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You know, I keep reading and re-reading this tweet and still have no idea what the hell it’s going on about. Like, which movies are those, because in the dceu alone even the solo characters had people that helped them save the day, they didn’t do it alone. Let’s run them down, shall we?

Man of Steel: had Clark helped out by the military, without which he’d never have been able to stop the invading Kryptonians or their ship in Metropolis.

Batman v Superman: same deal, with Superman needing Wonder Woman and Batman’s help taking down Doomsday. Take one out of the equation (well, take Diana more so than Bruce) and his victory wouldn’t have been guaranteed.

Suicide Squad: it took the whole squad working together to take out Enchantress and her brother, none of them did everything alone.

Wonder Woman: even as badass as Diana was, she still had her team to help her, and if you think Steve sacrificing himself to help Diana save the world doesn’t count then get out of my face, we have nothing to talk about.

So that brings us to Justice League, where, you guessed it, neither Batman nor Wonder Woman can stop the alien invasion on their own, hence (are ya ready for it?) You Can’t Save The World Alone. It’s not even that hard to see, it’s pretty clear that the theme of superheroes working with others had been in the dceu from the beginning, which is the only set of movies this tagline applies to.

Now, the Nolan films, the 90s Batman movies? Um, unless I’m remembering them wrong, Bruce was just saving Gotham in all of those, not the world. I’m sure it would have made an impact elsewhere if Gotham was truly destroyed or whatever, but otherwise, not the world, just his home. And he doesn’t do it alone either, not for most (if not all) of these movies, so like, what’s good? He had help, just like he’s always had help; Batman’s never actually worked alone in the movies, with or without a Robin with him.

The older Superman movies? Haven’t watched them, so maybe in them Superman, ever the Perfect Superhero, did do all the world saving all by his lonesome, but that still wouldn’t matter, because dc didn’t stick the tagline on that set of movies, did it?

And as for the other dc movies? I’m drawing a blank tbh, because there aren’t any other ones that come to mind, but I’m heavily doubting that there are any dc movies where the hero both saves the world (that’s the whole world, not their city, there’s a difference) and does it all by themselves.

So to conclude this long ass response to some random person’s tweet nitpicking a tagline (that could be applied to the real world as something we could all strive towards, but that’s just me and my tea): there aren’t any dc movies that have the hero save the whole world all by themselves, and if there are exceptions they don’t fall under this current set of movies anyways, so what was even the point of this tweet? I sure don’t know.


Fugazi @ St. Augustine’s Church Hall, Washington, DC 1/27/90

Photos © by Jeff Venverloh

A Positive Force DC benefit against apartheid. This gig kicked off the 1990 Fugazi tour which adds up to a daunting 129 live performances.

As such, it goes down in history as the second longest Fugazi tour to date.

Unfortunately, no recording of this particular concert has surfaced thus far.