asked somewhat awkwardly, as you unconsciously placed your hands on your stomach as if you could feel the life inside of you.

“Because… there are so many dangerous people in this house. Just yesterday I tried to get information out of some people in my own basement and trust me when I say this, my methods of extracting information are not exactly child-friendly,” Taehyung said, sighing deeply.

For the first time since you met him, he looked genuinely afraid of the danger of his work. Not afraid for his own well-being – he was borderline self-destructive – but afraid for his future child.

“The child doesn’t have to be involved in any of the business you do,” you said. “And even if it does get involved, I know I can trust you to keep it safe.”

Smiling a little, Taehyung allowed your words to comfort him. “I’d do anything to keep you and our child safe. There’s no doubt about that. Family has always come first to me.”

You knew that this was true even without hearing him say it but the confident expression on his face as he said those words made you realize what a truly great father Taehyung was going to be.


Originally posted by softjeon

You’ve never talked to Jungkook about having children. You were sure you’ve never even seen him around children in all of the time that you knew him. Obviously, the lack of contact with kids made you worry about announcing your pregnancy, and therefore, you chose to postpone this news.

However, Jungkook turned out to know you better than you thought.

He entered your shared bedroom one day with a bag full of chocolates and Advil. When you gave him a confused look, he just smiled a little.

“I’ve noticed you weren’t feeling well lately,” he said. “Now, I don’t know why that is because you haven’t told me anything, but I’m hoping these will make you feel better.”

You softened at this thoughtful gesture and you swore you could feel tears sting your eyes. You weren’t usually this emotional, so this must have been your hormones acting up already.

“I actually do want to talk to you about… why I haven’t been feeling well lately,” you said after a quick debate with yourself, after which you decided that perhaps, you had to tell him now before he got too worried about your well-being to focus on his job.

“Oh?” Jungkook walked into the bedroom and sat down on the bed next to you, not needing your invitation to do that. “What’s wrong?”

“Well, see, the thing is…” you started slowly, having never realized how difficult it was to actually say these words. “I’m pregnant.”

You weren’t sure what kind of reaction to expect but Jungkook treated this news as if you just told him you were going to order pizza for dinner – he didn’t even flinch. He just nodded and turned to look at the floor.

“That explains it,” he said after a good minute of silence. “Why do you look so worried, though?”

“Oh. I didn’t know how you’d react.”

“What do you mean? How many ways are there for me to react?” Jungkook asked. “We’re going to be parents. I think I’m having a breakdown inside of my brain because now I’ll have to make all of these adjustments to my schedule to make sure I won’t have to bring my child to business meetings with me. But other than that, I’m cool. We’re going to be great.”

“Are you sure?” you asked. “About being great, I mean. We’ve never talked about this before and you’re acting kind of weird now.”

He sighed. “Okay, I’m sorry. I just imagined all of these scenarios of us taking our children out for ice cream and now I’m having a hard time understanding how we could have been together for so long and never talked about having kids.”

“Well, one of the reasons could be the fact that your job involves killing people.”

“Not always,” Jungkook reminded you. “But if it makes you feel better, I promise that from now on I’ll only be killing those who pose a threat to the future of my family, okay?”

Knowing him better than he knew himself, you gave him a skeptical look. “You have no concept of what is a threat when it comes to the people you love.”

Jungkook thought about it. “Okay, that’s true. But, if anything, that’s a good thing. This way I’ll be able to make sure we’re all together and all safe. And speaking of being together, I’m canceling all of my trips out of the country, so I can be with you and make sure you’re looking after yourself and our future child.”

“What? But your job—”

“I’ll kill all the bad guys later,” he said as if he was already talking to his child. “Right now I have my family to take care of.”

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anonymous asked:

top 5 times katsuki yuuri seduced the whole world (deliberately or not)

I think I’ve been accidentally pulled into the “5 Things” meme! Please don’t send more, haha. Regular prompts and headcanons are still welcome!

1. After Yuuri wins silver at the GPF and Victor announces his return to competitive skating, they attend the banquet, and apparently the ISU learned nothing from the previous year because it’s open bar. However, unlike last year, Yuuri doesn’t get drunk on 14 flutes of champagne and drag people into a dance-off. Instead, he gets drunk on six Long Island iced teas and gives an incredibly dazed and visibly turned-on Victor a lap dance in the middle of the floor to Nasty Naughty Boy. Someone (Phichit, you traitor) films it and posts it to YouTube, where it blows past 73 million views in a single weekend and trends on Facebook for two entire weeks. Thousands of people all over the world post their own reaction videos in response, the most popular being Minami Kenjirou’s, which is just 14 minutes of him alternating between sobbing hysterically and shoving paper towels up his nose. 

