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I hope you are blessed with a heart like a wildflower.

Strong enough to rise again after being trampled upon, tough enough to weather the worst of the summer storms, and able to grow and flourish even in the most broken places. 

Another beautiful quote, this time with pressed flowers!

Lacey x

bite me | m

◇ “Chanyeol — bite me!

◇ Chanyeol x reader

◇ vampire!au

◇ requested by anon; Good I please request a vampire chanyeol where you’re shy about your first time and he’s really sweet

◇ agshfjsj sorry ive been so mia!! Catching up on all the avengers fanfics ive missed while i was focusing on kpop lmao / also i tried to add a read more but i have no idea if it worked or not so——


“You don’t feel… pressured, do you?” He watches you carefully.

“No! Not at all, really…”

Contrary to your assuring words, your skin trembles with every second and you can’t meet his eyes; Chanyeol has only had the pleasure of meeting you and calling you his mate for 4 months, but when your index finger hooks around the thumb of your opposite hand and you rock back and forth on your feet, he feels pity blossom in his chest like an unwelcomed garden weed — he finds it easy to read you.

“If you don’t want to do this, we don’t have to,” Chanyeol reminds you quietly, stepping closer until you stand chest to chest, and despite the matter at hand, his close proximity only serves to calm your nerves.

You sigh deeply, before a smile, small and nervous, flickers onto your features. You look up at him reassuringly, modding your head. “I know. But I — I want to.”

Sex wasn’t a new concept to you, despite not having taken part in any form of sexual intercourse — it wasn’t why you were nervous. It isn’t why you were painfully aware of your pulse thundering in your ears.

The source of your wavering and quickly depleting confidence were the two glimmering, shiny white canines that were hidden in Chanyeol’s gums — his fangs, which, if everything you were told about vampire tradition was true, would most likely be buried deep in your jugular during your love making.

You had considered whipping up a quick painless potion just so that you wouldn’t have to feel anything, but that wouldn’t only take away your pain, it would take away your pleasure too — and you didn’t want to feel nothing while Chanyeol was making love to you.

“It’s gonna happen sooner or later,” you add with a shrug and a weak, uncertain smile, folding your arms and hugging yourself close.

“I don’t want you to do this because ‘it’s gonna happen sooner or later’,” Chanyeol shakes his head, reaching down and intertwining your fingers. He lifts your knuckles to his lips, murmuring, “I want this to be memorable. I want you to enjoy yourself, my love.”

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anonymous asked:

I've always considered that Steve never telling Tony about his parents was pretty human. It's sort of given. I think most people have those moments in their lives where they just can't bring themselves tell someone something they should know but the words just don't come out. It's a relatable thing. What I don't get is that for once Steve does this one thing wrong and he's endlessly demonized for it while other characters get to fuck up again and again and again.

And also like, it’s understandable? Really, what would it have achieved for Steve to call Tony up at some point and be like “Yo dude, so we’re not really friends but I thought I should tell you, my closest friend Bucky, Hydra turned him into The Winter Soldier against his will and he was made to kill your parents, also i don’t know where he is right now. Anyway, have a good evening, talk to you next time the Avengers are needed.”

Like???? It would have achieved literally nothing. Steve and Tony were not friends in the MCU. They just weren’t. However you slice it, the closest bond you can get is work place colleagues. All it would have done was put Bucky in more danger. And it wasn’t his story to tell. Bucky is the most important person to Steve. If you know something about your best friend, do you just tell that information to other people - regardless of how it would affect your favourite person? Of course you don’t, because it’s their information to tell and also you got their back, you look out for them.

Also, Natasha knew before Steve did but people just wanna be mad at my boy and conveniently forget that piece of information.

Make up - Request

Requested by anon:  HI! I was wondering if you could write a smut one shot for Sherlock?😇he & the reader were in a fight (not important one )in 221B and they end up having rough (always with consent) make up sex against the wall or a table? Thank you!

Summary: Everything from above.

Pairing: Sherlock x reader.

Word count: 1,357

Warnings: Smut - rough, unprotected, dirty talk (I guess, but not really), hair pulling, dominant!Sherlock

A/N: “Against the wall or a table” why not both? ;) ;) ;)
Also, I love him in that purple shirt so…


Originally posted by imaginesherlock

“You’re always like this!” (Y/N) exclaimed, “You’re a… Psychopath!”

“Sociopath! Sociopath!” Sherlock replied in the same loud tone, “I’ve told you a million times I’m a high-functioning sociopath!”

