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Doris “Dorie” Miller was born in Waco, Texas in 1919. He was unable to finish high school, but helped around the family farm until just before his 20th birthday. He then enlisted with the Navy as a Messman, one of the few positions open to African-Americans.

On December 7th, 1941, Miller was a Messman Third Class serving on the USS West Virginia. He was a ship’s cook, with minimal combat training and no gunnery training, as the military was still segregated and African-Americans were not trained on the heavy guns.

When the bombs began dropping on Pearl Harbor, Miller ran to the deck of the ship and began assisting moving the wounded, including the captain of the ship. He then jumped on one of the anti-aircraft guns on deck and proceeded to try to shoot the Japanese planes down until ordered to abandon ship, at which point he continued to help move wounded soldiers from the ship.

Miller was hailed as the “Number One Hero” for African-Americans and considered one of the first American heroes of WWII. He was awarded the Navy Cross and after a massive community campaign, went on a war bond tour.

Miller returned to service on the Liscome Bay, where he died when the ship was lost at the battle of Makin Island.

Bonus: Admiral Nimitz, a native of Fredericksburg, Texas and CINCPAC during WWII, pinning the Navy Cross on Dorie Miller.

global girls

my girls of North America, whether you have the bright eyes of one searching for new life or you are an old soul, one that has always been here, connected to the land and the spirits inhabiting it, you are beautiful.

my South American girls, lively and entrancing as a summer festival, with a beautiful glow one can only find around you, you are beautiful.

my girls of Europe, you stand as tall and proud as your nations. You are jewels on the hands of royalty, and you are beautiful.

my African girls, you have been faced with what seems like an endless rain and yet you continue to grow with the Earth. You are the origin of human life. And you are beautiful.

my girls of Asia, whether East, West, North or South, you are an enchanting swirl of colors. Bright tones of Holi paints and red envelopes and swirling silk, to the earthen tones of fur and dark eyes. You are beautiful.

my girls of Australia, you live in gorgeous contrast found nowhere else. Fiery earthen songs across the desert to the bluest blue found in the coral reef. Your land is full of life, and it resonates within you. You are beautiful.

And to everyone who feels they didn’t fit into one of these buckets, or felt they fit into more than one, you are never wrong. Only you can be you, and you are given the chance to shine and show others the millions of sounds and stories inside. You are beautiful.

Look at this photo and try and tell me that I’m less worthy of love, power and attention because I have more fat cells, that I’m less intelligent because my skin is the color that they hate, but try to achieve. It’s Friday and I urge you all to step away from the concept that your physicality is where your worth is. Fuck the constructed labels they pin to you and enjoy your existence in its full form today.

Scopes of Feminsim

As Defined by the book “Feminist Theories and Social Work: Approaches and Applications” by Christine Flynn Saulnier ©1996

Liberal Feminism- Argues that, based on gender, women are unfairly denied equal access to society’s resources.

Radical Feminism- argues that society is psychologically structured on male needs, that to maintain that order women’s needs are subjugated, and that the fabric of society must be fundamentally altered.

Lesbian Feminism- challenges the organization of society around both heterosexual and male dominance and the ongoing enforcement of that arrangement.

Cultural Feminism- holds that women are more peaceful, cooperative, and nurturing than men, probably because women reproduce and nurture species.

Ecofeminism- is the application of women’s culture to efforts toward peace and ecology.

Socialist Feminism- blames the economics of capitalism in combination with patriarchy for women’s subordinate position in society.

Womanism (African American Feminism) - defines sexism as one of multiple interlocking systems of oppression functioning simultaneously and interdependently, inextricable from each other theoretically or experientially.

Postmodern Feminism- argues that since woman is socially defined and inherently distorting term, which cannot be defended on empirical or theoretical grounds, we have no reason to think females have an inherent nature or role. Thus, social organization rooted i gender is based on an invented concept.

Global Feminism- seeks to explain the interconnectedness of disparate feminist struggles by examining how world-wide economic factors combine with national histories of colonialism, religion and culture to oppress women

/Should/ Race Be Voice-Deep?

I keep seeing stuff on Tumblr about how white people shouldn’t use AAVE. I don’t get it. That isn’t how language. Usually when people ask “Would it be cultural appropriation for me to speak Japanese?” they mean it as a reducto absurdum, but there seem to be people who mean it completely literally?

I’m particularly curious about whether a white person who grows up in a black neighbourhood is racist until they can teach themself a new dialect and, effectively, distance themself from their black neighbours?

Can someone please stealman this? I’ve never seen people do “You shouldn’t learn/speak the language of X” who weren’t trying to hurt X, so I’m super curious about how closing off African American dialects does anything even slightly positive for African Americans.