positive ponies

Never be a doormat. Don’t be passive and let others walk over you.

Never be a bully. Don’t be aggressive and put down others.

Be a strong person. Be assertive. Insist on the respect your deserve, and without attacking others and lowering yourself to their level.

please keep in mind that animals are living beings, not props or decorations. you dont “have” an animal, you live with them. they require specific cares and treatments, and need space to be happy and healthy. pets are not objects, they are breathing, they have emotions, just like you. if you are not qualified to take care of an animal, do not live with one. also, id personally recommend adopting animals from shelters instead of pet shops; they need your love and support!

Never let anyone silence you.

Something I have struggled with my entire life. I am sad to say I have succumbed, once more, to attempts to stifle my ability to make open and honest commentary about things happening in my life. In light of recent events, due to agreements and in hindsight potentially poor decisions on my part, this is all I can offer as commentary.*

In much better news, secret secrets are happening that are secret, but involve the spoken word and secrets. Secret. Stay tuned, and keep rocking the positive ponies.

*I will not discuss the situation, even privately, as per terms of the agreement I have made. Please don’t fret too much over me :)

We are all beautiful creatures in a beautiful world. No matter where you are or how you identify yourself, there is something special about you and me and everyone we encounter that makes us special. We are all wonderful beings, blessed with the powers of thought and communication, of art and design, and we are all deserving of the same love and respect as a result.

This can be a difficult concept to grasp, since we are all different; in fact, it is seldom easy. It takes a trained eye to see the gem within us all and within everything around us–the “diamond in the rough” if you will–and it takes a caring and generous heart to share it with everyone they meet.


I know this has been said before but it needs to be said like a million times more;

It’s great if you’re a man and MLP makes you feel happy and encouraged, but please remember this show was made for girls. Young girls and women don’t have a lot to choose from when it comes to heroes and stories that empower their gender, but these are everywhere for boys. So don’t complain when women express their anger toward what the MLP fandom has been made into by men! If you think their purpose is to spread hate then you’re not looking close enough.

(Note: the “our” is referring to the characters of the show or the show in general)