2. Yuuri’s in the middle of giving an interview with ABC News after winning gold at the Olympics when a little girl crashes the set and takes it upon herself to plop herself into his lap. The interviewer moves to cut to commercial, but Yuuri tells her that it’s fine. He turns his attention to the girl and compliments her sparkly barrette. Very seriously, the girl thanks him, tells him her name (Malia), age (7 and a half), her teacher’s name (Mr. Gaeney, second grade teacher at P.S. 114) and that she’s going to skate with him at the Olympics someday. To his credit, Yuuri doesn’t laugh; instead, he hugs the girl close and says that he’s looking forward to it. About an hour later, Victor posts a positive pregnancy test to Instagram.

3. A video surfaces of a younger Yuuri and Phichit doing the dance to Bye, Bye, Bye on the ice. The line of Yuuri’s shoulders are soft, not a hint of fear in the way he moves his hips nor a single brushstroke of anxiety in the deep bow of his smile, and he keeps time with Phichit perfectly. It gets retweeted by Lance Bass, who says, @ yurikatsuki nice moves! dm me the next time you’re in la! #hihihi. Victor spends the week trolling Lance with terrible N*Synce photoshoots from the early 2000s and scoring them out of a possible 10. None of them ever make it to a 6.  

4. At Worlds 2018, Yuuri debuts a routine that he choreographed himself to Lady Gaga’s Dance in the Dark, which the commentators say is his attempt at a cooler, sexier Yuuri Katsuki. Victor has to be physically restrained from joining Yuuri on the ice, while six people in the audience have to be hospitalized for extreme blood loss. Yuri Plisetsky’s face becomes Tumblr’s new favorite reaction gif. 

5. Victor watches from the doorway, thinking of the fey, drunken creature who stole his heart all those years ago, and of the shy boy who wanted so badly to be as good as everyone else thought he was, and marvels at how we pour ourselves into the wide and wondrous spaces that time creates. If someone had told him maybe ten years ago—when he’d believed that perfection could only be found in the thumping bass of nightclubs, in between the thighs of faceless men—that he would be brought to his knees by the sight of his disheveled and sleep-starved husband slowly dancing around a nursery with their infant daughter cradled in his arms, singing softly and off-key, he would have laughed and asked for some of whatever it was that person was on. 

But now, himself a much different man than the one he’d been at twenty, at twenty-five, at twenty-seven, he’s smarter. Wiser. Happier. And he’s never seen anything sexier. 

Wanna take over my wife's job after her maternity leave? get yourself pushed out of the company instead.

LTL, FTP. I have almost no direct involvement in this tale. I’m writing it on behalf of my wife.

Sorry for the wall of text… TL;DR at the bottom. This story happened (ended) two weeks ago.


We live in a country that needs a lot of improvement on laws, their application and enforcement…. we are a lot better than a few years back, but still sometimes people can get away with forging some types of documents, like medical records, education degrees etc. Also, english is not our main language, so job titles, degrees and other details are translated to their best equivalence.

According to our country’s labor laws:

  • All female employees are entitled to 3 months paid maternity leave.
  • Employers, at their own expense, are expected to cover for the employees on maternity leave, usually with temp workers.
  • Severance payments are mandatory when firing employees (without justified cause… crime, fraud, etc) with more than 3 months on their jobs, so that’s the time limit to be considered a temp employee.
  • Severance payment calculation is rather complicated, but for firing people employed 4 years or less, it usually boils down to about 4 months of salary.
  • To fire Pregnant women, employers have to pay them 6 months of salary on top of the severance payment they’re entitled to.
  • If an employee quits voluntarily, they effectively forfeit all benefits previously mentioned.

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Burden of Proof

Word Count: 2357

Request: “ Thought; spontaneously dragging Steve of Bucky into random makeout sessions throughout the day and then just leaving him out of breath as you continue in with your business” And a very pleasant thought it is. 

Warning: Language, making out, and utter ridiculousness

A/N: I had more free time than I anticipated, so you’re getting this early. You have the snow storm to thank for this nonsense.

Steve Version

Originally posted by itsjustmycrazyvibe

“Ow ow ow ow ow!” you groaned through clenched teeth as Natasha dragged you through the halls and over the bodies of the incapacitated Hydra agents.

“Hush! There could still be some stragglers hanging around,” she hissed at you, readjusting her hold in order to pull you along more quickly.

“Well if you hadn’t been there to pull me out of the way, that delightful bullet would have definitely silenced me for good. You have only yourself to blame.”

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The line is definitely darker…

I’m feeling…happy and scared.

Happy because it’s another beautiful baby that I’m carrying, a baby that will bring joy and love and laughter into my family.
Scared because Sam is only 4 (almost 5) months old, and I know that this pregnancy is going to be considered high risk again because of how close it is to his birth/c section, though at least my A1C is normal (5.5 at last testing!) so I may be able to skip the blood sugar testing for a while.

