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Today’s affirmation: Your vulnerability is a radical gift. ️ #art #artist #instaart #instaartist #artistsoninstagram #digitalart #illustration #drawing #positive #affirmation #feministart #feminist #selfcare #healing #vulnerability #vulnerable

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anonymous asked:

hi, nice drawing :) but maybe representing harley/joker as a ship is a bad idea bc its such a horrible, abusive relationship. I really really hope im not offending you bc i love your art.

To clarify,
I do know Harley & Joker’s back story.
I did read a couple of their comics and watch some of the cartoon series.

I drew D&P as Harley & Joker because I like their character design but I NEVER expected anyone to be overly sensitive for me drawing them in this AU

1. Harley and Joker are fictional characters.
2. my drawing didn’t show/represent their “abusive” relationship
3. the quote I use is from Harley, herself
4. people voted for the captions and I just use it.

Why so serious? xD
Idk, I feel like some of you guys are taking “this” a little bit too “seriously”
I am not offended but I just feel a bit annoyed
Quite a number of people are “blaming” me for supporting an abusive relationship and asking me to stop shipping Harley and Joker.

Drawing this DOESN’T mean I support or ship anything.
Its quite disheartening and sad, to see people assume untrue facts about me and concluding such ridiculous things.
If you dislike the idea, then kindly just step away from it and don’t give 2 fucks

Catch my name for kicks! // So so so excited to draw this scene from Hayley Kiyoko’s “Gravel to Tempo” music video. I’m happy with how this came out. :)

Also, I don’t post on this account often. If you like my art and want to see more, check out my Instagram!
Username is: audreyruano
I update it more regularly.