“I don’t care!” She hissed. Sherlock huffed loudly, and (Y/N) then decided to leave – it was unfair for Mrs. Hudson to hear them fighting – so she grabbed her pursed and tried to walk out but, before she could open the door, Sherlock grabbed her arm and pulled her closer to him.

“Where do you think you’re going?” He inquired angrily.

“Out.” She snapped.

“You are supposed to be helping me with this case.” Sherlock spoke. His words were carefully pronounced and his blue eyes shined in rage, causing a both intimidating and tense aura around the couple.

“Maybe I don’t want to help anymore.” She muttered and tried to pull away. But Sherlock was quicker. He pushed her to the table next to him, which had papers and folders with disgusting pictures of the victims, besides his laptop that had now turned off due to the lack of activity.

His hands moved from her arms to the lower part of her back and pulled her against his chest, crashing his lips against hers in a ravishing kiss. (Y/N) tried to push him away, but ended up giving in to him, like she always did.

He nibbled on her lower lip, while his hands got rid of her blazer, throwing it off to the floor. (Y/N)’s fingers found the curly locks on his head and twirled them, pulled them, angrily but at the same time in that way she knew Sherlock adored.

His tongue begged for entrance, which was quickly granted, and he explored every inch of her mouth. Meanwhile, his hands went down to her arse, squeezing it shamelessly. He pulled away slightly to throw the papers at the desk away – in the most dramatic, porn-like motion possible – before carrying her to sit over the wood.

Her legs framed his hips, his hands were cupping her jaw and their lips were against each other, fighting for control. With expert hands she got rid of his coat and unbuttoned half of his purple shirt. Her cold hands wandered over his bare chest, making him shiver.

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For such a sweet @whump-dump

Modern, College AU

Fresher’s flu is a thing. It’s an actual thing. It’s not a myth to scare upcoming students out of college; it’s a real, live illness that smashed into Lance like a giant ocean wave that’s been building over him for days.

One day he was fine, the next he’s laid up in his tiny dorm bed, shivering through a fever that’s leeching warmth from his body and hacking up a lung every few seconds. He’s convinced that one of these times, he’s actually going to cough up one of these damn organs necessary for survival.

There’s a faint, chilling feeling lingering around his room; it feels almost as if the Grim Reaper is creeping in a shadowed corner and waiting for Lance to breathe out his last, dying breath.

At least, that’s what Lance told Shiro, but his very reasonable boyfriend assured him that his nasty fever was playing mind tricks, and then he left to get medicine, leaving Lance alone in the grips of his darting thoughts.

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but can we talk about how precious this is???

Twisted Up

A/N: Alright, I’m terribly sorry to my dear Twister Anon who has waited so long for this! I’m so glad you requested this, because I had a lot of fun writing this particular smut of mine :3 I hope you’ll enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it! Lots of love to you, Twister Anon and all my PCY stans out there! x

Pairing(s): Chanyeol x Reader

Warnings: Vanilla sex

Genre: Smut/Fluff

Requested: Yes, by my darling Twister Anon <3

Summary: A game of Twister with Chanyeol ends up being taken into the bedroom.

Word Count: 2839

Soundtrack: Toothbrush // DNCE

Originally posted by parkchanyeolieoppa

“God damn it, Chanyeol! It’s right foot on red, not blue”, you burst out laughing, already twisted in an awkward position of your own. With your left hand resting on the yellow circle and your right hand on purple, you’re not exactly in a comfortable predicament.

To your left, Jongdae is twisted up in a human pretzel, trying hard to keep himself from losing his balance as his giggles rumble throughout his form. To your right, Chanyeol seems to be having a bit of a struggle in keeping up with the instructions Junmyeon is diligently reading out from his perch on the nearby barstool.

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Chatting (By Other Means)

MariChat May 13th: SIN


Sequel: Link

Summary: Flattery gets Chat somewhere.

Marinette couldn’t help but think that Chat’s behavior lately was patently unfair. His complete disregard for her heart was beginning to chip away what little resistance she had to his, admittedly silly, charm. What was she supposed to do when he told her she was amazing, cute, and a thousand other things? She may have been used to his compliments as Ladybug, but that was as Ladybug. She didn’t really feel like Marinette deserved the kind of flattery Chat was bestowing on her. Which was probably why it had such an effect on her in the first place.

It was also the reason she was where she was: Pressing Chat Noir back against her desk as she pressed her lips to his.