I mean, it’s just kind of like, of course this happened. I spent *so* long trying for a baby that like, of course I would get pregnant back to back.

It’s funny though, I have an appointment in June to have my annual exam. I’d thought to discuss having a long acting birth control implanted.

Instead, it looks like I’ll be scheduling my first viability ultrasound instead.


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Redemption // Jeon Jungkook


the prompt: Jungkook scenario when your pregnant unplan baby he finds the test when you get home he starts yelling, blaming you throwing things,tells you to gtfo of his life with the baby saying fucked up things. So you leave Korea 3 year later you come back with your daughter and you guys see each other again he tries to win you back angst beginning but fluff ending?

words: 8942

category: heavy angst + fluff ending

author note: it’s time to see how good destinee’s character development skills are. also y/n didn’t leave, jungkook did. hope that’s okay. im so proud of myself for writing this?? I didn’t give up and I’m glad i didn’t. anyway, this took forever to write you can literally see my writing improve as you keep reading its kind of funny anyway let’s go!

- destinee

Originally posted by sugutie

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Imagine while getting an award you let it slip you are pregnant in front of the entire audience and your husband, Jensen.

“Wow I really-” you blinked looking down at the award “Are you sure this is about me? Maybe there was some mix up here? Maybe it’s for someone else?” you laughed nervously, the crowd laughing as well. You let out a shaky sigh, looking at your husband with an emotional smile as he smiled widely and very proudly at you.

“I know I should make a speech about this, I should have prepared something, but I was so sure I wouldn’t get it, despite what my husband said. Wow now I have a bet lost to him, dang it I was always the one to win bets! And look how happy he looks about it, you cheeky bastard!” you said teasingly at him as he grinned at you, winking.

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Baby’s First Christmas

Originally posted by netflixuniversity

Summary: Billy’s concerns about being a shitty father are reignited by Christmas time rolling around. 

Author’s Note: The fluffiest shit I have ever written. Shout out to SOA for giving me the name Abel which I adore…Takes place a couple years after high school graduation. 

Feedback appreciated! Requests open!

Billy and I  sat on the floor in front of the Christmas tree, wrapping the far far far too many presents we had brought for Abel. I tried to justify how many we purchased by buying mostly books, classics that I read as a kid. Billy, on the other hand, picked out mostly toys, bearing no shame for spoiling his son rotten.

He and I got married after we found out I was pregnant. That was far too taboo for his family though, and they shut us both out. Not that we wanted them involved with our son anyway. Max came around when she thought she could get away with it unnoticed, which, sadly, wasn’t often. She had mailed us gifts to give to Abel, in case she couldn’t make it around for the holidays. As she was still underage, she couldn’t get away like Billy had.

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Here Comes Trouble

Summary: During a case with the Winchesters, things take a turn for the worse, and some secrets you’ve been hiding come to light.  

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: mentions of past smut, angst, pregnant reader, witches, injured Winchesters, character death, arguing, language, fluff

A/N: This fic is based on the prompt; “Reader hides her pregnancy so Dean won’t make her stop hunting yet, and when he finds out he is really pissed off” from a list @deanwinchesterxreader​ made a while back. 

As always, feedback is welcomed!

Your mind kept running back to the positive pregnancy test you’d stashed in your bottom drawer of your room the night before. It wasn’t that you were upset by the news, but you knew as soon as you came clean to the boys about the news- they’d stop you from hunting. You knew they’d become protective over you, worry about the future, and you also couldn’t bear the idea of Dean’s reaction to the fact you were carrying his baby. 

 You’d spent one heated night together after a rough hunt, you both needed to blow off some steam after going up against a group of vamps and coming out a little battered and bruised after eventually taking them out.

Usually, you and the Winchesters would blow off steam by heading to a bar and possibly finding random hook ups for the night, but on this particular case, Sam had stayed behind after getting injured in a previous hunt. Which meant it left you and Dean alone. You’d helped patch each other up and had a bottle of whiskey at hand, you weren’t in the mood to go out after the day you’d had, surprisingly Dean offered to stay in with you.

One thing lead to another and soon you were in a haze of  naked bodies kissing, touching, moving against each other in heated passion. The memory of him sent heat straight to your core, his perfect plump lips, his gorgeous body, his insanely talented mouth and not to mention his impressive-

“-Earth to Y/N.” Dean’s gruff voice pulled you from your daze. He furrowed his brows at you through the reflection of the rear view mirror as you sat in the back of the impala. “You alright?” He asked, the concern clear over his face. 

You ran a hand through your hair and nodded, “yeah, yeah I’m good.”.

