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Reason Why Marceline is WLW #1/?: Goes from being grumpy, tired, and antisocial to immediately perking up when she sees Susan coming in from off screen, greets Susan in a flirtatious voice (specifically says “Good morning!” after just complaining about being up too long and having to see it), smiles at Susan and doesn’t take her eyes off her, even as Susan fails to regard her + walks away.

how to wake up happier ♡

For the past few days I’ve woken up feeling a lot happier and way more positive, simply by starting a few more healthy habits. I figured that I might sprinkle and share some of my positivity with you peeps! ♡ 

If you are recovering from any mental health issues, or want to take the next step, this might be benefitial to you, as it was to me - however, I will warn you that different things work for different people :)

before bed:
practise self-care and self-love, think positive thoughts, breathe fresh air, listen to calming music, read a good and positive book, drink water - stay hydrated kiddos, drink some calming tea, take any medication you need to, make sure everything you need for tomorrow is prepared and make sure that you room is in good conditions to sleep in. 

when you wake up:
don’t reach for your phone the moment you wake up, open your curtains, open your window and let some fresh air in, have a drink, stretch and remember the positive thoughts you went to bed with.

some helpful words from some beautiful peeps
if you have trouble sleeping at night (x) | @fuwaprince
tips for getting up earlier when you’re not a morning person (x) | @halseystudy
tips for balancing sleep & education (x) | @brbimstudying
the science behind sleep, and how to sleep well (x) | @tobeagenius
the masterpost of all sleeping masterposts (x) | kudos to @shelbys-advice-blog this post is amazing♡

“Quick fact. Ready? Consuming protein prior to bed time may enhance sleep quality by providing the body with amino acids necessary to create human growth hormone. This hormone plays a role in deepening sleep, as well as muscle recovery following exercise.” | @thepowerwithin


07.28.17 || “there’s nowhere you can be that isn’t where you’re meant to be” - all you need is love - the beatles

List of lists
  • Things that make you happy
  • What to do when you feel sad
  • Favourite books
  • Books you want to read
  • Favourite study snacks
  • Places to see
  • Bucket list
  • DIYs
  • Movies you want to see
  • Ideas for presents for others
  • Favourite quotes
  • Why autumn/ summer/ Christmas/ Halloween/… is the best time of the year
  • Music Playlists (find a theme like “cuddling” /”studying” / “winter morning” )
  • Self-Care list
  • What to do in study breaks (5min/ 30min)
  • Favourite series
  • Favourite recipes
  • Reasons to eat healthy/ do sport/ study/…
  • List of compliments given to you
  • Things you’re proud of
  • Things to do when you’re bored

{ 02.12.17 } 

- ̗̀ 100 Days of Productivity: 23/100   ̖́-

↪︎ finishing up on the last of my theory of the firm notes! just in time for mock exams since they are just around the corner (so nervous!)


7-10.4.2017 - (days 86-89/100) + week 15 + bedsheets

accidental ace-themed spread anyone?? i had kinda stopped doing weeklies because i was waiting for this new notebook, but now i finally had the chance… and i love it???? i didnt expect the drawing to come out so well but wow am i happy with it. (for those who dont know, ace of spades is sometimes used to refer to aromantic asexuals, such as me ;)) )

Steven is very proud of you! You’ve survived another day! You’re doing so well!

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pass on positivity Steven ! (I suggest you look at the tags)


{ 02.13.17 }

- ̗̀ 100 Days of Productivity: 24/100   ̖́-

↪︎ i am falling more and more in love with my economics notes. i started writing up my development notes, aka the last unit in the syllabus. it has been a fun journey with this wonderful subject :’)

Excuse the basic banner I just didn’t feel like making one haha but I’ve decided to created a studyblr network! If you want to join, read the guidelines below!

To become a member of the Sapphic Study Network:

  • you must be a girl/feminine-aligned person who likes other girls/feminine-aligned people
  • trans and nb girls are obviously welcome and encouraged to join! and obviously, terfs can choke and need to stay away
  • follow me @academicsapphic
  • send me an ask letting me know you want to join the network
  • after you’re accepted, make an introduction post on the Sapphic Study Network blog (be sure to use the tag #Sapphic Study Network!)
  • if enough people don’t request to join, we won’t be able to do it :’( it’s not much of a “network” with only two people

As a member of the Sapphic Study Network, you will get to:

  • have access to the SapphicStudyNetwork blog where you can make original posts about anything studyblr/sapphic related and can reblog your own posts from your personal studyblr to for more visibility
  • be in a group chat with the other members (on a platform TBD)
  • make friends with other sapphics in the studyblr community, which is awesome cause there aren’t many! 

I’m really excited about this and I hope I can meet a lot of you this way! And if no one cares and wants to join then we can all agree that this never happened haha.

gentle request to artists and designers

In case you haven’t seen the post announcing the GRSHN’s new initiative “Spread Shirts, Spread Help” - gentle reminder is now selling shirts, and all proceeds are being donated to charity!

However, these shirts need to be designed, and who better to design them than the community that has bought the blog to this point and given us this opportunity? So if you would like to help charity by donating a simple, positive, gentle reminder based design to sell, please contact us at gentleremindertumblr@gmail.com and we can get your design on the redbubble store as soon as possible to help charity! You will be completely credited for your work, and thanked on our ‘contributing artists’ page of our website. Feel free to also contact the network if you have any questions!

Even if you can’t design anything, or if you can’t afford a shirt, please spread this post around to anyone who you think will be interested! 

Thank you so much, and I hope you have a lovely day. 

Additional note: You have to be 16 years old or over in order to donate your design; my apologies if this inconveniences or saddens anyone, however thank you so much for your interest!

Ultimate Kallura Positivity Network


Because of the toxicity of the Voltron fandom, we wanted to have a place where all Kallura shippers felt welcomed and included, and so we’re super excited to announce that we’ve created the Ultimate Kallura Positivity Network!

The goal of the network is to allow kallura shippers to create better connections with each other and to all bond over our love of Kallura! It will be a place where Kallura shippers can promote and organize positivity events, share different varieties of fan works, chat with other shippers, and be an overall positive and toxic-free space. Anyone is welcome to join, (Shaladin, Piladin, etc) as this is a completely anti-free safe space for anyone who ships Kallura!

To join, reblog this post with your name, pronouns and bday (month & day only) in the tags so we can add you to the network page and send you the discord link. If you don’t feel comfortable with posting your info publicly, then you can DM or send an ask to us (off anon.)

Once we send you the discord link, please join the server and introduce yourself! You will then officially be added to the UKPN. 

If you have any questions, please let us know and we’ll be happy to answer them!

Thank you! 

-Mods Pidge, Plaxum, and Allura