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Are You Projecting Or Reflecting?

 There are some people in this world who thrive off of the fear of others, they love to watch others suffering because it takes their minds off of their own pain. This is where the phrase “hurt people hurt people” comes from - those who have been hurt have not found an effective way of dealing with their pain and project it onto others.

If, like me, you have suffered at the hands of these people; understand this - they are operating from a fear-based mindset. They act in this way because they are not self-aware enough to assess their behaviour and change their ways. 

When they continue to get the same results from their actions they choose to project their ill-feeling towards themselves onto others. This is because it is much easier to point the finger at the outside world than to be self-aware enough to want to change yourself.

Instead of becoming like these fearful individuals, it is up to us to choose to learn from their behaviour and bring about positive change in our own lives. Observe that there is no value in projecting your insecurities onto others - instead identify when you are doing this and understand why.

Projecting how you feel about yourself onto others is a defence mechanism that prevents us from deconstructing our ego. When you can check yourself on your own behaviour - you can set aside your ego and decide how you want to act without having anything external affect your decision.

Some people are set in their ways and may never change, others can learn to change with experience over time. Either way - the only person who can bring about massive change in your life is you. Reflect on your behaviour to understand where you can improve.

Instead of projecting - try reflecting on your behaviour.

Peace & positive vibes

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The Dreamer

Life can be a continual challenge filled with unforeseen events we struggle to navigate through—no one is arguing that point. But the road can be made a little easier if you continue to foster the idea that dreams still beat in your heart.

Many times they’re buried under a sea of responsibilities and duties we frequently clutter our lives with, but they’re still there nonetheless.

Maybe it’s time to simplify your life, to take a look in the mirror and remember what it was like to hope and dream for the future. Ask yourself, “is there anything I can do right now?” Maybe it’s joining a local theater group, an amateur sports league, taking a cooking class or even enrolling on a dating site.

Our dreams might seem big at times, but the utter pleasure we receive by fulfilling them might be closer than we think.

No one can predict our fate, regardless of the fictitious picture we create in our heads. So why not think positively and continue to hope and dream with the childlike naivety we all abandoned so many years ago?

See if there are ways to make your dreams a reality, even on a much smaller scale. Believe me the personal accomplishment is worth more than the accolades.


Forrest Curran