You could tell by Dean’s face that he didn’t believe you, but he didn’t press any more about it as the three of you exited the car and headed for the victim’s house to talk to his wife. 

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BTS Reaction Masterlist Post

Thanks to @iwouldliketomakeatoast! The BTS Masterlist is done!

Two Little Stockings


“Christmas was last week, did you forget to put anything inside the stockings?’

“Oh, no,” you shifted on your feet. “I’m… Uh… I just realised there is… There are two more stockings to add to the fireplace.”

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Word Counting: 500 words
Warnings: Light tension, huge fluff.

Originally posted by little--batman

You were certainly feeling anxious, your heart racing inside your chest while you held the two tiny stocking in your hands.

Christmas was a week ago but right now, on January 1st, you’ve got an unexpected late gift. The five positive pregnancy tests laying on your bathroom’s counter weren’t enough to convince you during Tony’s blasting New Year’s party, so the first thing you did this morning was: get into Bruce’s lab and have your blood tested, in addition to an ultrasound with the machinery the compound had just bought. Now you knew for sure you weren’t just pregnant but 10 weeks in with twins. You just needed to tell Bucky.

And that’s what you were feeling anxious about.

Bucky was walking a long way to getting better. He was now more comfortable around people and trying hard. You were his support 100% of the time, always comprehensive and trying your best to make him happy. You were together for long years now and you’ve never talked about having kids.

You walked to the fireplace silently, walking to it under Bucky’s eyes and stopping when you heard him stand up.

“What are you doing, doll?” he questioned, moving to your side. “Christmas was last week, did you forget to put anything inside the stockings?’

“Oh, no,” you shifted on your feet. “I’m… Uh… I just realised there is… There are two more stockings to add to the fireplace.”

Bucky frowned.

“Did we forget about anyone?”

In response, you opened your hands and he looked down at them.

“Those are…” he hesitated. “Those are two really small stocks. They are…”

“Baby size,” you whispered.

Bucky’s jaw fell open for a moment and his lips just opened and closed several times.

“How… How long?” he asked in a whisper.

“Ten weeks.”

His lips opened with a surprised smile.

“Twins?” he looked up at you.

“Yeah,” you nodded, feeling your eyes filling up with tears. “Are you… Are you okay with it?”

Okay?” he exclaimed. “Doll, I’m more than okay! I’m so happy. We’re having kids!”

You wrapped your arms around his neck and Bucky leant to kiss you, giving you several pecks before moving away and pulling away to walk to the fireplace, pinning the two small stockings between yours and his.

“Do you think we can use Stark’s crazy technology to find about the sex?” he questioned with shiny eyes.

“We can see it with an ultrasound in six weeks,” you smiled openly.

“Ultrasound?” Bucky frowned. “What’s that?”

Silently, you put your hand in your back pocket and pulled the picture Bruce had printed to you.

Bucky’s eyes shined with surprise and his lips parted open when he lied eyes on the small black and white image of your babies, tears threatening to fall on his cheeks.

“I’m… Damn…” he muttered. “They are… They are…”

“I know.” You whispered, laying a hand protectively on your stomach.

“Steve,” he called loudly. “Get your ass over here. You need to see your godchildren.”

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BTS Reaction ▾ Telling them you’re pregnant

Warnings: Mentions of pregnancy (*gasp* nobody saw that coming), Some of them have slight angst, Swearing.


“What are you watching?” You casually asked as you plopped yourself on to the loveseat and placed your head on his lap and kicked your legs over the armrest. You had just gotten back from the clinic to get your results from the doctor and he confirmed that you were pregnant. You spent the entire time thinking about how you would announce this to your husband and decided it would be good to just be simple and upfront about it.

“Nothing really.” he smiled down at you as he turned the TV off. “I was just waiting for you to come back home,” he said sweetly and leaned down to give you a peck. “Where were you anyway?”

You smirked at him a little wickedly and sat up on the sofa and held his hand in yours facing him. “Well, I just needed to get something confirmed.”

“And that is…?” He trailed.

“Jin,” You smiled as you grinned in excitement. “I’m pregnant.” His face dropped. Not because he was unhappy. Oh no. But because he had not expected that answer.

“Wait, are you serious?” His lips twitched as he tried to suppress his smile.

“Mhmm! I’m apparently six weeks along already!” It was right then that Jin pulled you into a bone-crushing hug.

“Oh my God, you’re serious! We’re having a baby! I’m going to be a father! And-” He gasped dramatically, tightening his arms around you as you adjusted yourself to it on his lap. “Our parents are going to be so excited! At least we won’t have to choke every time they ask us when we’re gonna have kids when we have dinner at their place!” You pulled back a little, still in his arms and looked at him in adoration as he continued his excited rant.

