positive sign

why your sign is cool

Aries: you’re so outgoing in a childish-yet likeable way. your energy is so youthful and it’s so refreshing in this day n age

Taurus: you’re so chill to hang around! if i had a stressful day, i’d go chill with a taurus. you guys always have food + comfort

Gemini: you always have new ideas and new thoughts! you guys are super flexible and easy to get along with, super funny

Cancer: you can always relate in some way, and you guys are really easy to vent to and you give the best comfort

Leo: you guys are so fun to be around! youre so sunny and bright, and give killer advice

Virgo: you all are so smart and kind!! you all always offer to do things for others and dont really expect much in return

Libra: you all are so gentle and pretty, you always have something beautiful to share

Scorpio: you all have a dark but gentle energy, you can always handle talking about ‘dark’ subjects and dark things.

Sagittarius: you guys are so fire-y and headstrong. you guys always tough through things and look fine while doing so

Capricorn: you all are so practical and real, you’re honest in a kind way and very mature and grounded

Aquarius: you guys are so wild and hard to keep up with, but in a fun way! there’s never a dull moment with you

Pisces: you’re so dreamy and idealistic, your dreams are so beautiful and you guys always try so hard for others

A visiting Professor of Linguistics was delivering a lecture.

“In the grammars of many languages throughout the world, a double negative expresses a positive. On the other hand there are some languages, such as Russian and the English of Chaucer, in which a double negative remains a negative. However, there is not a language in the world in which a double positive can express a negative.”

A voice from the back of the room piped up: “Yeah, right.”

Typical Traits of Moon in the Signs

The sign position of the Moon reveals much about our habits, reactions, and instincts. It shows how we express our emotions and deal with them. Most obvious in our homes or in private, our Moon sign reveals our innermost needs.


  • inherent impatience with getting what they want. 
  • plenty of short-lived but intense desires.
  • enjoy troubles and confrontations


  • very romantic, their affections are strong, deep, and unwavering 
  • resistant to change
  • ability to protect themselves and their own interests


  • curious to a fault
  • always have a way with words
  • big on improvement, a million and one projects going


  • a large potential to be able to get in touch with the feelings and moods of others 
  • outstanding memories of the past
  • loony sense of humour


  • like being the centre of attention 
  • they have a deep need to treat others fairly and justly
  • dramatic in their emotional displays


  • practised at nagging and complaining
  • need to feel useful, express this by helping others in little ways
  • stiff when it comes to open, gushy displays of affection


  • can be very attractive to be around, and are often given to flirtatiousness 
  • without someone to share their lives with, they feel utterly incomplete
  • idealistic outlook and constant striving for the best


  • deep need for emotional drama 
  • strong fear of betrayal, some will put the people they love through a series of tests
  • they radiate strength, people instinctively lean of them


  • need for activity, meeting new people, going out in the world, and travel are all important to their sense of well-being
  • catchy optimism, blind faith
  • lovers of the truth, they make wonderful, inspiring teachers


  • plenty of mood swings and some dark emotions,  easily hide their sensitivity behind a sarcastic manner
  • a desire for clear boundaries and realistic goals
  • selflessly helpful in every situation, but become perplexed if not appreciated


  • rather sociable but loners at heart 
  • seemingly lack compassion, as they often expect others to be as independent and detached as they are
  • feel ununderstood and different while growing up, therefore often shy


  • dreamy and not always in touch with reality 
  • mostly rely on their intuition
  • discerned between sincerity and manipulation

Long story short I was about to go on a dinner date with this man at 7pm. Met on SA. A little online research and I find out he was arrested for child porn, meth possession, drugging people and poking holes in condoms and he’s HIV positive.

He signed his message Doug even though his name is different. Then I asked for a photo and he sent me a selfie from work. Which email was signed Doug, but the email was from John Wallace.

I felt bad because I thought he was trying to fake his name for his own privacy and didn’t want to call him out for the error, so I ignored it. But I texted him a few hours before dinner and ask if he goes by Doug or John, and he said Doug.

So I called he restaurant and asked if they had a 7pm reservation under Doug and they said yes, and gave me the last name.  When I typed in John Wallace Doctor on google, this came up.  He had literally dyed his hair, put on glasses, shaved to change his look. But the facial features are exactly the same. The name matched up. Everything.

