positive force records

Day: 1302
Shirt: 7 Seconds - Walk Together Rock Together 2014 Redux
Color: Black
Brand: Gilden Heavy Cotton
Source: i really love this shirt that Bifocal Media put out of Brian Walsby’s.  Maybe some of you know, maybe some of you don’t the fact that he was the original illustrator of the Walk Together Rock Together Shirt.  

ever taken a picture, painted something or built something then you let 30 years pass by and then think, god, i can’t believe i let that pass as work back in the day?  I imagine this is what was sticking in Brian’s Craw for 30 years and finally he re drew this and thought this is how it should have been!  if only we could all go back and re adjust the mistakes we made earlier in life.  would that make it better or would then we constantly be trying to re-evaluate our every step.  there were virtually be no history.  a weird concept.  but don’t fry your brain thinking about it.  this is just one shirt not the end of the world.  oh wait George Lucas did the same thing too… fucking anakin Skywalker ghost.  WORST idea ever.  maybe its better to just leave old rough mistakes, old rough mistakes.