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if kpop positions were accurate
  • the hyung you thought was a maknae
  • the unofficial visual
  • the “not my bias, but is my bias”
  • the workout-aholic who basically lives in the gym and boy does it show
  • the walking, living, breathing meme
  • the one everyone has called “daddy” at some point
  • the ship that’s a hundred percent real and they know it
  • the short one that everyone is highkey afraid of
  • the one that takes every opportunity possible to be extra as hell aka the variety king
  • the motherly one that takes care of the rest of their members and occasionally reprimands
  • the 4D member that looks cute in a sexy comeback, and sexy in a cute one
  • the member who doesn’t have to worry about gravity bc they basically just flip everywhere
  • the extremely under appreciated one renjun
  • the one that finds pleasure in other members’ demise
Little things you can do to keep the online Kpop community a happy and and healthy place for all...
  1. Leave idol’s physical appearance out of your judgement! Not supporting someone because you don’t find them attractive is just shallow!
  2. Don’t sexualize idols under the age of 18, even if you are a minor yourself! Would you want people to say stuff like that about you when you’re underage?
  3. Don’t put down girl groups! You don’t have to be a huge fan, but don’t insult them! Girl groups are held to a higher standard than boy groups and they still don’t get as much love as them, so your comments about how generic or ugly they are are not needed!
  4. Spread love, not drama! If a rumor is going around about idols, don’t give in and believe it unless the company themselves comes out and says it. Allkpop and Koreaboo aren’t always accurate sources, they usually go with what “netizens” or “insiders” tell them. 
  5. If you’re upset about something, keep it to yourself! You don’t have to like a comeback, or support an idol’s relationship, but you should at least respect it. (Even though it’s shallow to be upset that a human being is dating someone other than you.) You don’t have to spread hate and put down stuff our idols love and have worked hard on!
  6. If someone makes a mistake, don’t put them down or call them a fake fan! They’re probably a new fan, trying to learn more about the group, so you telling them to get out of the fandom is not giving them a very warm welcome into our online community. 
  7. Stop calling female idols sluts. It’s just rude and ignorant. They can wear whatever the heck they want, they can date whoever they want, they can dance with whoever they want, just as a male idol is able to do. 

If we can all follow these short and simple rules, I’m sure we’ll be able to get along just fine. 

signs as positions in a kpop group
  • aries: main dancer, sub-rapper, maknae
  • taurus: main vocalist
  • gemini: main rapper, lead dancer
  • cancer: leader, lead vocalist
  • leo: main vocalist, lead dancer, center
  • virgo: sub-vocalist
  • libra: sub-vocalist, visual
  • scorpio: lead rapper
  • sagittarius: lead rapper
  • capricorn: lead vocalist
  • aquarius: main dancer, lead vocalist
  • pisces: sub-vocalist, sub-rapper
EXO Wins Big at the 12th Soompi Awards!

EXO won a total of 6 Awards, including Artist of the Year! EXO’s wins successfully cross multiple fields; singing or acting: as a group, sub-unit, individual or collaborator.

  • Artist of the Year
  • Best Male Group
  • Best Collaboration - Dream [BAEKHYUN & Suzy]
  • Best Drama OST - For You [EXO-CBX]
  • Best Web Series - Be Positive [D.O.]
  • Best Idol Actor [BAEKHYUN]

#TEAMEXO also ranks #2 on Soompi’s Best Fandom Top 5 Rankings, Good Job EXO-Ls!

Congratulations EXO! 

photo cr(s): @hahahahppy & @exolusa (Twitter) 

I remember when Jooheon said he promised to show Monbebes his abs for a comeback, and he's finally keeping his promise. And although I'd get totally WRECKT to see him built and with abs, I love the squish that he is. I love him even when he didn't workout to obtain a body like Wonho or Shownu. He is BEAUTIFUL: Mind, Body, & Spirit. It is his body and his choice to do this, which good for him if he does it the right way. But I better not see any antis or haters in general say any negative comments on what he is doing, or how he'll look better if he keeps working out. NO BODYSHAMING ON EITHER THE BEFORE OR AFTER. Jooheon is taking a big step in his life regarding his physique, especially with the World Tour ahead of them and wanting to look good for Monbebe. Let's give him the support he needs. He's doing this for us, let's return the favor.

you know what
I really love self insert culture… I love the “tag urself I’m…” trend, I love the “look at my bf/gf/bff/..” trend when reblogging pics of your faves and saying stuff like “this is a picture of our first date…” etc etc,

I love that self- or reader-insert fics and fanart exist and that people make all these reactions/imagines and whatever else, because it means you’re recognizing yourself and you’re deeming yourself worthy of inserting yourself in the universes you love so much and let yourself interact with the people you look up to and it makes me smile when I see ppl talking about themselves

 so idgaf if others call any of that cringey because i think it’s a nice tool for us to get closer to ourselves and to put ourselves out there and even if  it’s in a sarcastic or slightly negative way you’re still talking about yourself and your feelings and that’s a Good Thing imo