And when I typed in Douglas Luce (the name the girl at the restaurant told me), this came up. He had created a fake website for his “child psychiatric practice” that is so vague and nonexistent.

Here’s his most recent and current photo. I reported him on SA but I am so scared for fellow SBs. It’s honestly making my stomach churn. I called the cops and they came over to talk to me and they said since he technically didn’t threaten me there was nothing that could be done. He literally changed his ENTIRE appearance and hid himself  so well online. But imagine if I wouldn’t have caught that email error, who knows what would’ve happened. He was so classy and kind and well spoken, made the reservations and everything. I am so nauseated. And he’s roaming the streets, protected and fine.The charges are disgusting. It’s so fucking scary and this man is a premium member on SA.

Signs as things they shouldn't be doing
  • Aries: chasing after someone who obviously doesn't have any interests in you.
  • Taurus: manipulating and being manipulated.
  • Gemini: making yourself down, you're better than you think.
  • Cancer: Denying your feelings, it's okay.
  • Leo: hating yourself for things you've done in your past.
  • Virgo: letting people hurt you.
  • Libra: isolating yourself.
  • Scorpio: overthinking. Some people aren't worth your time.
  • Sagittarius: waiting for somebody to love. Start loving yourself!
  • Capricorn: stressing yourself out. Take a break, you're already good enough.
  • Aquarius: misunderstanding. You only see the things you want to see. This might end tragic.
  • Pisces: Feeling guilty and apologizing frequently. You are what you are, you don't have to apologize.
Zodiac Signs
  • Aquarius: I know
  • Pisces: You see
  • Aries: Somehow the world will change for me
  • Taurus: and be so wonderful
  • Gemini: dododo
  • Cancer: Live life breathe air
  • Leo: I know somehow we're gonna get there
  • Virgo: And feel so wonderful
  • Libra: Its all for reaaall
  • Sagittarius: So wake up the members of my nation
  • Capricorn: It's your time to be
  • Ophiuchus: There's no chance unless you take one
Mature and Immature Sides of the Signs

Every Sign has both Negative traits and Positive traits. Everyone is a blend of both the Negative and Positive sides of the Signs, but the ones that are more towards one side of the scale than the other are considered Immature or Mature. Mature Signs tend to display more of the positive traits, whereas Immature Signs tend to display more of the negative. There is no definite way of measuring which one an individual is, other than careful observation and introspection

Mature Aries

Aries individuals considered to be Mature have a positive energy that can be rather contagious. They’re a lively bunch, and never seem to run low on energy. They’re adventurous and courageous, boldly stepping forward to take on almost any challenge. They are extremely passionate, and have a wide variety of interests, which often leads them to be a Jack of all trades. These Aries tend to be very friendly and charismatic, and find it easy to make new friends.

Immature Aries

Aries individuals considered to be Immature believe that what they know and perceive is right, regardless of what anyone else has to say. This can make them rather insensitive of others’ emotions and very stubborn. They are rather impulsive in nature, and impatient to boot, leading them to act without thinking first, which can make them leave projects half-way through. These Aries are also quite confrontational, as they say and ask whatever they think to.

Mature Taurus

Taurus individuals considered to be Mature love to take care of their friends, family, and significant others and are incredibly generous people. They are very patient, and believe in being the one to get the job done correctly, rather than being the first one to complete it. Giving up is not within their nature, and these people will persistently put in the effort to achieve all of their goals. These Taurus are also usually both financially and emotionally stable, preferring to be independent and strong so they can support others.

Immature Taurus

Taurus individuals considered to be Immature find security in their material possessions, which can lead them to be rather self-indulgent. While they are patient, they can also be rather lazy, choosing to not move a muscle until they find the worthy motivation. Their stubborn streak is unmistakable – so much so, that when the logical arguments don’t suit them, they simply refuse to listen. They can sometimes be rude, and ignorant of others’ emotions.