Really, she was just angry that Chat had the audacity to steal her heart. She had spent so long trying to guard it as Ladybug that she should have known better. She thought that, as Marinette, she wouldn’t have to worry about Chat and his Chattiness. So, when Chat showed up for the hundredth time with that stupidly attractive grin on his face and a compliment on his lips she thought the best course of action was to shut him up preemptively.

Which, in retrospect, was probably the biggest mistake she could make if she wanted her heart back.

Especially when he started kissing her back.

She felt her breath hitch as he pressed his lips harder into hers. She could feel his hands as they moved to her sides to lightly hold her. His long nails bit into her skin through her clothes. Her own hands were still on his chest from when she had pushed him towards her desk. Chat had his eyes closed and Marinette closed her own as soon as he she felt him try to deepen the kiss further. They bumped their noses together as they continued kissing.

She tried to deepen the kiss even further by asking for entrance with her tongue, but instead he parted their lips. She whimpered slightly at the sudden loss of contact. They both opened their eyes as they panted; out of breath from kissing.

Her breath hitched when she noticed the desire shining in his eyes.

A smirk pulled at his lips. Just as he was opening his mouth to undoubtedly say something embarrassing she closed the distance and resealed his lips with her own. With her eyes already closed she missed Chat’s eyes widening and a soft pliant look overtaking them. Closing his eyes once more Chat tugged the girl even closer to him. Close enough for them to feel their chests touching. The only thing between them her hands.

Marinette flushed further, but instead of retreating she gently pressed her tongue against his lips. Chat answered her request by slipping his tongue into her mouth. She shivered at the feeling of his tongue battling with hers. She whined when he abruptly pulled back only to giggle when he started to place light kisses on her cheeks and nose.

He pulled away from her face and grinned.

Marinette felt a little bit of dread. If she didn’t do something he would probably ruin everything with some comment about cats and tongues. To stop him she quickly moved towards him to start planting her own kisses on his face. First she placed gentle kisses to his cheeks that could almost be mistaken for a normal greeting, if it weren’t for how wet her lips were from them kissing. Next, she pressed a gentle kiss to his nose and then giggled when it scrunched up cutely.

Chat pouted at her giggling and quickly moved to put a stop to it. She squeaked as he pulled her close once more and positively melted when he pressed his lips back into hers. This kiss was rougher than the earlier ones as Chat sought to make her come undone. His tongue was eagerly accepted back into her mouth as she moaned. Embarrassed by the sound Marinette was surprised by the slight purring noise she earned from Chat in return. Emboldened by the purring Marinette didn’t hesitate to show her appreciation by running her hands up and down his chest.

Chat meanwhile was attempting to get more moans out of her. He moved his hands slowly down her sides before taking her hips in a firm grip. The moan he got for that made him purr even louder.

They suddenly broke apart when they both heard Marinette’s mother call for her. A look of relief was shared when they both realized she was shouting from below and hadn’t come up to find them smacking lips.

Realizing he needed to go Chat glanced towards the hatch. She gestured that it was fine and he could leave. With a final look of regret at having to leave so suddenly Chat pressed a lingering and gentle kiss to her brow and then bid her farewell.

Marinette sighed as she watched him disappear. At least she had succeeded in stopping him from talking.

As she headed down to help her mother one last thought got stuck in her head.

Would kissing him next time work to stop him again? She smirked. Well, there was only one way to find out.

She couldn’t wait to see if it worked next time as well.

The Price of Privilege - Part 2 (A Kyungsoo Series)

Exactly how many days of the entire four month period could you spend locked in your room?

Two. The answer was two.

May had ventured out long before you even considered leaving your bed; having diagnosed you with some terrible mental illness brought on by stress, she left in search of a cure.

She came back with cake and after a few sugary bites you decided a shower was in order.

With the cake came news from the rest of the mansion that you stuck your nose up at, refusing to hear anything about this terrible family that would raise a terrible son like the man you were betrothed to.

With the obvious plummeting of your mood since May had rescued you from that kitchen, she was certain that something awful had happened. But May, being May did not pry. She hugged you in your sleep and rubbed your back and brought you food and snacks and even offered to let you use her phone as much as you wanted to FaceTime with your sisters.

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— slide

pairing: reader x park jimin
themes: smut / pwp 
warning! → graphic sexual content
word count: 1.5k
summary: you’re unknowingly cast in the starring role of jimin’s latest sexual fantasy; that he penitently indulges in during his routine late night shower.

( a/n: yes, the rumours are true, i literally wrote an entire piece of pure filth drabble at 2am that is nothing but jimin jacking off in the shower. )

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