positive mood

all lgbt+ people with mood disorders are wonderful and valid

it’s okay if your mood disorder affects your orientation

it’s okay if your mood disorder doesn’t affect your orientation

it’s okay if your mood disorder is self diagnosed

it’s okay if your mood disorder is professionally diagnosed

it’s okay, you’re okay. you’re wonderful and strong and valid.


So today was a good day! New tattoos and although the photo is blurry my hair has been re dip dyed!! Camera tat: been wanting this one for approx 3 years but been waiting to see how photography would play out for me, however now I go to uni for photography and I’ve started using film and learning much more about the history I’ve fallen completely in love with my subject all over again which confirmed it all for me, so far only played with 35mm film but really want to go ahead and use 120 and more Mountain: specifically, Mount Rosa’s horizon line. It is where my mountain climber/PHD in physics/marathon runner/mount everest climber/amazing grandfather passed away doing what he loved Hair: still adore blue but wanted a bit of a change so added purple! So yeah! That was my day!

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8 Tips for Better Mental Outlook in 2016

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Happy new year!  I’m back from a great holiday and I’m keen to start the new year with good intentions. I came across this article on Buzzfeed about simple things that can be done to boost your mental health in 2016.  Here are 8 tips that really make sense to me.  I’ll pin this list on the fridge as a friendly reminder, and give them a try.  Wish me luck!

  1. Make your bed every day.
  2. Budget for little indulgences that make you feel better every month.
  3. Commit to less negative self-talk.
  4. Cut “should” from your vocabulary.
  5. Say “no” more without explaining yourself.
  6. Complain less.
  7. Get enough sleep.
  8. Spend more time with yourself alone.

Go to Buzzfeed for 15 more suggestions, and check out the fun pictures that illustrate each tip.  All the best in 2016.

Feature Image Source: Charm 2010

SOURCE: http://www.buildingasimplelife.com/8-tips-for-better-mental-outlook-in-2016/

today was supposed to be a bad, awful day, because i had a horrible exam and i stayed up all night to study, but it turned out to be a good day.

this morning i saw a very beautiful movie ‘last holiday’ that made me more positive and even if, at some point, i started freaking out about the exam and was almost sure that i was going to fail it, i managed, somehow, to take a pretty good grade and even a better impression to my professor yeeey me!!

and now, sitting on the train, on my way back to home and even if i’m extremely tired and it’s a shitty weather outside, i still have that positive mood because today was a good day!  ^_^

We’re in Lyon to visit a friend today.
And Literally nobody misgendered me. An old lady even corrected herself when I turned on her because I’m short and she saw me from back and when I said “ Sorry”, she just got “ Oh sorry young man”

I feel overwhelmed.