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there are so many things I adore abt parks and rec but I have got to say, its uncanny ability to take a tried and true character trope, pull out the positive elements and subvert the negative stuff is,,, incredible???

like. lazy deadbeat boyfriend becomes amazing husband and father, still retains his childlike innocence and fun-loving attitude.

super type-a career driven woman is incredibly considerate and kind, learns to slow down and think of others’ ability to keep up and eventually gets married and has three kids, but never once at the cost of her ambitions.

typical angsty youth finds purpose and passion in people she cares about, doesn’t give up her dark sense of humour and is still allowed to dislike interacting with lots of people at once.

uptight male nerd has career goals, a well-rounded social life and is incredibly respectful and supportive of his wife because he is a responsible adult; still writes star trek fanfic in his free time.

capitalist libertarian who insists that everyone is responsible for their own success spends countless hours supporting and encouraging his friends’ dreams, even if they’re in government, without changing his apolitical stance.

and that’s not even the whole cast!!!

everyone remains who they are, maintains the positive elements of many of these old character tropes in a way that only amplifies the humor, but they discard all the bad bits, the negative bits, the toxic bits, instead having complex flaws and real human shortcomings while still all being fundamentally Good People

Like. What A Show.

i see a lot of posts about the witches who are slow learners, the witches who take everything in slowly, and the ones who take years to fully learn a subject but-

here’s to the witches who headbutted into a subject and regretted it

here’s to the witches who stayed studying day and night not because they needed to, but because they simply love the subject to heart

here’s to the witches who need no lesson repeating

here’s to the witches that tried everything and the knowledge stuck to their skin

here’s to the witches who get told just because they don’t have 10+ years of experience they’re not knowledgable 

here’s to the witches who learned information like a melody they hold dear to their heart

here’s to the witches who learn years of experience in shorter periods

here’s to the witches who’ve been through a spiritual rollercoaster that caused knowledge to be inked in their souls

here’s to the witches who had hundreds of grimoire pages full before they knew it

here’s to you 

Discharging Negative Energy With Water 💦

How to Discharge Negative Energy
Start by entering sacred space. Meditation is the best way to do that, when you are discharging negative energy. Spend at least a few minutes in a meditative state, to open your connection to the Source of positive energy.

Then imagine all the negative energy that has collected within you. You might picture it as like a shadow, or a heaviness, etc. Imagine it gathering together from all parts of your body and mind, and moving toward the palms of your hands. Put your palms on the Earth, or in water.

Recommended Water 💦
• wild water (water flowing free)
• water with sea salt added
• water you can enter with your body (bath or shower)
• any other container of water after that

Allow the negative energy to move out of you, and into that element. Continue until you feel clear. Most highly sensitive people will need this every day. If you are surrounded by things that are stressful or negatively charged, use it more often. With practice, you will be able to discharge negative energy very quickly, no matter where you are. A shower is a great place, standing under a tree, in the sunlight, or moonlight works as well.

“stop drawing damien in a binder it’s fetishistic” im sorry janet we just get literally no trans characters in any media ever that aren’t painted as a miserable depressed bastard with that being the only element of their character so we’d like to celebrate finally having good trans rep thanks

Let’s talk about the elements!

I’ve written a lot about the seven classical planets and celestial/cosmic witchcraft. I think it’s time to bring things a bit more down to earth, though!

This is a new two-part series! It will focus on the natural elements as understood by the Western Magical Tradition.

In today’s article, I’ll be explaining a bit about the history of these concepts and how I see them. I hope you find this interesting and informative!

Thinking About the Elements

Elements are one of the first concepts I learned when beginning a journey into witchcraft. 

But! How do we view the elements as concepts? Lets consider how they relate to us and the whole universe. Here’s my views!

Some believe the elements are simply words for natural phenomena.
In other words, Fire is fire - the burning of a campfire or candle, or another flame. Water would always be something like a stream, the ocean or other liquid. I don’t see it this way. They’re far more complex than that!

The four elements stem the observations of ancient philosophers. These thinkers guessed that these substances were the building blocks of physical reality. Of course, they were wrong! In reality, atoms comprise matter. Matter and energy, then, make up the physical universe. 

We could associate four classical elements with the four states of matter. These are solid, liquid, gas, and plasma. They’d correspond to earth, water, air, and fire in turn. This is a very simplified view, though!