Mature Gemini

Gemini individuals considered to be Mature are open-minded and easy-going, and enjoy each and every moment. Their enthusiasm is undying, and they’re always up for doing something new and exciting. They have a strong thirst for learning about as many subjects as they can, and pick up new information rather easily. They are versatile, and have a wide variety of interests. These Gemini’s have strong communication skills, and are very eloquent people.

Immature Gemini

Gemini individuals considered to be Immature are unfocused and inconsistent. They’re easily bored, and very restless, so their thoughts are often scattered. Their lack of focus often causes them to seem superficial, as they rarely delve deep or pay attention to details. It’s difficult for them to stay interested or engaged in one project for very long. They also tend to be rather indecisive, as they tend to have multiple opinions or thoughts on most every topic.

Mature Cancer

Cancer individuals considered to be Mature empathize easily with their friends, family, and strangers. They’re kind and loving, and want to take care of anyone in need of help. They’re very protective of their personal space, interests, possessions, relationships, and loved ones. Additionally, they incredibly intuitive, and have strong instincts. Sometimes, it’ll seem as if they can read minds. These Cancers are also very creative and imaginative, with out-of-the-box thinking.

Immature Cancer

Cancer individuals considered to be Immature are overly emotional. They are very sensitive, and tend to hold on to things that hurt them, and experience strong mood swings that can be rather unpredictable. Their moods and pessimistic perception leads them to be rather doubtful of other peoples’ intentions, and fear that everything is moments away from falling apart. This often causes them to cling unceasingly to people and things that bring them comfort or security.

Mature Leo

Leo individuals considered to be Mature are kind and big-hearted, and enjoy showering love and affection on those they hold dear. They have an endless amount of energy, and are always ready to chase after whatever they want. They are unceasingly optimistic, too, and tend to see the glass half-full, which makes it almost impossible for them to become disheartened. These Leo’s are straightforward about their thoughts, as they’re unafraid to say what they feel needs to be said.

Immature Leo

Leo individuals considered to be Immature tend to focus on only themselves. This can cause them to become harsh, and say what they think without considering whether or not anyone will be hurt. They have a large ego, but a fragile one, which is often hurt over trivial matters. These Leos can also be extremely possessive, as they cherish everything they hold as theirs. They’re givers, but not sharers.

Mature Virgo

Virgo individuals considered to be Mature are quite modest, and don’t often boast about their accomplishments or personality strengths. They are very realistic, and have a practical approach to life. They have a strong attention to details and a very analytical mind which allows them to produce a clear analysis and solution to solve even the most complicated problems. These Virgos use these skills to nurture their closest friend and family.

Immature Virgo

Virgo individuals considered to be Immature are overly obsessed with “perfection” in themselves, other people, and their life in general. This often causes them to be overly critical, harsh and fastidious, which can lead to conflicts in their personal lives. They also tend to focus on the faults or negative qualities of anything they consider to be less than perfect. Virgo’s tend to need to test the waters and be sure of an outcome before they accept change, and Immature Virgo’s tend to be very conservative and reject modern ideas.

Mature Libra

Libra individuals considered to be Mature have a deep love of balance, so much so, that they are unceasingly fair. They have a strong sense of right and wrong, and never resort to dubious or manipulative means. These Libras also have strong tactful skills, which add to their charming nature. They have a very calm, friendly, and likeable air around them. They also are die-hard romantics, and love to be loved almost as much as they love to love.

Immature Libra

Libra individuals considered to be Immature tend to focus on external beauty, sometimes ignoring potential flaws beneath a beautiful exterior, and can be self-indulgent, and extravagant. They also prefer to avoid tension or conflict, so much so that they avoid situations, people, or even making decisions that they believe may lead to problems. Another factor of their indecisiveness is their detached perspective, as they sometimes have trouble caring about the choices at hand.

Mature Scorpio

Scorpio individuals considered to be Mature are ambitious and unceasingly determined. Not only do they aim for the stars, but they also never deviate from their path. No matter how difficult a situation is, they will take it head on. They are also incredibly intuitive, and seem as if they can read peoples’ minds. These Scorpio’s instincts help them take the right decisions at the right time as they pursue their dreams.

