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Meet AutistiCat! 

I’ve been seeing a lot of conversation lately about how much autistic people relate to cats and how we should have a cat as our symbol instead of the dreaded puzzle piece or the rainbow infinity symbol alone since that’s a general neurodiversity symbol. So I created AutistiCat whom I propose for our new symbol!

AutistiCat has the rainbow infinity sign as a bow tie to represent neurodiversity and is a silhouette of a black cat to represent us autistic people with its tail curled into a heart to represent the love within the autistic community and to counter the stereotypes that we are loveless, emotionless robots. 

Use AutistiCat however you please! I would love for this to catch on as the symbol of autism so that we can have our own symbol that isn’t steeped in ableism. 

Make this your profile pic! Use it as a banner! Make art with it! Spread it around!

Let’s make this catch on as our symbol!

Anyone who knows me well enough knows that I’m fascinated by weird religious panics about kids’ pop culture from the last few decades, from D&D being accused of teaching kids witchcraft to He-Man being picked apart for occult symbolism. So I’m honestly surprised there hasn’t been some loud, widely-publicized moral panic about Steven Universe from the religious fundamentalist crowd yet. I mean, think about it, we have a popular cartoon show aimed at children that features:

  • At least one canonical same-sex couple, as well as at least a couple major examples of same-sex attraction
  • A main character who is stated to have been born out of wedlock and raised by a non-traditional family unit
  • At least a few instances of “suggestive” dance moves
  • Magic and violence being shown as a good and positive thing
  • A major symbol for the good guys being a five-pointed star
  • Use of mystical/magical crystals (fundies are still suspicious about that aspect of new age culture, right?)
  • Seeing the future via a “third eye” (this is one thing I recall that fundies complaining about occult elements in cartoons back in the 80s LOVED to rail about)
  • A character who uses shapeshifting to turn into animal forms (another aspect of “occult” religions and beliefs that 80s-era fundies got their undies in a bunch over) or even to transform from a female form to a male one
  • A character who defies the gender binary and is attractive to both men AND women

I mean, I certainly wouldn’t agree with such a moral panic, but in a world where The Loud House can get yelled at by One Million Moms for featuring a pair of gay parents in one episode, I’m honestly baffled that this entire show managed to slip by the religious types’ radar.

Man, fundies really lost their touch since the Satanic Panic ended, huh?


I wanted a single symbol for my aroace identity - not because I have any problem with the SAM, I love it and it’s beautiful, but because having a symbol in general is empowering. So I thought about it and I looked for it, and I realized it was kind of obvious.

So here we have it, an arrow set into a circle. And it really is perfect - the arrow is already a symbol of aromanticism and the black ring is used as a symbol for asexuality. Plus, I loved the use of the longstanding pun - it’s an arrow going through the bullseye, it’s an Arrow Ace… to represent aroaces.

So we have the purple and green at the top, a nice easy symbol made from the non-overlapping colors of each flag. The middle row are the grays - ace-grayaro, grayaroace, and aro-grayace. And the third row is the silhouette and the full flag colors - the feathers at the end of the shaft are the white, gray, black both flags include.

I also included the flags - the first is the green and purple over the shared stripes - which now compromises the flag background. The last row are the gray identities over the shared stripes.

I’ll be adding additional posts of the aroace symbol on different identity flags for anyone who has overlapping identities. Taking requests if anyone has them! (I’ll update this with links to the other posts)

Alchemy 101

Note: This is about modern, real alchemy, not anything fictional.

What is alchemy?

Alchemy is simply a process of transformation, creation, or combination. During the Middle Ages, it was a very popular endeavor of attempting to transmute common things like iron into pure gold. It combined science and witchcraft, and was the forerunner for modern chemistry.

What this post is about, however, is the more metaphysical form of alchemy: using physical materials or symbols to manipulate energy, like modern witchcraft.

Alchemical Symbols

The three symbols in the top-left are called the Three Principles: sulfur, salt, and mercury. The five symbols in the top-right are the symbols of the elements: fire, air, water, earth, and a symbol that represents them all*.  Medieval alchemists believed that the Three Principles and the Four Elements were what everything is made of. This can also be applied to the astral realm and the different energies that it consists of. 