These concepts were fundamental to the ancients. A wealth of lore has developed around them. They have grown into complex metaphors for aspects of the human condition. The physical manifestations of the elements have become potent symbols. 

They represent various mental and emotional phenomena. Symbols are important in witchcraft. The way I see it, all tools of the Craft are symbols used to connect with larger forces that work within the universe.

The elements themselves, and their attributions, are in fact, somewhat arbitrary. This means that each of us will have a different idea of what each element represents!

There’s nothing wrong with this, though. The point is to use them as symbols. What they symbolize to you is your own business!

Qualifying the Elements

In the Western Magical Tradition, there are four core (classical) elements: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.  

Some traditions do posit a fifth element called the quintessence, also known as Spirit or Aether. This fifth element stands apart from the other four, as it doesn’t behave in the same way.  

I’ll be focusing on these four, not on the quintessence. Spirit as an element is a very large topic best suited for its own series of articles.

Alchemical thinkers have placed these four into categories. . They’re quite useful for understanding the system. 

Each element is either “hot” or “cold,” as well as either “dry,” or “wet.”

This doesn’t describe the physical qualities of the phenomena in question. Rather, these terms are metaphors. They refer to the roles taken by the concepts each element embodies.

Hot and Cold Elements

Hot elements are active in human existence. 

They stand for concepts that penetrate and alter the world around them.
An outdated way of putting this would be to describe them as “masculine.” This comes from historical stereotypes about gender. I tend to use the term “active” to describe hot elements. That’s Fire and Air.

Cold elements are passive and receptive. 

They represent concepts from which we draw nourishment. They are the structure or substance that forms our mental landscape. The hot elements tend to be the essence or organizing principle. 

Cold elements are often stereotyped as “feminine.“  They are Water and Earth, both of which play a nourishing role in human existence.

Wet and Dry Elements

Dryness as a concept within the Western Magical Tradition refers to a fixed state. In other words, the dry elements are things that don’t often change. These elements are full of stability. 

The key feature of a dry element is lack of intense motion. We can depend on the stable parts of our existence, represented by these elements.

The dry elements are Fire and Earth. It may seem strange to call fire stable, but it is a reliable source of warmth to us. It represents a constant feature of human life.

When we speak of wet elements, we mean the two elements that aren’t fixed. In other words, elements that flow ,change and transform. It is the concepts associated with these elements that drive the changes. They are reliable, but only insofar as change, itself, is something to rely on! 

The wet elements are Air and Water. Both are natural features that shift and flow through our lives. The inclusion of Air as a wet element shows that these are metaphorical, not literal terms.

Much more could be said about how people have described the elements throughout time. The above image shows the alchemical view of how the elements can combine to create secondary principles. 

As you might guess, “fixed” and “volatile” here stand for what we’ve been calling “passive” and “active.” If you want to know more about these further topics, I recommend Robert Bartlett’s book, True Alchemy. 

The entire concept of the elements is a metaphor, though. It’s a metaphor that can work for you. It can help with your Craft, and help you connect with the universe. I’ll be posting the next article tomorrow! In that, I’ll be discussing each element in detail.

the Positive and Negative Qualities of the Four Elements

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The Element of Fire (Choleric)

  • Positive qualities: vigorousness, zeal, enthusiasm, courage, decisiveness, power of creativity, daring, sedulity…
  • Negative qualities: quarrelsomeness, irritability, urge to destroy everything, passion, immoderacy, jealousy, voraciousness, vindictiveness, violence, hate, anger, sudden ebullition…

The Element of Air (Sanguine)

  • Positive qualities: vigilance, care-freedom, kind-heartedness, trusting nature, clarity, lightness, independency, dexterity, optimism, diligence, acuity, joy, smiling…
  • Negative qualities: lack of perseverance, dishonesty, gossipy, cunningness, backbiting, garrulousness, inconstancy, touchiness, prodigality…

The Element of Water (Phlegmatic)

  • Positive qualities: understanding, placidity, mildness, trusting nature, devotion, mercy, forgiveness, modesty, compassion, fervour, pliancy, meditativeness, internalization…
  • Negative qualities: indifference, heartlessness, laziness, indolence, rigidity, lack of daring, lack of concern, unstableness, dejection…

The Element of Earth (Melancholic)

  • Positive qualities: consistency, conscientiousness, perseverance, punctuality, caution, resistance, responsibility, carefulness, firmness, reliability, sobriety, ambition, respectfulness, matter-of-factness…
  • Negative qualities: stuffiness, superficiality, laziness, indifference, cumbersomeness, touchiness, lack of conscientiousness, irregularity, timidity, scornfulness…

Read on for more information about these correspondences and how they can impact your life and witchcraft practices

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Domestic Dog Correspondences

This took me way too long so I hope you all enjoy it! As with my other correspondences you can find it all here in my digital grim! If you see any breeds I missed and you must have, please feel free to reach out and I’ll add them in!!


