positive mental attitude

As much as I am still working on improving my strength and getting fitter, I’m also realising that the sooner I accept my body as it is, the easier it will all be. SO I have a visible belly outline? So I have stretch marks and loose skin? BIG WHOOP. I am a great friend, girlfriend, daughter and granddaughter, I have so many amazing people and things in my life, and i wanna spend so much time worrying what other people think I look like? 

Nah man, not anymore. I know you can’t just flick a switch and be all BODY POSITIVE I LOVE MYSELF, but I feel like I’ve finally tipped the balance in the right direction. SO as much as this will remain my weight loss/health blog, there’s also gonna be a whole lot more self love and body positivity.
Here’s a selfie from last week that I really like.

I want to follow more people who are on the same road to body acceptance, more positive blogs!


I am legit excited about this.
My surgeon kept telling me what great shape I’m in now, how I’m more confident & a different person now, to when I first came to my first consultation.
I’ve only lost 14lbs since my first consultation but the photos of my body now to them are just insane!

It’ll be a new lease on life, it’ll be amazing, it’s going to completely transform my body & my life, I won’t know myself!

I’m looking forward to getting back into the gym & working my strength up & being badass, hitting PR & just generally fucking shit up at the gym.

2015 is the year of me.

I’d advise you all to stick around & watch it happen.