positive life tips

5 Things To Do Every Morning
  1. Express gratitude
  2. Set your intentions for the day
  3. Take 5 deep breaths, in and out
  4. Smile for no reason just to flex the muscle 
  5. Forgive yourself for yesterday’s mistakes
Show respect to every person you meet in your life, even when they did nothing to receive it. It’s a reflection of good character.
when it feels like everything is falling apart, you still have...

•friendly hugs
•infinite things to learn
•nighttime drives
•the rest of the world to explore/travel
•chord progressions
•leaf piles
•warm showers
•friendly hugs
•fresh flowers
•lilac skies
•unexpected kindness in strangers
•languages to learn
•animals to take care of
•the changing of seasons
•the power of sleep
•billions of people to possibly love
•billions of people to possibly love you back

I can tell you first hand that it is NOT how many times you fall that counts. It’s how many times you pull yourself up after the fall that really matters.

Did you know that when you fall it can be a great blessing in disguise? Hard to see in the middle of it, but it can!
Falling can be a great teacher, if you let it! It gives you a whole new perspective.

The thing is most people fall and get right back up, only to fall again and again, making the same mistakes, never learning.

LIFE TIPPING ADVICE: When you fall do 4 things:
1-STOP- Take some time for yourself. Give yourself credit. Love yourself. Forgive yourself.
2-LEARN- What caused the fall? Where is your thinking causing you to fall? What new thoughts or beliefs should you implement? How can you change the situation so it doesn’t happen again?
3-RISE UP- Get back up with your new skill sets and mindsets. Move forward implementing what you learned.
4-BE KIND- to yourself and those around you. Remember it’s about rising after every fall. And EVERYONE falls.

Winners are the ones who rise and rise up after each and every fall.

YOU ARE A WINNER! And have what it takes! I believe in you!!

It’s your life, MAKE IT EPIC!
Jhon LeBaron

Life tips

Don’t procrastinate ANYTHING!

Wake up earlier every morning.

Exercise or go for a walk every morning. Watch the sun rise when you can.

Make your bed every morning.

Keep your bedroom organised and clean.

Do every piece of work like you’ve no choice but to get the highest grade.

Every time you eat you are either fighting or feeding disease.

If you don’t enjoy it, don’t do it. And don’t pretend to enjoy it.

Don’t bitch about people. At all.

Don’t pass up something that you know you’d enjoy.

Stop arguments before they get worse.

Dress however you like.

Make gratitude lists every day. Or in your head.

Meditate when you can. It DOES help! 

Remember people are just people and there is never EVER any need to be nervous or anxious.

Fake confidence.

Always save at least a small amount of any payment you get- either into a savings account or to put away.

Sell the clothes you never wear, or give them to a charity store- someone might be looking for that exact item of clothing.

Believe you can do anything, because you can.

Treat people exactly how you want to be treated.

Nobody is above you.

Read your books.

If you’re stuck, think about the advice you would give to a friend in your situation.

Instant calmer: Breathe in through your nose for 7 seconds. Hold for 4 seconds. Exhale through your mouth for 8 seconds.

You have permission to eat even if...
  • you haven’t exercised
  • you ate too much yesterday
  • you ate too much today
  • you don’t know the exact nutritional value of the meal
  • you have gained weight
  • feel like you don’t deserve it
As you work towards self improvement, be sure to do it with positive intention. Don’t change yourself as a form of punishment, but solely to become a stronger, kinder, and wiser person as a whole.

Become a priority in your life. You need to take care of you before you can take care of anyone else. Make YOU a priority! It’s not selfish or rude, it’s actually healthy to put yourself first at times.

^^ Words of wisdom ^^


I don’t take stress lightly because the long-term effects are damaging to one’s mental health. Whether it’s school, family & friends, or just life in general, there’s always a point where things seem like their spiraling out of control. Whenever that happens, I do the following to get me through it: 

1. take happy pictures (I do this a lot, like… excessively)

2. dance/sing (this just got easier bc I have Lemonade now, thanks Beyonce)

3. Pray. plain & simple

4. know that there are some things that are beyond my control, and that is ok

4. take a shower 

5. take deep, slow breaths

6. look at myself in the mirror and realize that I am worthy of greatness 

7. know that everything will work out in the end. 

Be thankful for the people in your life, for each one provides either support or a life lesson to be taught.