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Known as the homo sapien’s best friend, dogs are highly intertwined within human culture. From its religious significance across many cultures  to its contributions to many industries. Highly versatile animals that range dramatically from the smallest of terriers to beasts bred for bear hunting they are utilized worldwide for countless reasons. Many specific groups of dogs are tied to the elements such as terriers with the earth, sighthounds with the air and hunting dogs with water.

General:  Loyalty, service, companionship, safety, devotion, hard work,  tracking/finding, friendship, diversity, protection, recently deceased.

Affenpinscher:  Adventure, good health, intellect, raucousness, cheerfulness.

Afghan Hound:  Beauty, dignity, tradition, royalty, protection, air (element), warmth, extravagance.

Afghan Shepherd/Kuchi:  Bravery, gallantry, variety/diversity, adaptability, earth (element), protection, strength.

Aidi:  Power, companionship, intellect, determination, protection, awareness, courage, bravery.  

Airedale Terrier/Mini:  Hard work, determination,  attracting positive energy, happiness, water (element), agitation, hunting, sportsmanship, versatility.

Akbash: Protection, power, strength, pride, adaptability, bravery, independence, loyalty.

Akita Inu:  Loyalty, trust, war, home, protection, awareness, resilience, emotional health, emotional strength, healing.

Alano Español:  Conflict, strength, victory, overcoming obstacles, beauty, sun, fearlessness, keeping away negativity.

Alaskan Husky:  Adaptability, strength, hunger, affection, water (element), cold, swiftness/quickness, energy.

Alaskan Klee Kai:  Intelligence, energy, happiness, friendship, love, caution, prosperity, good health.

Alaskan Malamute:  Strength, endurance, wisdom, maturity, partnerships, community, winter, gluttony, safe travels.  

Alpine Dachsbracke:  Cleverness, vigor, bravery, overcoming obstacles, structure.

American Akita:  Dedication, victory, conflict, strength, protection, trust.

American Bulldog:  Unaddressed aggression, dedication, strength, protection, emotional strength, strengthening bonds.

American Cocker Spaniel:  Elegance, poor health, slowness, affection, friendship.  

American Eskimo Dog:  Beauty, air (element), grace, humor, cheerfulness, anxiety, high intelligence, good health, gluttony.

American Hairless Terrier:  Agility, sun, grace, earth (element), joy, good health, warmth.

American Pitbull Terrier:  Dedication, strength, unfair judgements, the forbidden, danger, personal power, love.

American Staffordshire Terrier:  Protection, strength, courage, patience, family, increased psychic awareness, empathy.

American Water Spaniel:  Versatility, water (element), blurring psychic vision, warmth, irritability, possessiveness.

Anatolian Shepherd:  Great strength, independence, protection, guarding, warding, impulsiveness, courage.

Andalusian Hound/Pondeco:  Anxiety, versatility, clarity, psychic sight, seeking, clearing annoyances.

Anglo-Français de Petite Vénerie:  Chaos, conflict, chasing away negative energy, good health, finding lost things, foreign affairs.

Appenzeller Sennenhund:  Protection, warding, awareness, quick learning, energy, longevity, prosperity, good health, positive energy.

Ariegeois:  Good health, intimidation, finding friendships, companionship, serenity.

Australian Cattle Dog:  Hyperactivity, competition, friendship, devotion, binding, possessiveness, destruction, curiosity.

Australian Kelpie:  Balance, beauty, conceit, spontaneity, competition, high energy, pride, problem solving.

Australian Shepherd:  Guarding, protection, devotion, versatility, ambition, success, good sportsmanship, earth (element).

Australian Silky Terrier: Vanity, cleanliness, pride, purging negativity, envy, beauty, companionship, attracting friendships.

Australian Terrier:  Success in education, poor health, protection from annoyances, cheerfulness, empathy, earth (element).

Austrian Black and Tan Hound:  Good health, longevity, happiness, air (element), beauty.

Austrian Pinscher:  Exercise, energy, anxiety, restlessness, tension, guarding, protection, strength.

