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I have never once cared about who knows that I own recasts. Not once. That's why I am doing this off Anon, recast owners are people too, if u want to get legal with us look up the watermark/copyright laws from Japan to China to xxxx country, that is how and why is owning recasts does not make us fake/thieves/bad people. The most loving people I have met is in the recast community, sure there are bad ones like in any hobby, but all I see is elitism/hatred in legit (only) groups. I feel for you.

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BJD Day of Love

Is there a way to tag everyone on tumblr? Lol

This is a general post i guess. I don’t want to pick specific people so I don’t end up leaving out anyone.

I love you.

To everyone in this bjd hobby that supports artists, are kind and sweet to each other, who supports their fellow doll collectors, who help newbies find a legit way to join the hobby. To the artists who create these fantastic dolls and keep pushing through no matter what troubles come their way. To the artists just starting out making their own dolls, their own clothes, their own wigs, their own faceups. To all those who collect legit bjds. To everyone who enjoys their dolls.

I love you.

Through the drama, pain, sadness, and unease this hobby can bring, you all do your best, and that light is what draws us all together as one big BJD loving family.

Thank you.

PS: Special shout out to my followers, you guys are angels and I loves you lots, lol.