“Hey, Jin?” You called for his attention which immediately halted him and made him look down at you. “I love you so much.”

He found his heart racing, much like he did when he first heard those words fall from your lips. He placed a hand on your cheek and leaned in to give you a long kiss before pulling back. “And I love you more.”

Originally posted by jhopefluxo


You felt your heart threatening to explode as you looked down at the positive pregnancy test. You’re fourth positive test to be exact. Your hands trembled as you quickly disposed of it inside the trash where the previous ones lay as well. How could you be this irresponsible? You and Yoongi used protection from time to time, even though you were on the pill, but one day that you forgot. One day that you slipped caused this.

You don’t know what to do now. You loved Yoongi and you know he loved you too but a baby wasn’t what you planned. Especially not now. He was still at the height of his career and this scandal could knock him down. No, you shouldn’t think of this as a scandal. This isn’t something wrong to have it thought of as a scandal. You quickly checked the time on your watch and realized Yoongi was going to be here any second. 

Just as you thought that, you heard Yoongi’s voice right outside the washroom. “(Y/N), you in there?” Usually, his voice would immediately calm you, but now it sent your senses into overdrive. You glanced into the mirror to check if you look alright, right before swinging the door open with the most genuine smile you could muster right now.

“Yoongi!” You wrapped your arms around his neck and embraced him. You were going to tell him right now and you’re not sure if you would be able to do this again. You let him invade your senses as he sneaked one arm around your waist.

“Someone missed me.” He chuckled lowly as he pulled back. “I got us food. Jin’s treat.” He smiled at you. You cringed inwardly at his elated mood. Now, you may or may not just ruin it.

“That’s nice of him. We can eat that a bit later okay? I just- I need to talk to you.” You said, still trying to keep yourself together.

“Why? Something wrong?” He asked, his face immediately dropping.

“Depends on how you see it…” You trailed. He looked at you with wide eyes as his heart rate accelerated. He doesn’t know why but he knew something was off. You sighed and took the takeout bag from his hand to set it aside and led him towards your bed. Sitting the both of you down, you took a deep breath in to steel yourself and continued with what could potentially be the most frightening thing you’ve ever said. “I don’t want to drag this on so I’ll just say it… I-” You cleared your throat as it cracked a little. “I’m pregnant.”

The silence that followed your confession was piercing to your mind. What was he thinking? His face was blank and it showed no emotion. You want to say that he won’t leave you but his emotionless state made you question his sincerity towards you. You were about to pull your hands from his and leave the room to prevent you from crying in front of him but he finally spoke.

“A baby?” His voice sounded hopeful. Hopeful? Just a mere second ago he looked like he was plotting how to let go of you. “You’re telling me we’re having a baby?

“Yes- I mean, if you want. I know you have your career to think of and that a baby right now might not be the best idea bu-”

“Fuck that. So what if it’s not the best idea? (Y/N)… We’re having a fucking baby!” He finally let himself smile after his shock wore off. “A baby! A mini us! Do you know how long I’ve thought about this? Yes, it’s earlier than expected but I don’t give a shit… I want this.” He placed his free hand on your stomach right then and you swore butterflies exploded where he did.

“You know… This means you’re going to have to start swearing less.” You said in an attempt to stop you from becoming too emotional in front of him. He only chuckled lightly and leaned into for a kiss.

Originally posted by chimchams


Hobi was not the first to know of your pregnancy. It was his sister. She was the one who took you to the doctor’s to get checked and she was the one who held your hand tight when you got the results. “It’s positive!” You exclaimed as soon as you found out. You looked at her with an excited gleam in your eyes and tightened your hold on her hand. “Dawon it’s positive!” 

She gasped as she felt elation bubble inside her “We need to tell Hobi! He’ll be so happy and- We can finally decide on baby names that we’ve been fighting over for so long!” You laughed tearfully as you gauged her reaction. It was as if this was her baby. Well, it was her niece or nephew. Dawon glanced up at the clock and gasped even louder. “He’ll be here in an hour! Are you sure you’re prepared to tell him! Do you want me to distract him! Wait, do you even want to tell him today? Oh-”

“Dawon! Calm down. I want to tell him today. We’ve wanted this for so long there’s no way I can keep him waiting even a little while longer.”

“Wanted what?” You froze as Hobi’s voice cut through the room. Well… This is what you wanted. You whirled around to see him with a slightly tired expression on his face but he looked like he hadn’t heard everything. You could vaguely hear Dawon excuse herself and slip right past him to leave through the front door. You were way too focused on him right now. “What’s up with her?” He asked as he came to you and sat beside you on the couch. He laid his head back.

“Nothing really… How was practice?”

