positive profanity

The next bullshit post I see that says “Wonder Woman needs our help” owes me $50 and a source, because it’s still bullshit and y’all are still acting like it’s fact.

So one more time, for the ppl that Google apparently blocked: there is nothing wrong with Wonder Woman’s marketing. She’s had more money spent on her marketing than Suicide Squad, and, if y’all would crawl out from that rock, you can also see that she’s getting hella TV spots, so that comparison can go fuck itself too, because it’s not true either. 

Also, if I see one more post about Gadot’s mandatory military time (as a fitness instructor) or any more of those bullshit rumors about her, I’ll need $100 and even more sources, because the asses y’all are pulling these “facts” out of must be sore by now and it’s time to give them a break and do some actual fact-checking.  


This may not be what some people consider to be a positive message.
There is profanity, so, be warned

we’re all gonna die! enjoy your life!!!!
don’t regret anything! do everything you want to do and when you die i’m pretty sure you’ll think THANK GOD fuck i told that one person they were essential and super important, yeah i got to know that lovely person and have them in my life and such and such. you’ll think damn that one day at the beach in my teens when i stared at the ocean and the vast universe and i wasn’t scared of death.
i don’t regret ever telling anyone about my feelings because that’s what makes me human i’m 90% made up of my emotions! being alive is heaven.

To remove negative energy from your circle before you start your ritual

Take a broom into your circle and sweep the inside lightly as you chant these words

“By light and earth, and willow bound
I cleanse the space within this round
I banish all that is profane
Only positive shall remain”

Do one last big sweep to brush the ball of negative energy out of your circle and shout “SWEEP”

Nothing goes wrong in your life when you allow your life to break open, to burn and melt and twist and turn into the present, to stay close to yourself in times of shock and outrage.
Nothing goes wrong. You only receive lessons, that’s all. Lessons, seen as lessons or not, and invitations, accepted or not. And calls to humility.
And heartbreaks, dreams destroyed overnight. But nothing goes wrong. You feel pain, that is all. Pain, disappointment, frustration, shock, anger, despair, even rage. Powerful energies surge throughout your body. But nothing goes wrong. You receive slaps in the face, sudden losses, unexpected news. You are unprepared, unprotected, unaware, perhaps, but nothing goes wrong when you embrace yourself as you are.
You feel what you need to feel, experience what you have to experience on your journey. The mind tells you that what happened shouldn’t have happened, that something in the universe is inherently broken, that you have failed in some way, that others are to blame for your lack of peace. Yet nothing goes wrong, and the mind is even allowed to spin its stories of past and future and right and wrong and blame and retribution, and the path is yours for the taking.
This year, can you finally drop the dualistic, alienating, violent language of ‘right and wrong, good and evil, sacred and profane, positive and negative’, and meet life on its own terms?
You live in the present, in this moment. This is your home. You know that home is beyond the dualistic split, the fragmented reality of right and wrong that could never provide your true home. You know that this moment is to be held, honoured, even loved. You are willing to let go of all your dreams of how this moment 'could’ or 'should’ have been, and validate the 'way it is’. You are rooted in the YES. That is your starting point. Your source.
Life cannot go wrong, for life is all there is, and even the appearance of 'wrong’ is part of a greater story, as yet unwritten, unfolding beyond our direct control.
Yes, it is all an invitation to presence. An invitation to be here. To love more deeply, let go more willingly. To appreciate what you have, not focus on what you lost. To feel the preciousness in every breath, every moment of contact with a friend, every experience of joy or sorrow, every shock that leads to an even deeper healing.
It is all yours. And it is a song. And you may not like some of the notes. But a song cannot go wrong. It can only move in unexpected ways, teach you unexpected things, drive you towards unexpected insights and forgiveness, invoke a willingness to open your heart when everyone around you is closing theirs.
Allow yourself to break and you cannot be broken. Accept that you cannot accept - that is the portal.
—  Jeff Foster

For the most part I speak a pretty tame game. My use if profanity is mostly held to damns and shits.

Professionally it is a benefit to me to not use profanity. When dealing with employee disputes and their primary argument is how I spoke disrespectfully to them it is very easy to defend my position if profanity is not part of my vocabulary.

Now, I think 20 years if tight control are starting to bubble over. My use if profanity is increasing. I am so frustrated with what is happening around me that the only thing I am capable of saying is Fuck.