Immature Scorpio

Scorpio individuals considered to be Immature tend to be extremely possessive and jealous. They see things, and people, as theirs, and will take up arms whenever anything threatens that. They often seem controlling, as they need things to be done their way. These Scorpios are also rather sensitive, and are easily hurt by negative treatment and comments from other people. They find it hard to let such things go, and always feel the need to get even by seeking revenge.

Mature Sagittarius

Sagittarius individuals considered to be Mature have a large heart. They love to help other people reach their goals, and have a difficult time turning away anyone in need. They are unceasingly optimistic and can always see the brighter side of life. They have interests in a wide variety of topics, especially those of the philosophical variety. These Sagittarius say what they mean, and are almost always honest.

Immature Sagittarius

Sagittarius individuals considered to be Immature have a very restless nature, and need constant activity. Coupled with the overconfidence their optimism sometimes causes, leads them to jump into things without much forethought. Their restless nature also causes their interest levels to vary on many different topics, which makes it difficult to ensure they will be consistent. These Sagittarius are honest and straightforward, but can brutally blunt.

Mature Capricorn

Capricorn individuals considered to be Mature have a very logical and practical mind. They know how to see facts as they are, without letting any emotions they may have interfere. They’re innately ambitious, and tend to aim for the stars. Capricorns are naturally disciplined, and these ones use this to their advantage in achieving their goals, without being over-the-top or rash.

Immature Capricorn

Capricorn individuals considered to be Immature are prone to dwelling in their negative emotions, and often succumb to mood swings. They tend to bury their feelings rather than actually handling them. These individuals also tend to be egocentric, in that they tend to focus mostly on how events will affect them. These Capricorns also sometimes care more about preserving their public image than whether or not their actions hurt people.

Mature Aquarius

Aquarius individuals considered to be Mature are friendly, and humanitarian. They care a great deal about those around them, and often try to help make the world around them a better place. They’re intelligent, and progressive, able to think out of the box to create new ideas. They value their independence, as well as preserving the independence of their loved ones.

Immature Aquarius

Aquarius individuals considered Immature have a tendency to feel or appear removed from the world around them. They often feel that forming an emotional attachment to anyone or anything is synonymous with giving up their personal freedoms. They can be extremely stubborn, and stick to what they happen to believe at any particular moment, and if they change their mind, then it’s because of their own internal happenings rather than any external influence. These individuals, while passionate, also tend to be extremists who view the worlds in black and white, ignoring any “grey” areas that may exist.

Mature Pisces

Pisces individuals considered Mature tend to be very tuned in to their emotional responses, as well as those of others. They’re nurturing, caring, protective, compassionate, and humanistic. Typically good listeners, they tend to be easy to vent to, and have a knack for giving great advice. These individuals are very empathetic, and can often know how they would feel in a situation without ever experiencing it. These Pisces tend to have skills channeling their negative emotions into creative outlets.

Immature Pisces

Pisces individuals considered Immature tend to have bouts in which they wallow in their emotions. They’re sensitive and easily take things to heart. They are very concerned about their loved ones, but have a tendency towards self-sacrifice and martyrdom. To these individuals, love and sacrifice are inseparable. These Pisces also have a tendency towards being escapism. They often fall into habits and addictions that help them avoid their problems.

the signs as things to live for

aries: listening to really old songs, roadtrips, buying scented candles

taurus: big dogs, space buns, good sketches on maths homework

gemini: sweatpants, a crowd cheering you on, being listened to

cancer: walks on the beach, festivals, sleeping in for way too long

leo: cat paws, standing up for yourself, freshly made popcorn at a sleepover

virgo: watching fireworks from far away, smoothies, holding hands in public

libra: embroidered bomber jackets, the smell of old books, fairy lights

scorpio: perfect winged eyeliner, the feeling of fresh sheets, smiling really wide

sagittarius: cuddling by the fireplace, yellow roses, blue summer skies

capricorn: birthday cakes, understanding something in another language, loud laughter