“Tiring. But now that I’m here,” He looked at you and smiled at you. “I don’t mind” You bit your lip and leaned into place a small kiss on his cheek.

“Can I tell you something?” You asked as you slipped off the couch and knelt in front of him.

“Anything you want.” He said as he caressed the side of your face with his hand. You held his hand that was on your cheek and brought it to your lips to place your lips on the back of it.

“I- I got a call,” You were so excited you couldn’t even calm your mind enough to tell him.

“And?” He urged you as his eyes flashed a glint of worry. You looked light headed and he was afraid that you were sick. You never looked this elated.

“I’m pregnant.” You tried hard to stop yourself from smiling but his shocked face just made you grin anyways.

“Say that again?” He asked, his breathing suddenly became shallow. “You’re pregnant?” You only nodded and he threw his arms around you and brought you to his lap. “Oh my- Dawon knows?! No wonder she looked so scared when she saw me!” He placed a kiss on your forehead and smiled at you as his hand caressed your hairline. “We’re going to be parents.” He whispered as the both of your smiles shone brighter. The new chapter in your lives only promising good things.

Originally posted by jhope-shi


You kept you being pregnant a secret from him. For at least two weeks, your thoughts ate away at your mind as you tried to muster up enough courage to tell him. Things were a little distant between the two of you. You don’t know what was going on but he seemed so much more closed off than he was when he first started dating you.

You wanted to say that it was all in your mind. Your anxiety getting the best of you. But, every time he would text you that he’s coming home late, or blow you off on his day off for his friends, those doubts filled your mind.

Namjoon was sitting in front of you with his mouth full as he tried to hurriedly eat his food before he had to jump right back into work. You shouldn’t complain because this is the first time he’s sat down to have an actual meal with you since a long time. It’s a shame you’d have to ruin it by saying what you had to say.

“Joon?” You called for his attention. He looked up at you from his plate and nodded in acknowledgment urging you to continue. “What would you do if you were faced with a pregnancy with the two of us?” You cringed at how bluntly you had just said it but hey, you can’t afford to be fleeting with your questions.

“Heavy question, but I think I wouldn’t be able to deal with a pregnancy. Especially before marriage. But we have nothing to worry about,” He continued eating his dinner until your silence stopped him mid-way into his bite. “Right?” His heart rate skyrocketed right then as he looked at you chew on your bottom lip. Something of a habit you had developed that told him you were hiding something from him.

“I- I don’t know how to say this…” You trailed as you chewed the inside of your lip. Namjoon’s brain clicked as he let the spoon fall from his hand with a loud clank. “I wanted to tell you but I don- If you don’t want this, I’ll just leave.” You quickly said before wiping your hands on your pants and getting off your chair to leave through the front door.

But when you passed Namjoon on your way, his hand flew to your wrist as he tugged you to land right on his lap with your face held by the other free hand. “No. What are you doing?”

“You- You said you wouldn’t be able to deal with a pregnancy. I just thought that you didn’t want me around anymore so I…” You trailed as you couldn’t even voice your thoughts.

“Babe- Shit. That’s not what I meant. I’m such a fool. Look,” He stared intently into your eyes. “I was just trying to be funny. Have you seen how clumsy I am? Damn, (Y/N)… I’ll never do this to you. Never for something like this. If you want to keep it or not, I promise I’m going to be right here. Beside you. You won’t be getting rid of me anytime soon Jagi.”

Originally posted by trash-for-bangtan


You told him you were pregnant the day you found out. What use was it to you to have the secret locked up and kept away? It would only do more harm than good.

You decided to be straightforward and tell him the night he was at your place to spend your movie night together. Somewhat of a tradition you guys never missed.

Even though you were preparing for the worst, you did hope for the best. It was no help though because as soon as you confessed, the words that came out of his mouth halted your blood in its veins.

“I… I need time to think. I promise I’ll be back but I need time to think” He muttered more to himself as he walked to the door and grabbed his coat from its place on the coat hanger. Your heart dropped as you saw him leave out the door, with not even a second’s glance over his shoulder. He walked out and you don’t know if you’d see him again.

You then spent your time on the couch, waiting for him to come home. It was around three in the morning when tiredness took over you and you gave into slumber.

“Jagi…” A light whisper broke through your sleep filled haze. You could feel familiar hands shake you slightly in an effort to wake you up. “Jagi, we need to move to the bed. You’ll hurt your neck.” This time, the voice was much clearer and managed to cause your eyes to flutter open.


“Let’s go, babe. I tried to carry you but you were clinging on to the sofa.” He no longer sounded so devoid of emotion as he did hours ago. Your arms were indeed clutching on to the sofa and your legs were digging into the little corner.

You look around and see soft light pouring through the blinds. “Wh- Where did you go last night?” You asked as you sat up and swung your legs off the sofa.

