positive black stories

I hope the coffee you drink is always hot
I hope the music you listen to is always jazzy
I hope the bed you sleep in is always soft
I hope your mornings are never hazy
I hope the water you drink is always plentiful
I hope your horizons are always beautiful
I hope the books you read are always whimsical
I hope your nights are never too long I hope you are always good
—  m.n // “Do you wish these things for me too?“

Dear woman in the mirror,
You are beautiful.
Have you finally realized that?
I’ve been trying for eighteen years
To get you to see that
The reflection you bare
Brings joy to your peers

Dear woman in the mirror
Your skin glows without fail
Don’t be embarrassed
As the sun darkens its shade
Sport it with pride

Dear woman in the mirror
Your smile shines through the sky
But don’t be afraid to let it down
Every once in a while
And take time for yourself

Dear woman in the mirror
Hair length does not designate
Self worth
Your hair texture is delightful
Coils and curls galore
A halo around your head

Dear woman in the mirror
Your face sings songs
With and without makeup
Flaunt it when you want
But don’t force it every day

Dear woman in the mirror
Be comfortable in your own skin
Wear a dress or wear sweatpants
But not because of them
Wear it because of you

Dear woman in the mirror
Don’t feel like you have to be pretty
Every second of every day
Don’t get me wrong,
You are gorgeous.
But who said you had to be pretty?
You are you.
And you live for you

Dear woman in the mirror
Please accept yourself
Because I accept you

—  v // dear woman in the mirror

What I absolutely hate is the fact that people shame me for being a fan of Scarlett Johansson… Yes, she has done some controversial things (Ghost in the Shell for example) but I can’t even begin to tell you how that woman helped me accept my body (I’ve always been curvy), my voice (I have a voice almost like hers) and myself as a human being.

I’ve always been bullied about everything body wise and it was tough growing up. She showed me that its perfectly acceptable to be a strong, intellectual woman who has curves and a voice that has to be heard. It’s because of her that I survived 15 years of verbal bullying in school and university.

I will not be shamed for what I like, who I like, who I am or what I love about myself.

anonymous asked:

The vld3 trailer has left me all kinds of apprehensive tbh, especially regarding shiro. he's one of my absolute fav characters of all time and if he doesn't get much screentime.. I'm probably overthinking this but it's​ pretty much confirmed that he's not gonna be a part of team voltron, at least for a while...if the creators follow the previous versions of voltron, where he gets a reduced role/killed.. vld just wouldn't be the same for me like that and I don't even want to think of him dead ;_;

Ahh I understand your fear anon but tbh though I?? Don’t think Shiro will really be out of the picture. 

In terms of the storyline, the writers have already said they’re not letting themselves get restricted by the plot line of the original. They’re doing their own thing, and I definitely think that means keeping Shiro around for a while longer. Also, just because he might be separated from the team, it doesn’t mean he’ll be out of play. It’s entirely possible he’ll be off in one of those many alternate universes Slav talked about, and he’ll likely go on his own journey just like the other paladins. 

Also, with the way the plot’s been going, I think Shiro leaving at some point was just a natural progression. That doesn’t mean he won’t be coming back. Especially not when so much of his character arc in season 2 is emphasizing that he’s the Black paladin–that Black’s bayard is his, that he’s worthier than Zarkon, that even if he thinks he won’t make it Keith continually tells him time and again that he will. That he deserves to live even though Shiro himself believes he’s a lost cause, a broken soldier. Throwing all that character development aside doesn’t seem right to me

Just the fact that the astral plane is a thing that exists–and that it can link the minds of multiple black paladins–tells me that we’ll probably see a lot of Keith and Shiro interacting through that. Which I mean, it won’t quite be the same as meeting in person, but it will be something. And again, I think prekerberos flashbacks are extremely likely. 

Shiro has already left so much more of a presence in vld than any of his previous incarnations, at this point I can’t just see him being ditched without ceremony. Rescuing Shiro will likely be a big part of season 3 as well, so even if he’s not there in person, he’s going to be on everyone’s minds. Shiro is my fav and I’m sad to see him go too, but I don’t think he’ll just completely disappear anon, so try not to worry too much! ;; 

Women are wild gardens. We plant in ourselves a portion of all that we see. And so love, peace, justice, romanticism, and anarchy grow equally in the space between our ribs. We defy explanation and we write our own stories so no man can trim the wild plants that take root in us. Our foliage is poison to the timid, the complacent, and the conformists. Above all, we are fertile. Our land, our hearts, hold the sacred utterances of all those who live. The spirits seek us out exclusively to tell their stories, for they know we will do them justice. We are the poets, the dreamers, the one half mad in love with ideas, the ones who hold stories in our bloodstream. The ripest of our mother’s fruit, our speech is the vessel of truth for all those who have been silenced by lies. We speak to break the silence and love to pay homage to our souls.
To love us is to know the world itself.
—  A.P. (4.2.16)

The story behind these photos and why I took them (random but whatever lol).
I hate that I’m so obsessed with my body. I always think negatively about it. It’s either my weight, stretch marks, cellulite, if my stomachs flat enough… And then it goes to “should I eat today?” or buying fat burning pills. It sucks :/.
It all started when I was dating a guy when I was about 17/18 and he was 23. He basically told me if I didn’t stay the way I looked he wouldn’t date me. So during that time I dropped down to 110lb and I thought I was happy. I wasn’t. I looked sick and felt like if I moved or bent a certain way I’d break in half. Long story short he cheated on me and we broke up and I was crushed. Cause I felt like no one would want to date me because of how I looked.
I’ve struggled with my body/weight for years cause I was so set on looking perfect. Lately I’ve been doe about my cellulite and stretch marks and how I shouldn’t model anymore because of it. What if they see my flaws and make fun of them? And with having bad anxiety and depression I don’t deal with body criticism well. I find myself looking at everyday girls on here and see how perfect they look and only wish I looked that good. I hate this obsession. So today I decided to throw something cute on and take some pictures to remind myself that I look fucking fine. I’ve been trying to remind myself that the right guy I find won’t care (hopefully) about my cellulite or stretch marks or whatever. So why should I care THAT much? Eating healthy and working out is all I need to do. And work on being happy with my body and forget all the negativity. ☺️


this makes me smile :)