Azawakh: Fire (element), wildness, impulsiveness, nature, beauty, music, protection, victory, finding lost things, possessiveness, binding, creativity.

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Swhaggar is confused as to why she isn’t the one taking over the universe

More power to you if you hear voices, see things that aren’t there, have delusions, are a part of a system, and/or have low empathy.
These are the most common traits of the stereotypical axe murderer we see in horror movies.
We are more than this, we are not what people see our symptoms as. We are strong, we are good, we are more.

anonymous asked:

Gimmie some Sisyphus facts!

1. I made all the fortune cookie fortunes myself.

2. The songs used to create the Hellgaze ambiance in order of appearance are:
The Drifters - Under the Boardwalk
Gnarls Barkley - Crazy
Pendulum - Tarantula
Porcupine Tree - Blackest Eyes
Jumanji Drums

3. Many of the effects I created came out of spontaneity. I randomly filmed a leaf caught on a spider web spinning because it looked interesting, had an idea, and added in an iris in post.

4. The entire bit with the giant spider was conceived during filming of the looping entrance sequence. I noticed in a hole in the trees, a single orb weaver spider suspended. I zoomed in on it and noticed how clear it all was. I realized that I could stabilize the spider’s motion, track the motion of the branches, and then add the spider back in with an increased size. From there I found a free crawling animation of a spider and warped it’s legs to match the giant orb weaver so it looks like it goes from rest to crawling down.

5. The spider’s name is Mongo.

6. All of Mongo’s screechy spider sounds are modulated mouth sounds made by me sucking air through my lips and teeth.

7. The sound of Mongo running on the boardwalk was just me tapping my fingernails along a wooden floor, pitched down and slowed.

8. The process in After Effects in which I make an element look like it’s part of the world is usually:
     - Track the motion of the base footage and apply the tracking data to a null object
     - Drag in an element and position and crop it accordingly
     - Attach the element to the null object so that it moves with the base footage
     - Tint the element to the white and dark levels of its surroundings
     - Turn on motion blur
     - Make a copy of the base footage, then make a pre-comp contaning the element, the null object, and the duplicate base footage (this duplicate is solely for referance if I need to edit something inside the pre-comp and is turned off for the final effect)
     - Apply match grain to the pre-comp, the grain source being the base footage

9. Future Noah’s hair is a cheapo wig I got from a wholesale Chinese site, but the beard is real. I grew it for a month or two to achieve that ruggedness.

10. Future Noah’s voice is 3 layers; one pitched up, one pitched down, and one unmodified.

11. My ARG master and buddy Stringweaver piloted the camera and filmed as present Noah from the point where the camera turns to meet Future Noah, to the point where Noah trips and falls on the DIE box.

12. Filming Future Noah’s bits, and every shot at the boardwalk really, was super hard because the infrared night vision is very picky when it comes to lighting. If it’s too dark, you can only see a few feet in front of you due to the limitations of the camera’s infrared light and if its too bright everything just gets completely washed out. There was only a good 30 minutes of perfect light before sundown to get all the shots needed.

13. The bag of mystery meat was just some candied yams and chicken bones. I had a hard time not gagging when putting that stuff in my mouth.

14. The bit where I showed the gash in my hand is not a practical effect, it is completely digital. I put two Xs on my palm, tracked them, and attached a scar to my palm with some stock video of blood oozing. In addition to the process listed above in #8, I put in a lighting effect to mimic the infrared light beam passing over the palm that truly made it all look real.

15. I actually rolled an 8 on my first take and had to edit it so that it appears as if I almost landed on it.

16. Upon finishing editing, I realized that there were several instances where Future Noah’s left hand is clearly visible without the scar. I had neglected putting a physical scar prop on my hand before filming as well as forgot to add the tracking Xs on my palm. I initially felt it was beyond me to do anything about this, but the Kubrick in me would not stand for this glaring continuity error, so I painstakingly went back into as many shots as I could where my left palm was visible and meticulously tracked my pinky and thumb frame by frame to add the scar onto my hand so that if you pause the video at any point where my hand was out a dark scar would be visible.

