If you didn’t pick today, go you, I’m so proud of you

If you didn’t pick as much as you usually do, I’m so proud of you

and if you picked liked crazy, couldn’t even try to stop, then regardless,

I’m still so proud of you, people have bad days and you got through, so I’m still proud regardless.


And suddenly it all makes sense

The best decision

My husband and I agree that since entering polyamory our one on one relationship has grown for the better dramatically.

It’s like we took the fast track to expert level marriage since my metamour joined our family. (Although, ask me again in twenty years and I’m sure I’ll look back and say it gets better yet)

Let me be clear… We learned so much because we messed up so much. But I would say that a few months in, there was a particular shift between us.

I’m not sure it was conscious at first, though it certainly is now.

We decided to cherish our time together.

… And this opened a floodgate to positive and uplifting behavior. We looked each other in the eye. We found new words to tell each other how we loved each other. We listened. We opened our minds and hearts to the magic of our souls.

We look for all the ways we can make each other’s life better, and we are each grateful for every little kindness.

I have heard him tell me how I’m beautiful more times in the past two years than he mentioned over the previous 15 years. Likewise for me to him.

And I feel like I’m in high school again. Utterly twitterpated.

Because we decided to make our time count. Every moment.

Y’all: Are nice to Octanakin. 

Me: …….NO.


Gif source:  Spock

Imagine being Spock’s wife and you blurt out to him that you’re pregnant when he keeps asking if you’re sick.

——— Request for anon ———

“With the symptoms you’ve been displaying, I have come to the conclusion that you should have Doctor McCoy take a look at you,” Spock’s brow push together in a concentrated furrow, his unique version of concern coming through in the way he continues upon your raising your own confused brow at him. “You seem to be sick.”

“I’m not sick, Spock.”

“Are you positive? Your behavior and overall wellness seem to be evidence of your being sick,” Spock insists, quite sure that he’s pegged you as being ill.

“I’m not sick, Spock!” you repeat, firmer this time as you crack a smile at him. Shaking your head, you sigh, “I’m pregnant.”

hugsforvillains replied to your post “taiyari-yo replied to your post “Have you seen transformers rid 2015?…”

I’d add Starscream to the list of “characters that got totally screwed over in rid2015”, but they started screwing him over back in Prime

I actually like Prime Starscream. They made him brilliant and gave him his own personality flaws as his rake to step on. This is quality.

mylovelyrainblog replied to your post “Have you seen transformers rid 2015? Any thoughts about it?”

So fucking right. I *hate* that show. Especially that Animals/humanoids distinction and that cons=criminals assumption. Those are just disgusting. No excuse.

If they had made Autobot animals-bots this would be fine. But noooo. And WHY cons have Earth animal trait in their behavior?

The positive moment in this show - they focus on bots interacting with each other. Which I want. TO SEE TRANSFORMERS INTERACTING WITH EACH OTHER. But they screwed everything so much…

And cons=criminals… Well, autobots won the war. The results.

And no one give as glimpse on Cybertrons society so we know for sure what is going on there.

actual mental illness positivity: educating yourself on mental illnesses, their treatment and coping methods, constantly working on your self-awareness, broadening and improving your self-help methods, accepting yourself in order to move forward and grow as a person, knowing your weaknesses, seeking to achieve a comfortable, stable condition in order to live happily with yourself and surrounding people

tumblr mental illness positivity!! ☆ : these toxic behaviors and shitty traits are ~~totoes alrighty~~ if you self-dxed with these mental illnesses! don’t forget to prove everyone you’re mentally ill by publicly showing off those symptoms you read about on wikipedia that you might not even actually have. this post i made is about anime but i myself have 20+ disorders so if you don’t have those don’t reblog uwu