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EXO Wins Big at the 12th Soompi Awards!

EXO won a total of 6 Awards, including Artist of the Year! EXO’s wins successfully cross multiple fields; singing or acting: as a group, sub-unit, individual or collaborator.

  • Artist of the Year
  • Best Male Group
  • Best Collaboration - Dream [BAEKHYUN & Suzy]
  • Best Drama OST - For You [EXO-CBX]
  • Best Web Series - Be Positive [D.O.]
  • Best Idol Actor [BAEKHYUN]

#TEAMEXO also ranks #2 on Soompi’s Best Fandom Top 5 Rankings, Good Job EXO-Ls!

Congratulations EXO! 

photo cr(s): @hahahahppy & @exolusa (Twitter) 

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