He sighed as he sat down beside you and rubbed soothing circles on your back. “I needed to clear my head. I know it was a shitty thing for me to do. Especially after you just told me you were carrying my child, but I needed to think clearly.” You know you should be glad he’s here but your heart still sinks at the thought that he probably considered separating from you. “Don’t get me wrong though. Breaking up was never in my mind. I’m just worried about us. You know how some of the fans are… You already get so much hate and I don’t want to add on top of it. And then we have the problem with our parents. How are we supposed to tell them?”

Your worries evaporated right that instant. You know he was bringing forward very valid reasons for you to start worrying but you couldn’t help but break out into an infectious smile. “You want his?” You were near tears as your heart calmed down after the emotional rollercoaster it had just been on.

“Of course I do,” His hand comfortingly landed on your stomach. “That’s just as much as mine as it is yours. And I’m sorry if I ever made you doubt that.” He ended that with a feathery light kiss on your shoulder. “C’mon then. Let’s go back to bed. We’ll talk about what we’re going to do later.”

Originally posted by princejimin


You weren’t expecting a surprise in how he would react when you told him. You knew he wanted kids. He’s let everyone around him know that. In fact, you clearly remember him saying that on your first date. That almost made you want to never go on another date with him, but you gave him a chance. And here you were, years later with a ring around your finger and a small three-month-old fetus growing inside of you.

It was an odd way to find out you were pregnant. You’d gone in for a regular check-up and came out with actual sonograms of your child. Your bump was barely visible and when you voiced your concerns, both the nurse and doctor assured you that it was completely normal.

So with that, you headed home feeling a little light-headed with the prospect of actually having a family with him. You always wanted this but now that you had it, it felt like a dream. Like you were going to wake up anytime soon now and the elation you’re feeling now will completely evaporate.

You stepped into your house and the smell of food wafted through the halls to your nose. You shut the door and the click was just loud enough for Taehyung to hear. “Yeobo? Is that you?”

“Yeah Tae. It’s me. Are you cooking?” You asked as you took off your shoes and entered past the threshold of your home and walked into the kitchen. You were curious what your husband was making. He only recently had learned to cook the more basic dishes.

“Yep,” He turned around as he shut the stove off. “This isn’t the time for it but I made crepes. I saw them while I was watching TV and decided to try making them… Though, I think they look way to disfigured.” He finished with a shy smile. You looked behind him to the plate stacked with discarded crepes, looking more like flat lumps of clay than crepes.

You looked at him with an amused smirk. “That’s alright baby. I can teach you. But can we talk first? I have something to tell you.” You asked as you grabbed his hand and pulled at it.

“Um, okay?”

You nodded as you led him into the living room and sat him down on the sofa as you took a seat in front of him on the coffee table. “So, I went to the doctor’s…”

“Yeah? For your usual checkup right?”

“Mhmm. Guess what I found?” He looked at you suspiciously as he tried to analyze your sly behavior. Could you be- No way. He shook his thoughts away as he waited for you to just tell him.

You sighed playfully before digging into your bag and retrieving the big envelope with the sonograms inside. “What is this?” He asked as he took it into his hands and slid the contents of it out. It was a black and white image. On laminated paper? What did thi- His eyes blew wide open at the sudden realization as he mouth grinned wide. “Jagi?! Is this what I think it is?” He exclaimed.

“Yeah,” You smiled sweetly. “I found out today.”

He laughed joyously before sliding off the couch and kneeling in front of you. Taking his face in your hands, he littered your face with kisses. “You have no idea how happy you just made me.”

Originally posted by je0n


Oh shit. That’s the only thing that came up in both your minds as you looked at the pink plus sign at the end of the pregnancy test. Yes, you had suspicions that you would be pregnant but you hoped to every deity out there that it was your overactive imagination. 

You guys were way too young to be having a child. And Jungkook still had his public image to think about. You couldn’t help but let yourself think of the worst possible scenario where you are pregnant and Jungkook decides he wants to leave you or he decides to stay and risk everything he’s worked hard for.

“Shit-” Your voice trembled. “Jungkook this means I’m preg-” You couldn’t even finish before you choked on a sob. Jungkook immediately recovered to the sound of you crying and gathered you in his arms. 

“No, it’s okay baby, don’t cry okay?” He kissed the top of your head and you tightened your arms around him. “We can do this. I know we’re young and this is scary but I promise we can work it out okay?”

“But everything you’ve worked for-”

He ut you of by shushing you. “You matter more to me than that. Than anything really. If you want to keep this baby, then they matter to me too. I love you and I’ll stick with you no matter what. Please remember that.”

