positive black images

rb if you think that dark skinned black girls are stunning, the physical manifestation of sunshine, and totally under appreciated.

I made a post here in July saying how much I hated my weight and being fat in general. It’s October now and I’m down nearly 20 pounds! I have 50+ pounds to go but I’m really happy. Some people have started noticing it too! I just wish I could stop self-sabotaging by eating so much crappy junk food 😩. I can see changes in my face & I actually have collarbones and wrist bones now 😂. Here’s to more progress!


The meaning behind these beads?

This year I’ve been learning a lot about my roots. I’ve learned a lot about different African cultures and I’ve come to be unapologetically proud of who I am; of my skin, and of my culture. I’ve dealt with a good bit of both racism and colorism and for a while I was flat out uncomfortable with being well… black. I was embarrassed by my African roots because according to society black wasn’t beautiful. Black was dirty, black was ghetto, black was unwanted. But the more I saw black women around me loving themselves and the rise of black men and women on media I realised that who I am is what God made me to be.I am no longer ashamed of my skin and heritage.

These are traditional African waist beads. They have many meanings to them from being as a waist trainer to representing a young girl transitioning into womanhood. For me these represent the new chapter of my life of finally being happily black 💖 I made my first bead set all by myself and I’m very happy with outcome~ I love my culture! I love myself!

I want a story about a black girl who ups and leaves her family and friends to Paris . They dont think she will make it alone but she has the time of her life there and reinvents herself . She comes back years later and is a new happier person, she is full of knowledge and travels. I just feel we need a positive image of black women being happy not having to rely on people and be selfish for once . Too many dumb ass white girl movies like this , bitch maybe i wanna see someone like myself this way.


Calm stimming with two of my favorite stim toys + rocking:)

Image/gif description:
{Top gif- a white trans boy with short, bright green hair. He is wearing a black sweatshirt with the sleeves somewhat rolled up and large black circle frame glasses. He is rocking back and forth, chewing on a black bat chew necklace, and playing with a tangle toy in both hands, his pulled up to his chest and he’s calmly staring off to the side.

Bottom left pic- an all black bat necklace that is made for chewing on and is on a black string. The necklace is sitting on a white/cream background.

Bottom right pic- an all black tangle toy sitting on a white/cream background.}

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