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Pastel Pride Flags

A lot of LGBT+ flags are bright, eye strainy, and hurt to work with, and since i work with them all the time I decided to make some softer pastel versions.

These are free to use, but please reblog if you do! If theres any you’d like but don’t see here, feel free to send an ask or message!

Aight aight I know gen z is depressed as shit but we all need some positivity so here’s some cool shit we’re doing

  • A lot of us have ukuleles? I dunno man thats pretty rad
  • Have y'all seen the dent we’re already making in the world even though most of us are like 15? Like damn son, we’re petitioning, we’re protesting, we’re making it happen
  • (Haven’t confirmed this but it seems legit) So I’ve heard we’re the “gayest” generation so far, so think of all the big steps we’re gonna take once we’re older so future LGBTQA+ kids can be happy!
  • Pastels? Holographic aesthetic stuff?? Man am I glad that stuff is popular again
  • Cat memes (although I suppose that was somewhat started by The Millenials, but whatever)
  • We’re not taking anyone’s bullshit anymore. We’re calling people out for their discrimination
  • C l e a n c o r e
  • Finally starting to respect people’s triggers!
  • Racial diversity keeps on growing
  • Guys you don’t know how happy I am to see all those “positive suggestion” blogs and how many notes their posts are getting
  • We’re working on recovering and supporting eachother damn
  • Hey did I mention plants? Bc it seems like most of us like plants idk
  • Saying “fuck you” to social norms
  • Wicca/witchcraft is being revived and I think thats cool
  • Showing love and support for homeless people
  • Learning how to healthily cope with our mental illnesses
  • Setting aside our anger and pettiness so that we can love and heal together

Real talk guys, you’re all so strong, and beautiful, and wonderful, please keep going and support your fellow humans! You are worthy of love and respect!

Let’s make 2018 worth it, and spread our love to everone else! 💖

I hate to have to put this stuff on the bottom of a positivity post but

[TERFS/SWERFS/MAPs/NOMAPs/ddlg don’t interact!]