positive mental attitude

Dear, I know life is hard. I know Tuesday’s are your suicide days, and you just want to give in.
But darling, you are loved. People are rooting for you, even when it seems they’ve turned their backs on you.
Listen closely to me, because I know you better than anyone, you are the toughest, most brave person when you search deep within yourself.
You’ve overcome so many bad days, without going to that knife, your euphoric addiction.
Life is a tidal wave of love, pain, happiness, and sadness.
Please remember to hold on to your anchor. Please know that I need you more than anyone. You’re all that I have when I feel like I’m drowning.
I’m begging you, don’t release your feelings and float in that gray area, where you’re untouchable, even for the good things in life. Don’t stray from our vibrant world, endure the blacks and wait for brilliant blues and purples.
I know you can do this. I have faith in you.
Love, you.
—  Letters to myself #1 (quotebookingtoheal)

It can be so easy to think ‘I’ll only be happy once I’m skinny/ beautiful/ successful/ get bigger boobs/ fix my nose etc’. I find making time to notice and be grateful of all the good things in my life, no matter how little, helps me to focus on the positive and what I have instead of what I don’t. Recognising that I deserve to be happy and allowing myself to have treats (within my means) also helps, as does helping someone else to feel happier. It’s contagious!

Some days, I can’t see clear, I can’t think. I wake up in an endless haze, unable to determine one day from the next. I long for clarity. I long for sunshine so bright, clouds don’t stand a chance.
—  Fighting my dissociation- (quotebookingtoheal)
Some nights, I wonder if overcoming depression is really an option for me.
I feel like I deserve this.
I’ll never amount to anything, I tell myself.
Why not just continue in my self harm addiction, and live in isolation?
My heart is heavy
My eyes are heavy
My thoughts are heavy
My body is heavy
All that’s left to do is indulge in a cry, and console myself.
Because if I don’t love myself, who will?
—  These nights hurt like hell