positive ponies

I’m absolutely thrilled to announce that I will be hosting my own panel at Everfree Northwest this year! I have put (and am continuing to invest) lots of research, thought, and love into creating “Shipping Is Magic!” and making it a fun, exciting, informative, and interactive experience for everyone who visits me there. We’ll be looking at the history of shipping as a fandom in and of itself, what makes shipping within the MLP community so special, how to engage in “creative fandom” (such as fan art, fanfiction, etc.etc.), and how we can use these platforms to promote harmony and friendship among shippers.

EFNW is being held on May 12th - 14th at the DoubleTree Hotel at Seattle Airport, in Seattle, WA.
“Shipping Is Magic!” will take place on Sunday at 12:45 pm - 1:45 pm in the Celestia room.

A Q&A session will follow the main discussion (as long as time allows!)

Visit the convention website for further info and to purchase tickets, if you haven’t already! everfreenw.com/

If you do come to the con, whether or not you plan on attending my panel, keep your eyes open and don’t be afraid to come over and say hi, should you see me! I’d absolutely LOVE to meet up with any of my dA/tumblr followers… or, y'know, pretty much anyone who wants to informally fangirl/fanboy about gay horses with me :3 I will, at some point during the con, be cosplaying as Rainbow Dash, just fyi ^_^

You can also catch me at the Grand Galloping Gala on Saturday night! Just watch out– I will most likely want to dance with you if you approach me there :D

Hope to see you there!


please keep in mind that animals are living beings, not props or decorations. you dont “have” an animal, you live with them. they require specific cares and treatments, and need space to be happy and healthy. pets are not objects, they are breathing, they have emotions, just like you. if you are not qualified to take care of an animal, do not live with one. also, id personally recommend adopting animals from shelters instead of pet shops; they need your love and support!

Never be a doormat. Don’t be passive and let others walk over you.

Never be a bully. Don’t be aggressive and put down others.

Be a strong person. Be assertive. Insist on the respect your deserve, and without attacking others and lowering yourself to their level.

You don’t decide what makes me a girl.

I’ve finally gotten off my butt and made another positive pony; this time, starring Rarity! I headcanon her as a trans girl, which is why I chose her (and she’s the best). There’s shouldn’t be anyone telling you that ‘a real woman has breasts or has the ability to give birth’ and all that jazz. Enough. If you identify as female, then you are a female. There’s always a lot of pressure on me from my family (my mother and sister usually) to act more like a ‘girl’, to dress like a ‘lady’. It shouldn’t matter about what clothes I wear or what I look like - if I say I’m a girl, then I’m a girl. I don’t need to prove it to anyone. If I’ve got hairy arms and legs, don’t say ‘you should probably shave…don’t you want look like a girl?’ I’m sick of it.~~~If there’s anything I said that is incorrect, please tell me! I’ll fix it right away :) Can you find the hidden flag in this picture?~EC