Last few months I was dealing with some serious health issues, my health seemed to be giving up on me, again. I was in a really bad place.
I try so hard not to appear as weak or a victim to myself on life often playing cruel on me, instead I keep fighting. The struggle is hard and real, but it keeps gifting me with tons of valuable lessons. In my malady, this has allowed me to grow spiritually, emotionally, and relationally learning to appreciate life every day more and more. Personally, I am not very fond of selfies, but I am posting this as a reminder that you can heal yourself using the incredible power of the human mind even in your darkest, bleeding hours. I also want to encourage people dealing with challenging, hard times, the body has natural self-repair mechanisms based on beliefs and feelings that originate in the mind. Every time you have positive thoughts, you release healing hormones. The right food, the right exercise, the right medications, the right relationships - all these can help support your healing process but your conscious, intentional mind (which is separate from, though connected to, your subconscious mind and nervous system) is the key. It is the force from which the universe is made and it is also the basic substance of which we are made. Using the positive elements is a call to the healing power, asking that the doors be opened to release pure and radiant energy into our life.

Zodiac Polarities

Many astrologers still refer to the Polarities as Feminine and Masculine, Night and Day Forces, or Negative and Positive but the more accurate way to view them is as Yin and Yang, the opposite forces of the Zodiac which are actually complimentary and interdependent.

Yin: Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces

Keywords: Indirect, receptive, reactive, introverted, inner strength, magnetic

All of the Earth and Water Signs make up Yin.

Yang: Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius

Keywords: Direct, leading, active, extroverted, outer strength, energetic

All of the Fire and Air Signs make up Yang.

Extroversion and Introversion

It’s important to understand that these polarities have very little to do with “masculinity” or “femininity” in any sense, traditional or otherwise, but rather extroversion and introversion.

Studies have shown that the polarity of an individual’s Sun Sign shows whether they are introverted or extroverted. Those with Yin Sun Signs rely on their inner strength, emotions and knowledge while those with Yang Sun Signs are more reliant upon what is outside of themselves.

There are diamonds
etched into your skin.
You are radiant
like the sky that birthed you.
You are an asteroid, burning
and you are the sea, roaring.

You are stronger than before.

The Milky Way was designed from your eyes,
the sun from your soul.
You are illuminated, concentrated, tortured.
You are the stars.

You dance within the flames that engulf you.
You seek shelter from a barren, brutal earth that decided to turn against you.

Yet you rise, rise against the tide.
Pushing on and on and on
until the tide follows you, the wind.
You rage on and conquer despite the rising waters.

You- you claim the sky that birthed you.
There are diamonds etched into your skin.
You are radiant.
You are ethereal.

—  GN.

GUIDED VISUALIZATION: Blessing of the Elements - Guided Imagery Meditation

A guided visualization where I’ll guide you to a cottage deep in the woods, where the blessings of all the elements are waiting for you. Love and light ♥


The only Simoun still flight-worthy belong to these guys. Everyone’s a bit shook, but particularly Usagi Simoun. Throughout their time with Nene NotQuiteASimoun, she said everyone’s name apart from Usagi Simoun’s, which was bugging the shit out of her. It didn’t help that it was also what she cried out just before the bomb exploded, and Usagi Simoun can’t figure out what the fuck.

Turns out that in Nene’s language, Usagi Simoun’s name means “the love of God”. This is the first thing that’s really staggered her. She loses her confidence and certainty of what she’s doing and why, which is nice to see, but I’m not sure I’m following why.

Though perhaps it’s as simple as the idea of having something outside of yourself to fight and die for. Usagi Simoun wants to avoid having to go to the Spring, and it’s basically her be all and end all. So long as she doesn’t have to go there, she’s pretty okay with whatever she needs to do. Nene NotQuiteASimoun sacrificed everything she could, presumably for no more than the love of something Usagi Simoun doesn’t even necessarily believe in, and she’s not sure she could ever go there.

What I’m getting from Neville is that that’s fine. “You don’t have to answer now,” she says to Usagi Simoun wondering if it’s so bad that her motivation pretty much begins and ends with not wanting to go to the Spring. More, she says that the two of them are different in every way, except in their uncertainty, as Neville doesn’t know if being a priestess and fighting is the right thing to do either.

I like that Usagi Simoun is doubting now, and that Neville seems to have finally put her doubts behind her. but I’m not sure I’m completely there with Usagi Simoun’s sudden crisis with her certainty. Or at least in it coming about NOW. I agree that the name thing was kind of uncomfortable and weird, and I could certainly see her questioning a lot of the choices being made by a whole bunch of people. I could even see her wondering if her dedication to not going to the Spring is worth all this, and wondering if them using the Simoun is simply escalating this conflict rather than working toward ending it. THERE’S A LOT TO QUESTION IS WHAT I’M SAYING. I’m just not sure that Usagi Simoun’s personal desire to not have to follow this inexplicable Spring shit is the part that should be thrown into chaos. Did all of this suddenly make her know if she wanted to be a woman or a man? Did that choice suddenly crystalize? I’m going to guess no, so really her core issue is unaffected by all of this.