aquarius: making double denim look good, stargazing, getting the perfect photo

pisces: bubblegum-blowing competitions, candyfloss, mixing paints together

positives to the signs
  • Aries: your volatility and impulsivity is taken as directness, but your energy and movement comes from your complete trust in your intuition that it's perfect for you - even if it hurts
  • Taurus: materialism is the only other place you find your home, other than in your closest friends and family. you know they won't leave you when times are tough
  • Gemini: your socialite nature and constant craving of people stops you from feeling so lonely and split within yourself, you will always be moving towards knowing everyone so you can know both sides of yourself
  • Cancer: you feel everything deeply, but you are an excellent businesshead and your creativity and follow through for new projects are unparalleled, your strength of emotions make you an unsuspecting dangerous player
  • Leo: attention seeking and over dramatisation makes up for your need to reach an unrealistic state of perfection, as you strive to get to the ideal state of yourself
  • Virgo: your attention to detail stops you from over thinking and falling down into a pit of insecurity that is only ever created by your head
  • Libra: your relationships can cloud level-headed judgement, but you are so wise, just, and merciful, and you are driven equally by yourself as by others, your love for relationships are not weak
  • Scorpio: your darkness and iciness appears to be dangerous, but you're really just over-loving and self-protective because you can see the darkness so clearly, and you don't want to be hurt
  • Sagittarius: your lack-of or contrastingly intense direction and expansion only covers your intuitive knowledge of the makeup of the universe, you speak the language of the stars
  • Capricorn: your intensity and self protection masks a soft and gentle soul, forever incredibly deeply loyal to those who prove themselves
  • Aquarius: your rebellion covers your fears for humanity and yourself, your independence covers your love for closeness and understanding
  • Pisces: your aloofness masks your deep connection and bridge with both spiritual and earthly realm, knowing if you get too attached to one, you will become unbalanced and terrified
♫ The Venus Signs as Sapphic Songs ♫

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Aries: “Girl” by The internet

Taurus: “Sorry” by Be Steadwell

Gemini: “Girls” by Beatrice Eli **Sexually Explicit Lyrics**

Cancer: “She Keeps Me Warm” by Mary Lambert

Leo:  “Look Good In Leather” by Ceci Bastida **Sexually Explicit Lyrics**

Virgo: “2shy” by Shura

Libra: “Sick of Losing Soulmates” by Dodie

Scorpio: “Explosion” by Zolita **Sexually Suggestive Video**

Sagittarius: “Cliff’s Edge” by Hayley Kiyoko **Sexually Suggestive Video**

Capricorn: “Love You Anyway” by Ji Nilsson & Marlene

Aquarius: “Boyfriend” by Tegan and Sara

Pisces: “Horizon” by Luna Blake

This post is bi, pan, ace/aro, nonbinary, and transgender inclusive x♡x♡x

positives & negatives of the rising signs

as an aries rising you seem… youthful, direct, straightforward, bold, active // dramatic, fidget-y, angry, impatient, intensely competitive

as a taurus rising you seem… down-to-earth, calm, generous, kind, grounded // killjoy, unchanging, bossy, controlling, self-righteous 

as a gemini rising you seem… intelligent, witty, curious, charismatic, funny // detached, cold, fake, superficial, manipulative

as a cancer rising you seem… caring, compassionate, kind, subtle, sweet // whiny, sensitive, sad, shy, overemotional

as a leo rising you seem… in control, passionate, charismatic, expressive, magnetic // bossy, demanding, commanding, overbearing, haughty

as a virgo rising you seem… smart, analytical, observant, innocent, reserved // antisocial, calculating, conniving, nervous, shy

as a libra rising you seem… flirty, sweet, accepting, social, charming // gossipy, fake, disloyal, indecisive, an airhead

as a scorpio rising you seem… powerful, magnetic, mysterious, deep, intriguing // brooding, jealous, secretive, displeased, cold

as a sagittarius rising you seem… fun, open-minded, smart, adventurous, independent // flighty, too honest, uncaring, contrary, disrespectful

as a capricorn rising you seem… hard-working, ambitious, forward-thinking, controlled, attentive to detail // self-important, opinionated, serious, not fun, unsatisfied

as an aquarius rising you seem… intelligent, friendly, innovative, excitable, idealistic // naive, cold, contrary, detached, uncaring

as a pisces rising you seem… kind, intuitive, adaptable, romantic, sweet // vague, naive, dependent, spacey, sensitive