  • Sulfur energy is hot, fiery, and energetic.
  • Salt energy is cleansing, absorbing, and somewhat neutral.
  • Mercury energy is calm but quick, and is a communication energy.

*When all four element symbols are overlayed, they form what looks like a David’s Star. It represents unity and the astral realm, whereas the plus sign symbol just represents the elements.

The lower symbols represent the planets and metals. (Pluto and Uranus are excluded because it wasn’t known that they even existed at the time) 

The Philosopher’s Stone

(NO, NOT HARRY POTTER) The Philosopher’s Stone was a substance that could allegedly transmute common, base materials into gold. The energetic equivalent is an energy that turns negative energy into positive energy. Use the symbol of the Philosopher's Stone to avoid the effects of curses, or to bless an area.

These symbols and physical things can be used to represent energies for spells. For example, copper could be used to correspond with Venus energy, sulfur can be used for curses, and so on.

Alchemical symbols can be used as/in sigils. The metals they correspond with can be used to correspond with astrological energies.

This post was a little ramble-y, but I hope it was informative! This is what I’ve gleaned and interpreted from lots of research, so if you disagree with anything, that’s fine, but please don’t get salty. Have a lovely day <3

Here’s an Ace dragon with a Bi flag :)
She’s standing in a rock nest, she’s beautiful and she thinks you folks are valid. 🐉

If you’re a butch who has/wants a skincare routine, that’s ok. You’re still a butch.

But I also want to acknowledge how butches are seen as lazy and dirty and ugly for not doing these things. That’s so wildly untrue and just plain gross. Actively not conforming to traditional femininity or literally just not caring does not make you those things. If you’re a butch who doesn’t want anything to do with skincare, that’s ok, too.

And I really want to emphasize that if you’re a butch who doesn’t have the mental or physical energy/ability to keep up a skincare routine, that’s ok. Or if you’re a butch who can’t afford to keep up skincare routine, that’s ok. You still deserve to be treated with respect.

Butches don’t need to do a specific thing to be valuable as humans, especially if they don’t have the ability or resources to do those things. Butches are an amazing and diverse group of people and they deserve so much love.

swan witch self-care tips ☁️

- gently remind yourself that being poised and optimistic is ultimately more beneficial than being sour and hopeless

- close your eyes, take deep breaths, and see feathers of white, soft skies, and golden ponds to help yourself relax

- wear lovely white fabrics to feel more graceful, especially in instances of stress or panic

- carry a feather or bird-shaped charm for good luck

- remember that you cannot always be the healer - sometimes, you must confide to others and seek their advice, as well (never feel weak when asking for help)

Batfam Sharing Shirts

•ok so in-universe you can definitely buy merch for all of the major superheroes right
•this definitely includes those tshirts with everyone’s symbol on them
•so naturally every single batfam member has been gifted at LEAST one shirt with their symbol on it
•they also, being a family, steal each other’s clothes all the time—especially when they stay the night with each other
•what i’m saying is: alfred comes out one christmas morning to find the entire family sleepily gathered in the living room after a family-wide sleepover, all wearing each other’s shirts
•jason sitting on the floor wearing a slightly too tight shirt with the bright blue nightwing symbol
•tim next to him sipping coffee and wearing a red hood shirt, which he really does not miss the irony of
•duke next to him in a spoiler shirt
•dick on the couch wearing a (rather tight but still fitting) bright purple shirt with batgirl’s yellow symbol
•(nobody’s positive anymore if that one belongs to cass or steph. including cass & steph)
•dami curled up next to him wearing a shirt with the bat symbol that comes down nearly to his knees because his father is so tall
•cass and steph curled up together on the other end of the couch wearing a lark shirt and red robin shirt, respectively
•and bruce is in his chair, wearing a robin shirt. nobody is entirely sure who it belongs to or how it fits him, but they’re all too distracted by how much they love that he’s wearing it
•(spoiler: it’s his. he owns that shirt.)
•dick teases jay for wearing his shirt and says it must be because he looks up to him, jay tries to hit him
•jay tries to deflect by teasing damian over wearing the batman shirt, damian tries to hit him
•alfred 100% takes a picture of all of them and it’s 100% on their christmas cards next year