I really like the moment, I’m just not sure I’m enjoying the path we took to get here.

Jung’s Te, Abridged

These articles are an attempt to condense Chapter X of Psychological Types into a more readable format. I’ve tried to stay as true to the original texts as possible. Enjoy!


Extroverted Thinking

Extroverted Thinking is a type of mechanistic reasoning that is primarily oriented by external conditions and objective facts. As a result, it’s generally conscientious and quick to meet the demands and challenges presented by the outside world. Its external nature doesn’t mean that it only deals with concrete things – it can also be totally abstract, but the abstract concepts it plays with tend to be learnt from education, or borrowed from the intellectual culture of the time. It tends to concretise ideas and lead them into the outer world. Its conclusions should have some some objective effect or relevance, they should be externally applicable in some way.

There is no difference between the logic employed by Te and Ti. The differences lie in the preferred type of data and the preferred way of shaping ideas, as mentioned above. Te operates most cleverly and effectively when it has a lifeline to facts and generally accepted ideas, which it shapes in productive ways. This might give a pessimistic observer the impression that Te is restricted and “inside the box”, when in reality it has an an impressive creativity and capability in its preferred realm.

However, when objective facts and borrowed ideas become so important to Te that they overwhelm the subjective thought process completely, it loses its creative spark. It’s hardly Thinking anymore, as it only serves to reflect what is already obvious in a set of data and never goes beyond it. It will not even try to compare the ideas with the user’s own past experiences, which remain dissociated and useless in his psyche for lack of an intellectual link.

The Extroverted Thinking Type

This type orients his life around a set of intellectual conclusions that are based in objective facts and ideas. He applies his credo not only to himself, but also to his environment, or even the universe at large. It constitutes his morality; good and bad, right and wrong are measured by it. His intellectual formula may include virtues like love and charity, but these usually require the cooperation of Feeling in order to embody them properly. In a healthy type, he and his formula are extremely useful to society. In an unhealthy one, he rudely attempts to force everyone into one rigid mould.

Since Te is his dominant function, it possesses the positive, creative element of his personality. It synthesises and recombines objective data into new facts and concepts. His Thinking doesn’t destroy or tear down, or if it does, he tries to fill the empty space with a new intellectual value. By contrast, inferior Te is missing the same productive life-energy. In the worst case, it tends towards conclusions that are banal or pessimistic, and insofar as it’s consciously used, it can really only mimic the perspective of that type’s dominant function.

The Te type is most beneficial and harmless when he applies his Thinking to problems far from home, where his ideas can be appreciated by his peers at a safe distance. On the other hand, if he applies his Thinking to his immediate surroundings (for example his workplace or his personal life), the people subject to it might be forced to endure a side of him that is dogmatic and tyrannical.

The one who suffers the most is the Te type. In pursuing his intellectual ideal, he brushes aside everything in himself that doesn’t correspond to it. In particular, he represses Feeling, which exists consciously only as long as it agrees with Thinking. Otherwise, it becomes unconscious, however it isn’t powerless. It subverts his conscious life in nasty ways. His altruistic formula might be sabotaged by a secret selfishness or resentment, or his passion might cause him to lie and cheat for its sake – “the ends justify the means”. Criticism of his ideas might strike his unconscious sensitivity. His personal and family life suffers from his difficulty with Feeling.

imaginayselibre  asked:

I shall ask an opinion question: who do you think empowers the social or popular architecture best? Aravena with all his recent give away of plans for housing for the less wealthier or Shigeru Ban with his search for affordable materials for building home for those in need? Thanks in advance for your time

That is a very interesting question.

Alejandro Aravena’s ELEMENTAL made available for download for free the drawings, including plans, sections, elevations, site plans and details of the firm’s Quinta Monroy, Lo Barnechea, Monterrey and Villa Verde projects. Although the architectural fees for these kind of projects are not that big, 5-7% of the construction cost typically, its still costly for many and a demonstration of action instead of just words. I commend ELEMENTAL for such an initiative and I hope it does bear some positive results.

Monterrey Housing Elemental

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