positive mindset


We have enough pressures to deal with when it comes to cultivating self-love—the picture perfect images in the media, the advertisements urging us to change how we look, and the sometimes negative words from those around us—and the last thing we should be doing is adding to that by talking to ourselves negatively. One way to focus on the more positive aspects of you is to choose a (positive!) word of the day.

Sometimes it’s hard to come up with good things to say about yourself, so I’ve created a list you can print out and place on your mirror. Every morning, if you can, choose a word that embodies how you feel (or want to feel) that day and try to keep in mind the whole day through. After choosing your word, you might even want to look up the definition to get an even more precise idea of what it means (and maybe even some additional insight on how to embrace it).  

Bonus idea: Print out and frame the list of words. Place it somewhere you’ll see it every morning (in the bathroom or by the front door). Each day, use a dry erase marker to circle your word of the day. If there are multiple people in your house that want to participate, choose different color markers for each person. 

Source: positivelypresent.com

Worrying is carrying tomorrow’s load with today’s strength- carrying two days at once. It is moving into tomorrow ahead of time. Worrying doesn’t empty tomorrow of its sorrow, it empties today of its strength.
—   Corrie ten Boom

When I was a teen I felt a nasty mixture of guilt, shame and hatred when ever I ate junk food. This damaged my confidence quite a bit and gave me a very negative mindset.

Since then I’ve taught myself some Things…

  • It’s OK to treat yourself now and again- it’s enjoyable and it helps with cravings.
  • Don’t aim to be “Skinny” aim to be happy and healthy.
  • Only eating salad or under eating is extremely unhealthy. Balance is the way to go.
  • One day of unhealthy eating wouldn’t make you gain weight, one day of healthy eating wouldn’t make you lose it either.
  • But never be scared of a little weight gain, numbers aren’t important. There are much worse things that could happen to you.
  • Don’t let food control your life.
Think positive
Psychologists suggest that actively editing your negative self-talk patterns is a powerful way to support healthier lifestyle choices. For example, anytime you catch yourself thinking, “I am too busy to work out,” rephrase the thought in more positive, empowering terms, such as, “I choose to make myself a priority.” Or, “I do have time to be healthy.” Or, “I am willing to do something active today.” Over time, those positive thought patterns will elbow out the negative ones, helping you to see your available choices more clearly.

Lets say you want to earn $10,000 per month but you have the belief that “People like me don’t earn that kind of money”, no matter how many times you affirm, “I’m now attracting a $10,000 monthly income″, the law of attraction will match your belief that people like you don’t earn that kind of money. So it is critical to your success with the law of attraction that you first identify what you already believe about achieving your goal before trying to create new beliefs about it.

In order for your subconscious mind to accept a new belief you must first identify any negative counter-beliefs that might be blocking the manifestation of your desires.

Think of a goal that you would like to manifest, now write down as many negative thoughts as you can think of that you might have about creating this goal. It is essential that you are 100% honest with yourself because whatever you’ve written down is the thing that is blocking your desired manifestations.

Once you’ve identified the particular thoughts that are blocking your manifestation, create affirmations that are the OPPOSITE of the negative thoughts. These new positive thoughts will act like an antidote and the more you repeat them the more they will inoculate you with the positive vibration that will gradually dissolve the negative beliefs and allow you to form new positive beliefs that are more in alignment with your desires.