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A/N: ASDFGHJKL I POSTED THIS UNFINISHED BY MISTAKE AND I’M DYING BECAUSE I HAD TO DELETE ALL OF THAT AND I WAS DONE MORE THAN HALF. P.s. Pregnancies have me freaked out guys. If it were up to me, I’d say people should adopt instead of getting pregnant and all but it’s NOT up to me. So I should shut up.

BTS Reactions

As disney characters

As puppies

His apartment

Getting a positive pregnancy test as a Christmas gift

When their GF is flirting with another idol

When their BF does skinship for the first time

Carving pumpkins together

When you bite his ear to let him know you’re horny

How they react to you being chubby

When you pleasured yourself while they were away and they can smell it on you (werewolf au)

Having 5-6 kids with them (werewolf au)

When they meet other members as puppies for the first time (werewolf au)

When you don’t know what mating is and you ask if you two can do it (werewolf au)

They find out you’re being used as a vampire’s human blood cattle (werewolf/vampire au)

when you grab your boobs because they’re sore/it’s going to rain

How they react to other members banging on the wall because you’re too loud

How they react to you getting ‘blushy’ when you do skinship

They get a call from their scared child

When they see your self-harm scars *trigger*

They slap you during a fight *trigger*

You slap them during a fight *trigger?*

How they react to you being depressed *trigger?*

When their GF does parkour

When you can sing pretty ok

When you’re good at puppy dog eyes

Another idol kisses their GF when she didn’t want it

When their BF secretly draws them then gives them the picture

You get the title of SKorea’s visual and holy trinity

When their Korean GF has natural blue eyes

When you bring home pepsi instead of coke

Their GF being a theatrical performer and a broadway fan

When he can’t help himself and sucks your blood, hurting you (vampire au)

When their GF asks them to bite her (vampie au)

You can rap to an English song but not to his song because you aren’t fluent

Their GF is really strong

You’re half cat and you tease them sexually (vampire/creature au)

They fall in love with a witch (vampire au)

Going to a haunted house with them

You’re in heat and you need them to take care of you (werewolf au)

They feel love for you when they thought they could never love (vampire au)

When they like an omega who acts very alpha (omegaverse au)

They can tell your period is coming (vampire au)

When you ask if starting a pack means having 5+ kids (werewolf au)

You want to have sex with them (vampire au)

When another vampire bites you (vampire au)

When they witness you changing on the full moon (werewolf au)

They find out their makeup artist is a cross dresser

Their GF dances to trouble maker with another idol

Their Hogwarts house

Watching their children experience snow for the first time

What kind of drunk are they at a holiday party

Their GF is too short and has to jump to kiss them

When you have a high sex drive

You like to wear their hoodies cause they smell like them

Their S/O want to make their relationship public

You have a pet goat that screams, follows them around, and steals their things

They find out their fav waitress is a cross dresser

They find out the girl they’ve been interested in is half dragon (werewolf au)

When you ask them where they got their costume, but really they just came out of hibernation (vampire au)

Them as werewolf puppies (werewolf au)

Finding out their GF is a hybrid (creature au)

How they react to you wearing your natural coily hair for the first time  

How they react when you ask them to eat you out   

How they react when they’re your older brother and they spy on your first date

How they react when they tease you and you start crying  

How they react to you looking cool & edgy but find out you’re really sweet & shy  

How they react to you looking younger than you are

How they react to you having a panic/anxiety attack in public  

When they develop real feelings for their WGM partner  

How they react to their crush having tattoos/piercings  

How they react to you becoming withdrawn

Favorite sexual position *nsfw* 

How they react to their GF working a manly job and getting hate for it

When you tell them you like anal play  

When they have a crush on a member form a new boy group  

When their crush see’s them getting kissed by another trainee (who also has a crush on them) 

How they react to you having cute moans

When you stick a horn on a horse and call it a unicorn

Scents their mates would have (omegaverse au)

Alphas following an attractive scent and they find you (omegaverse au)

Being alphas with a scent kink (omegaverse au)

They have a lover, but haven’t introduced them to the members yet because they have a child from another partner

When the find out they have a long lost daughter

When a peacock tries to seduce their GF

You bite them during sex

You have a fear of deep water and go to the beach together 

You’re both on running man and you get pinned by an enemy member

When another guy flirts with you but you can’t tell he’s flirting

Something Just Like This

Summary: AU. This is the story of an ordinary couple with an extraordinary love.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 2,652 (without lyrics)

Warnings: language, fluff, sarcasm, pregnancy, mentions of bullying, illness, and death, song fic style

A/N: This is my oneshot submission for the poetic noble land mermaid @whothehellisbella and her Bella’s Cool Time Summer Jamz Mix Writing Challenge. My song prompt was Something Just Like This - The Chainsmokers, Coldplay. I hope you approve and enjoy!

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